another reading for Case Study- Veronica

One of the more regular readings that appear in the Ask my Cards blog involves Veronica. Often when you do readings you may never get any feedback from the person but not in her case.

I will be illustrating how to interpret 6 cards using a layout found  on page 120 in Lady Lorelei’s book, “Tarot Life Planner”.  I really like this book because she includes many layouts in the back of the book which can apply to different aspects going on in your life. You can design your own layout quite easily if  you wish.  

This particular layout is perfect to do on Veronica because she is experiencing many doubts right now with the way the economy is and her inability to secure steady employment.

The image below does not depict any images of cards just the names.  When you do this layout remove the Magician card before you shuffle. The reason for this is because the Magician card represents manifestation and offers all the tools you need. 

1Lady Lorelei


The 3 cards below show 3 different areas or ways Veronica needs more personal power.

KING OF CUPS – This King is comfortable with his feelings.  Veronica needs to tap into the power of this King and activate her emotions about things in her life.  She is experiencing a deadened approach right now.  She says she feels nothing and is having difficulty getting excited about things in general.  

TWO OF SWORDS – A card of nothing.  A stalemate and little movement of energy.  This card suggests lack of decision making and the lack of intellectual commitment.  The advice of this card is to take off the blindfold,  get out there and set some goals.  Veronica can only empower herself if she takes some risks and begins making some decisions (which she is not currently).  She is doing it to herself.

12 HANGED MAN – A great teacher card.  The Hanged Man indicates Veronica needs an attitude adjustment.  A little change in perspective  would be helpful.  This major arcana card is the only one in the reading besides the Magician and he is there to bring power to the remaining cards.  Like the old saying, “get off the cross I need the wood” comes to mind.  She can hang upside down forever if she wants but to gain more personal power Veronica needs to do something…anything.


The 3 cards in the bottom row reveal solutions and guidance she should consider to overcome the first 3 cards.

4  OF WANDS- A person can have plenty of balance in their life but it does not necessarily mean it is positive.  The 4 of wands clearly suggests Veronica needs to free herself of the emotional restrictions (King of Cups), needs to make decisions (2 of Swords) and needs to quit feeling sorry for herself (The Hanged Man) through self imposed suffering.

KNIGHT OF WANDS- Another wand.  We know wands are all about putting things into action.  The Knight of Wands is proclaiming the time has come to leave any situation which is holding Veronica back.  It’s time to saddle up and get passionate about life.  One of the solutions is to act now, not tomorrow or next week.

6 OF PENTACLES- How can Veronica obtain her personal power through the suggestions of this card?  She needs to concentrate on what she has already accomplished and give herself a little more credit.  It’s time Veronica shares her emotions (King of Cups), participates in goal setting (2 of Swords) and gives other people advice on why they shouldn’t just hang around and watch life go by. (The Hanged Man)


By following the advice of the Tarot cards – ABSOLUTELY.  

2 Wands, 1 Pentacle- Time to jump into action & experience the personal power

Seeking advice from the LeNormand ARLO using the block of 9 layout.

A long time client contacted me via email with a concern about her brother. They have had an estranged relationship over the years with little communication. Veronica wanted me to ask my cards on what is going on with her brother at this current time.  I selected the Gentleman card to represent Bryan and placed it in the center of the block of 9 layout. Then I shuffled the remainder of the deck keeping the question in mind and laid the cards beginning at the top left across 3, second row card 4, Gentleman which is card 5 and card 6 to the right of him. I continued on the bottom left with cards 7-9. 

The deck I am using is the LeNormand ARLO which is a simple black and white deck. This deck is no longer available according to my research. I purchased it in 2011, however, the Etsy shop has not been active for many years.

I coloured the cards using soft pencil crayons as the card stock is not very heavy. Also, I colour coded the borders by shading them for some of the main positive and negative cards. I do this with many of my decks when I have duplicates. I usually have a working deck and a deck for my collection. I am fond of all cartomancy systems. Sorry, it is taking so long but Seaqueen’s Oracle cards are simmering on the ‘to do’ list. The card bags will be available on Etsy by September 15th.  If you are interested or want more information about the sizes of bags you prefer please let me know on FB ➡ Jozefa Seaqueen

The question is about the current time so we read all 9 cards accordingly. Yes, I know the far left column is usually the past and the far right column is the future but that is not what Veronica is asking about.

Also, if Veronica wanted to know what is going on with her brother over the next 3 months you would read column 1 as month one, column 2 as month 2 and column 3 as month 3 and the Significator would have not been preselected.  

Ok, let us take a look at what is going on with Bryan. It is never a good thing when the Tree card sits beside the Significator. With Mountain, Mouse and Cross within the layout and touching the Gentleman card there is a strong indicator there could be a health issue. We have two positive cards Anchor and Clover but the are not strong enough in their energy against the other 3 more negative cards. 

The other Significator card showed up as well. I want to use this card to represent Veronica since she is asking the question. It is hard to tell if the Significators are on the same page. They both are looking in the same direction – to the front but more to the right direction. Bryan is carrying excess baggage no doubt (Cross) which is eating away at him (Mouse). Something quite profound is bothering him to the point that it is blocking his ability to communicate with his sister. (Mountain). He will continue to carry the burden (Cross) of being stuck (Anchor) within his own power (Bear) which is slowly being depleted (Mouse). The connection he has with his sister (Lady) feels really painful (Cross) for one reason or another. With the Clover card above him there is a slim chance is he able to sort out some of his minor hang-ups. 

We can read the block of 9 in various ways but for the purpose of today’s question I think Veronica has ample information.



New Palladini Tarot in the 3-card Answer layout. RIP David

The 3-card Answer layout is good for those questions which require a short answer. Before I begin, deepest condolences to family and friends of David Palladini who passed away not too long ago. I think I bought the Aquarian deck a few years after it was first published. I love the thicker card stock. It has lasted 45+ years. Hard to believe over four decades have passed already. 

QUESTION for the New Palladini Tarot: Should Veronica downsize and sell her home? Past readings involving her can be seen if you click her name.

1. PAST. An influence or person is about to leave the current scenario. It could be an experience, which is just passing that makes way for something new that is about to enter your life.

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: The knight reminds Veronica to look at the mundane aspects of her life. It’s all about the why would she be considering this. The day-to-day upkeep of a home (interior and exterior) takes a commitment to keep things in order. These days it is too easy to spend too much time on the Internet, doing other projects and participating in things involving the community. The house work needs to get done. The seasonal exterior work needs to get done. The repairs (if any) need to be addressed.

This knight is a practical action card. It is not fast-moving. Slow and steady. It also speaks about finances. Does she need the money? Sometimes, It is not financially feasible to sell and then buy another unit or rent. It would still take an outlay of money. Perhaps the ‘common’ work associated with a home might be lightened somewhat.

The knight is telling me V. is looking at the money if she sells but with the prices of smaller units in her area I’m sure she would not make a grand profit. 

2. NOW. Describes what is going on currently. Here you can find out if the person is dealing with challenges or good influences from another person or situation. Often personal thoughts and feelings are revealed.

5 OF CUPS: So, here she is cloaked in not so positive thoughts. This card is reminding V. to appreciate the home she has now. 

I have to wonder if this card isn’t pointing out that V should take a hard look at why she would even considering selling her home. Are there bad memories there? Sometimes, we don’t know why we make certain decisions until after the fact. I really get a strong feeling that her emotions are unclear as to her ‘real’ motive.  

The 5 of Cups is triggering a current flood of memories. There has to be a connection. At this point, I don’t know if she is with someone or not.

3. ANSWER. This card describes the answer to your question.

DEATH: Any time I see this card in a reading it means ‘no’ to me. It is also a card of profound transformation which is what would happen if V. sells. Within the card is renewal as well. The Death card also says to let go of the past that no longer serves her. I’m on the fence about the guidance of the cards.

Did the cards answer V.’s conscious question or her subconscious question?  🙂

Lenormand block of 9 cards layout

Featuring Rootweaver’s mini ©Vintage Lenormand in the block of 9 cards layout. First of all, I want to mention that the Card Geek has a great instructional YouTube vid on reading the Significator in the block of 9 layout. Toni’s teaching method is enhanced by her sparkling personality. 

I pulled out the Lady Significator card (she is face up), set it aside and then continued pulling 8 additional cards (they are fanned face down). The discarded pile (top left) is not used. Normally, I just shuffle the entire deck but I wanted to follow Toni’s method for the intention of this post. While shuffling I kept thinking about Veronica’s question, “What should I know about the situations around me in the upcoming next few weeks?” Her question is important and so is the position of the Lady card. Why? It will reflect her footing on upcoming situations in the specified time in the question. 

I gathered all nine cards and shuffled them. They were laid out starting at the top left (Snake ), across 3 cards , second row across 3 cards (ending with Mouse) and finally bottom row across 3 cards (ending with House).

Veronica is situated in the bottom row first card. She has the Snake/Dog sitting on her shoulders. The Lady faces Cross/House cards.  By the looks of these cards V has some tough issues around her. The Snake/Dog describes a situation involving a close friend. Something is not completely above board. V is thinking about this and perhaps that is the reason she asked her question.

V could be facing some hardships (Cross) within her home (House) environment due to the incident involving a friend (Dog). The middle card (Mountain) is one specific situation that she needs to overcome. With the Mouse card following it there is a good chance the obstacles/delays, etc. could begin to crumble over the next few weeks.

Whatever this is it spans back into the distant past (Tower) and because the 2nd column is ahead of the Lady this situation will resurface. A sacrifice (Cross) is shown. A decision (Path) is inevitable, however, any card preceding the Mouse card is minimized. I want to read this as one of her options or choices are worrisome or not in her best interest. This will affect the energy in her home (House). Maybe she should smudge her home after this friend visits.

I knew a lady that would not allow anyone to sit in meditation circle if they brought negative energy with them. In this one case, a young woman was distressed when she arrived and G would not let her into the main part of the house until she calmed down. The woman sat in the back porch until the circle was over. G said to the group that we had already smudged everyone and cleared the energy and the young woman would have undone all that just by walking into our ‘space’.

V will face some emotional pain (Cross) very soon. She feels very much alone (Mountain/Cross) and tired of this situation. Dog/Mountain could represent a distancing as well due to a misunderstanding. One other thing I want to point out is that Snake/Dog could be describing V as well, at the time of shuffle. She is a very devoted person but given she has the Snake energy around her as well she is not a fool.  If that be the case, V will overcome all that is ahead of her by tapping into her faith (Cross) that all will turn out ok over the next few weeks. 

Can the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle cards offer guidance in a non-traditional Tarot Celtic cross reading? Part 2/2

➡ Can the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle cards offer guidance in a non-traditional Tarot Celtic cross reading? Part 1/2

In the continuation of Part 1/2 we will be studying the staff (pillar) cards #7 – #10.  I wanted to mention that in Pitisci’s © method he follows the WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHEN technique. 

  • The WHAT cards: 1, 2 and 7.  Ring and Fox looks at the question. Card #7 is Veronica’s attitude or her viewpoint (Bear) on the question. These cards are the ‘what’ of the reading.

  • The WHY cards: 3, 4 and 9. Child and Path combined with House will determine the ‘why’ of the reading. Veronica’s efforts = short range goal = long range or total picture of the overall goal. 

  • The HOW cards: 5, 6 and 10. Tree and Scythe combined with Dog is the ‘how’ of the reading. Veronica’s background in health + her ability to seize sudden opportunities = the prediction

  • The WHEN cards: 8. The Anchor answers this question. Should Veronica go ahead or wait to publish her cookbook?

This method is detailed (12:25 minutes) on the YouTube video called, “Professional Look at the Tarot’s Celtic Cross” . Vincent’s explanation is to the point and offered in an easy to understand format.

Card #7 represents Veronica’s attitude about publishing her cookbook. We have established that she may lack some confidence. The Bear card has a variety of meanings that could fit her current approach to the question. She could be thinking about the money involved in publishing. Veronica comes from a strong position insofar as her background (Tree). Bear can represent diet and health. 

Card #8 represents timing and is the ‘when’ of the reading. The Anchor card’s energy is slow and at the same time suggests something more long-term. Of course, many Lenormand practitioners read the Anchor as a representation of work but I also want to read it as something stable. I think Veronica should go forward with this project and do the work necessary. She may not see immediate results but whatever result there are they will be long lasting.

Do you think she should wait to publish her cookbook?

Card #9 represents the long-range goal or the desired results she wishes to attain. The House card talks about family and home. So, how does this card fit into the ‘why’ aspect of the reading. Maybe Veronica wants to buy a house or enhance her current residence. Proceeds from the sale of her cookbook could eventually help her financially. She might also want to be a full-time writer and have a home-based business. If you have followed posts on Veronica you will know that her success rate in securing and keeping jobs was challenging. ➡ Posts on Veronica’s work history

The success of her cookbook is very important to her. It was part of her question. Many people write books but are not interested in making a ton of money. They just want to share some ideas or provide some advice on a niche topic.

Card #10 – the Prediction.  What a great card to have in the ‘outcome’ spot of the reading. This card belongs to the ‘how’ aspect of the reading. No doubt about a man (maybe a family member) will be of great assistance to her. The Dog could also suggest someone that is versed in the nutritional benefits of certain ingredients which Veronica uses in her recipes. This person could offer some additional information to be put in the cookbook. For some reason, I was chuckling to myself because I was thinking of recipes for pets (dog + house).

If Veronica publishes the cookbook it will receive a warm and friendly welcome. I hope you enjoyed this little experimental reading. I loved it and plan to use it often.

One thing I want to mention is that you need to cut the pile evenly or you may run out of cards as Lenormand has only 36 and not 78 cards. You could cut the deck in half and decide between the two top flipped over cards. I like the 3 pile cut and would concentrate on the question while cutting the deck in fairly even piles. 

Thanks Rea Wallace for bringing my attention to this. 🙂 


Can the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle cards offer guidance in a non-traditional Tarot Celtic cross reading? Part 1/2

My son gifted me the 39-card Enchanted Lenormand Oracle, 2018. 🙂 I love many things about these cards especially the size. I am reserving my review on the deck for another dedicated post. Thank you Caitlin for the mention on page 159 (ELO Guidebook). 

As always, I’m all about sharing my explorations with those of you that have an interest.  As mentioned at the Centre for Creative Cartomancy (my other blog) ➡ CCC there is free downloadable printout for Vincent Pitisci’s © blank Tarot Celtic cross (seen in background of images). 

In previous posts, I have experimented with the traditional Celtic cross featuring the Lenormand, Art Deco fortune-telling cards and other similar decks. The objective of today’s post is to see if a non-Tarot deck can survive 🙂  in a non-traditional Celtic Cross layout. As many of us know the Lenormand work best in groups of cards but I think they can stand alone in the positions. The reason I think this is because each position has a meaning much like the meaning of a GT house. 

Ok, let’s get started. 

The 3 card cut to determine the best possible card to represent the question. Book, Ring or Lily. The question: If Veronica publishes her cookbook will it be successful? Actually, this is a two-layer question. First she needs to publish the book and secondly book’s success can only be determined after she publishes it. I did not select the Book card to represent this question. I chose the Ring card because it is all about commitments, business agreements, contracts etc.

I discarded the other two piles and used the Ring card to represent #1 card the question. The cards in the Ring card pile are laid out according to Vincent’s positional method. Normally, I scan the entire layout before beginning an interpretation to give me the feel of the reading. I keep that in the back of my mind before proceeding with the individual cards. Sometimes, I begin with a card out of sequence if it stands out for some reason. Of course, the Scythe card sticks out like a sore thumb but we need to remember the meaning of the position. More on this as I get into the interpretation. 

Cards #1 RING and #2 FOX:  The question and challenge

The Ring card represents the question. The Fox card is the challenge to overcome. We need to establish what the Fox card means in connection to our question. Is it a work card? Is it strategy? Is it something under-handed? Is it a selfish need? Or is something wrong about the question?  So many possibilities. Is Veronica lying to herself for some reason as to wanting to publish this cookbook? I’m going to use Vincent’s technique and ask the Fox card what it is trying to tell me. (see the last chapter ‘Conversations with the Tarot cards’ in the Genius of the Tarot and the Essential Tarot books). I’m glad he put a voice to the technique because many of us have done this without realizing it.

If the Fox card is the challenging energy this would be something that will need handling on some level. I think it is step one in the entire process of publishing the cookbook. The card is telling Veronica she has trust issues. She does not trust that the cookbook will be a success. So, she needs to address her negative thinking.

Position #3 Current efforts: CHILD

What is Veronica doing in preparation of reaching her goal to publish the cookbook? The Child card suggests the beginning of something new. She has taken baby steps by writing the draft of her cookbook. She has absolutely no experience in the publishing field. The advice I’m hearing is that Veronica needs to get in touch with someone (professional) experienced to help her with this goal. ➡ Veronica’s previous readings

Position #4 Immediate Goal: PATH

This is very interesting to find the Path card in the Immediate goal position but it makes total sense. Veronica needs to make a decision. She cannot reach this goal until she makes an effort to seek out people who will help her to publish her cookbook. There is no point fantasizing whether it will be successful or not. She needs to take the next step.

I think the Enchanted Lenormand Oracle cards are doing just fine in Vincent’s non-traditional positional Celtic Cross layout…so far. 

Position #5 Assets: TREE

What a perfect card to find in the Assets position. The Tree card is about health and well-being and this fits perfectly with the cookbook. Veronica is probably more grounded than she knows and this will help her as this process continues. She inherited some of her recipes from family members. How befitting of the Tree card to grace this position in the Celtic cross. 

Position #6 Opportunities: SCYTHE

Is this going to be an ouch opportunity? There could be an opportunity out of the blue and Veronica needs to act on it. The Scythe card is all about speed. Things happen fast. It has both positive and negative meanings when taken in proper context.  In this case, there is a warning not to jump too quickly at offers or the reverse could be true. Hopefully Veronica will not make snap decision which could lead a painful realization. 

I don’t know about you but I am really curious about the findings in the staff cards of the reading. Just seeing the Dog card as the prediction gives a warm and uplifting feeling.  Continued in Part 2/2

simple Lenormand 3-card layout. Book + Ring + Heart = read on ….

I think three cards should give you a reasonable answer to an intended specific question. No matter how clear you state your questions the cards seem to answer what you are really asking. That is not one in the same in many cases. We think we want to know a certain thing but underneath it all it’s something different. Even some of our beloved clients are not always aware of what they really want to know.

I will pose a specific question to the cards.

QUESTION: Will Veronica secure the job she applied for last Friday? This is the question she asked me in an email this morning.  I haven’t heard from Veronica in years. Click the link to one of many posts about Veronica’s adventures in finding jobs.  ➡  Veronica

Interestingly, the cards fell in numerical sequence, well sort of 🙂 backwards.

Our opening card is the BOOK, followed by the RING and closing with the HEART card. It is always nice to see the Heart card near a more positive grouping.  For all intents and purposes the last card signifies the most probable answer. In this case, it is reasonable to predict an affirmative answer.

But, what else is going on if anything ? 

Veronica does not know everything about this job. But, she is not asking that she is asking if she will land the job. The Ring card shows a contract or commitment. It is possible Veronica will get the job only to find out the job description differs once it is finalized. 

Being accepted for a job position does not mean Veronica will take it. Is that what she is really asking? We need to answer the question posed to the cards. 

The Book card is revealing that an agreement is pending. The spine of the book faces away from open box containing the ring. This agreement can be a commitment of her securing the job. The Heart card indicates her emotions will be positive (initially). The Jack of Hearts faces the Ring card suggesting Veronica will be pleased. One should not forget that the Book card also contains information which may be held back by the employer. 

I would go ahead and tell Veronica she will land the job she applied for last Friday. My thought on this is whether or not she will accept the job. 🙂


Asking Symbolon about migraines

Before I begin interpreting today’s reading using the Symbolon deck I want to mention that there could be a minor underlying health concern with the client’s question. The reason I am asking the cards is for spiritual guidance. As some of you know different areas of the body have a deeper significance.

A long time client contact me regarding her issues with migraines which have recently developed. She wanted to know if her body was sending her a non health related message as well.

Question: Why is Veronica experiencing migraines.
Problem: Golden Girl Page 66
Way through problem: Ailing King Page 50
Outcome: Battle Page 47

I have quoted what is stated for each card in the various positions from the LWB. 
Here are my thoughts on the reading.
PROBLEM: The Golden Girl card states, “Deep down you feel inferior. You suffer from low self-esteem because you think someone either makes you appear plain and inadequate or that this is how you really are. Both suggest you get hung up on making comparisons (competition), something that can only make you lose in the long-term. As long as you try to increase your self-esteem by appearing attractive, you will remain a prisoner on the plane of self-portrayal — in essence, you don’t believe in yourself. You feel inferior.”
The root of Veronica’s condition is that she is dealing with self-esteem issues. She needs to ask herself why she is feeling inadequate in some area. This seems to be the root of many problem’s for individuals.
A connection with mind (girl with book) and heart (girl with hand across heart chakra) is suggested. One must not forget that migraines come from intense stress and other times from an actual health problem. But we are not asking a health related question.
WAY THROUGH THE PROBLEM: The Ailing King card states, “This hails the arrival of everyday life for your ego. Your days have the same grey and colourless tone. You go through a phase which demands resilience and adjustment.”
Veronica needs to change her approach to life. Did you notice the rain in the window?  This reflects Veronica’s state of mind. Obviously, rest is needed and self-love. She needs to take care of her health on various levels but also to have a healthier approach to life.
OUTCOME: The Battle card states, “You have discovered that an outside enemy is only ever a reflection of an inner persona and a part of yourself. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should not take up arms when need be: it’s up to you to decide whether or not to fight.
This suggests that Veronica needs to fight the problem issue which is all about self-worth. There is some inner work required to help her relax and find peace of mind.  Whatever is troubling her whether she is aware of it consciously or not is affecting her physically.
If you look closely at this card you will see that the two warriors mirror each other = internal battle. Is she overthinking something? In order to overcome this situation to some degree Veronica needs to address unresolved anger issues as well. 
Her opponent is the migraines and that is a very real situation. There is no smooth and easy solution so she needs to take the bull by the horn and do what is necessary to alleviate this physical experience.  

Asking the Art Deco fortune telling cards

I asked the Art Deco fortune-telling cards about career opportunities for a regular client. Most Sibilla style decks contain cards depicting every day situations, emotions and experiences. So, if you know one meaning for the same themed card you can transfer it to many other decks. 


I think a 5 position layout is good enough for this question. We have all the bases covered. You can lay the cards out whatever way you want. I chose to do a “t” version using 5 cards.

The Center card is the energy surrounding client & her question at this time.

INCONSTANCE: Keywords – undecided, irregular, fickle, changing


The uncertainty around the female’s questions is reflected in this card. The good thing is that situation is in a changing state which means she may find some meaningful work. The rest of the cards will expand on this energy.

In the image it looks like the male is trying to explain a situation or his point of view on a matter. The female seems undecided. He could be attempting to persuade her into attending a function and she doesn’t seem that enthusiastic about it.

Veronica could have some options or opportunities but is a little apprehensive in accepting them.

Inconstance is not part of the 36 Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy) deck.

The Left card is the influence which has just passed not too long ago.

MESSAGE: Keywords – announcement, invitation, results, telephone call

It looks like the female has already gotten some news in connection to work/career. There may have been an opportunity but this was not revealed to me. Maybe she wants to wait and see if anything will materialize out of this “message”. Sometimes your client won’t tell you why they are asking the question and sometimes they think they know an outcome already.  When a card reading confirms their own thoughts about their question then they have more optimism. As long as it’s something they really want to hear then it’s ok.

The Top card is what’s on Veronica’ mind or her attitude.

MISFORTUNE: Keywords – bad news, discomfort, obstacles, unlucky

I want to read this card to mean that Veronica is expecting the worst given her track record in the past has not been the greatest. I don’t feel she is thinking about some devastating news she just received. Sometimes when you get knocked down too many times in life you go into safe mode. You expect the worst but hope for the best. 

The Bottom card is the influence just coming in.

ARDENT DESIRE: Keywords – anxiety, longing, craving, wishful thinking

Looks like the female is longing for a good career to the point of having a love affair with the notion of being successful.  This type of wishful thinking if it is quite clear in intention can manifest. Most importantly there has to be some practicality to the thinking as well.

The Right card is the probable future or answer to her question.

PROFIT: Keywords – gain, advantage, increase, freebie

Career prospects look promising. This card of increase suggests there will be work/job. The subtle message of this card is “nothing ventured nothing gained”. It’s best she applies for jobs even if she thinks the “odds” are against her. The gamble will probably pay off.

➡ Profit is not part of the 36 Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy) deck.

You can purchase this lovely deck from Piatnik. 

4 card Elements layout featuring the De Laurence’s Tarot Cards No. 20D

Last night I was contacted by a long time client of mine, Veronica. (click name for archive of her past readings)

Elements Layout instructions

Elements Layout instructions

I decided to do the 4 cards Elements layout featuring the wonderful “red” De Laurence’s Tarot cards. Veronica wanted to know where she was at in her life. This type of question can suggest she might be stuck in her current life direction or in the midst of a major shift. Apparently there are some situations coming to a head over the next few months. I felt Veronica was feeling unsettled within herself.

The Elements layout: After you shuffle, place the first card (your thoughts) on the table, second card (your feelings) goes to the left and the third card ( plan of action) goes to the right. The final card (what can happen- result) is centered underneath cards 2 and 3 in line card card 1.

I have written about this layout quite a few times. If you click the category on the right side bar under 7b LAYOUTS there are lots of examples with many different decks of cards.

If you like or are open to the last card then you need to adopt the teachings of card 3. If you do not like the last card’s outcome, then you need to view card 3 in another way or look for solutions within the card. We create our reality. Our decisions pave the way to outcomes/results and things which can happen. Card readings reveal the highest probabilities but one must remember some things are definitely out of our control. At the time of shuffle (horary concept) we set up the reading much in the same way as an Astrological chart. 

The best way to demonstrate all of this is to go ahead with Veronica’s reading.

Seaqueen's Elements layout. De Laurence's Tarot cards No 20 D
What are Veronica’s current thoughts?  3 of Wands.

The image in this card really reflects what is going on in Veronica’s mind. With one hand she is holding on to some situations in her life as she faces outward towards the water. She could be turning her back on the way things are because there is a lack of adventure. It’s not very clear whether the ships are sailing away from the individual in the card. They could be coming to port. This card tells me not all her thoughts are totally in what is going on with her life currently. She is attached to some situations more for grounding than anything.

What is Veronica feeling? THE WORLD

She has come to a point in her life where many situations no longer serve her in a meaningful way. Often this is a card of travel. Maybe she just wants to take off. Veronica is feeling many endings in quite a few areas. This card is one of completion and is generally a very positive energy. Sometimes, you experience the wholeness of an emotion and there is no more room for growth. A new emotional experience is desired.

What actions should Veronica embark on or what can she do to get unstuck? TEMPERANCE

Balance is the key here. This card strongly suggests to do things in moderation. Impulsive or radical actions are not the best way. Many circumstances will come up that will teach her she needs to be flexible and not give up.

What can happen? What advice are the cards giving to Veronica in connection to her question? Page of Swords.

Veronica needs to remember that everything is not against her. She does not need to be defensive or resist changes which are probably occurring in her life direction.

It is obvious that the teachings of the Temperance card will not be totally implemented. If Veronica was grounded she would not still be wielding the intellectual sword in such a protective way.

So, where is she at?  Veronica definitely needs to change some things which no longer are in her highest good. It’s time to let go. She needs to remember that whatever she releases will be replaced with something new. Perhaps a new way of looking at her life direction. The 3 of Wands suggested that she is looking at other options or interests.

The key to this reading lies with the TEMPERANCE card. This card appeared in the plan of action of this layout. Veronica should take advantage of this energy. She needs to walk straight on the path she is on and more importantly she needs to come to terms with her insecurities as depicted in the Page of Swords.

I would recommend that she meditates or finds a creative outlet which brings back some joy into her life as she moves forward and embraces the changes coming…

Celtic Cross featuring Medieval Scapini Tarot

Celtic Cross featuring the Medieval Scapini Tarot created by Luigi Scapini. Published 1985 © U.S.Games systems, Inc. The nearly mint condition vintage 29 year old deck is shown in the images mainly for it’s magnificent art work and to demonstrate the topic of today’s post. You can purchase the Premiere Edition at —>publisher’s link.

The Reading below is a six month (predetermined time frame at time of shuffle) general forecast for Veronica. She usually gets a Reading every couple of years if there are no pressing matters. In the past, she had difficulty securing work. Those Reading can be found in the archives under Example readings – case study, Veronica.

Veronica is not asking any specific questions this time and is curious what she should know about the next six months or so. I chose the Medieval Scapini Tarot to explore what the cards have to say.

The image below is the complete Celtic cross. You will notice that I placed the Outcome card beside the Others position. I do that sometimes so I can get closer view. By doing this it does not change the Outcome at all. These cards are quite long measuring at 3″ x 5 1/4″.

Medieval Scapini Tarot

Image 1: Medieval Scapini Tarot

Before I continue I want to mention that you may lay out the positions differently than I do. Notice I did not select a Significator card. I used to use it for years and years but stopped. If I were doing this Reading in a private session I would remove the four Queens and ask the female to pick one. Then all the Queens went back into the pack and we would continue with the shuffle. If it was an older male I would remove the Kings. A lot depends on the maturity of the person and the intent of the Reading. Many times I would remove the Pages and Knights instead of the Queens and Kings.

Veronica chose Queen of Wands. This card did not appear in the layout but the Queen of Swords did in the Others spot. This tells me something right there…will get into that when I get to position 8 of the Celtic Cross.

Most Tarot practitioners place card 1 and card 2 the same way as seen in image 1. Card 2 is the crossing card (horizontal position). I turn it a bit when I study the layout (see image 2 below). By turning it this does not change the meaning because this card is read upright unless of course, you are including reversals then it is read in reverse provided it falls reversed.

Image 2: two of cups crossed by page of cups

Image 2: two of cups crossed by page of cups

The ENERGY around VERONICA on the day of shuffle: 2 of cups crossed by Page of Cups.

2 of Cups tells me she is thinking about a relationship or about some situation where emotional understanding is important. Often this is a friendship card. Maybe she is thinking of a close friend or loved one. The Page of Cups as the crossing card provides overall energy to the time frame of the Reading which is 6 months. In the image you can see that this Page is holding a feather. I like to read feathers as the ability to see the lighter side of situations. I think the crossing energy for Veronica is not a hindrance or obstacle. She will most likely be more care free over the next several months. If she gets “stuck” she should remember not to take things real serious. The Page of Cups also represents the beginning stages of an emotional situation maybe a loving friendship (2 of cups).

I read card 3 beneath card 1 as the root or foundation of the Reading. The Knight of Swords shows that Veronica has had a chip on her shoulder about something. The energy of this card is not so easy to deal with. She may have possessed a more defensive attitude. This is still carried over to card 4 situated to the left of card 1.  I read this position as energy which is on its way out of the consultant’s life. Here we find the 5 of Wands. The battle still continues. I have to wonder if this is not just an internal battle on whether she should take a chance on the 2 of cups…feelings for a friend.

Card 5 is above card 1. I read this in two different ways depending on my gut feelings at the time I am studying the cards. Mostly, I read it as a possible future. I study the Outcome card at the same time. The crowning card is a Major Arcana. The Temperance card’s meaning should be heeded. Balance is vital. The Outcome card is pretty good. The 3 of Cups is filled with promise of emotional success and gaiety. The other way to read the Temperance card is as a card of the distant future. It’s up to you how you read the crowning card. I never know how I will read this card until I study the layout.

Before Veronica lies card 6 the Knight of Pentacles. This situation is probably about 2 months down the road. I use approximately the same time frame as for card 4 the passing influence. Notice there are 2 Knights in the layout. To me, this suggests an argument or fight with someone. At the very least it is a confrontation of some sort. The Knight speaks of financial situations which are slow and steady. Veronica should not expect fast results in any situation involving money.

Card 7 represents Veronica. It’s where she’s at. Another major Arcana. The Chariot card tells me she is in much more control and focused than in past months. She is trying very hard to take ownership of her feelings. We have 2 major Arcana cards suggesting balance. Card 5 Temperance talks about doing things in moderation. Since it has appeared in the layout the energy of this card is at her disposal.

Card 8 the Others position. The card falling here can represent another person or it can tell us how others see her. The Queen of Swords is not supportive of any financial dealings as the butt of the Knight’s horse is facing her. I see this Queen as another female involved in Veronica’s life over the next 6 months. She could be connected to work or she could be a family member.  At first, I thought maybe other people see her as being hard-nosed with a stern approach to life but this didn’t feel right.

Card 9 is usually read as Fears and Hopes. Many times when a court card falls here I have seen it to represent an actual person who has something to do with the Outcome (3 of Cups). The King of Cups is a really nice man and he will be part of Veronica’s reason to celebrate and rejoice. This King is looking into the layout almost right at the 2 of Cups.

Card 10 is the most likely outcome of the Reading. We have a wonderful card. It looks like Veronica will be very happy. Look at all the beautiful symbols in the card below. Can’t ask for a much better outcome. I think that a romantic relationship is going to develop and she will overcome any hurdles put before her. The only thing she needs to get past is the Queen of Swords’ influence. This queen can be a downer but it is not her fault as she has had her share of hardships. I guess, in a way she is intellectually overprotective.  Veronica will work hard (Knight of Pentacles) to regain her happy state of mind which I feel she doesn’t have completely at this current time. She will succeed and the 3 of Cups is waiting for her – she will be emotionally blessed.

3 of Cups

Image 3: the 3 of Cups

Job question for Shustah cards

UPDATE:  SEPT 14, 2012.  Sad to say but Veronica was not called for an interview. She found out via an ex co-worker that there were other called in for interviews.  I hope she doesn’t take it too hard because she had her heart set on returning to her former office. 

I use the Shustah© deck quite often to ask questions. A regular client, Veronica was wondering if she would land a contract position for a job she once held a few years ago.

This lady has not been able to secure full-time employment but does get contract work.  Since I used the Shustah© cards  before in many of her readings with high accuracy results I decided to do a 3 card layout.


Position 1: The first card represents a reason the question is asked. 

YELLOW COINS. This card is all about financial increase. Veronica is not currently working and this contract position would help her out with a regular pay check even if it is only a 6 month contract position.

Position 2: The second card represents the situation. It is similar to the crossing card in the Tarot celtic cross. Here you will find cards which are positive or negative in nature. When the card is negative there is a challenge around the question/answer. If it is positive probabilities are good but the final card will determine the result.

BLUE STARS. The potential of her wishes being realized looks very promising. The first two cards are really in her favour for being offered this contract position.

Position 3: The last card represents the result, outcome or answer in relation to the question.

RED DEATH. I never like seeing this card as an answer or in any of the spots. The energy is quite powerful and being a red card it predicts major obstacles to achieving goals.  This card prevents the twinkling of the Stars (card 2) and minimizes or ends any possibility of increase depicted in Coins (card 1).

The last card is negative in this case and suggests some sort of ending. Coupled with the Stars card it will be an ending to her wishes.Veronica wants this contract real bad.  Most likely the contract will not be offered to her for some reason which is not revealed in these three cards.  She is qualified and got along with all the staff when she worked there several years back.


That’s the way the cards look for now. I have found over the years that when people ask specific questions there is always the element of surprise.  For example, Veronica could decline the offer for some reason.

Red Death is a card of termination.  Another way to look at this is the contract position could be given to an internal employee and pulled off the job posting completely.   It will be interesting to see what happens.

additional thoughts on 10 of Wands

Today, when I was scanning the cards from the last post which held the 10 of WANDS in position 8 something else came to my mind.

I saw our Veronica in place of the gent in the image.  I saw the 10 wands to mean Experiences & Skills.  After some more meditation on this card I felt strongly that Veronica was carrying all these Experiences & Skills she possessed thus far forward on the path to a brand new opportunity.


10 of WANDS

10 of WANDS



She is very qualified in specialized areas of work.  This card does not have to mean not seeing what is ahead of you because you are carrying your burdens in such a manner that they block your view of what is awaiting you down the road.  The red tunic covers Veronica.  Wands represent FIRE energy and the color RED is known to indicate ACTION. 

Veronica may not see the road ahead of her during her current situation but this card is in the OTHERS spot. I am identifying the town in the background to represent OTHERS.  This resonates with me much more than OTHERS presenting obstacles.  One of the reasons for this is the SUN card to the left suggesting an AFFIRMATIVE outcome within the next several months.

These additional thoughts were triggered just as I was planning to write a post on some Lenormand combinations using some of more challenging cards to merge.   I will continue with the Lenormand in an upcoming post.

Tarot Celtic

It’s time for another reading for Veronica, a regular contributor of  some of the posts involving her teeter totter cycle of maintaining a job.  This situation has become nearly mainstream for many people these days.

Her recent situation has put her out of a job, again.  Veronica is concerned about her future particularly in securing some work as she has made a large purchase which means she must meet her monthly payment or else…she could have this item repossessed.  Unfortunately, she did not think she needed additional insurance in the event her financial situation changes drastically, which it did without too much warning.

Below is the Tarot Celtic cross illustrating the Robin Wood deck to demonstrate this reading and it is used to display the magnificent artwork of Ms. Wood.  The image is quite small with the positions being labelled as well as the card names.

I will focus on the card combinations and how they apply to the positions rather than taking each position separately.

The question is:  will Veronica find another job before her next payment is due.  A great test for the cards as we can look back on this reading to determine  if the Tarot provided guidance in accordance with the actual outcome.  The date involved is Sept 30, 2009.


When I saw the 4 majors appear out of the 10 Tarot I felt Veronica was on the receiving end of much more than just losing her job.  These majors, HIGH PRIESTESS, SUN, JUDGEMENT and HERMIT hold very powerful energy as do most majors.  She  is lucky to have this energy in the reading no matter what challenging minors appear.

The HIGH PRIESTESS representing the situation depicts energy or information which is not revealed yet in this situation. She does not know everything which makes sense.  The crossing card 6 CUPS combined with the HIGH PRIESTESS tells me her luck will come from a past situation perhaps a former employee or previous set of skills she has overlooked.  As a crossing card this energy is favorable and suggests a profound clue that Veronica will find herself in familiar surroundings once again.

With the HERMIT as the outcome, individual of silent counsel and reminder of going within Veronica will without a doubt follow her own intuition in this process.  The HERMIT does not provide a yes or no answer but the SUN card in the 6th spot of COMING influences does.  In the immediate months the SUN card is a definite yes that some opportunity is heading her way.

As the SELF card, JUDGEMENT reveals a completion.  The end of a process with a renewal – a rebirth.  Veronica seems to be experiencing an awakening with a re-inventing happening within her.  She has learned a lot and will build on those aspects of herself.

The PASSING King of Swords clearly shows a situation in which there is no control over the circumstances.  The decision was made by those in authority and there is nothing she can do but experience what was.  It will pass.  In fact, this has toughened her up.

The TO UNFOLD position which crowns the layout reveal the 3 of PENTACLES. A work card.  It is different than the 8 of PENTACLES, the root of question, the base card.  The 8 shows the question is about working.  The 3 suggest an experienced person.  This means a job will come which she will know how to do or at least partly. The OTHERS spot (card 8) hold the 10 of WANDS,  a responsibility card.  Because the SUN and 3 of PENTACLES point to employment I am not going to read the 10 as a difficulty card even though it is associated with heaviness.  I feel this means a demanding work load.

In the HOPES and FEARS spot 9 we have the 9 of wands.  This card is one of strength despite the odds of securing a job.  It is both a fear and hope.  Veronica hopes she has enough energy to move forward even though there could be stiff competition.  She also fears opposition and because she is tired of fighting.

Finally, back to the HERMIT card.  What is he saying?  How is he answering the question?  What is his guidance?  This card is sometimes tough to interpret without saying the same old thing about looking back to what it took her to get to this point.  It doesn’t matter what it took her to lose her job.  That does not solve anything because she didn’t lose her job because she was a bad employee. It was cut backs.

The more I study the HERMIT I notice the lantern is shining in the direction of the 3 of PENTACLES. This is what Veronica should be looking back to.  Mastery of her own skills and abilities and the confidence which comes with that.

All in all, the reading is amazingly encouraging.

2 months later the answer comes.

The Sibilla della Zingara deck (Gypsy Oracle Cards)

Card 3- bottom.  The near future.  Wedding.

The image of a wedding taking place gives me the feeling of some type of cooperation coming up in relation to the question about getting a raise.  It could be a commitment for more money but in exchange there is a responsibility which is depicted by marriage.

The question asked is whether or not Veronica (a regular Ask my Cards client) will get a raise in pay. This card says it all.  Veronica got her raise but she was a tad disappointed.  Her workload has increased by about 30-50%.  The cooperation with responsibility depicted by the card WEDDING is really uncanny when related to getting a raise.  You wouldn’t think a money question could be answered by a card predominantly used in romantic questions.

Will Veronica get a raise? Reading done Jan 18/09

Will Veronica get a raise? Reading done Jan 18/09

For a background refresher to this reading follow the link —>HERE

Sibylle de la Bohemienne

The Sibilla della Zingara deck (Gypsy Oracle Cards) contains the LWB which has no meanings for the individual cards.  It is written that one is to study the images on the cards and the identification name to come up with some sort of reading.  The reader asks questions at the beginning to help clarify some of these cards so that the category can be ascertained.  Sounds easy enough.

I think when you read the cards in this manner your psychic muscles get a real work out.

In the image below is the layout from the LWB.  My writing doesn’t show up clear where I have identified the spots for the five cards. The question asked is whether or not Veronica (a regular Ask my Cards client) will get a raise in pay.

Will Veronica get a raise?

Will Veronica get a raise?

Card 1 – center.  The Present- Sorrow.

The woman in the image looks like she is weeping and definitely looks like she is in a giving up mood.  The feeling I get from this card is that Veronica is feeling very happy for some reason.  This could be her current state of mind. Something is really bothering her to the point of grief.  I can’t imagine she would be so upset about a raise and feel there is and underlying problem not connected to her question.

Card 2 -above.  The Past – Hope.

What a strange looking image of a blindfolded person.  The piece of cloth around the eyes is tied to the chain of some gadget which I am not even sure what it is.  I don’t get the feeling of any kind of hope with this card.  It gives me the feeling of desperation.  Since it falls in the past I would have to say Veronica has been feeling depressed about a lot of things in her life.  The name of the card might be suggesting she has hung on to a ray of hope in the midst of a binding situation.  Veronica could be chained to her job out of pure necessity.

Card 3- below.  The near future.  Wedding.

The image of a wedding taking place gives me the feeling of some type of cooperation coming up in relation to the question about getting a raise.  It could be a commitment for more money but in exchange there is a responsibility which is depicted by marriage.

Card 4- to the right of center.  The obstacles.  Scholar.

The scene in the card shows a man reading a large book.  In the background is a library.  When I look at this card I see that knowledge could be a hindrance.  The lack of education or training.  Maybe Veronica’s raise is based on her level of education as well.  When you have a degree, you get paid more even if you aren’t as smart as someone without a degree.  Unfortunately this is the way it is in many businesses and organizations.  In the obstacle spot, there is a clear warning of a some disadvantage.  It is not a negative answer as the near future card (wedding) if filled with promise.

Card 5- to the left of center.  Advice- Soldier.

One could read this card in a multitude of ways.  The image portrays a soldier who is either in a protective mode or ready to charge into action.  As an advice card, I think Veronica is well  prepared.  The reason I feel this is mainly because the Wedding card is in the near future.  Another way to look the Soldier card is for Veronica to take a stance if possible regarding the pay raise issue.

When Soldier is combined with Sorrow it suggests a defensive wall surrounding Veronica.  She is apprehensive about the results.  I’ll post the update to this reading when I find out the answer.

UPDATE:  FEB 28.09 –  No news yet.

UPDATE:  MARCH 09.09 – no news

UPDATE:  March 17.09 – the answer arrives — read this post.


Tarot trio layout

The eternal Tarot trio layout is one of the best to use when you want to zoom into aspects of a question. Our friend Veronica who seeks a consultation every once in awhile is wanting to know about the renewal of a work contract. Yes it’s that time again. So far, in her readings the accuracy of the various card systems used has proven to have a good track record.

There are different position associations and I will use the following for the purpose of this work related reading. I am using the Morgan Greer deck to illustrate this post and to display the magnificent artwork. I bought this deck when it first came out and damaged some of the cards when they were to close to a candle. My replacement deck does not feel as good quality-wise as the original cards.

1. Influences surrounding the question- THE MOON. It’s always a good idea to pay heed to Major Arcana cards which show up. There are higher powered energies involved in this question. The Moon asks us to address how we actually see the situation. Is our subconscious mind playing tricks on us?

Veronica should be aware that not all appears as she imagines. Perhaps she is fooling herself. The road between the towers in the image suggests she should pick an emotional direction which is more balanced.

Sometimes our fears get the better of us and suddenly we see or feel things which aren’t really there. But they feel so real to us that we begin to believe it is our reality.

2. Current process. This spot can reveal your fears or hopes- 4 of SWORDS. Veronica can’t do much about accelerating the answer. She will have to wait. During her horizontal position she has many thoughts going through her mind. The armor is protecting her vulnerability but it is also preventing from absorbing the visual clues which are at her place of employment.

The wolf from the Moon card is on the same side as the 4 of Swords suggesting some raw expectations which are fear based. Instead of worrying that the contract will not be renewed Veronica should focus on the reverse. The hanging swords are strategically placed & associated with the number 4- something solid.

Swords are thoughts and swords are also painful experiences. There is no evidence of movement or change in this card or in the current process. All seems very still.

3. Most likely suggested result- 8 of PENTACLES. This card is a good omen. It favors her contract will be renewed. The image clearly shows that there is more work to do because not all the pentacles are completed.

That’s a huge jump from a 4 to an 8. Both being even numbers is positive as well. The pivotal numbers 5 and 7 were skipped which means there might not be any forewarning to the decision made. Luckily for her she will be spared the struggles. The man in the card faces to the right- into the future with no other cards after him.

The Moon + 8 of Pentacles often depicts working late into the night. I don’t see this combo interpretation in this layout although I have seen it in others.

Veronica should stop thinking about her contract renewal. She should also avoid thinking negative and remain cautiously optimistic. The last card does not mean lack of working.


UPDATE- Dec 12.

Veronica has announced she will be getting a contract renewal. The 8 of Pentacles says it all.  The MOON hid the conditions of her contract which ended up being additional responsibilities which could very well over exhaust her (4 of Swords).




Mini Celtic using Gypsy Bijou Lenormand

.Gypsy Bijou Lenormand style cards.

.Mini Celtic Cross.

It’s time for a reading according to Veronica (regular posts on her work situations).  The question asked today is whether or not Veronica’s contractual position will be extended.  Veronica’s work history is based on renewals of her work positions and much depends on funding.

I decided to use a Mini Celtic cross to get a snapshot view of the energy surrounding Veronica in relation to her work question.  I didn’t think it was necessary to do a full 10 card Celtic cross reading because you can get a pretty good idea using the center cross of the larger layout.

It is not always necessary to do full board layouts using the Lenormand style cards & basic layouts work just as good.  The deck in the image has short meanings right on the card (in English) and it is a great deck for a person who is just learning Cartomancy.

Card 1 – The Heart 24

“All lovers will be happy when they see this heart.”

As the center card which describes what is on Veronica’s mind/question we can see that it would be something near and dear to her, ie. emotional attachment to her job.

Card 2 – The Bouquet 9

“A fine bouquet of flowers brings success and sunny hours.”

As the crossing card which gives an indication of the opportunities or hindrances in relation to Veronica’s question we can see ‘good’ energy surrounds the process.

Card 3 – The Bear 15

“The bear says ‘Think before speaking to the jealous if you would escape from them.”

As the foundation card, lying beneath #24 it is obvious that Veronica has some rivals in her work environment.  The Bear card is very powerful.  She is in a high profile role and under tremendous scrutiny due to the observations of her coworkers and authority figures. This is common when you work by contract. It seems she has to prove her worth every step of the way.  If she slacks off – her contract may not be renewed even if there is funding.

Card 4 – The Lady 29

“This lady, by her position, can command all the rest of the cards by a single gesture.”

As the passing card but still active, the Lady card represents Veronica.  Interestingly, the little phrase on the card is very true.  Veronica can make or break her chances of renewing the contract.  The responsibility is very much on her shoulders.  I get a good feeling so far about the reading.

Card 5 – The Rider 1

“Open the door quickly to this fine horseman who brings good news from abroad.”

As the potential future card, there is definitely some news coming Veronica’s way.  The Rider card is above #24 The Heart, they are touching which means it is also read as a combination.  This duo promises a pleasing result which will make her very happy.   So far, so good.  

Card 6 – The Ship 3

“A ship predicts riches, inheritance, a voyage”

As the immediate future card, and to the right of the Heart card 24, it is certainly a good sign.  The Ship card could mean travel but it is not within the scope of the job Veronica is doing.  It can be something else, too, that will generate some income for her.  

In relation to the original question the Ship #3 is a blessed influence which can only mean ‘yes’ to the contract being renewed.

With the Heart card – a romantic weekend, lover at a distance, fondness for travel.  Is Veronica going to meet someone through work?  There is a hint – the Bear card can represent a loving and protective man.

The Rider and Ship cards combined do indicate news coming from a distance.  There is more within this Mini Celtic cross than the answer to the work question.

When you analyze the crossing card (the Bouquet 9) with the final card, there is a hint of Veronica receiving a surprising answer which she did not anticipate.

All in all, the cards are favorable and there is every indication the contract will be renewed.

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Follow up on previous reading.

Below you will see part of a Tarot reading from the February 10/08  entry involving Veronica.  

This post is a follow up to  the original question, “will Veronica go back to her previous work environment?”.  I can do this today because I have received confirmation as to the unfolding of this reading.  It is now approaching 3 months since this Tarot reading was done.  Today’s analysis of this reading is done in yellow. —————–> (more…)

Shustah reading

I wanted to post this very, very interesting 3 card Pages of Shustah© reading that I did this morning. It seems to me many people have their jobs on their mind or are wanting a change.

Veronica is still waiting for an answer. And I think the clarification card, RED -Little Foxes was most likely the key to that entire trio. “The real question is whether or not Veronica is really in a position whereby she would be considered for this employment opportunity despite her previous experience. I also get the feeling that this situation has “a curve ball” which I suspect is fast approaching perhaps within the week. For the most part the cards’ energies are good”. With that situation there is still a lot of red tape.

I got a call from a Sandie asking if she will land the job that she was being interviewed for before lunch time. She said it felt like the interviewing process went well.

I asked the cards on her behalf and studied them for quite some time. I had no RED cards which was a good sign, that would have been a red flag right off the bat.

I meditated prior to drawing each of the 3 cards, focusing on her question, “will I get the job?”. The colors were good.

GREEN- journey. BLACK – Gemini. BLUE- Child and the Puppy

My analysis of these cards shows much indecision which is confirmed by #3 Gemini. The Child and the Puppy gave me a feeling that she might have bitten off more than she could chew. In other words, maybe she did not have enough experience to land this job. #8 journey pointed to some travel or least progress which would have been the travel to another city for a second interview.

As it turned out, she did not get the position which we found out close to supper time. She was to get a telephone call at 4:30 with the answer if a second interview was in order. I suggested she call them, so that she did not worry or fantasize about this “dream” job over the weekend.

Sandie was very disappointed. The reason she did not get the job was because the “boots” the little girl is wearing she could not fill. Those “boots” symbolized the education degree that was mandatory for that job. Despite all the good references she had & exceptional experience, the interviewer’s hands were tied. He had to follow company policy.

Phooey, Phooey, on them, they broke the little girls heart and yes I bet she went home and cuddled her dog. 🙂

I went ahead and asked the Tarot cards and the probable outcome was 9 of Swords and the outcome was 9 of Cups. Basically, complete opposites. I was almost certain her wishes would come true regarding this job opportunity. I told Sandie not to give up because the materialization of the “wish card” will still happen but at a later time. Right now she is experiencing the 9 of Swords. The other cards in the Celtic cross supported the 9 of Cups, more so than the 9 of Swords…..and that is a topic for a whole other post.


Tarot of the New Vision guidance

I tend to ask the same question (previous post) using several decks that are non related in system. I find it very interesting to compare the readings after a certain time has lapsed. My main curiosity is in the manifestation process and which deck provides the most accurate interpretation.

The interpretation is lengthy but it is done to demonstrate what goes through my mind when reading these cards. I am using the Tarot of the New Vision in the traditional Celtic cross layout. This deck gives a different artistic slant to the cards and induces other feelings when using just the imagery. ( & keeping the core meanings in mind). I have shown two separate images below, the center cross and the staff.

Also, I reverse 3 cards while I shuffle. In this layout position 8 holds the Reversal energy of the 7 of Wands.tarotfeb10a.jpg

card 1. 2 Pentacles- duality in a financial situation. As a situation card it would suggest a choice between working at 2 jobs, or between 2 jobs. Veronica is currently working for a company but is creatively stifled. In the image you can see the sheep grazing in the background, with a bird of prey looming close by in the sky.

card 2. 8 Pentacles- learning of new skills. As the challenge or opportunity card I see this definitely as a positive influence in relation to the original question of returning to a previous work environment. The cards gives me a feeling of creative expansion through honing skills. It shows what is possible to achieve once you learn how to use the tools of the trade. The nearly finished sculpture in the background is proof of that.

card 3. – 7 Cups- emotional confusion. As the basis or foundation of this reading the 7 of cups suggests Veronica is letting her imagination get the better of her. She is dreaming of all the possibilities before her, however her emotions are scattered into various directions. Actually she is overwhelmed by the questions in her mind. The two females in the image are hoping or are in an apprehensive state – this can symbolize the process Veronica is going through.

card 4. – Knight of Pentacles. What has just happened and is still in the activation state. There is a work or money related opportunity at the beginning stages. The ox in the image symbolizes a slow but persistent energy. Things are moving but not quickly. The knight on the horse is staring at the pentacle in his right hand and is dressed in full armor ready for a financial fight. He is in a “pause” stage while reviewing his plans. He is not about to rush into anything…………….. (more…)

Pages of Shustah(c) guidance

If you have been reading some of the Pages of Shustah© posts you might remember Veronica.

A situation has come up for her that could involve her returning to a job she held last year (the position which was not renewed by contract). Her question today is whether or not another opportunity would come up in the comings months regarding this job. The reason she is asking is because she had heard through the “grapevine” about a potential vacancy.

shustah10.jpgI asked the Pages of Shustah©

“will Veronica go back to her previous work environment?”

(the image is used to illustrate the Shustah© in this reading)

JOURNEY. Green 8- Situation around the question.

HOLY PIGS. Yellow 5- The current influences around the question.

SPINNING TOP. Yellow 9- The outcome or answer to the question.

LITTLE FOXES. Red 2- The unknown factor ( I like to pull a 4th card to reveal additional information that is either a challenge or blessing)

JOURNEY -green colored cards indicate progress or free moving energy. The Journey card suggests that there is a goal or objective in this situation with a destination. The road in the image is not straight and indicates the potential of moving through the overpass. This card is filled with promise because there are no evident blockages.

HOLY PIGS – The energy surround the current influences is powerful. This is a card of good luck as stated in the accompanying book. It will require a nurturing process and suggests that Veronica’s desire to return to the former job will fulfill an emotional need she has. It is also a matter of financial survival. The energy of this card is within certain boundaries depicted by the fence in the background of the image.

SPINNING TOP – The answer to the question is another yellow card – suggesting gain and awareness. There is an element of a big surprise coming. Coupled with the HOLY PIGS, the surprise points to complete abundance and a high probability that Veronica will return to this former work environment.

But perhaps not in the way she is anticipating or in the job that she has gotten word of through the grapevine. The Spinning Top is a card that also can reveal information that might be in Veronica’s best interest but I get the feeling it would benefit others in the process as well….. maybe the person who relayed this news to her.

Although the Spinning Top card is generally positive energy, there is the element of a “twist” of fate within this card. It is not known if the little clown in the picture is full of mischief.

➡ Read Rev. Foor’s Insights on the LITTLE FOXES – I chose a 4th card as clarification to the Spinning Top- the answer card, because I wanted to see if this surprise will continue the positive energy of the HOLY PIGS card. When I saw the red card I had mixed feelings.

Red cards in the Shustah© deck usually point to disappointments of one kind or another, delays or challenges. This is not always negative because without adversity we do not recognize accomplishments.

The Little Foxes suggest interference. There is a strong message contained within this card for Veronica to look at her own objectives as to why she would want to return to the former work environment. I also get the feeling that she may have been misinformed and that the person giving her the inside scoop of this potential opportunity has motives or goals of her own. It boils down to “what is in it for me”. Unfortunately, some people do not help others without strings. And in many cases where this is so – both parties benefit in the end.

UPDATE:FEB 17- Veronica got information that a decision is in the infancy stage. The person that originally gave her the lead on this opportunity could not divulge any further information due to the delicate nature of “office politics”. She was advised not to give up and to be patient….. more on this as it develops. Is it the LITTLE FOXES keeping secrets?

In my overall summary of the cards, I expressed to Veronica that there is more information that she will receive regarding this “past” work environment. Something has not been factored, and there is an obvious element that will come to light very shortly.

The Little Foxes combined with the Spinning Top produces a word of Caution. Red and Yellow = orange= caution.

The real question is whether or not Veronica is really in a position whereby she would be considered for this employment opportunity despite her previous experience. I also get the feeling that this situation has “a curve ball” which I suspect is fast approaching perhaps within the week. For the most part the cards’ energies are good.

Big Wish as outcome (updated Dec 20)

VERONICA from a former post in October has decided to apply for another job.I did not meet in person with her but I did draw three cards from the Pages of Shustah©.Her question was simple, “will I get the job at xyz company?” The interview is on Thursday Dec. 20th.When I saw the last card in the Shustah© trio I recalled the last time this card made it’s appearance. If you click on the word VERONICA in the first sentence the link will take you to the previous reading.


Position 1 -generally represents the situation around the person asking the question.RED 11. The Spying Page.

This card is perfect for the way Veronica is feeling lately. Her confidence is not at 100% capacity due to setbacks in both in job & personal life. She is not happy that her other contract position was so short-lived. In the image you can see the Page sitting on a log waiting for some action. The Page looks ready to leap at a seconds notice. You can sense that this Page is listening and observing. In the background is a thick bush which could conceal an onlooker.

Position 2 – will describe the issue or question at hand. Sometimes the middle card is the view of others who are involved in the question or in the person’s life at the time the question is asked. More times than not the center cards expands on the first one, which leads to the third one- the outcome.

GREEN (green is productive & increasing energy) 14. Lord of Contemplation. When I meditate on this lord I see the peacock headdress that surrounds him to be filled with feathers. Often resembling a goat’s face (mentioned in other posts) today I do not see that as clearly. What my eyes are drawn to is his nose. Flat and wide as it is but it reminds me of a pig instead, ha-ha.Veronica is thinking about this pending interview and is totally focused on money. The right foot of the lord is firmly set on top of a large coin. The wands he holds in his left hand looks like a golf club today. Different symbols are stronger in the image of the card than usual. I get the feeling of a person being disenchanted or experiencing loss of interest. The feeling of ho-hum. This card is suppose to be about reflection and meditation. Both the Red 11 and Green 14 are in a position of “stand by”. Perhaps Veronica feels like that too.

Position 3– the outcome, result or conclusion. The most likely answer.

BLUE 9. The Big Wish. Fabulous card. The answer is yes and it points to the fulfillment of a large desire. All of Veronica’s waiting and thinking could very well end up with her jumping up & down with joy. Getting off the log- so to speak. Veronica had the Big Wish the last time I asked the Shustah© card a question for her.

Her wish came true in that other reading but not in the way she expected – it was even better than imagined. I’ll post the result of this reading when I get word from Veronica.

..looks like there may be a formating bug..which is why the entries are corrected & reposted….

[UPDATE: DEC 20th – Sure enough the Pages of Shustah© were right on again -awesome news for Veronica. She begins her new job the 1st week of January 2008. As an afterthought, the Lord of Contemplation may be hinting that Veronica could be bored at this new position … time will tell]


Ditto! on Shustah(c) & standard Playing cards



Red 1 Death……………………….Blue 9 Big Wish

.I got a telephone call from Veronica today. She was very excited to tell me that she has received another opportunity despite the fact her contract was not renewed by the organization. I mentioned to her that it sure didn’t look promising but I never got a complete No or really negative cards in relation to her question. And she agreed that she was too quick to judge the reading and it was just a matter of time for the promise of potentialities to materialize.

It is not even 1 week since the cut off time for Veronica to find out about the contract renewal or other opportunities. As I read my own interpretation from the original 3 cards, this is what I said on Oct 21st,

“As I study Red 1 and Blue 9 my intuition tells me that a wish will come true but not in the way that is expected. I don’t get an overall positive feeling for the outcome. Anytime the wish card in Tarot 9 of cups is surrounded by negative cards it points to the unlikelihood of direct manifestation. The fact that the Big Wish is the last card tells me that something will develop, perhaps another opportunity for Veronica that stems from her original contact with that organization but maybe not within the organization. It could be the “drop of a name” reference or referral.”

Veronica was referred to another organization that could utilize her skills. The lead came from a female that was connected to the original job. This came up plain as day in the 6 card standard playing card reading. It is shown below.


see previous POST

.The Queen of Diamonds was the pivot or hinge card in the 6 card layout. This is precisely what happened.

I said, “The Queen of Diamonds is looking at the 6 of clubs. The responsibility of employment is in the hands of the Queen. This can develop in many ways. If it is Veronica’s card- then it is up to her to seize another opportunity. If it is a female manager- it could point to the discussion about an extension or something entirely different but within the same organization. If the Queen represents another co-worker there could be a situation come up that will enable this extension of the contract but not in the way that is obvious at the moment.”

“The responsibility of employment is in the hands of the Queen.” The Queen was the lady who made the referral & the Queen was Veronica because she had to accept the new position. Ditto!


more on Shustah(c) Death + Wish


Pages of Shustah(c) Red 1 Death & Blue 9 Big Wish

.These 2 cards came up in a previous post using a 3-card-layout. Here we have a NO and a YES side by side. This duo suggests the death of a wish. Even though the Blue 9 is the last card suggesting the fulfillment of something near and dear to the person involved in the reading it does not mean it will be attained in the way that had been hoped for. The Red 1 card put a stop to that. On the bright side of the interpretation, out of the death or ending comes a new opportunity or beginning which can lead to the manifestation of “a wish” coming true.

In our example from the previous post Veronica wondered if another opportunity would come to her from that organization if her contract was not renewed (and it was not). It sure does not look like it or she would have been told yesterday. When you look at the red card it seems as though the grim reaper is getting ready to chop up all those hearts in the blue card. And perhaps her wishes were born out of nothing- something that could never be.

Health question

I recently had a close friend of mine request of me to ask on his behalf the following question, “ask the cards if you will if my anything in my neck and/or cerebral blood supply is causing this condition….thanks

Initially I did not want to ask the cards a health question because I am not a medical professional. I explained my feelings and because he has already gone to a doctor and had tests which showed nothing is organically wrong, but his symptoms still continued- I agreed.

Below are the 6 cards from the Fortune tellers deck by Jane Lyle that I drew, using the Regina Russell 6 card layout. In Regina’s book Card Readers Handbook she has a section called Health Rulership of the Cards (c).

All the cards are black and 5/6 are spades. Not exactly a positive reading at first glance.

johnquestion.jpg (more…)

6 card layout results

corusquestion.jpgQuestion from previous post. Will Veronica’s contract be renewed?

The results came and the contract was not renewed. Apparently the strength of the 5 spades (separation) influenced the outcome. Even though the Queen Diamonds was the “pivot” card – this card represented Veronica being estranged from the King of Diamonds (the man in control of the financial decision).

The 6 of clubs is the finale card and it is very subtle in it’s message – “The Queen of Diamonds is looking at the 6 of clubs. The responsibility of employment is in the hands of the Queen.”

Asking Pages of Shustah(c)…

Today I decided to ask the Shustah(c) cards a question connected to the post using the standard playing cards.

I find that Rev Ken Foor author of the DAILY READING & MEDITATION blog writes his interpretation of the Shustah(c) cards with a Spiritual approach. He taps into the intuitive side of these cards which I find helpful.

Additional information can be found at The Art of Cartomancy which is written by Kapherus.

My question was, “will another opportunity come from the organization” if the contract is not renewed?”


Black 12 Pisces, Red 1 Death, Blue 9 Big Wish

.Position 1– describes the basis, foundation or reason for asking the question.

Here we have Black 12 Pisces– This card could represent Veronica (her sun sign is Pisces). Some of the Astrological characteristics of Pisces are sensitivity, perception with a going with the flow attitude. Pisces is a complex sun sign because of the opposing energies within. For a Pisces to find equilibrium requires great strength of focus. How does this card fit into the 3 card reading? Maybe Veronica is wanting one direction in her work or career objectives but feeling something entirely different. I am not quite sure.

.Position 2 – describes the situation, issue or question. This spot is a little different in meaning than position 1 because it will give more detail on the nature of the energies involved in the card that falls here.

The 2nd card is Red 1 Death. I know that this card is about endings and completions. In regards to the question, Red 1 suggests that a natural conclusion has occurred. It is hinting at the fact that the contract will not be renewed in the capacity that was originally asked by the standard playing cards in the previous post. (link above) A new energy is emerging, a new beginning or new approach. We all know that the death of something means a transformation and another level of development is pending.

.Position 3– describes the potential outcome, advice or probable future.

The Blue 9 Big Wish is a very promising card to have in this position. It seems as though Red 1 and Blue 9 are complete opposites in energy but I think that because of the suggested meanings of the Death card – the big wish has a good chance of materializing. The question was about other opportunities which will stem from the job that has just run it’s course. Within this card is a “yes” message.

After reviewing the post written by Kapherus on Blue 9 and he mentions that if unfavorable cards are nearby, which Red 1 is to some degree, that consideration is necessary to clearly define what is really wished for. I know that sometimes what we wish for does come true and it is not always a good thing. If our intention comes from a fear we can get exactly what we don’t want or in this case, the opportunity might not be in Veronica’s best interest.

As I study Red 1 and Blue 9 my intuition tells me that a wish will come true but not in the way that is expected. I don’t get an overall positive feeling for the outcome. Anytime the wish card in Tarot 9 of cups is surrounded by negative cards it points to the unlikelihood of direct manifestation. The fact that the Big Wish is the last card tells me that something will develop, perhaps another opportunity for Veronica that stems from her original contact with that organization but maybe not within the organization. It could be the “drop of a name” reference or referral.

I will find out the results next week and then I will go back and study both the Shustah(c) reading and the playing cards.

[As always the Shustah(c) cards are illustrated for the purpose of experimental delineation & study]

Example of 6 card Reading

This reading was done using Regina Russell‘s 6 card layout that is included in her book called the ” Card Readers Handbook“. The summary of the reading below is using Regina’s card meanings to illustrate the delineation process of the layout as well as some additional insights I have.

The entire deck of 52 standard playing cards is shuffled and 6 cards are selected to answer a specific question. I have had great success with this layout over the past several decades. The odd time the question wasn’t answered but those were rare occasions. And that could have been because the question was not specific or direct.

In the image below you will see the cards involved. I will briefly describe the meanings of the cards in the positions.

The answer to this question will be revealed on Friday or Monday.


Question: Will Veronica’s contract be extended?

.The first two cards- Ace of Diamonds & 4 of Hearts describe the recent/ past or the basis of the question.

.The second two cards- King of Diamond & 6 of Clubs describe the future outcome or result of the question.

.The third two cards- 5 of Spades & Queen of Diamonds describe the present or current process leading to the result of the question. The spot is basically the now spot.

.The Queen of Diamonds in the bottom right hand corner of the spread is the trigger or the “pivot card for the spread”.

Recent/past-The Ace suggests a new beginning and new people. An invitation was offered to Veronica for short term contract with an organization. She accepted.

The 4 of Hearts points to a mutual agreement which occurred from this invitation. A type of partnership was formed, mainly employee-employer partnership. This card’s meaning is marriage also but we are not asking a romantic type of question

Present or Current- The 5 of spades is a card suggesting loss of opportunity. The core meaning of this card is the ending of something. Within this card lies the meaning of having to basically fend for yourself.

The Queen of Diamonds would represent Veronica. It could also depict another fair haired female that could be involved in the final decision about the contract OR it is quite possible the contract will be extended because of a lighter haired female’s activities and not necessarily the person who would help out to secure the contract. Sometimes position become available through synchronicity- being at the right place at the right time.

Because the Queen of Diamonds is the card to really study before coming to any conclusions regarding the outcome of the question- it does shed a ray of hope because it is generally a positive card. But because the 5 of spades is so close it would influence the positive energy to a some degree.

Future outcome/result- The King of Diamonds is a male surrounded by financial power or who is in a position of strength. This could be a manager or the person responsible for agreeing to continue this contract. After all, it will cost the organization money to pay Veronica’s wages.

The 6 of Clubs indicates that someone (King of Diamonds) will want to talk to her. This card also means “to provide a service”. The 6 also means electronics to some degree such as radio, stereo systems and even sports. The core meaning of the 6 of clubs to take take things into your own hands.

The answer to the question is not totally negative….

There is only 1 spade and it touches both the King and the Queen. The court cards are from the same suit – indicating some sort of relationship between these two people. The 5 of spades is between the 2 court cards and that strongly suggests a separation- a parting of ways.

The Queen of Diamonds is looking at the 6 of clubs. The responsibility of employment is in the hands of the Queen. This can develop in many ways. If it is Veronica’s card- then it is up to her to seize another opportunity. If it is a female manager- it could point to the discussion about an extension or something entirely different but within the same organization. If the Queen represents another co-worker there could be a situation come up that will enable this extension of the contract but not in the way that is obvious at the moment.

It looks like the reading is leaning towards a yes however there are 2 strong cards suggesting a no, the 5 of spades & the 6 of clubs. I have always read the 6 as a card that points to “it’s up to you”.

[Another very interesting thing is that the organization has a great deal to do with providing a service related to “radio” – 6 of clubs] The answer to this question will be revealed either Friday or Monday.


Simple Layout – Simple Question. Trigger Layout.

Question? Will R. ask Veronica out on a date within the next week or so.

Vertical Row #1-Cards 1,5,8 describe the recent past-the last few days or the recent circumstance around your question.

Dog 18 Clover 2 Child 13– Veronica experienced a brief connection with someone new (R) and that is the reason she is asking the question. Dog & Clover can suggest a fleeting or passing opportunity.

Vertical Row #2-Cards 2, YOU, 9 describe the now-what is going on with you -your thoughts and feelings.

Bear 15 YOU-Veronica 29 Fox 14– Veronica is overprotective of her feelings (bear) and is suspicious, not in a trusting mood (fox) right now.

Vertical Row #3-Cards 3,6,10 describe the immediate future, a day or so. These cards will tell you what to anticipate.

Cross 36 Ship 3 Key 33– The cross is not always a welcome card. When it is beside the ship (movement, travel) it prevents or delays. The key card shows a definite answer to her question. If he doesn’t call and ask her out for a date-that is her answer.

Vertical Row #4-Cards 4,8,11 describe soon, less than a week. It’ll give you an answer to your question.

[note:  correction Vertical Row #4 should read 4, 7, 11]

Bouquet 9 Broken Mirror 8 Tree 5- The broken mirror basically says it all. She can expect a disappointment whether R. asks her out or not. The bouquet is a pleasing card usually, indicating a fondness but next to the broken mirror (coffin card in most Lenormand decks) there will be an ending to the potential of anything growing (tree) or branching any further.

*The middle horizontal Row- Trigger cards*

Clover 2 Veronica 29 Ship 3 Broken Mirror 8 – The trigger line suggests she had short encounter in the past, and there is distance between them which eventually will lead to a dead end. The distance is because they are not an item yet.
Keeping the meanings nice and simple can still give you a general feeling of the outcome. There are many combinations in this layout as well that can be considered. I think Veronica would be setting herself up for an emotional fall (cross & broken mirror). She is overly affectionate (dog & bear) or too needy for attention. She wants someone to protect her (child & fox). And that is precisely why she attracts males that end up exploiting her (fox & tree) life force- sucking her energy. Sometimes the ship card can indicate the desire of getting away or thinking about escapism. The crosss & ship suggest anguish- a yearning heart. Another test(cross) for her to work through and figure out (key). The broken mirror can also suggest a shattered self- image or the inability to see the totality of the entire situation around her question. A distortion- leading to a distorted desire for an answer.


Layout using Gypsy Bijou fortune telling cards.

The French Cartomancy Deck

This is one of my favorite Lenormand decks. (Publisher-Lo Scarebeo, by Laura Tuan) It is simple, gently decorated and has a picture of the standard playing deck in the background ranging from sixes to the Aces (36 cards in total), well at least the deck I have right now.

Check it out -Veronica is selling this deck on (