*Card Lovers Community Directory. Jan 5/19 update. 184 links*

New cartomancy sites are being rapidly created (created 2008). This is part of the reason I created the Card Lovers Community Directory. April 2017: Links to related topics will be included as well and links which are no longer active have been deleted. March 2018: Do you have or know of a website or blog that should be added? Leave a comment please. January 2019- this will be an exciting year in cartomancy!

🙂 Alphabetical order, well sort.  🙂 CARD LOVERS COMMUNITY DIRECTORY

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➡ ➡ ➡  #139 : VINCENT PITISCI 

➡  #21: Centre for Creative Cartomancy

  1. A– ASK my CARDS– one of the 1st English Cartomancy blogs. Educational and entertaining tutorial posts providing in depth articles on how to read various systems of cards as well as other interesting topics related to Cartomancy, Astrology and so on. AUTHOR – Madame Jozefa (Seaqueen)
  2.  Ask my Reviews – Private blog featuring Cartomancy and other Divination system reviews. AUTHOR –  Madame Seaqueen.
  3. Alec Satin. Tarot Reader. New York, NY –  (error message ?)Blog category featuring articles about the Tarot. Alec offers a free ebook 78 Tarot Quotes. He offers book reviews and topics of Tarot interest. A great professional website.  AUTHOR: Alec Satin
  4. Archer Tarot. Blog dedicated to the Tarot cards. You will find informative deck /book reviews as well as unique writings with personal examples.  AUTHOR- Lynda Cowles
  5. ASTROLOGY BLOGGER DIRECTORYNot card related but a fantastic Astrology resource with many, many  links to talented writers of astrological websites. Five Stars-  One of the best! AUTHOR – not found.
  6. Animal Spirits Oracle Crystal Clear Reflections website featuring a variety of information and I have linked you directly to the free readings using animal spirits.  Excellent!  Try a reading.  AUTHOR- Diana
  7. ANCIENT BOOK OF TIME– web site dedicated to the ancient teachings of Cartomancy using Astrology and Numerology.  Highly recommend!!  AUTHOR- Thomas Morrel. (other website is The Mystic Quadrate System
  8. ANASTAZIA VOYANCE CARTOMANCIE MAGNETISMEwebsite dedicated to the Lenormand cards. Solid & informative meanings with good explanations. The link provided is English translated. AUTHOR – Anastazia
  9. AstroZenitCroatian website with detailed meanings of the Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards. Excellent information. Try using google translate. AUTHOR – Jasmink Holclajtner
  10. Aeclectic Tarot more than just a Tarot forum, it is a website that has a vast range of topics for discussion such as books, reviews, readings, cards and much more. AUTHOR and administrator – Solandia.
  11. Art of Cartomancy – long time blogger & cartomancy forum host Kapherus shares his knowledge and experience providing easy to understand articles illustrating techniques on how to read the regular playing cards. AUTHOR: Kaph
  12. A Beautiful Life – My Journal. A blog featuring a few of my favorite decks. I like this lady’s style of writing. She puts her heart into her words. The Deviant Moon Tarot posts are quite amusing. AUTHOR – Nina
  13. ANDY Journal of a Fortuneteller – (deleted ?)new format – fantastic blog with easy to read articles. Posts featured include the Lenormand, Tarot and other decks. Highly recommend!  AUTHOR: Andy Boroveshengra
  14. Andy Boroveshengra “musing of a fortune teller on life” – (remove ?) new blog started July 30, 2013.  Content to be added by AUTHOR: Andy Boroveshengra 
  15. Association for Tarot Studies – there is a wealth of information on this “newsletter archive” website on the Tarot and much more. Articles are written by a variety of Tarot experts.  AUTHOR: Jean-Michel David and Association for Tarot Studies.
  16. Auntie’s Tarot  Blogmany articles on the individual Tarot cards. Nicely written. Also a Cartomancy link in the header with meanings for standard playing cards.  AUTHOR: Madeline Montalban 
  17. Angelo Cartomancienew website for the French speaking population.You will find a link to a very helpful e-book. YouTube links to valuable lessons. Offers of various readings. Check it out. I like his style. Blog link—->click here. AUTHOR: Angelo. 
  18. B  –B.O.T.A.– Builders of the Adytum. Website. Modern Mystery School offering courses in the study of the Tarot from the Qabalah point of view. When you take the lengthy course of study you will understand why the Tarot is sacred. It take 13 years to complete according to my research.  My earliest training came from this Tarot school. AUTHOR – founder Paul Foster Case.
  19.  Bobby Jo Was Here – wordpress blog featuring Lenormand cards with sample Readings and interpretations…and more. AUTHOR: Bobby Jo
  20.  BENEBELL WEN – The Holistic Tarot book is a must have for all Tarot students and readers. I have read most books on the topic and would consider this the who, what, where and why of the sacred Tarot. Courses available. Benebell’s latest and exciting book, The anticipated “Tao of Craft: Fu Talismans” will be available soon. And so much more.  AUTHOR: Benebell Wen
  21. C- :arrow: ➡ ➡ Centre for Creative Cartomancy– Seaqueen’s other blog featuring the Rainring study series and specific divination and cartomancy systems. AUTHOR: Jozefa Seaqueen
  22. Café Lenormand – great informative website featuring articles about the Lenormand cards. Here you will find detailed and honest reviews on books/cards. Also, various techniques are explained using a variety of layouts. AUTHOR- Anne
  23. Chanah’s Cards – new Feb/14 Author of blog Confessions of a Freaking Fortune Teller. AUTHOR: Chanah on the Board of Consultants & Contributors @ Traditional Lenormand Fortunetellers Guild. 
  24. Cards of  Prince Lenormand – (no content found) a wealth of information featuring the 9 well known Tarot decks.  There is a Study section which features lengthy articles about these cards.  Great teaching blog.  AUTHOR: Prince Lenormand
  25. Carley’s Lenormand Leapa newer blog investigating the Lenormand card  system. AUTHOR – Carley.
  26. Cosmic Tarot-a blog loaded with excellent writing, providing explanations of the Tarot in layouts.  AUTHOR – expensivemistakescheapthrills
  27. CiganykartyaHungarian website with valuable links to other websites/blog that involve many different cards systems I blog about and much more. AUTHOR – Startlap.
  28. Con Arte carte e– Italian forum with great information about the playing cards, Tarot, Sibilla and other interesting topics. AUTHORs and Administrators – Vivox_lei and d4fn
  29.  Cartomacie-Tarot – (not available ?) Excellent website that gives you the meanings for all the 52 cards and 2,652 combinations. Very detailed & informative. Learn about the colors of the suits, layouts and much more. NEW LINK —> HERE. AUTHOR- Dame de Trefle
  30. Card Consultanta newer blog which features various cards decks and layouts.  Nicely written in an easy to understand format filled with lots of information.  AUTHOR-Phoenixoracle
  31. Card of DestinyFantastic website which explains the personality of the entire deck of 52. Content is copyright Robert Camp. The system is similar to the one Thomas Morrell has mastered . AUTHOR – Sol Connection. …..
  32. Chaser Media. (deleted) Interesting connections made to various cards. The author discusses various other topics. AUTHOR – Alexandra Kitty
  33. Cartomancy. Fortune Telling with Playing Cards – a cool website offering free on line readings using several layouts. AUTHOR: site translated by Liubania
  34. Ciganske Karte, Otvoritve in Razlagaa newer (Slovenian) wordpress blog featuring the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten.  Posts are easily translated with google translate.  There are videos detailing single cards. No doubt the author will upload all the 36 cards when time permits.  The youtube videos are in the Slovenian language and very professional. I understand them as this is my native tongue.  I am a fan of this author’s teachings which can also be found at the following English translated link.Divination – Karomantik.com. AUTHOR: Borut
  35. Carly’s Lenormand Leap wordpress blog featuring the Lenormand cards. Posts include predictions and follow-ups. It’s always great to read other people’s insights on this deck especially from France.  AUTHOR: Carly
  36. Canadian Tarot Networkcertifications, courses, articles, etc.  AUTHOR: The Canadian Tarot Network, Alberta Canada.
  37. Cartomancy Corner – “A home for my card musings and useful links.”  Featuring posts on the 32 German playing cards, Kipper links, layouts, Lenormand, various combinations etc. AUTHOR: jmk
  38. Cardology.org – Intl. Association of Cardology – “IAC The International Association of Cardology (IAC) is a worldwide community of people that shares in its interest and passion of Cardology. Newly launched website focused on the works of Olney H. Richmond Mystic Test Book. Here you will find hundreds of topics in 75+ forums. If you have an interest in the ancient Mystic Science of the Cards registration is free. AUTHORS: Gina E. Jones (founder)
  39. CHATTY GYPSY CARDS – blog focusing on the gypsy style cards like 36 Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, 52 Art Deco, Beidermeir, etc.  Here you will find meanings for each of the 36 as well as layouts.  AUTHOR: if you are the author please let me know so I can add your name.
  40. CARD READER – Newer website feature articles on cartomancy. Here you find links to some exceptional YouTube vids in which he provides valuable tips in reading playing cards as well as the 5 card Lenormand layout.  AUTHOR: Angelo D
  41. Claire Hexe – Videos in both in English & German. Highly informative vids on Lenormand, Skat, Tarot, Magic and much more.  Highly recommend.
  42. D – Daily Reading & MeditationIntuitive writings on the Pages of Shustah© cards used in a daily trio-card reading. A wonderful caring man. AUTHOR – Rev. Ken Foor.
  43. Dark Tarot – “Free Tarot Reading by the Gypsy”.  A new website with information on the meanings of the Tarot. Also,  offers printable Tarot cards in pdf. Click on Gypsy and your can receive a free reading with or without audio. How cool is that. AUTHOR: Matteo V. from Italy
  44. Discover-the-meaning-of-Tarot.com – website filled with lots of useful information about the Tarot. There are a number of layouts with descriptions and very detailed meanings for each card. AUTHOR: Lucy Barnett
  45. De Keizerin Boutique  google translated Portugues blog featuring a variety of  Lenormand & Oracle Cards. AUTHOR: Socorro van Aerts
  46. Donnaleigh’s Tarot –   website with exceptional articles and videos on the Lenormand cards. Includes Tarot and Astrology. AUTHOR: Donnaleigh
  47. Diary of Eternal Traveller (Esoteric Divination) – (not active) informative blog featuring comparisons of Kipper and Gypsy cards. Great insights!  Visit the original blog Astološki Dnevnik Večitog Putnika written in Serbian that has some valuable Cartomancy info.  AUTHOR: Nancy 
  48. E – Enchanted World Collection of Amy Zerner & Monte Farber. An exciting blog to read. Monte shares many adventures. Some topics include Tarot, Alchemy, Enchantments, Astrology and various products that you can buy. I have the Enchanted Astrologer set in my collection and enjoy using this unique creation. AUTHORS- Amy Zerner & her husband Monte Farber.
  49. Evolutionary Tarot wordpress blog “merging soul and strategy through Tarot, Reiki, journal writing, council circle, workshop & classes.   Unique style of exploring Tarot and other schools of thought.  AUTHOR – James Wells 
  50. F – Fool Stop Tarot Blog – website/blog featuring all the wonderful items you can buy at US Games Inc. The latest article is about the new Blue Owl Tarot with English versions. AUTHOR: USGS staff
  51. Freeware Esotericaa valuable resource website with downloads and links related to Astrology, Cards and so much more. Esoteric & occult-type programs for free download. AUTHOR – Katzmiff.
  52. Fortune Speaks‘Diviner in Training’.  A new wordpress blog featuring Lenormand card interpretations.posts include follows ups.   AUTHOR- Foxy.
  53. Fortune Cartomancy – “everything happens with time we are just instruments”.  Website with some fantastic posts on the Tarot including in depth analysis of the symbols on the cards. You have the option to ask questions. There are many other articles with solid explanations on various topics. AUTHOR: Ranie 
  54. G – Golden Tarot. Quite a nice deck – website dedicated to the Golden Tarot deck. See all the 78 creative images of the deck. There are many valuable tips from the author and different layouts.  AUTHOR: Kat Black
  55.  Gypsy Maps by Painter – blog full of valuable information. Here you find combinations for the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten also known as Gypsy cards. The link is the google translated to English. You can also translate to many other languages- top left of blog is the translate button. Highly recommend reading the helpful blog. AUTHOR: Vesna Balaban
  56. H – Hedgewytchery website full of goodies and in particular the section on the Art of Reading Cards. I enjoyed experimenting with some of the techniques and meanings that are given on this site. Learn to read the cards using just the suits (spades, diamonds, clubs, hearts) for the initial feel of the fans of cards before incorporating the actual meanings. Very informative. AUTHOR – Dawn R. Jackson. LOOK—–> NEW WORLD WITCHERY FILES- DOWNLOAD PDF OF MEANINGS —-> HERE. – AUTHOR: Cory Hutchinson.
  57. Histoires de cartes. The link is English translated.  A great blog discussing various Card Systems such as Symbolon & other Oracles which would be interest.  AUTHOR:  ANNE-CLAIRE (ALIAS CARIE)
  58. Hey Baby! What’s Your Card?I love the name of this blog. It is exciting when new writers are filled with such fresh ideas about the cards.  Just when you think you have learned it all or heard it all, along comes someone with new insights.  We learn so much from each other through our community bond as card lovers.  AUTHOR- Lorielle. 
  59.  Historical Retrospective – “On the art of cartomancy”. Blog featuring a large assortment of Lenormand decks with historical information on each deck. Super resource! You can purchase any of these decks via PayPal. AUTHOR: Catherine Brown
  60. Hermits Vision. A Journey through the Tarot – Absolutely fantastic website/blog featuring the Tarot. You will find in-depth descriptions of the cards and so much more.  It’s great to see how blogging about cards has evolved over the years.  AUTHOR:  Scott Dodson
  61. History of Sola-Busca Tarot Mayer 1998  website featuring all you ever wanted to know about the Sola-Busca Tarot. Rich in history. One of the first Tarot decks with a pictorial representation of the minor arcana (preceding Pamela Coleman/Rider/Waite Tarot). AUTHOR: Giordano Berti
  62. I – In the Cards– blog about Tarot and Oracles cards. Perceptive writings which explore decks such as Tea Leaf Fortune cards, Oracle Ge and L’Oeil de Lotus cards. “Interpretation of many different Oracle and Tarot decks with deck reviews and other articles that might interest card readers”. AUTHOR – Sammie.
  63. Indianstorm’s Lenormand Card Journal blog about the oracle of the Petit Lenormand cards. Posts include examples and helpful explanations. AUTHOR – Indianstorm.
  64. I Tarocchi di Gabriella– Italian website. There is a fantastic section on the Sibilla cards. You can see a variety of the Sibillas with in depth explanations. This language is one of the tough ones to google translate. AUTHOR – Gabriella.
  65. Italian Cartomancy “The official web site for ITALIAN CARTOMANCY – learn La Vera Sibilla Italiana and The School of Italian Cartomancy from Alessandra Venturi, a third generation traditional Italian Cartomancer. This is the first and currently only book to about La Vera Sibilla written in English and only Diploma course of its kind available today.” Check out some of the exceptional youTube videos as well. AUTHOR:  Alessandra Venturi
  66.  ind5 – (estoteric metaphysical spiritual database) There is a wealth of information on this website. Something for everyone. Superb articles with many helpful links. Highly professional presentations on a vast amount of topics. AUTHORS and contributing staff —>website Page here
  67. J – Jaycetravels Weblogthis blog features the Lenormand cards in articles pertaining to travel & other situations.  Nicely done.   A unique way of writing post which include various other topics.  AUTHOR- Jayce
  68. Jase on Cards- wordpress blog “Cartomantic Detective”.  Great, intuitive posts on cartomancy. I always feel a breath of fresh air when I read some of the articles. Brief and helpful Lenormand card meanings.  AUTHOR- Jason.
  69. John Alan CartomacyI really like the posts on this website. Well-written with very helpful tips on understanding how to read and combine the Tarot cards. Here you find categories of Layouts and Reviews as well. John is a Tarot Guild endorsed reader. AUTHOR- John Alan
  70. Janet Boyer.com – extensive website featuring card/book reviews, readings, and so much more. One of my fav books by Janet, “Back in Time Tarot Book”. She has written 17 books with two books available some time in 2014. Regular updates on their latest projects. Visit Snowland Creations Etsy store where Janet & Ron offer the 82 card Snowland Deck. AUTHOR: Janet Boyer
  71. K – Kartenlegen German website (the link is google translated) explaining the Kipper (tipper) cards and the Tarot deck. Great information. AUTHOR – Brigit Nicole Schreiner
  72. Kat’s Card Cauldron. –wordpress blog which was a pleasure to visit and read. I really like the way the posts are written up.  The site is all about one of my favs the Gypsy Cards.  Featured are the Biedermeirer which are almost identical to the Zigeuner expect there are 32 cards.   AUTHOR- Kat
  73. Kismet’s Karma Corner -(DO-IT-YOURSELF DIVINATION BLOG) A very nicely laid out blog featuring posts on regular cards.. & more.  Readings are displayed as well as definitions for a standard deck of playing cards.  AUTHOR:  Kismet
  74. Kabbalah Insights wonderful website featuring different decks of cards rooted in Kabbalah, awesome jewelry, on line oracles, etc. Featuring the “Alphabet for Lovers” deck which is ideal for those who love Tarot & want to study the connections with the Hebrew Alphabet/Kabbalah.  AUTHOR: Orna 
  75. L – Lotus Tarot a wonderful, informative website featuring free Tarot meanings and a free multiple choice course to test your knowledge.  Loaded with Tarot info. Free on line Readings. AUTHOR: unable to locate. David the Webmaster.
  76. Lacontessa’s Ridiculous Musing– a relatively new blog featuring Lenormand, Shustah©(so far) posts detailing the reading of the cards in layouts. Interesting perspectives. AUTHOR – Contessa Anatra
  77. Lilith-Blog Link provided is English translation. Here you will find valuable Lenormand information, descriptions, layouts, tips and helpful posts. You can download pdf files (in German) for meanings, combinations and more.  AUTHOR: Lilith
  78. Learning the Tarot Tarot website with extensive meanings featuring the Rider deck. The on line course offers lessons in how to interpret and use the cards in a variety of situations. You can download the course. AUTHOR – Joan Bunning.
  79. Lucky Mojo– website with a wealth of information. There is a section (which I have linked) on “Cartomancy: Tarot Cards, Fortune Telling Cards, and Playing Cards for Divination. There pages on this website are interlinked making it easy to maneuver through you favorite topics. Specialties are hoodoo related subjects. AUTHOR – Catherine Yronwode
  80. Lenormand Speaks– (guest invitation only) a blog featuring the Mystical Lenormand. Posts are well written with a personal touch (the best way for many to personalize these cards). AUTHORS – Cat, Mouse 
  81. Lenormandoblog in Spanish I think.  I used Babel Fish Portuguese to English to provide the translated link.  Very interesting approach to the cards.  The beautiful images are wonderful. I love how Alexsander uses the images to demonstrate the card meanings.  AUTHOR:  Alexsander Lepletier
  82. Lenormand by Idyll  “My Journey into Lenormand” – a brand new 2012 blog with articles about the Lenormand cards. The author shares ideas, meaning and predictions.  Great perceptions.  AUTHOR: not known yet.
  83. Learning Lenormand – (private need access) blog with some fantastic posts on the Lenormand with superb examples from real life Readings. Interesting thoughts on the playing cards insets.  AUTHOR: Lenormand Sleuth
  84. Love Dove Tarot website/blog loaded with Tarot wisdom. Special section on Love Tarot Meanings & Combinations. Readings are available by Holistic Tarot and Reader AUTHOR: Lisa Frideborg Lloyd
  85.  Lenormand Cards Community Group – in continuation of the Lenormand Cards Community page. Created Jan 4/14. (Lenormand Cards Community Page – Facebook page open to all who love to discuss and share perceptions on  the Lenormand cards. Created August 11, 2011 by Madame Jozefa Seaqueen)
  86. Lemegeton – “musings of a gay ol’ geek”. I highly recommend this website particularly the detailed posts on the 54 Astro Mythological Grand Lenormand cards (with large images). There are many other categories including the Tarot. AUTHOR: Marchosias
  87. LearnLenormand – highly recommend this site. Detailed description of the Lenormand in chart form depicting several levels of interpretation.  AUTHOR: Stephen (Lord Elwin)
  88. Living With Cards – website filled with valuable tips and information on the Tarot and Lenormand. If you are a fan of playing cards you will find helpful posts discussing meanings, etc. AUTHOR: Mary Hawkins
  89. Lenormand Australia – website offering readings. Under the Lenormand tab you will find the card meanings. Tarot, Numerology, Classes and much more. AUTHOR: KERRY GUMMERSALL (Melbourne)
  90. M – Mystereum – website/blog featuring the Tarot in the Land of Mystereum. The creator of this futuristic deck has gifted us with another perception of the Tarot. Meditating on the images triggers areas of the psychic realm in a different way.  Lots of info provided. AUTHOR: J. Jordan Hoggard
  91. Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog– blog with exceptional information about the Tarot and other intriguing topics. A valuable resource book called “Tarot Reversals”which I have read, is written by Mary. An excellent book. AUTHOR – Mary K. Greer.
  92. My thoughts and opinions about all things Tarotwebsite. Another great new blog featuring articles about the Tarot cards.  Genuine and insightful information AUTHOR- Mike Hernandez.
  93. My Wings of Desire – a new blog featuring articles on the Tarot and other card systems. Creator of Facebook Tarot South Africa. AUTHOR:  Helen Riding
  94. Musings on the Tarot.Tarot by Arwen is a well written website featuring Tarot articles and many other interesting information.  ‘She became the president of theAmerican Tarot Association in 2007′. Check out the Tarotscopes.  AUTHOR – Arwen
  95. Memories Cards – French blog. Link is the English translation. There a many posts on the Tarot in short layouts with examples of how the cards meanings apply to everyday life.  This is a great way to illustrate some of the interpretation of the traditional Tarot.  AUTHOR – Anne.  Lyon, Rhone, France
  96. Mystic Eye website filled with a variety of Tarot & metaphysical information, software, free Tarot program, over 100 decks (preview of 6 cards), readings offers and more.  AUTHOR: company in Antioch, IL
  97. Modes of Understanding – “Numerology, Astrology, Cards of Destiny, Tarot, Archetypes & Symbology”.  Great website with detailed description of the Tarot imagery and helpful tips on reading each card using techniques of the website tag line.  AUTHOR: Gwendolyn
  98. Messages from Heaven with Clairvoyant Medium Dermot Gillespie – new website introducing a very gifted man. Highly recommend! Accuracy is rated high. AUTHOR: Dermot Gillespie.
  99. My Sacred Journeyprimarily a Tarot blog with an introduction to the Lenormand as well. Highly recommend reading blog post TAROT COUNSELING vs. Predictive Readings to gain insights about your own practice. You will find some intriguing interviews/connections with fellow Cartomancers and much more. AUTHOR: Katrina Wynne 
  100. My Lenormand Oracle Journal – a wonderful blog for the beginner or experienced Lenormand Cartomancer. Detailed posts on interpretations, individual cards, layouts and much more. Recommended! AUTHOR: Alyna
  101. MicheleLenormand – My Daily Lenormand Ritual” Newer website featuring tips and stories on rituals. Discussion on the Lenormand. Honesty within provacative writing. AUTHOR: Michele.
  102. Mystical Study: Notes by Shody. The link to this website will take you to the Lenormand cards category. Here you will find ample examples of layouts to use. Very well done! Also, the meanings for the cards and combinations. Great helpful content. AUTHOR: Shody
  103. Mirror of Cartomancy –  Newer blog. Fantastic, informative and well presented posts on the Lenormand, Kipper and Vera Sibilla (MEANINGS direct link) systems of fortune telling. Good resources for the student of these systems. AUTHOR: Matt Sybil
  104.  Mountain Magic – For all your magical and occult needs such as books, stones, herbs, incense, oils, tarot decks. Products/services not available on line to the best of my knowledge. The reason I included this website is mainly because of  free downloadable pdf’s of 15 different layouts including the Celtic Cross. AUTHORS: Jerome VanDyke and Mark Mullins
  105. O – Oracle Card Reader’ Journal– blog exploring various oracle cards through practice readings. Posts are very insightful with many examples. AUTHOR – Aristede.
  106. Oraculos Europeos – a fantastic Cartomancy blog featuring different fortune telling decks like my favourite European sibillas. Magnificent articles. The link is the English translation. You can download the 118 page Lenormand e-book (Spanish) for only $25 Euros via paypal. AUTHOR: I think it’s John.
  107. Oracle Speak– blog about the ” playground where a cat and a mouse share their life journey with the help of tarot, oracles and other forms of divination”. Unique expression. AUTHORs – Cat, Mouse.
  108. Oracle of Lenormand Cartomancia of Modernitya blog originally written in Spanish. The link is the English translation. Very informative posts on Lenormand combinations and various layouts.  Great learning techniques. AUTHOR: Cynthia Domingues of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  109. P private need access. Prince Le Normand new wp blog, however, the author is not new to blogging.  Well crafted articles on various Card systems.  AUTHOR:  PLN (Prince Le Normand)
  110. Phoenix Oracle this blog was on  my list when I started the directory & in all honesty I don’t know why it wasn’t added sooner.  But here it is 🙂 and if you are learning the Lenormand please stop by and read the great posts. Various decks are used to illustrate how the cards are interpreted from this author’s perspective.  AUTHOR: Phoenix Rising
  111. Photon Stimulus – “daily card study of sorts”. I really enjoyed reading some of the articles on this WordPress blog.  A variety of cards are discussed as well as superb reviews. A very talented writer. AUTHOR: Woley.
  112. Practical Tarot Readings – website with outstanding articles. There is something for everyone whether a novice or professional. AUTHOR – Barbara Moore.
  113. Playing Cards & Their History – a great blog with historical articles and images on the evolution of the playing cards. A great resource for the Cartomancer. AUTHOR: Ken Lodge
  114. Planetenwelt Astrologie & Wahrsagen German website but can easily be google translated to the language of your choice. Features Tarot/Astrology/Lenormand and more. I highly recommend watching  Malkiel’s youtube videos on the Lenormand. I love his easy going style, sense of humour & wealth of knowledge. AUTHOR: Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, Berlin.
  115. PAGES OF SHUSTAH – Private FB group (includes Palmistry).  Please join in. ADMIN: Jozefa 
  116. PsychicLynx – many wonderful articles. If you click on the name you will be taken straight to the section on Divination (meanings of playing cards).
  117. Playing cards fortune telling  – Divination using Cartomancy – Great website for learning on how to read playing cards. There are several informative videos that teach you methods in cartomancy. Check the site for the Card Reader’s new Ebook.  AUTHOR: Angelo
  118. R –Rising Phoenix Foundationa blog that offers audio videos about the some of the Majors (so far) of the B.O.T.A. Tarot. Also topics such as Qabalah, Celestial Magic, Alchemy. “Transmitting western esoteric wisdom”. AUTHOR – David
  119. Regina Russell’s Tea Room– website offering readings using standard playing cards. You can purchase an excellent book written by Regina called ” Card Reader’s Handbook” on her site. I bought this book when it was first published and I love it. I am a great fan of her methodand have her permission to blog about her layouts and meanings. AUTHOR – Regina Russell
  120. Rachel Pollack. The Shining Tribe– Tarot website by the creator of The Shining Tribe Tarot.I enjoyed her books especially the original 78 degrees of Wisdom, parts 1 & 2 which is in my collection. AUTHOR- Rachel Pollack
  121. Revelations Tarotthe website link will take you right to the Revelations Tarot section. I bought this deck when it first was published. I like the idea of the imagery being different in the reversal of the cards. You can view all the cards and their meanings. The actual cards are a little softer in color than the Firefox or Safari shows. AUTHOR – Zach Wong.
  122. Realm of the Arcane– website featuring a horoscope Tarot reading with great graphics and meanings of the cards in the positions. Many other free readings with descriptions of the cards. Informative astrological information. Highly recommend this website. AUTHOR -cannot locate one. 
  123. Reflections & Inspirationsarticles feature Lenormand, Tarot, Playing Cards Oracle and some other exotic decks of cards. Written from a personal experience with the cards while examining layouts.  AUTHOR: not sure. Moonboweve ? If this is your blog let me know.  
  124. S- Shuffle | The Tarot Reader’s Blog– blog written by Tarot author Corrine. The articles are a must read for those who love the Tarot and even if you don’t Corrine’s special brand of humor can be felt through her words. AUTHOR – Corrine Kenner.
  125. Sepiafoto Lenormand –  new blog featuring a creative version of the Lenormand cards. The images are modern day with the option to customize your deck.  Take a look at this innovative opportunity. AUTHOR: Tarot Dame
  126. Soundings – exciting new blog featuring the Lenormand cards including intriguing articles about Divination.  A must read.  Highly recommended.  AUTHOR: Caitlin Matthews
  127. Saturness a newer blog with  posts on a variety of decks and featuring informative tips on the Playing Cards Oracle by Ana Cortez.  Very nicely written.  AUTHOR: from Brazil Saturness.
  128. Sylalandblog with wonderful story telling about the Tarot. AUTHOR – Sylal
  129. Soulscape Tarotwebsite dedicated to Tarot and Astrological consultations. Mary informs me that she will be “planning to expand with a section on cartomancy and oracle cards in the near future”. AUTHOR – Mary Hawkins.
  130. Students-of-Tarotthe website link will take you right to a page where you can get a free Lenormand card reading. If you click on the cards you can see the meanings as well. There are other interesting free readings using decks like the Matt Tarot by Julie Cuccia-Watts. There are courses available and so much more. AUTHOR – Pytheas
  131. Smerechnaya Russian forum which has in depth information about the Lenormand, and other systems. AUTHOR – Primavera.
  132. Shadowscapes Tarotwebsite introducing the magnificent and creative Shadowscapes Tarot deck. You can see all the cards (work in progress) with a detailed description. AUTHOR – Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.
  133. SpielkartenonlineGreat German website. Non tutorial. The link takes you to the page where you can see a very large collection of Lenormand, oracle cards … all at once. AUTHOR – Wolfgang Kunze.
  134. Spiritual Eclectic“because spirituality is not one size fits all”. This blog has some interesting articles for those of you who have questions about previous lovers, etc. There are many categories with well written articles on [down to earth] spirituality. AUTHOR – Lorna Tedder.
  135. Sakoldovannij Krug – Russian esoteric forum which has to do with tarot, playing cards and parapsychology [clairvoyance/ magic]. AUTHOR:  Alexandra from Germany.
  136. Stacey-Marie My Spiritual Path – There is a list for all 36 Lenormand card meanings with 2 images of cards (with and without borders). A fa of Malkiel Rouven Dietrich as we all are. As well as other posts.  AUTHOR: Stacey-Marie
  137. Secrets of the Petit Lenormand with Odete Lopes – the link provided is the English translated Portuguese blog. Many wonderful articles written about the Lenormand cards with layout explanations. Definitions of the 36 Houses of the Grand Tableau and much more. AUTHOR: Odete Lopes.
  138. Seijuastro Cartomancy – Astrology + Lenormand readings, classes, free horoscopes, etc. Take a peek at the detailed helpful blog posts. AUTHORS: Aaron Carlson, Dennis Ng
  139. Symbolon Cards – excellent resource filled with free readings using the Symbolon. Links to Youtube videos on the cards. Highly recommend. AUTHORS: Sandra Jansen van Galen and Tim Hoogland
  140. T- ➡ ➡ ➡  TAROTMAPSVincent Pitisci’s new website/blog. Check out his other website for free printable downloads of the blank Celtic Cross layout and keywords for the Tarot cards and much more.  ➡ pitisci.com  :Vincent is the author of several books like, Genius of the Tarot and Essential Tarot (book review to follow once they arrive 🙂 ). YouTube channel ➡ Vids
  141. The Tarot Path newly created website to introduce gifted Spiritual Medium and Tarot Reader Ana Prieto. I met Ana & her partner Ricky Faria at a recent Psychic Fair. Very lovely couple. Check out the website for services offered and schedule of events where Ana will reading. AUTHOR: Ana & Ricky
  142. Tarot Quest(An Exploration into the World of Tarot) WordPress blog with detailed posts about the Tarot, Layouts and more.  Very informative.  AUTHOR:  Zorian.
  143. Tarot Lenormand – wordpress blog. I have linked the google translate version into English. The Lenormand articles are very creative, helpful and filled with wonderful insights. There is a section for Tarot as well.  AUTHOR: Jester (Bufon) Lenormand. 
  144. Tarot by Jadzia – website featuring Tarot cards, classes and other services.  You will find the meanings of all 78 cards written in a simple to understand approach.  AUTHOR:  Jadzia Deforest
  145. Tarot Lady – a unique & diversified blog featuring articles of great interest involving cards and other related topics such as book reviews, psychic awareness and short biographies of interesting people. AUTHOR – Theresa Reed
  146. Tarot by Melissa – website featuring Melissa’s Lenormand deck. This young lady took the initiative and created a very artistic Lenormand deck. Articles about the Tarot.  AUTHOR: Melissa
  147. Tarot on Tarot – (access not allowed) a tarot blog with character. The contents of the posts are well researched. Readings can be purchased. There are reviews on various decks as well as articles on individual cards. AUTHOR: Alec Satin
  148. Tarot on the Ragged Edgea brand new blog about Tarot. Take a look. View a reading done for me on there. AUTHOR – Troi
  149. The Talking Tarot an innovative way to learn the Tarot.  New website which features videos, jewelry, interviews with the cards and more.  Very talented artist. AUTHOR:  Carrie Paris
  150. The Lenormand Oracleblog about using Sylvie Steinbach’s “The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle” in the daily practice of demonstrating various layouts and interpretations. AUTHOR – Spiritsong.
  151. Tarot Teachingswebsite dedicated to the Tarot. Detailed descriptions including symbol meanings found within the Tarot deck. AUTHOR – A. Venefica
  152. Tarotgirl’s Weblog – (renamed) blog featuring Tarot Card posts will interesting and amusing interpretations related to personal experience.  *Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog. AUTHOR- Sasha
  153. Tarot Healing by Lisablog journal about Tarot/Oracle cards. Posts include the cards as a meditative tool. AUTHOR – Lisa
  154. Taroteca – (closed or redirected) one of the most comprehensive websites featuring a monumental collection of 388 decks of cards. If you click on the decks you will see photos of each card in that deck.  A valuable resource  for those who want to see all the cards belonging to decks on their wish list or just for curiosity’s sake.   I love this site. AUTHOR: Multiply Inc.
  155. The Tarot Deck” A quest for understanding the history and meaning of tarot cards.” A website featuring the meanings of the Tarot cards. Very nicely done. Upright and reversal meanings explained in an easy to understand manner. Tips on how to make your own Tarot deck … AUTHOR – Steve.
  156. Taroteon – an awesome but most importantly creative website featuring layouts, card interpretations and topics including what many Readers are wondering about but afraid to ask. AUTHOR – Douglas Gibb
  157. The Card Lovers-a great blog by Spiritsong. I always enjoy reading her posts and comments.  Her understanding of true Cartomancy ranks high and her devotion shows in her words. AUTHOR: Spiritsong.
  158. Twelve of Hearts Cartomancywebsite with in depth information about the standard playing cards. Great details about each of the 52 cards. AUTHOR – Kristen.
  159. The Mystic Quadrate Systemwebsite featuring one of the best systems using a standard deck of cards, astrology and numerology inclusive. A highly accurate method of past, present and future predictions. I ordered The Master Book of Prediction set from Thomas and have tested this system for many years. It is truly amazing! AUTHOR – Thomas Morrell.
  160. Tarot d’Eltynnea delightful website that features the redesigned Oracle Belline. Luv this deck. The cards and meanings are displayed as well as some history. (tip for the site fromChanah) AUTHOR – Medlindaf.
  161. Tarot Dame – (invited readers only) informative blog featuring different decks and layouts with insightful posts. A very compassionate soul. I really enjoy reading her articles. AUTHOR – Kiki
  162. Tarot of the Masters.a website featuring 3 youtube videos introducing the Tarot of the Masters deck. This deck portrays the Sibilla style scenes which speak a thousand words. Very captivating deck. Check out this website- there is a games page as well. Yes, Tarot games. The articles are very interesting. AUTHOR – James Ricklef.
  163. TAROTPATHWAYS.COMTarot news, podcasts, reviews and information.  AUTHORS – Anastasia Haysler, Rosered, Artemis, Andrew, and others in the Tarot-To-Go community.
  164. Tarot Dude “Tarot thoughts, tips, tutorials, reviews and readings”. A website filled with great posts on the Tarot. Each article is written in an easy to follow fashion with explanations of the cards that give the Reader another great perspective. Featured are deck/book reviews and more.  AUTHOR:  Roger, Milwaukee, WI
  165. Tarot Elements – a tarot blog with tarot card meaning, tutorials and lessons. Featuring many guest writers. A very well laid out professional looking blog.  AUTHOR: Catherine
  166. Tarot – The Royal Roadblog filled with specific and  helpful information on the Tarot cards upright and reversed. Well worth bookmarking whether you are a beginner or seasoned Tarot reader. AUTHOR: Joanne Sacred Scribes.
  167. Tarot by Sally –  “a Tarot Reader’s Journal”.  An interesting and personal perspective on the Tarot with a blend of Astrology connections.  AUTHOR: Sally
  168. Tarot reader and astrologer in singapore –  blog filled with informative (historical) posts about all kinds of divination in particular Cartomancy. AUTHOR: Shimure
  169. Tarot Heritage – “all about Tarot history and historic decks” The tag line says it all. The information provided on this website has great value for those interested in history. The posts are filled with helpful tips on how to read cards including topics such as medieval origins of each trump card. AUTHOR: Sherryl E. Smith.
  170. Traditional Lenormand Fortunetellers Guild – “Preservation, research, and teaching of traditional Lenormand skills and methods of this 200 year old European oracle.” Created Jan 2014. Founders include: Madame Nadia, Caitlin Matthews, Stella Waldvogel, Björn Meuris. BOARD OF CONSULTANTS & CONTRIBUTORS: Chanah MorrisonAndy Boroveshengra 
  171. The Fortune Teller – Paris Debono.  Websites features newly created fortune telling cards such as Gypsy Tatoo, Lenormand Japanese, Lenormand Yellow, and some others. There links to tutorial videos which I highly recommend as Paris’ style of interpretation is easy to follow. Other products and classes as well. AUTHOR: Paris Debono (Australia)
  172. Tarot Study – “explore the Tarot with troi”. Tarot articles with great explanations of cards, layouts and tips on how to read the cards. Easy flowing posts. AUTHOR: Troi.
  173.  TAROT – (Reading Tarot Cards White Magic Services).Great website with detailed meanings on the Tarot, playing cards (in keeping with traditional Skat meanings) and so much more. Check out their team. AUTHORS: in Germany Marion Daghan-Malenky and Pavol Malenky. 
  174. Tarot Notes “….about Tarot and Oracle Cards…with a dash of Astrology and Numerology”. Very nice blog with well written posts on a variety of cards. Lots of categories with interesting topics. AUTHOR: Zanna Starr 
  175. U- Under the Cowrie Moon – “Madame Nadia’s Virtual Boudoir of Fortunes”. Newer  blog featuring great articles/images which illustrate various decks of cards. Nice to see European decks. AUTHOR: Madame Nadia (check out her youTube videos).
  176. V-VedezevanjeSlovenian website detailing the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten as well as many other topics. You can find many youtube videos by this author as well. AUTHOR – Zenus
  177. Virtual fortune tellerA newer website featuring on line readings using the Lenormand Cards & Regular cards.  Learn the meanings of the Lenormand by doing simple readings.  Option to purchase program.  AUTHOR:  Astraport Inc 
  178. Wheel of Fate (need permission to access) I have included the translated version in the link of this wonderful Russian website which explores the Sibillas and other Oracles.   Lots of valuable information.  AUTHOR:  Valerie
  179. WEILER PSI – Parapsychology Journalism: The People, The Theory, The Science, The Skeptics. Blog created in 2009 which might be of interested in various topics. I love the science articles. Not in keeping with Cartomancy but I highly recommend you read some of the articles on being psychic as being psychic is part of Cartomancy. AUTHOR: Craig Weiler.
  180. Zigeuner Cards FB Community group – closed group but you can join in by requesting. Here we discuss various gipsy style sibilla cards. ADMIN: Jozefa Seaqueen
  181. 104etal’s Weblog– blog about Sybila Cartomancy and others. Information pertaining to Sibilla style cards. Apo is also an administrator on the Art of Cartomancy forum. AUTHOR – Apo.
  182. 53 MUSES –  “Learn How Each Card is a Muse For Structuring Plot, Developing Characters, Dissolving Blocks and Inspiring Your Creative Work!”  What a great idea. AUTHOR: Ash Joie Lee
  183. 78 Notes to Selfa Tarot journal blog. Fantastic articles on the Tarot, includes readings and other topics of interest. Tarot readings offered as well. AUTHOR – Ginny Hunt.
  184. 78 Whispers in My Ear. A wonderfully written blog featuring Tarot articles, reviews and much more..  AUTHOR – Mandy
  185. :

(created by Madame Seaqueen MAY 31, 2008)

28 thoughts on “*Card Lovers Community Directory. Jan 5/19 update. 184 links*

  1. Wow SeaQueen you got me on your card community directory!
    Im Honored! I always look your blog up when i wish to learn more or have any doubts! Now im feeling guilty about abandoning my blog haha. well perhaps i should pick it up this week! Thank you! Im very honored to be on your list!


  2. Hello Apo,
    Sorry for the delay in responding. I just noticed your comment. Keep writing on your blog – your insights are valuable to those learning to read cards.
    I have slowed down a wee bit over the last few months as well. My schedule has been very busy and I wish I had more time to blog.
    Gone are the 2-3 posts per day. Who knows maybe the winter months will jump start all of us, again.

  3. I love what you’re doing here. I read somewhere about how to get included in the Card Lovers Community Directory but I can’t find it now. I thought it was by posting a response, so here I am! Thank you for all you do!

  4. Hi Lori,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I am very happy to add you to the Card Lovers Community Directory.
    Isn’t the Mystical Lenormand an exciting deck? I luv it.
    There is a long post dedicated to this deck using the Astrological Wheel layout. You can find it in the sidebar under category 4. Lenormand
    Happy blogging.
    Madame Seaqueen

  5. I’m very attracted to the Art Deco cards & the Piatnik Fortune Telling Deck of 36 cards. I’ve never made the most of these decks because I had no source for the expanded meanings. I’m delighted to find the material here and I intend to put it to use. Thank you very BIG for making all of this tested information available.


  6. Schmid also published a deck using the same symbols found in Doppeldeutsche Schnapskarten but with 36 cards. They are known as the Schafkopf Tarock. I have never found any meanings for these cards, which were packaged in an open plastic double-tray.

    Any suggestions as to where there are interpretations for the deck? The values include 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, jacks, queens, kings and Aces.

  7. Hi Antoinette,

    Thanks for your comment.
    In one of the posts on the Schnapskarten deck (see category on right side bar) I do detail the meanings for the 32 cards.

    Since the deck you are talking about is the Schafkopf Tarock I would assign the meanings from Tarot 6’s and see if it fits. Play around with those meanings and find some keywords which resonate with you. The Schafkopf version is a nice looking deck.

    Let me know how you make out. Madame Seaqueen.

  8. Greetings Seaqueen!

    It appears that the links for #’s 15 and 17 are the same page. They also appear to reference comic books. I am wondering if somehow the content has changed or the link is broken?


  9. Hi Contessa,
    Thanks for pointing this out. I’m not sure what happened. I know when I was adding some other websites the font color mostly went all black which is hard to read when the background is dark. I managed to change the descriptions to the white font color which can be seen now but it was a long process. Sometimes when the themes is changed it’s not always guaranteed everything stays the same. Also, I noticed a few of the card category headings went missing too. I have tried to correct that but can’t for some reason….still working on it.

    I reviewed the Chaser Media site and you are right, there are many comics shown. I changed the link so that it goes directly to the post about cards. I think the content has evolved, not sure if I should leave this site in the card lovers directory as it is primarily about cartomancy.

    Talk to you again.
    Madame Seaqueen.

  10. Where can I find meanings for the Gipsy fortune telling deck by Piatnik. I love these cards but can’t seem to find meanings anywhere. I know you try and read intuitively but it would be nice to know you are covering all possibilities. Thank you Great Site!!

  11. Hello,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The original deck I have is not in color but this was before it went into mass reproduction. I bought a second deck off Ebay for under $15.

    The extensive meanings for the cards (with many combinations) will be available through an online course I am currently writing. This course is based on my 40 years of practical experience. Stay tuned for more information on the Gipsy-Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten course.

    I will make an announcement mid July 2009 and hope to have the Gipsy- Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten Course ready by mid August if not sooner. It will be featured on another website.

    Jozefa Seaqueen.

  12. Hi Phoenix,
    First of all, thank you very much for your insights in the last comment.
    You have a great idea for your new website. Just want to mention (well intended critique) that for people who use Safari as a web browser (many Mac users do, me included)the heading for your website is cut off on the right side. If you can shrink the font a little the last word would fit. 🙂
    Can you tell me what your options are for adding links and maybe I can help a little further?
    Let me know.
    Madame Seaqueen.

  13. Hi Seaqueen,

    Thank you for your advice, I must admit, my webmastering knowledge is quite limited, and I am getting a friend to give me some technical advice. I will get back to you on that one about the links, and I will shrink the header….cheers for that.


  14. Hi again,
    Yes the header title is smaller. Can you add colour? Could be a little bit wider to fit the entire column. 🙂
    Just trying to help but the paypal logo stretches all the way across the page to the right. Looks very off balance. I think it only should have about 200-300 width measurement. Check your specs.

  15. Hi SQ,

    OMG is it that bad, I will see if I can shrink that paypal logo, although when I inserted the html code that is what I got. So is the header title in 2 rows?

    cheers you’re a great help.


  16. Hi Seaqueen,

    First off I want to say what a fantastic and informational blog this is. I’m looking forward to checking out your online course when it’s ready.

    Could you include me in The Card Lovers Community please. http://katwytch.wordpress.com/

    Thankyou, Kat

  17. What a gift this directory is and what a gift you are.

    Remember that we are loved and blessed to know you.

    Thank the Universe.

  18. Hi, do you know where I can find the meanings to aibilla oracle? I just ordered that deck and would like the meanings. I know you have one card meaning on your site, the “Hope” card. If you don’t know a site I can obtain these meanings can yuo post them on your site? It would be much appreciated. I am new to reading so it would help a great deal. Thanks

  19. Dear beautifullylost:
    Are you referring to the Sibilla oracle deck. There are many versions. Tell me which one you have and maybe I can direct you to a site I know of or do a post with some introductory meanings. Let me know. All the meanings I have can be applied to the Sibilla because the Zigeuner deck I write about is a type of Sibilla deck. Happy Cartomancy. Seaqueen

  20. Madame Seaqueen,

    Thank you so much for the comment on my site, I love the work you’re doing here and think I will hang out a while and read more, lol. It has really been awesome how the tarot community has grown, and wonderful to know that people are learning so much, and the interest in knowledge of what the tarot can do to help not only ourselves, but others has grown to fascinating numbers. Thanks to people like yourself, tarot is strong, the wisdom and knowledge it can bring into our lives is strong, and those who have learned are willing to teach from their own experience is a beautiful thing. Keep up the great work, Maybe we can get together some day and work on a project.

    • Dear Voyance:
      Thank you for your comment. I will incorporate psychic reading websites when I get a little more time (father is very ill right now). Thanks again for the suggestion. Madame Seaqueen

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