Guest Bloggers & Writers

This year, 2015, I decided to invite guest bloggers to write articles on their particular topic of expertise. There are so many talented individuals worldwide and I think this is a great way for you to gain valuable information.

Please check back as I will add a few more names to the list throughout the year. 

When you click on the person’s name you will be taken to a post providing some background on the Guest Blogger.

Thank you to all the Guest Bloggers/ Parapath newsletter contributors who accepted my invitation to write articles.

I heart You

Thank You

Click name for bio


DENNIS NG (New York)



KELLY ISARA – (Australia)

ANDREW K WHITE – (Australia)

MICHELE HUDSON – (Massachusetts)


LEESA ELLIS – (New Zealand)

Aaron Carlson – (New York)

Joseph Magi – (United Kingdom)

Orna Ben-Shoshan – (Isreal)

Rea Wallace – the Parapath (Texas)

4 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers & Writers

  1. Hi Seaqueen,
    it’s been a long time. I hope you are well. I’m happy to see that you are still beavering away doing your thing. I’m very soon to publish a book-length instruction manual / directory on Rainring. I’m hoping you might be willing to contribute something (inner!) appropriate for the dust jacket. I’m happy to let you have some extracts of the PDF of the book if this would help.
    My email is still and I seem no longer to have yours
    Very best wishes
    P.S. I wouldn’t try to contact me via any WordPress blog address as I have 20 or more sites – I use them with my students!

  2. Hello Seaqueen, I am looking for information about readings do you do them perchance? I have found no links here pertaining to you do them and you seem to know a lot about the ones I found. I had a rather interesting experience where I found some tarot cards in the woods while visiting Romania. I would like to share my experience and hopefully get some information about the cards and a reading on the cards.

    Thank you

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