Rainring study series has been resumed

The Rainring study series is now available at the Centre for Creative Cartomancy blog. The next two cards in the series are #51 Vision and #52 Need. Two lessons will be uploaded every couple of weeks. This gives you ample time to study the cards. Do set aside 10-15 minutes to read the lessons. If you have a deck pull out the corresponding card and look at it as you read the lessons. Keeping some sort of record of your own personal insights on the cards will definitely help you with your studies.

It’s not too late to begin this series because all the lessons are available at CCC blog. You could also go to the Rainring page under the header of this blog and choose which lesson you want to read. All the links are there. Decks can be purchased from Peter ➡ Rainring

Edit: Sorry folks I stated #51 Visitation but it should have been Vision which is corrected.

Line of 5. Hungarian Gypsy cards. Read blog to the end …. Rainring

I have a pending event in the process of be scheduled later this month. This requires pre-registration by those individuals who wish to attend a workshop I intend to teach.

I did not advertise much for this workshop except a small blurb on the store owner’s website page. In order for this event to occur I need a certain amount of people to cover the cost of renting a facility for several hours. I asked the cards to tell me the circumstances around the manifestation of securing enough interest to teach the workshop. I suppose I could pay up front and hope for the best but the idea of attracting individuals through mental telepathy is a bit off the wall. 🙂


I used the Hungarian trimmed gypsy cards which I have in my purse at all times. They don’t take up much room since I cut off all the writing and rounded the corners. You just never know when a person wants a reading. 🙂

Ok, let’s begin with the LOVE card in the middle of the layout. This card represents my love of teaching what I love. The first two cards (JOURNEY+ ANGER) show there is interest but it also shows a conflict (ANGER).  Maybe the timing is too close after the Christmas holidays. Some people experience seasonal depression around this time of year as well. I’ve had five people interested and two of them just bailed out because of some birthday party that was planned on the same day. The other two showed interest and may still be interested. One person is sitting on the fence because she just feels insecure about learning something new. 

I think this is a perfect time of year to learn a new craft or skill.  The BABY card tells me it is a little premature to make judgements as to why or why not people aren’t waiting in line beating the door down, ha-ha. Also, it is something new being taught that might intimidate people. The HOUSE card is one of security. Cupid is shooting the arrow over the baby to the house. I heard the message, “Stick to your intention.” I don’t see too many people in the cards suggesting a few may commit. I do have a back up workshop as plan B in case plan A is a bit more advanced than people care to study. It’s all about timing, networking and a little bit of luck.

I do not teach as Seaqueen but in actuality it is Seaqueen that teaches. 🙂

Will update post. 

BTW: The Rainring study series is in the process of resuming…….

I will announce the date on Twitter (follow me —>https://twitter.com/seaqueen ) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MadameSeaqueen ).

The Rainring cards. Featuring the 9 card Octagon spread

The summaries of the meanings for all the Rainring cards are on the downloadable pdf accessible via the ➡ Rainring wordpress blog. So far we have studied cards 1 – 21. These cards and their write ups are featured at my ➡ C C C blog. Please note that in the pdf link the cards are organized in groups and the cards are in numerical order within those groups. 

I debated whether to use the Waite, Eden Gray, Pitisci or my own version of the Celtic Cross. After pondering on this for several days I decided to use one of the layouts found on the Rainring website ➡ Octagon spread. If you click the name link or image below you will find more detailed information on this layout such as the connection to the chakras.



Rainring series continues. Card 5

In the introductory post to the Rainring series I stated that four cards per month would be available for study. At the time, it was thought that two cards every fortnight would be suitable, however, I think it is best one card per week. This gives those the opportunity to set aside a few minutes each week to read about the card, think about the story and study the meaning. 

The next card is The Seer. I have included some of my thoughts about this card as well.  ➡ Rainring cards series


introducing Rainring Card #2 – The Matriarch

Today’s post features the Matriarch. The Rainring ® cards can be found beneath the Header labeled RAINRING SERIES for future articles.

Rainring website ➡ RAINRING

Rainring blog ➡ BLOG

Please read the article below to understand the flow of the story of the Rainring® . As mentioned in the first post having some background into the birthing process is both interesting and beneficial.

As an advice card for a daily draw: First of all, think about whether you are the observer (unknown he) of the scene in the card or the woman tending to the child. I employ this perspective to reading any image. In the article it states your emotional needs are not met – it’s a challenge. I thought about this for a while before continuing with this part of the post. If it’s a challenge then by practicing patience (art of active waiting) it can be done.

If you drew this card today, it could be telling you to observe what’s going on around you. Who needs who? Who needs what?

Take care of what you need to take care of and if the going gets tough just keep on walking. Of course, there are many more messages within this card.  What feelings do you get?


introducing Rainring Card #1 Flow-Singer

The first two posts introducing the Rainring ® cards will be on the main part of my blog. I have created a special page beneath the Header labeled RAINRING SERIES for future articles. I will write a short blurb to let you know the next set of cards is ready for your viewing. Peter Ryley, will submit articles every couple of weeks. As things stand there will be four cards a month available to study. There will be special months featuring 6-8 cards as well.  I hope you enjoy this journey into the Rainring®. I am looking forward to it and will share some of my insights as well. Comments and feedback welcome.

When you decide that you would like to purchase the cards please visit the links below for additional information.

Rainring website ➡ RAINRING

Rainring blog ➡ BLOG

The first card in the RAINRING® series is FLOW-SINGER. If you click on the image you can save it. Let me know in the comments (or FB) if there are any issues.

Please read the article below beginning to end. It is important to understand the story of Rainring® . You don’t have to memorize it 🙂 but as with all systems it is helpful to know the birthing process.

As an advice card for a daily draw Flow-Singer is tapping into your aura. She reminds you that you are more centered than you think you are. No matter what situation crosses your path you will be able to deal with things from a more balanced perspective. What stories are you creating in your life today? 

Rainring course lessons beginning soon

Hello everyone,

A new series of tutorial posts will begin next week featuring the Rainring cards. Each lesson format is written by the creator of the deck, Mr. Peter Ryley. If you are not familiar with this system please watch the explanatory vid below. 


Peter will be my guest blogger. Who better to learn from than the person who had this concept in the first place. I will add a short blurb at the beginning of each lesson. This is a wonderful learning opportunity. 


RAINRING Ask my Cards BLOG CATEGORY  ➡  here

Of course, I will continue writing other interesting posts which feature various layouts, card systems and my own out of the box views on topics. 

Advertisements following this post are not in my control.

….and then there’s the Rainring cards system. An adventure into your mind.

Please listen to Peter Ryley’s short vid below. He is the talented creator of the Rainring Cards system.  ➡ Link to a list of 2007 posts including readings on the Rainring cards- CLICK HERE

“……how can we take unconscious elements of a situation into account when, by definition, we do not know about them? The answer is that we must employ a device which enables us to tap into the unconscious.A skilled practitioner will require no more than a bag of bones, a heap of tea leaves (or indeed a freshly-eviscerated goat) to do this. However, for those of us without this particular expertise, things are made easier by the existence of systematic decoders, of which the two best known are the I Ching from ancient China, and the Tarot from mediaeval Europe. Rainring is intended to fulfil a similar function. “ P. Ryley.

The article below is written by Peter Ryley.




Take a look at Rainring

I recently read an excellent entry at 94stranger’s blog called Rainring: post-Tarot psychological cards. The entire system is available for your review at the Rainring cards website.

94stranger has a post called, “Ana Luisa on the Rainring cards’ images“. I enjoyed reading Ana’s insights on the cards and want to share this experience with you. Her perception is very helpful in the process of understanding the individual cards. Truly an amazing deck of cards for the person who is serious about peeling off the external layers of oneself.

If you visit the Rainring site and register you can play with the cards and get a feel for yourself. Give them a try….

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Visiting Rainring again(the reading)

question: Will H get the new position ( promotion) she is considering applying for? AND What would be H’s experience in this new position?

Rainring cards website

5 card layout.



[please click on the link to view the card & the descriptions are Rainring© used to illustrate this reading]

31 hero +2

the man of action; in touch with his own body and the physical world; fortitude, strength, tenacity

A hunter or aboriginal kneels by 2 dead animals, a lion & antelope. In the background there are 3 kangaroos heading to the right of the card. The male has a knife in his right hand and a staff in his left with a lizard twisted around the top.. He is adorned with war paint.

Seaqueen’s perception: The basis of the question is the ability to master the laws of the jungle. These laws pertain to the “rules” at play when a person applies for another job or position (even a promotion). It is not always the strongest that survive as you can see in the image – the lion who is the king of the jungle has been defeated by another animal, one with weapons (skills) and the ability to think. I see the man with the war paint as the victor in this image. The war paint is a symbolism of that part of the personality that we tap into to get what we want or think we deserve.The question is about using weapons (skills) to win, to be the hero. The kangaroos involve travel.

[additional information – After reviewing the Hero card, I think that it could be a bull, perhaps even a ram. I thought it was an antelope, a weaker animal. I still resonate with the antelope because even though the horns do not match it is indicative of the curling up of power against something that is more powerful, ie. the lion and in turn the aboriginal man.If it is a dead bull….. then we have 2 powers negated. Bulls and lions are not likely to have a show down in the jungle.Symbolically the man with the war paint wins over these 2 animals because of the tools (knife) at his disposal.The image in the card suggests that the skills of the hunter can quickly put a stop to aspects of the personality that are in a constant game of chase….. leading to surrender.[In reference to H. this card represents what she has learned already about her own passions and limitations.]


35 Maid. +1

the young woman who incarnates the marriage of Will and Spirit; she has spiritual insight and sexual vitality in equal measure

A female in the center of the wreath. Vivid green philodendron type leaves with the odd daffodil. She hold a basket in her right wrist as she holds a daffodil. The female has a young, strong voluptuous figure. Resembles Key 21 Tarot the World.

Seaqueen’s perception: As an advice card, the Maid speaks volumes. I hear the word “feminine creativity” loud and clear in this card falling in this position. It is important for H. to remember that she should maintain an aspect of growth and development in this position. There will be much to learn about functioning in an area or position that currently is represented by the empty basket hanging on the right wrist of the woman in the image. There is not much room in the basket to add too many daffodils. This means that H. will need to reach out into her own creative process. The woman in the image if full of a youthful vitality that oozes out of the shape of her body. This hints that the outgoing personality is a factor that will be blended in this position asked about.


42 Self

guardian of individual being, the unique nature of one’s own identity; the force which supports and guides multiplicity, differentiation, individuation

Image of a woman spooning into a large pot which sits on the table as 2 children look on, female on left and male on right. There are 4 bowls on the table with 3 spoons. An extra bowl in case of company perhaps?

Seaqueen’s perception: H. is not seeing her own strengths in that she can produce the end results which may be required by this new position. She has much in reserve that is not fully used – represented by the extra bowl on the table. Also, people will depend on her to “deliver” by helping others that need her (the children in the image).The Self card suggests that there is a role that will need to be fulfilled that may very well put H. in the middle of being a distributor of resources. Her new experience is all about giving more than is expected and this can be achieved by allowing herself to take on a more mundane role to provide what is necessary.


56 Expression. -1

the urge to make our mark upon life, just as it makes its own upon us; the impulse to press out upon the world by creative acts

The image shows a seasoned looking male facing to the left of the card. He is sporting a moustache and beard. There is a barren branch protruding in the background. He hold up 2 fingers of his left hand similar to the Key 5 Tarot the Hierophant. He is wearing a headdress that covers his right ear.Seaqueen’s perception: H. is wise and knows if she waits long enough and follows certain modes of expression by hearing what is being asked (headdress covering right-dominant-ear), she will see the leaves on the empty branch in the background begin to sprout new leaves. She has done this before – it is part of her cycle of growth.


39 Creation -2

conception + desire = creation; the latter is the product of fusion of the two former, also the balancer between them

The image show a whale in the forefront of the card facing to the left and a couple of little fish as well. There is an almost surreal look as the water merges with the background. There we see a hill and a volcano with 2 giant puffy clouds surrounding a golden sun and two surreal looking animals in the middle of the card. I see the Tarot Temperance card within.

Seaqueen’s perception: The Creation card is positive energy. It is about two worlds living harmoniously within one. (conscious + subconscious) It is about the opportunity to see her journey through these two worlds and to understand that the new position will open up her eyes to the fact that sometimes she will just be a little fish and sometimes the volcano in the image. H.’s creativity is huge (depicted by the whale) and it will be allowed to show itself but not always in a grandiose way because the message of 42 Self is placing her more in the background or behind the scenes.”Will H get the new position ( promotion) she is considering applying for? AND What would be H’s experience in this new position?”The Result card (39 Creation) favors a “yes” answer, however the additional responsibilities may place H. in a position where she may not be able to rely on others to contribute as much as she may want to. She may have to “pull” out her additional skills which are very natural to her anyways.The card promises that she will learn all about systematic organization that bridges her ego + creativity.

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Astrologically speaking…Rainring

94Stranger says,

“Completion date 25/12/95 in Hastings, East Sussex, England.Time not absolutely certain, but Rainring says 1pm Greenwich Mean Time “


The astrological information above is from an ephemeris without any adjustments which take place when the precise time of birth is known. If the Rainring says it is born at 1:00 pm approximately a house system could be set up. If an exact time is not used there is the potential of delineating the incorrect Rising sign and Houses around the Astrological wheel. This is important especially when interpreting the transits (current planetary activity). I have decided to study only part of the major planetary aspects at the time of Rainring’s birth.

I won’t get into the Astrological jargon because it won’t mean much to those who have little Astrological background.

Born at a time when Pluto began it’s journey into the planet of Sagittarius, Rainring would be considered one of the creative pioneers in the development of the new order of card systems. Challenging the Tarot on every level. Sagittarius deals with truth, philosophy, higher learning, and adventures in the distant lands…just to name a few associations. Rainring deals with the search of the truth which can be found when a person wants to learn more about themselves. The adventures in the discovery of one’s philosophy on life.(Uranus sext Pluto)Rainring is viewed by some to be iconoclastic because it encourages a new spiritual approach regarding the technique of divination using cards. No matter which card system is used, the bottom line is that the main purpose of all these systems is fortune telling- the practice of predicting the future. Fortune telling is not only about the future but it is about the past and present as well. There are various degrees of fortune telling as well, namely divination. Divination by cards is not that much different. No matter which way you look at it- you need to learn how “to read” whatever is front of you, be it visible or non visible.(Uranus conj Neptune) Rainring may be open ended but it does not accept the traditional voice of the authority -it knows it is ahead of it’s time. It is not about old views. The system will be challenged by other systems of divination for the purpose of trying to understand it. This is commonplace for anything that is revolutionary.

As the system approaches it’s 12 birthday….wonderful disruptive opportunities are shown…some financial advantage…travel….connections with educational venues…the BEGINNING of the next 12 YEAR CYCLE…

to be continued … 

Asking Tarot about the Rainring cards – celtic cross

I’ve had this reading done for a few weeks now. I have asked the Tarot cards about people, businesses, ideas and just about everything else under the sun, but never about another system of divination using cards. Seeing that Peter Ryley has already asked the Rainring about the Tarot, I thought it would be interesting to ask the Tarot about the Rainring. (more…)

5a/5 Rainring layout.

FLOW #18

Grab a coffee or tea because this post is long. Maybe you should have a scotch on the rocks nearby just in case, ha-ha.

The center card Flow is the one I fled away from analyzing too deeply when I came across it. I felt I needed to review the bottom 2 cards first. I went back to the Rainring website and re-read the explanation of the 5 square reading and decided that I was not going to stick to the suggested meanings of the positions. Call it a gut feeling or insight or whatever you want.

From my understanding the 2 cards on the left are identified with (+) and the other 2 with (-). Assuming that (+) is positive or an opportunity and (-) is negative or a challenge I am reminded of card #2 in the Tarot Celtic cross – The Opposing/Crossing card which covers the 1st card of the layout. It is usually placed sideways but always read upright.

When I was pondering the positions of the 5 square layout it became evident to me that the Center card is the real focus. Why? Well because in order to understand “something” you first take it apart to see what makes it tick.

The way I see it……….. (more…)

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What are the Rainring cards?

After finishing the last post I went outside for a change of scenery. I found myself thinking about these cards and the layout I did. I was trying to merge all that I discovered and learned so that I could finish my summary. I heard myself asking the question, “what are the Rainring cards.”

Here is my perception from the little experience I have thus far.

The Rainring cards teach us that we are not quite what we appear to be, not even to ourselves. The layouts used bring the truth to the surface by undoing or opening up the limitations to the roles and the identities we have. And then the journey begins.

When you journey with the cards you will discover your own masks. Once identified, the mask is peeled off and it disappears. In this process you become transformed. When you experience transformation you cross the threshold into new areas of your mind, heart and soul. The result is a new understanding of yourself (or your question).

4/5 entering the spirit of Rainring #37 Conception

View the image of #37 Conception.

“What cannot be imagined-conceived-cannot take form; the birth of possibility; the male pillar of life . Purple- spirit. Spirit Aspect: The male pole, spiritual vision or insight; discrimination, wisdom. The way in which spirit views the issue- the thoughts, perceptions & insights involved.”

This card falls on the left side of the 5 square layout indicating (+). As I meditate on the card I am immediately drawn to the red dot off center within the image. Red is active energy represented by Mars. In that tiny dot I see …………. (more…)

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3/5 entering the spirit of Rainring #18 Flow

The card FLOW

“Rejection of the legitimate demands of the inner world in a neurotic attempt to focus exclusively on the outer. Brown – Quest-ion Aspect. The impetus of evolution; spiritual qust or goals, the round of life. The goals or aims striven for in relation to the issue.”

As the center card #18 Flow is suppose to be the answer to the question. At this point I am not certain how to interpret the meanings from the website so I’ll meditate on the image of the card first.

It appears as though there is a turtle hanging on a necklace at the top of the card. In the background stands a wall that could be brick or smoothed off stone. The scene in the middle shows lively waves with puffy clouds above them. My attention goes back to the turtle. In mythology…………. (more…)

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2/5 entering the spirit of Rainring #41 Flow-Singer

My original question was, “will JSN’s drawings be successful”.

5 square layout
The CARD The image depicted in Flow-Singer has the feeling of healing. The woman is half immersed in water suggesting the unconscious and half of her is above the water indicating the consciousness- as stated on the website card description. Here we have the elephant on the land and the goose partially in the water.

Both #14 Possession and #41 Flow-Singer have 3rd eye chakra associations but on different sides of nothingness- the neutral space. Our second sight is found in the 3rd chakra. I find this very interesting that I selected two cards that are so extremely different in spirit and yet one in the same.

If this card is to represent a (-1)negative contribution to the process of discovering the answer or the middle ground where the positive + negative are blended, I cannot see it momentarily.

What did come to my mind ………… (more…)

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Entering into the spirit of Rainring #14 Possession

I am excited about this process. It’s a good way to introduce some of the cards and to write about them. The writing will be based on experimentation by experiencing them & then the delineation. When you experience a card you enter the spirit of the card by studying it.

It’s like having a new toy, playing with it and figuring out how it works & sometimes taking it apart as a little kid does to see if they can put it back together. Luckily Peter is close by in case I run off screaming in frustration, ha-ha.

I think it best to do one card at a time to keep the post concentrated and ……. (more…)

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Rainring 5 card square reading.

I have been contemplating on playing with the Rainring cards for a while now. And today I decided to pose a question to the cards using the 5 card square. I thought the less cards I start with perhaps the more I would grasp the “spirit” of the reading. Getting all the information is one thing but putting it all together on your own is another. There are tutorials on the website to assist in the process of understanding.

I am not as experienced with the Rainring cards but I am driven by my passion to understand.

I have listed my question below and the cards I selected. I included the links to the website so you can see the actual images of these 5 cards.

Will J.S.N’s drawings be successful?
5 card square

Greatest positive- +2possession. #14. rainring.co.uk/Cards/Possession
Blue- Unconscious Aspect:

Secondary negative -1flow-singer. #41. rainring.co.uk/Cards/FlowSinger
Blue- Unconscious Aspect:

Average, balance, mid-point =flow. #18. rainring.co.uk/Cards/Flow
Brown – Quest-ion Aspect.

Secondary positive +1 conception #37. rainring.co.uk/Cards/Conception/
Purple- Spirit Aspect:

Secondary negative -2 exhibition. #16. rainring.co.uk/Cards/Exhibition
Light blue- Communication Aspect:

Of course, I will meditate on how I am going to write about my findings because I want to understand the relationship between the cards I chose, what suggested meanings are given on the website AND what that all means to me, personally in relation to the original question.

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How would you describe Rainring?

Peter Ryley


the Rainring cards

about the Rainring cards.

Please CLICK HERE to go to the post. I found Peter’s insights quite interesting.

In my perspective- where there are images on cards, there is already a connection made. The conscious mind will recognize these images and induce a response within the person on an unconscious level. Why? Because the unconscious is amenable to suggestions from the conscious mind.

If I show you a picture of a card with a snake on it- your response will be immediate, you might cringe because you fear snakes. But if you had knowledge of the card as meaning wisdom & intellect, eventually your conscious mind will deliver that message to your unconscious realm where all other memories are stored. The reason I am mentioning this is because we are bombarded with all kinds of visual messages that are retained, without ever being consciously aware of them.

When you practice your cards regularly, those images and word associations will be remembered and reading cards will become second nature. Why? Like I said before, your subconscious is amenable to the conscious mind.

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Rainring cards

This post was prompted by a comment I received from Peter Ryley which reminded me that somewhere in the latest configuring of the blog’s content, I was missing the Rainring website link. I found myself re-reading the 19 pages in the Foundations section written by Peter Ryley and found a wonderful paragraph I wanted to share with you which also provides an explanation of the Rainring cards.

“……how can we take unconscious elements of a situation into account when, by definition, we do not know about them? The answer is that we must employ a device which enables us to tap into the unconscious.A skilled practitioner will require no more than a bag of bones, a heap of tea leaves (or indeed a freshly-eviscerated goat) to do this. However, for those of us without this particular expertise, things are made easier by the existence of systematic decoders, of which the two best known are the I Ching from ancient China, and the Tarot from mediaeval Europe. Rainring is intended to fulfil a similar function. “

On the website you can see all 81 rainring cards with a brief descriptions. The VISUAL DIRECTORY provides a list of links to other explanations.

I find the Rainring cards “tempting” – choreographing a map to the dimly lit dimensions of oneself.

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Lenormand block of 9 layout

Today’s reading is about the block of 9 featuring Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand cards. It is a continuation reading for Marie’s father. ➡ Previous post link.

From the previous post link we know he had an issue with leg swelling. He was given fluid pills by his doc.  Marie wants to know how he will do over the next 2-3 weeks while on the meds. I did the 9-card layout with the question in mind. Check out Toni Puhle’s vid on how to read to read this layout. ➡ Card Geek

There are no Significator cards in the layout. You need to remember this is Marie’s reading even though we are asking about her father. When I shuffled the cards I asked, ” How will Marie’s father make out with the new meds over the next couple of weeks.” I did not ask how will Mr. so and so make out …… Yes, it’s the same thing but perhaps not to the cards. The reading will reveal the father’s condition but it will reveal how she reacts to it as well – it’s her reading. I am asking on behalf of Marie. 🙂 Now, many of you may not agree but this is my humble opinion. Comments on this welcome. 

First column: Bear. Key. Rider

The Bear card showed up in the previous 3-card reading. I want to read this as a strong physical constitution. It looks like a solution (Key) has been found and thing will move forward (Rider) from that energy. Nice and simple interpretation. the current one week since meds will be taken will be ok. 

Second column: Park. Birds. House

The second week could bring a little worry (Birds) to Marie about him the family member (House). The Park card is about networking so Marie will be in touch with her dad to discuss (Birds) how he feels. He could be having an off week but it will not be that bad because the House cards is stable energy. 

Third column: Child. Stars. Lily

The Child card could bring a new development. It can also signify minor fulfillment of Marie’s wish for her dad’s meds to address the problem. The Lily card brings harmony to this well. This means Marie will be satisfied with how things are going with her dad. 

One thing I do want to mention about the Bear card. Often it is an older man thus it could be the dad’s Significator card as well. The above is not a detailed reading but it gives you a pretty good idea of what is the highest probability for the next 2-3 weeks. No bad cards – woohoo!

PS The next two Rainring cards should be ready in a few days.

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There are other ways to read cards

2 of Clubs.

When you are doing a reading using a standard deck of playing cards it is important to understand just what each card means.  These meanings can have a range and often change during your relationship within the practice of cartomancy.

I have found at least 2 dozen systems of reading playing cards.  About 10 of these systems are unique to the creator, the others are spin offs, copycats or a merging of several rolled into one. What I don’t like is when people do not give credit to the original designers of these systems.

Way too many people assign meanings from the Tarot to the playing cards – how is that unique?


We all know that 2 of something means cooperation or partnership is possible.  There is someone or some thing else involved.  In the Tarot (Rider), the man is holding onto a wand suggesting a choice was made.

Clubs can be wands but in the older cartomancy books they are worse than the modern spades.  So what do clubs mean?  Are we going to give them the same meaning as the wands?  If that works for you go for it.  I think part of the energy is the same.  For example: action, impulse, bluntness, speed and so on.  Many readers have given clubs the dominion of all that is business related, commerce, trade, work and even travel. 

I have found that many people want plain old fortune telling without any deep esoteric symbolism.  They do not care what relationship the playing cards have with other systems.  All they want is a reading.

How would you interpret the 2 of clubs in a layout?  There are several ways to do this.  Forget everything you have ever read on this card and start with a new meaning.  Trust me on this.  The brand new meaning you assign will materialize in the exact same way as all those hundreds of meanings for 2 of clubs.

I once had an interesting dialogue with 94stranger (Rainring cards) about reading a bag of popcorn.  It is the same concept.  You read the meanings you assign.  

NOTE:  In order for this to be successful, grab a magic marker and write 2 keywords on every card in the standard playing deck, even the joker(s) if you want. Allow yourself a few hours to do this and wait for the marker to dry, 🙂 because it will smudge.  This happened to me when I did this exercise.  

Next:  Shuffle the cards and do your favorite layout. You can remove any numbers you want to downsize the deck into 25, 32, or 40 cards.  You are in control.  The less cards in the layout the better at the beginning.  5-7 cards is good enough.  Look at the cards in front of you, link your own keywords and tell a story.  Now, really… did it matter if it was a 7 of hearts or 10 of spades you were reading?

Be a little adventurous   🙂  try something different  🙂

Gypsy Oracle Cards

Oraculo de La Gitana   (Gypsy Oracle Cards) came out earlier this year, in February.  They are  created by Lo Scarabeo & the publisher is Llewellyn.  At first I hesitated on getting this 52 card deck.  I have not had a chance to  review the cards or do a layout with them.  I don’t expect any huge surprises other than some different assigned names for some cards.  But I do like the color scheme of the artwork.

I prefer to keep the Sibilla style decks I own to a minimum because they  are duplicates of the original Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten mixed with a bit of Kipperkarten and a dash of the Lenormand.

Once you get the knack of reading one of these style decks, others are easier to comprehend as well.

The real challenge is to learn a completely new type of deck like the Symbolon or  Rainring.                

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  1. Tarot Dame Says: December 12, 2007 at 10:10 am e

    I will continue to keep Joe and your family in my prayers. Please keep us updated.

  2. Madame Seaqueen Says: December 12, 2007 at 5:52 pm e

    Thanks again Tarot Dame. It means a lot to me to know that someone I have not even met has such compassion in her heart to include us in your prayers.

    Rev. Ken Foor, bless him, included Joe in the healing meditation this past Sunday. He, too is such a wonderful man who I have not met either, but feel spiritually connected to.

    Today I found out that Joe will be moved to another hospital for the long process of rehab (with any luck it won’t be so long).When there is nothing we can do but accept situations in life we must have our faith in knowing that it is part of the Divine plan.My heart aches for my children and for their father.SQ

    Please say a prayer for Joe’s full recovery.

    Thank you Hacina and Peter Ryley.

in continuation…

In continuation of the previous post using Astrological transit techniques regarding Rainring.

The ORIGINAL post has been modified and condensed.

 The main highlight suggested by the planetary configurations is change. What does change mean to a card system that has held it’s own for nearly 12 years? I does not mean the system will change in respect to the images on the cards, meanings and the core basis of the system- The pulse of Rainring will continue to beat and those who are at a certain level of understanding or need will continue to be attracted to it’s unique fluid structure.People’s minds bring change. When enough people tap into the pulse of what the Rainring is all about it will induce electromagnetic attraction. The people attracted to the Rainring are different than those from a decade ago. With the popularity of the Internet the general public can access many wonderful websites that teach all sorts of divination by all kinds of methods.Travel is in store for the system. It will reach distant lands and places that may not even know of it’s existence. There is a suggestion of expansion and broadening of horizons. A new breed of interest emerges from those who have studied various other systems. The appetite for understanding is piqued.The survival of the Rainring is not questioned. The planetary influences are based on when a person (business, event, thing) is born. The transits trigger certain planetary aspects and suggest the probability of these influences to manifest within a certain time frame. Only one technique has been used to summarize the information in this post. To learn more about this system… Peter offers an introductory course.   GO-TO-RAINRING. 

5/5 entering the spirit of #16 Exhibition

I would like to conclude my experiment with the Rainring cards using the 5 square layout which is explained on the website.


I am anxious to put it all together because even though my question perhaps should have been re-phrased I think I have discovered some information connected to my original question that “challenges” my intention of asking the question. Like, why am I really asking about the successful of these sketches.


The cards have picked up on what I truly am thinking and I would have not become aware of that unless I posed the question the way I did. What I mean by this sentence is that had I not done the Rainring reading I would not have been able to get past my conscious self…………….. (more…)

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