RAINRING cards series. Card #28 & #29 (March 15/19)

Card #28 The HERO & Card #29 ➡ CCC (link provided on March 15 or you can just pop over to Centre of Creative Cartomancy in case I forget. 🙂

Card #27 DESPAIR  ➡  C C C

4-card Centred Triangle layout reading. ➡ C C C 

➡  ➡    ➡   Feedback please ➡  C C C 

Card #26 POSSESSION ➡ C C C 

Card #25 GRIEF ➡ C C C 


Card #23 PASSION ➡ C C C 

Card #22 RELATION ➡ C C C 

9-card OCTAGON spread reading  ➡  AMC

Card #21 IMPRESSION :arrow C C C 

Card #20 PSYCHE ➡ CCC

11 page pdf summary. Attraction (The story of Rainring) cards 1-19 ➡ CCC

Card #19 ABANDON plus 5-card reading ➡  CCC

Season’s greetings to all. Stay safe, healthy and happy.

Card #18 CONTROL ➡  CCC

Card #17 DOMINION ➡  CCC

Card #16 FEAR ➡ CCC

Card #15 ANGER ➡ CCC



Card #12 INVASION ➡  CCC

Card #11 WITHDRAWAL plus some combinations ➡  CCC

Card #10 PLAY ➡  CCC

Card #9 CLARITY ➡  CCC

Card #8 will be continued ➡  Centre for Creative Cartomancy

card #7 FORM (added Oct 12/18)

Interesting card. So, what is form in our daily life? Is a noun or verb or both? There is some importance to understanding the creator’s story. You may not get anything out of it and that’s ok. Comprehending the creator’s summary on the card and the advice in a reading section is only part of your learning. What do you think the Form card means to you? When asking different types of questions you will peek into the different levels of form. And they are there if you stop and think about it.

When I design a pattern I outline the image on graph paper. It has form – you can see the flower. It has no colours yet. No techniques or materials have been used to enhance this form. The outline remains an outline until I grab my tools and materials. To do this I need to be passionate to some degree about my creation.

If I got this card in the one-card daily draw I would take some time to meditate. Then, I would grab my paintbrush (imaginary) and being colouring in the canvas of my day. You could also get out your daily planner and jot down a few tasks for the day. 


card #6 ACTION (added Oct 2.18)

In a daily draw, this card gives you the go ahead on finishing up those tasks at hand. It’s a good day to move around and not sit in one spot too long. You may be faced with a situation that requires some activity. You may need to apply some elbow grease to get things done. It’s not a lazy day that’s for sure.

You could be like the traveller and observe someone working on a project.

card #5 The SEER (added Sept 29.18)

Do you remember the story up until this point? Review the story positions (traveller) of the previous four cards if you don’t remember and then continue with the Seer. 

I am very fond of this card for several reasons. It reminds me of our inner knowing. We forecast within ourselves all the time with no actual external seer.

As I study the card I feel a profound message staring back at me. Each person will take something different from the card. If I drew this card as an advice card the message would indicate a divine presence (unicorn). It’s all about your inner knowing. No need to brag about this. You just know what should be done about a person or situation. Sit back quietly and watch things unfold.

Think about what this card is telling you in regards to your question. Card #6, Action, will be posted on Saturday Oct. 6th.

card #4 RADIANCE (Sept 22.18)

My comments to follow…..

card #3 PROCREATION (Sept 22.18)

My comments to follow…..

card #2 THE MATRIARCH (SEPT 10.18)

card #1 FLOW- SINGER (SEPT 3.18)

Aug 31. 2018.  Introductory info