New Vision Tarot

In the simple 5 card layout I used the New Vision Tarot by Lo Scarabeo. Artists Raul and Gianluca Cestaro. Pietro Alligo. I think this Tarot deck certainly can influence the way you read the cards especially if you rely heavily on imagery. I use this deck to help change my perspective & to allow for other types of guidance that may not be triggered had the straight on images been used.

Lifting the veil of traditional Tarot



No question was consciously asked by the person

.Basis- 5 of Pentacles- the image shows a down trodden individual holding a child sitting under the window with strained glass portraying 5 pentacles. A walking stick leans against the wall. This card pulls at the emotions. There is a feeling of helplessness, while coddling the child within. The disadvantaged state in the basis spot speaks of emotional impoverishment. And yet, the walking cane is not too far away, meaning that the situation is in a pause stage whereby inner lessons need to be addressed- inner emotions of fear and insecurity in the tangible world.

.What you know- Ace of Swords- the traditional sword in hand coming out from a cloud. In the background is a man on a horse. The horse appears to be frightened by something because of its stance. In this spot the person would be aware of being worried or frightened by circumstances that surround them. The Ace is the beginning of powerful thought and energy. It is a good sign because it shows regaining control.


The first two cards show a person in a distraught state of mind.

.What you are not seeing- Key 8 Strength- the Lady has her back facing us while she tames the Lion. In the foreground is a snake. In the background there is a dragon formed by the clouds. A type of god is the tip of the mountain & holding an ancient barbaric club of combat. I want to read the snake as both a blessing and warning. It is wise & it is danger. The power of kundalini. Taming the beast within. The external circumstances around the person are reflected within the card -the preparation for battle, when the battle is within. This card speaks strongly of power and internal strength. The snake energy is being over looked or viewed negatively.

.Advice to follow- (more…)

question for the Tarot of the New Vision

Every once in a while I like to use the Tarot of the New Vision to get a slightly different perspective of the traditional Tarot imagery.  This deck is manufactured by Lo Scarabeo and can be seen in it’s entirety at the fantastic TAROTECA website.

Question: a very concerned male X client wants to know the outcome of a legal situation which came up quite unexpectedly. It involves a female he was involved with over a year ago. This female has decided and is attempting to extract a fair sized lump sum of money from this male. His question was whether or not he would win his case.

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Card 1: reading as the recent past the 10 of swords says it all.  Male X felt stabbed in the back by the female from his past which can be seen in the background of the card’s image.  He does feel like he doesn’t have a chance because the female has retained a hot shot lawyer.

Card 2: reading as the current situation the Queen of Pentacles has her back towards us.  I want to read this as the male X’s  lawyer who by the way is a female.  I get the feeling this female lawyer may not try as hard on the behalf of  male X.  Even though this card is generally positive in nature I am reading the images more than the actual traditional associations given to the Tarot cards.  This is the main reason I selected this deck for the purpose of this Reading.

Card 3: reading as the probable outcome as things stand the 7 of swords could be a card a victory.  Why not?  The man in the image of the card is getting away with 5 of the swords.  This could be male X getting away with paying the lump sum of money.  Typically you would read this card as the other person making off with something, like a job/lover/money, etc.

Summary: After further study of the last two cards I notice the Queen of pentacles looking more at the pentacle in her lap than at the man in the last card looking over his shoulder glancing at the two swords left in the ground. Or is he looking at her pentacle as well.   🙂

After some more thought I think the centre card represents male X and his attitude towards the money asked for.  He is grasping onto the pentacle and doesn’t want to let go.

Male X may get out of paying a lump sum but something will be paid – probably a portion & definitely  his  lawyer’s fees.

Will he win?  Not completely.

Tarot of the New Vision guidance

I tend to ask the same question (previous post) using several decks that are non related in system. I find it very interesting to compare the readings after a certain time has lapsed. My main curiosity is in the manifestation process and which deck provides the most accurate interpretation.

The interpretation is lengthy but it is done to demonstrate what goes through my mind when reading these cards. I am using the Tarot of the New Vision in the traditional Celtic cross layout. This deck gives a different artistic slant to the cards and induces other feelings when using just the imagery. ( & keeping the core meanings in mind). I have shown two separate images below, the center cross and the staff.

Also, I reverse 3 cards while I shuffle. In this layout position 8 holds the Reversal energy of the 7 of Wands.tarotfeb10a.jpg

card 1. 2 Pentacles- duality in a financial situation. As a situation card it would suggest a choice between working at 2 jobs, or between 2 jobs. Veronica is currently working for a company but is creatively stifled. In the image you can see the sheep grazing in the background, with a bird of prey looming close by in the sky.

card 2. 8 Pentacles- learning of new skills. As the challenge or opportunity card I see this definitely as a positive influence in relation to the original question of returning to a previous work environment. The cards gives me a feeling of creative expansion through honing skills. It shows what is possible to achieve once you learn how to use the tools of the trade. The nearly finished sculpture in the background is proof of that.

card 3. – 7 Cups- emotional confusion. As the basis or foundation of this reading the 7 of cups suggests Veronica is letting her imagination get the better of her. She is dreaming of all the possibilities before her, however her emotions are scattered into various directions. Actually she is overwhelmed by the questions in her mind. The two females in the image are hoping or are in an apprehensive state – this can symbolize the process Veronica is going through.

card 4. – Knight of Pentacles. What has just happened and is still in the activation state. There is a work or money related opportunity at the beginning stages. The ox in the image symbolizes a slow but persistent energy. Things are moving but not quickly. The knight on the horse is staring at the pentacle in his right hand and is dressed in full armor ready for a financial fight. He is in a “pause” stage while reviewing his plans. He is not about to rush into anything…………….. (more…)

After Tarot cards in the short Romany layout

Every once in a while I will purchase a new Tarot deck which captures my curiosity. The images in the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner and Giulia Francesca Massaglia beckoned me. I want to get right into doing a reading so for those of you who wish to read a review of this deck ➡  click here 

Being a fan of Pietro Alligo’s  ➡ posts on the Tarot of the New Vision cards  I knew I would enjoy playing with the After Tarot deck. To demonstrate a reading I am going to use both decks. The question is which layout. There are no layout examples in the Afterthoughts accompanying book. Corrine Kenner’s write-up on the cards supplies you with many interesting suggestions on how to read this deck. Of course, you will arrive at your own intuitive associations with the images as well. Try not to be too rigid in your approach to the After Tarot deck. So, for a moment just forget what you learned about the Tarot and remain open to Corrine’s suggestions. You can always fall back on what you have learned in the past.  

Ok, time to pick a layout.  I would really like to do the Romany layout for some reason but not with 21 cards.  Since each Tarot card is a unique experience unto itself maybe 7 cards would work in the predetermined positions.  

For instructions on how to do the Romany layoutclick here post from 2007.

I have created the Romany layout for 7 cards


First thing I did since this is a new deck I cleared it with my evil eye pendant. I don’t imagine anyone put negatives thoughts into the cards 🙂 but you never know who handled the packaging, lol. 


You can clear the deck whatever ways suits you or you don’t have to. I have shuffled the card thoroughly so that they are mixed. I lay the cards in 7 piles (1 card more in first pile) and then pick up the piles randomly so that I have one pile. I keep shuffling. I cut the cards in 3 piles to the left using my left hand (closest to the heart) and back onto 1 pile. Then I proceed by placing with the top card (which should be face down) and place it in position 1, continue with second card and so on until I have 7 cards in a row. Easy enough.

The above chart is a reminder of what each position represents. If you did the 21 card Romany layout you would add another 2 rows. I may do that at another time.

I love David Bowie. Golden Years is playing on the radio right now. How appropriate.

The reading below is for myself. My write up will be as if I was reading another client. This way I remain more objective. I was surprised to see all the Majors show up in the layout. This tells me the reading will be deeper and won’t deal with everyday issues.

Question: What is the advice of the cards for the Fire Monkey Rooster year?


Position 1: Describes you. What surrounds you at the time of the reading. TEMPERANCE

Note: In the Afterthoughts book Corrine has grouped the Temperance card with the Hierophant and the 5’s. This theme is throughout the book.

The energy of the Temperance card suggests the client is in the process of balancing extremes in her life. Moderation is important in her life. She is learning all about compromise.

Position 2: The Environment. Expands on the circumstances of the question. EMPEROR

The client’s environment is going through a restructuring. This theme will be in effect throughout the Fire Monkey year because that is the question.  This card is about being charge or control. She is wanting to be more organized. This couldn’t be more true. 🙂

Position 3: Opportunities or Challenges. DEATH

The Death cards falls under the number 4 as does the Emperor card. I would read this card as both opportunities and challenges.  There is an opportunity in finishing up loose ends but at the same time it is a challenge because endings tend to hurt in some cases. To open new doors old doors need to be shut. This year will test the client to see just how balanced she is in the midst of external forces being out of her control.  It is important to maintain the balance of the Temperance card in order to experience transitions with the least amount of emotional extremes.

This will play out in various ways and as much as we co-create our reality there is one force that overrules everything. Call it fate, destiny or your soul chart.

Position 4: Expected. The Now. These cards expand on your hopes & fears. FOOL

So what’s going on with the client at the current time. This position might resemble position 1 but it is different. It’s about outer situations which can trigger her hopes and fears about the path she is on.

In the image of the card, the Fool is hanging onto the edge of the crag by one hand. A risk will be taken. The Fool has lost his satchel of tools and continues to smell the white rose. This tells me the client is confident in her own abilities and yet at the same time is afraid to let go. She has enough experience to embrace new beginnings but is not 100% ready.

Position 5: Surprise. The cards of the unexpected influences, events or people involved. HERMIT

The green snake and black guardian dog  have been added in the image of the card. There is an explanation on these two in the Afterthoughts book. My own feeling on this is that the client will look deeply within and discover things she may have not wanted to deal with. There could be a painful realization when she is faced with circumstances outside of herself which will reflect what she discovers.

Position 6: Near future. Up to 3 months. Time frame can be set prior to shuffle. HANGED MAN

Is the Hanged Man thirsty? A woman is giving him something to drink to numb his pain of perspective. Is the client the woman or the hanging man? This card’s energy is active for the next three months or so. I’ve always this card as a change in the way you look at a situation. When you stand on your head (which I can’t without falling over, lol) you experience a rush which can affect how you look at things.

Will the client have to deal with a situation that will test her outlook on life?

Position 7: Distant future. 6 – 9 months. Time frame can be set prior to shuffle. In this case it would be 1 year since I’m asking about the Fire Monkey Rooster year which began January 28th. STRENGTH

I like the image in this card. The woman is embracing the lion (her own emotions). The client will definitely be more patient and be in control of her emotions. The lion’s mouth does not need to be shut it already is in the image. Actually, it looks like it’s loving the hug from the woman. I am pretty sure the client will overcome any challenges presented in the next year. It looks like she will be doing a lot of inner work and in turn her outer world will reflect these changes.

If you were to do the 21 card layout then each column would have a past, present and future. It would be quite a complex reading but worth doing if you want more information. 


Deep questions. 4 card Elements layout. Robin Wood Tarot.

I created the 4 card Elements layout many years ago. For examples of this layout using a variety of different card systems —> click here.

I really like this little layout. For deeper questions, such as what should you know about your current life direction (basis of reading below), each position will reveal the energy involved on the four levels of experience. Cards falling in these positions could disclose things you are not aware of at the time of the reading.


  • Card #1 is the Mental world (plane) – our currents thoughts at the time of shuffle.
  • ACE OF CUPS: this card brings into focus the client’s emotions. There could be a new love or love of a situation surrounding the person. Within this card is hope with positive energy. The client is on the verge of experiencing new feelings.
  • Card #2 is the Emotional world (plane) – our feelings at the time of the reading.
  • 10 of WANDS: here we find some of the client’s feelings being really weighed down by too many responsibilities such as work or hectic lifestyle.
  • Card #3 is the Physical world (plane) – where we apply some action or steps needed to achieve our desired goal.
  • 5 of CUPS: the client needs to let go of all that did not work out in the past. There needs to be a release of emotions. It would be a mistake to stand still and do nothing except feel sorry for oneself.
  • Card #4 is the Material world (plane) – the actual results. We can see the consequences which is the outcome of our thoughts coupled with feelings and applied action.
  • 6 of CUPS: thinking about the past. The client is caressing the memories of years and situations gone by.


Can the Tarot be read in a 5 card Lenormand technique layout?

I have read the Tarot cards in a countless number of ways using a variety of layouts. If I were to do a 5 card layout with no predetermined positions I would read left to right. Many Lenormand cartomancers do a 5 card layout and usually use the middle card as the focus or theme of the Reading.

I was a tad curious to see if the Tarot cards can be read using this Lenormand technique. To demonstrate the Reading I am featuring the Tarot of the New Vision deck. My main reason is because I’m trying a different layout approach and this deck is certainly not like the standard Tarot you are accustomed to seeing. My interpretation will be multi-level which includes image interpretation, some Tarot meanings and the modern-day Lenormand approach to the 5 card layout. 

My question is specific: Will male X’s  artistic project be well received? That is a yes or no question which I tend to reserve for only a three card draw. Usually, when we ask yes or no questions we do want more information and the cards will offer additional guidance.

Tarot of the New Vision 2003

Tarot of the New Vision 2003

Time for a new camera or steadier hand. 🙂

The cards are as follows:


The Emperor card speaks of intellectual control. I read this Tarot deck according to the imagery in combination what I know about the deck. The images often have symbols which should be interpreted as well because they offer hidden meanings. Instead of the Emperor being clearly visible the turtle and folks in the background are. Often the turtle represents a slowing down energy. It tells you to pace yourself. Also, to maintain persistence. This is in keeping with the essence of the Emperor card. He is determined. This card can also represent the father. It could denote that male X needs to “father” his project. This card can also represent the business aspect of the project.


The Page of Wands is an announcement of some type. It is news associated with the question and it looks like it came a long time ago (page looks to left) In the background we see a female with a torch. Contained fire brings illumination to a situation. The Knight of Swords is more of an aggressive energy. The image gives the feeling of urgency and emergency. The knight is charging to the right of the layout. There is a fire in the background and a number of knights/soldiers are running away from the burning house. Fire is illumination but fire out of control is another thing. Too much thinking (swords suit) can only complicate things and can create a decision rooted in panic.

The first two cards describe what the Emperor has experienced.


Look at all those cups in the 7 of Cups.  Eenie meenie minee moe. So many options. The Emperor is a master at logical decisions. Two females are in the background. They look like they are in a state of suspense wondering which cup the male will choose. What this card tells me is that some people will receive this project and others won’t. Notice that the cups have the back of head signifying rejection. The snake could represent jealous people. The character with the cover on its head could be people who don’t know how to appreciate art or are not experienced in that field. The dragon can be people who support him. The wreath shows a victorious welcome by some people. The cup with the coins/jewelry can suggest monetary opportunities. The tall tower can represent people in high standing in society. 

The 9 of Cups does give an affirmative answer. In the image two little boys are playing and the little girl is stuffing her face, lol. There is an emotional warmth to this card. Everyone is doing what they love. Wishes are fulfilled. Male X’s artistic project will most likely be welcome.

Seaqueen’s View

Tarot Tower and Ace of Swords

The Tarot Tower card is usually not welcome in a layout. I have experienced this card in my life as many of you have as well. It’s not always a joyful time. However, sometimes it is welcome because changes are longed for. Featuring the Tarot of the New Vision. Llewellyn Publications © 2003. Deck by Pietro Alligo. Artists: Raul and Gianluca Cestaro. Size: 2 5/8″ x 4 3/4″.

As much as this card is filled with volatile energy and presents us with a rude awakening in some areas of our lives and its intention is to teach us all about change. Often when we do not make changes in our lives when they are overdue. We will find ourselves on the receiving end of external situations which make us deal with change one way or another. This is true in most cases but there are some situations when it doesn’t make any sense at all until months later when we have one of those “ahhhh” moments.

Tarot of the New Vision

Tarot of the New Vision


We know Aces are beginnings. They are the beginning of the four suits of the minor arcana. Each Ace contains the seed of the suit. These four suits are the four worlds of our experiences; feelings/cups, thoughts/swords, physical/pentacles and action/wands. [Dr. Paul Foster Case – An Introduction to the Study of Tarot]

Ace of Swords

Tarot of the New Vision

I really like this deck. It sheds a different view if you work with images as well as meanings. The Ace of Swords has a horseman in the left background. It looks like the horse may have been frightened by something as it is standing on its hind legs. The hand comes out of the cloud as in most traditional decks like the Rider cards. The hand holds onto the upright sword. A wreath and crown top the sword. Six yods fall from the sword. Yods represent the existence of the Divine. This is the teachings of Qabalah.

Yod is the first Hebrew letter of THVH Yahaweh – name of God. There are 72 names of God — Orna Ben-Shoshan created a brilliant deck called The 72 Names if you wish to explore this topic a little further. I’ve yet to write a review on this deck. I can tell you the card stock is excellent & the LWB is as always – detailed.

Combining TOWER + ACE of SWORDS


You would think combining the Tarot cards would be as simple as some of the sibillas like Lenormand, Kipper or Gipsy cards which are dependant in their neighbouring cards. Each Tarot card speaks volumes. How would you read this combination knowing what you know about the Tower and Ace of Swords cards?

Let’s pretend you are reading for client. To make this a bit more realistic let’s name the client Jack. You have very little background information on Jack’s life. There is no point looking for a wedding band because that could lead you astray. Many people take off their rings prior to Readings. It’s a little testing game some people play. Personally, I am not going to waste my energy trying to guess the marital status. I just ask & I ask the birthday as well if they want to tell me.  Sometimes I need to know the Astrological sign because I use it as a starting point in various layouts. Also, I do a mini numerology Reading. 

Ok, let’s pretend we are doing the basic 21 Gypsy card spread called the Romany Layout. It is a nice and easy spread of 7 cards x 3 row. —->Examples of Romany layout interpretation.

As the Past duo: You know Jack has gone through some upheavals either in his personal or professional life and maybe both as one affects the other. Jack has experienced a tough phase but through it all he has managed to pick up the pieces and move forward. A direction was decided out of some chaotic situation and purely from an intellectual level (swords). Maybe he finally saw the light and grasped onto one direction of focus as depicted by the Ace.

As the Present duo: You know Jack is going through a major change at the current time. He is in the middle of a testing period in his life. Be compassionate. Listen to what Jack is telling you. Does he confirm what you are saying? Sometimes, people who are in the midst of change don’t even realize it. Not everyone is deeply aware of situations in their lives. The more “aware” individual will try to understand what lessons are involved. Not all people look deeply into tough circumstances they just accept them. You know Jack will come out of this experience real soon since a beginning is the result of the Tower experience.  The energy of the Ace of Swords is powerful.  It is a card of determination.

As the Future duo:  You know Jack will be facing some monumental shifts affecting various areas of his life. This is a necessary part of his growth. Looks like he will have to deal with circumstances that will uproot areas of his life needing change. It’s time for Jack to let go and to release areas of his life which are no longer needed for his personal growth. It could be a business venture experiencing restructuring. It could be people leaving his life which serve no further purpose. The Ace of Swords promises that Jack will grab a hold of what is solid and move forward because he will make up his mind enough is enough.

Combining the ACE of SWORDS + TOWER

aceSword.Taower.New Vision Tarot.

Reading this duo of cards the other way around is a very different experience.

As the Past duo: You know Jack made some decisions in the past. The problem is he probably did not factor in how these decisions affected other people. He has experienced a failure. Jack started something which did not develop. He had an idea for a business project which was aborted. Despite his courage in the past experience he probably had a melt down due to the collapse of some plans.

As the Present/Current duo: Here you need to advise Jack to really think about what he is planning to do. Point out to him that there are some consequences to his decisions. He could be involved with someone else’s situation which initially is promising but did not yield the results one had hoped for. This could be anything from a medical situation, business/personal and even public situation. If you find Jack is reluctant on sharing anything going on his life (this is common) be mindful with your words of advice.  Caution is important. Also, Jack needs to slow down and re-evaluate his entire life direction.

As the Future duo: You know the Tower card’s influence will be entering Jack’s life in one way or another. Maybe you are struggling with how to tell him. There is great force in this duo.  Something totally unexpected awaits Jack. It could even be news of an unsuccessful surgery. Whatever the situation might be, look to the past and present rows for clues. Study the other cards in this row of 7 cards. This duo will be the consequences of something brewing already. Often, situations come into our lives which knock us off our pedestal. It is God’s will or the Universe sent it. It doesn’t matter how you word that it comes from outside of our control. At this point of the Reading, Jack just might confide some information so you can advise him better.  DO NOT leave Jack with a doom and gloom prediction because this duo could represent something which is NOT always obvious.

Daily draw – Masonic Tarot The Hermit

My Tarot training (started 40 years ago) is deeply rooted in Case’s teachings (BOTA/Qabalah) although I have my own blend of understanding. I gained this level of understanding through countless numbers of Readings but there was more to it than that. I learned to listen to my Inner Voice as you should. I share most of my “intuitive findings” which are part of the visions I receive. It is not easy to live in my skin 🙂 especially being so sensitive to energy on such a large-scale. I honour traditional teachings of our foremothers & forefathers and at the same time question them.

I used to be quite disciplined in doing one card Tarot draws. Over the last decade I have immersed myself into practical research involving various other cartomancy systems. Not only that I experienced some tough personal lessons like losing my male partner of 8 years, a close girlfriend who was my spiritual sister,  a job I absolutely loved 6 months before my mom & dad passed away 4 months of each other. At the same time I was blessed with my first grandchild, my grandson with my granddaughter to follow 12.5 months later. Talk about endings and beginnings……& through it all I continued to create, write and heal. My cards were my best friend and provided me with guidance through all these different stages of growth.

I do think changes are inevitable but it is really important to stay open-minded when you are learning a system. If you don’t, you pretty much close the book on ever developing beyond what is within that system.

Masonic Tarot Hermit card

Masonic Tarot Hermit card

Cards are a tool. If I tell you that you can only do “such and such” with that tool then you will never know that you can do “so much more”. You do need to know how to use the tool, though. There is always a set of instructions when you purchase a “tool” but that is just the basics. Creativity is not within the instructions. You learn creativity through experience and experimentation.  

So, it’s quite interesting that I drew The Hermit today as my guidance card.

In the image you can see the Astrological glyph for Saturn right above the lantern that the hermit (sacred teacher) is holding. Saturn is considered a malefic planet. This means it brings us lessons which are often negative in nature but that is how we learn to appreciate the positive things in life. This planet has a restrictive energy which is important when you take on responsibility.  Discipline cannot be successful if you are all over the place. There needs to be a consolidated energy to manifest results.

I am intrigued by magic squares of any proportion. In the upper background you can see the 3 x 3 Saturn square which by the way is the block of 9 which many Cartomancers use in readings. All the rows, columns and diagonals add up to 15 and the total of the 3×3 square is 45 = 9 the Hermit. Somewhere in there is the Devil’s (15) influence as well as the Lovers (6) and that is a whole other post. 😉

The hermit wears a key around its neck. This symbol is often connected to secrets which are only revealed to truth seekers. If you want additional information involving this particular key in rituals  —>click LINK.  The hermit has an abundance of knowledge and will share it with those who follow the light of the lantern.

There is a fairy tale story behind the snakes in the image written by Goethe. You can read about it at the following —->click LINK. I’m not going to get into this because my daily draw is about what the symbols mean to me. Snakes do represent wisdom and also change.  Sometimes you need to change your attitude to allow wisdom to enter.

If you drew the Hermit as a daily draw card it can be suggesting to think things over. It’s not about ego-driven thoughts. The day is about reflecting on what you already know. Do you need some advice? Is there someone you are ignoring because they are offering you ideas which are different from your own? Stop thinking so much about what it took you to get to where you are. We all experience solitude. Maybe you should just go out and not be alone today.

5 card layout featuring Tarot Illuminati

5 card layout for any deck of cards

5 card layout for any deck of cards

The provocative question for the Tarot Illuminati cards is as follows: “What is the general forecast for global peace?  The blended interpretation is associated to the meaning of the positions, my understanding of the Tarot cards and in relation to the question. 

The quotes beside the name of the card are from the accompanying book Tarot Illuminati by Kim Huggens, Erik C. Dunne. © Lo Scarebeo 2013. The Tarot Illuminati deck in the images is featured to illustrate the 5 card layout.



BASIS – 8 of Cups:  “Vision Quest in the Wasteland”

8 cups Tarot Illuminati

8 Cups Tarot Illuminati

BASIS: The 8 of Cups shows a red caped individual walking away from 8 upright cups. The opening between two mountains beckons the person. The Spiritual journey awaits. Something is missing which has not been fulfilled by the cups.

Global peace cannot be achieved by the success markers of society. The movement towards Spiritual peace within ourselves has already started. Many of us recognize that the missing pieces of the puzzle are somewhere out there still to be discovered. Individual peace will lead us to global peace. 

WHAT “WE” KNOW – 7 of Pentacles: “Waiting Game”

7 pentacles Illuminati Tarot

7 Pentacles Tarot Illuminati

WHAT WE KNOW: The 7 of Pentacles reflects how we are watching for some sort of sign of Spiritual fulfillment. The seeds are planted in mass consciousness. Enough of us know that from these seeds growth is possible.

We are connected through seeds of thought and action. What we don’t know is how many of us will fully ripen. Many will be anxious to mature. The lesson has been patience and observation. The less ripened individuals cannot lead us to global peace. 

WHAT “WE” ARE NOT SEEING: The Fool: “Infinite Possibility of Chaos”

fool Illuminati Tarot

Fool Tarot Illuminati

WHAT WE ARE NOT SEEING: The Major Arcana Fool card is filled with risk. At the same time promotes faith in the unknown.  We are not seeing that we are already in the midst of a child like wonder about global peace. When we recognize that we have already taken the first step on this journey through a leap of faith it’s just a matter of time to see where we land.

Many individuals may not be aware that even though they are on their own Spiritual quest that they are not alone. I think a large group of souls will land in the same place. There will be protection.

ADVICE TO FOLLOW – The Emperor: “Aries seated in His Power”

Emperor Tarot Illuminati

Emperor Tarot Illuminati

ADVICE TO FOLLOW: The Major Arcana Emperor card is the experienced warrior. He knows the responsibility involved in power.  In the image he sits quite comfortably on his throne facing to the right – facing the future. The soul group belonging to the Emperor is strong. It’s the same lesson all over again. Fighting on behalf of conflict or fighting for peace. It is important to think before taking any action triggered by the need to exert power over an individual, group or cause.

The Emperor is telling us to focus on self-control by empowering ourselves. Individual structure is necessary. It is important to heed the teachings of the Emperor card by knowing it will take courage to avert possible conflicts which are created by those in leadership positions.

RESULT – The Empress: “Venus Incarnate in Sensual Earth”

Empress Tarot Illuminati

Empress Tarot Illuminati

RESULT: The Major Arcana Empress adds a very creative influence to the outcome. She nurtures. Global peace requires constant care giving much like a mother minding her children.

One of the influences of the Empress is to multiply and expand through love. She is ruled by Venus the planet of love unlike the Emperor which is ruled by the Mars the planet of war. We have already been advised not to tap into the Emperor’s misuse of power.

The Empress has given birth to a new generation of loving souls. These souls are walking among us now and their intent is to create a more peaceful world. No matter what your biological age may be at this time some of you belong to a group of souls that are under the rulership of the Empress.

The outcome when all is said and done is that Global peace will be monitored by our loving Empress. We may have to contend with some aspect of the Fool’s folly as this card falls in the what we are not seeing position. The Empress will teach us the true meaning of unconditional love which will promote and expand Global peace. 

Tarot Illuminati Ace of Wands

The Tarot Illuminati deck by Erik C. Dunne has got to be one of the most brilliant decks I have ever seen. There is such a richness to the cards that you can almost feel the magical energy emitting from the images.

Since I am wrapped up in so many projects I decided to do a one card draw asking for some guidance. Basically, I asked, “What should I be focusing on?”

Tarot Illuminati

Tarot Illuminati

I didn’t expect to get an Ace, since it is all about new projects among other things. I am very much into reading symbols on images. The first thing I noticed is the Yods falling from the single wand. There is a divine connection with all that is created.  This reminded me of Dr. Paul Foster Case’s BOTA deck. I’ve studied the Holy Qabalah &  Sacred Tarot for many decades.

As I meditate on the Ace of Wands I’m thinking of the spring of 2014 as I use Wands to represent this time of year. It depends on whose system you choose to adopt. The muscular arm in the images shows full blown pulsating energy. The peaks of the mountains in the background of the card can symbolize our goals or what we aspire to achieve. Notice the cloud around the wand. Can’t help but think of the Lenormand clouds card, lol. The light side faces to the right. The dark side faces to the left of the card although barely dark.

Out from the clouds emerges this elaborated wand pointing straight up.  Something has been born. Is it an idea? Is it a new project?  Since I asked for information on what I should focus on I am drawn to the hand holding this glorious staff. The hand holds the rod firmly. Without a good grasp of our ideas they can dissipate back into the clouds.

I think what this card is telling me is that I do continue to hold on to those ideas which have come to me through futuristic visions. The tip of the wands looks like it may be a celtic knot which to me, indicate that the possibilities are endless.

The Ace of Wands is also saying, “charge forward”.  It looks like I may have tipped the iceberg of something greater than I ever imagined. This is nothing new to me.  🙂

Timing in Tarot Cartomancy

Timing in Cartomancy can be done. The future is fluid and changes with the choices we make in the now or decisions of the past that unfold in the future. Often I have given (not shy to share) time frames only to find out I was out by 6 months or even a year. One time when I was a young Cartomancer I predicted an event which at the time was considered absolutely wrong for the then current set of circumstances but came true 5 years later. I saw bulldozers on the large piece of land turning it into a parking area. A few years after that the building/business was sold and the new owner demolished all buildings turning it into a parking lot.  This business employed about 1500 people. Needless to say I was in high demand for readings as many people worried about securing other jobs.

What was it that I saw in this lady’s reading to make such a bizarre prediction? I remember that I was doing a rather large layout using 35 Tarot cards.  I saw her unemployed which was confirmed by the cards. The rest was a vision of some sort I had or maybe my Inner voice described the vision to me because I more Clairaudient than Clairvoyant. Visions do come in words and not always as images.

I know the lady had 3 Aces in the reading and the last card was the Tower in the surprise spot of the layout. The Major Arcana can be read as a long-range influence if it’s in a spot depicting “the unexpected”.  The Ace of Pentacles was missing which told me there would be some issues with new financial undertakings.

There are several ways to determine timing:

  • time associated with the card; days, weeks, months, years, seasons, etc.
  • time associated with suits
  • time assigned to a layout
  • time assigned to a position in the layout
  • time suggested by an image in the cards
  • time felt intuitively

Gipsy & Tarot cards- interpretation tutorial

Hilary’s question from the comments section. “what do I need to know about my work?”  I am going to interpret the cards purely for the purpose of using my interpretation as a learning tool to share.  You may interpret these same cards differently than I do.          >     🙂    <

I am using a b/w Gipsy deck a friend of mine brought me back from Hungary. I don’t know the name of it off hand. I love the German Tarot-Karten deck (Konigsfurt Verlag) because of it’s size. It’s not the standard nor the mini somewhere in between.

The Hungarian & German names on each deck respectfully doesn’t bother me because I know these cards very well. In fact, I can close my eyes & see them perfectly. Now that’s what I call getting to know your deck imagery.

 Meanings of the Gipsy cards  are –> HERE

5 card layout

4 reversed Tarot cards suggest Energy which is blocked as well as the traditional meanings of reversals. The only upright Tarot is the Ace of Pentacle which is positive Energy.

Basis of Question: Ecclesiastic & 9 of Wands reversed.

The question is about work. “what do I need to know about my work?” I don’t know exactly what she means by this comment.

ECCLESIASTIC: Anyone involved in an organized belief system. Faith. A church type building. Spirituality.

The question here is what is H’s belief system about work. Is she optimistic about keeping her current job? Does she believe another job will help out? Or does she think she won’t secure a job? We can believe all we want BUT we need to back up our beliefs with action which sometimes come in signs the Universe sends us.

9 of Wands reversed:  When I read reversals I study the image or I fall back on the traditional meaning. In the image the wand in the person’s hand does not look as stable as when upright.  The Energy is weakened. H might be losing her grip on some aspect of this work question. She has the fortitude to keep going but needs to understand that sometimes change happens & we have to adapt…and move on.

What you know: Letter & Page of Swords reversed.

Information which is recent and already known to H.

LETTER: A message via any mode of communication. News brings change one way or another.

H may have already received some news about work. Information is being revealed. Is it a lead for a new job? Has she decided to change job?

Page of Swords reversed: H needs to look around her to identify who the Page of Swords reversed is because this person is feeding her BS. She is smart and will figure it out. The Energy of the Page is one of “being overly on guard” to the point of resorting to negative tactics. (I had the Page upright in a reading I did today for a client. It ended up being a very annoying relative but the client didn’t clue into this until we started talking about the next couple of cards. Sometimes people are nervous when getting a reading or they blank out)

What you are not seeing: Merriment & Ace of Pentacles upright.

Circumstances H. is not able to identify or envision.

MERRIMENT: Having a good time. Feelings of pleasure from entertainment. Attending a function where there is much joy and laughter.

A wonderful card. It’s so wonderful that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Which brings me to the next point. Just how serious is H about her situation involving work? If she were in front of me I would ask her this question.  In this spot the cards reveal what we are not capable of admitting or accepting. The Merriment card reminds me of the song, “don’t worry be happy”.

Ace of Pentacles:  Another grand card.  The recognition of the abundance contained in the seed of the Ace is vital. Yes, H can get a better job. Yes, finances have the potential of increasing. As with all seeds they need to be nourished by doing what it takes to help them grow. The same applies to goals in our lives. 

Advice to follow: Officer & 6 of Cups reversed.

The suggestion of the cards in this matter.

OFFICER: As a person it will be anyone that wears a uniform. News comes from this person that is more formal than personal. If you get involved with this man, he will love you & leave you. A playboy.

In this spot the cards offer some “wise words of wisdom”. I wouldn’t dwell on the advice but I would consider it. This card suggests the return of someone into H’s life which may or may not factor into the work question. Why do I say this? Just a feeling I got when I was studying the 6 of Cups which is a card of the past.  A male with connections can be helpful. Someone she already knows.

6 of Cups reversed: The advice of this card suggests to H that she should actually open herself up to other opportunities. If things are slow and not moving forward in the work arena then maybe it’s time to venture out into different territories. It’s a time for some soul searching. She needs to ask herself some important questions. One thing H should re-evaluate is her work objectives.  Sometimes we can’t just sit back and wait for things to move faster. We need to make it happen.

The result: Widow & Knight of Cups reversed.

The most likely outcome. I’m giving it a 3-6 month frame but you can designate any time frame prior to shuffle if you use this layout.

WIDOW: Grief. A woman in sorrow. A situation that causes pain. A woman without a partner.

Well isn’t this a poopy result for such a question.  I want to read the Widow card to mean that she has to rely on herself. This means H will be successful on her own. Self-employment is an option. She can provide various services in something she’s good at or likes. If H is waiting for a better job she will have to make it better herself. By being resourceful she will do ok. The Widow card has strength.  The widow in the card of this particular deck is a bit more passive but in the other Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten decks she is in much more control.  The widow has a handle on what’s lost.

Knight of Cups reversed: Another poopy card as an outcome. The cup in the knight’s hand is reversed. This means there is no containment.  In the upright position the Knight can be a little carefree waiting for his cup to be filled by others.  He does offer invitations but it’s everyone else who keeps the party going.  When he is reversed the knight is not to be fully trusted. Any invitations or offers coming from him can be shady.

Based on the cards Hilary should not sign any long term EXCLUSIVE contracts or binding agreements whether connected to work or not.  She needs to make sure she is free to take up with other opportunities when they present themselves.

Very interesting combination with the Gipsy & Tarot together.  Are both decks saying the same thing?  There are similarities but also differences.


You can read the Widow as sadness and regret but remember how strong she really is! The Knight of Cups reversed is telling me that perhaps H has dealings with a smooth talker promising her something he can’t deliver.

H will put all this behind her and reap the rewards of Merriment & Ace of Pentacles as these 2 cards are also in her future. She needs to “focus” on the Positive Energy of these 2 cards.

 Sending Hilary self-empowering energy.

Tarot Delineation

Simple 5 card layout

I am using the Radiant Rider-Waite® deck to illustrate this reading.

The question I am asking the cards is, “what is it that I need to know about the next few months”? A fairly easy question to ask even though it is general but I’m sure the cards will tell me exactly what I am suppose to know. The key is to do an objective interpretation.

I was surprised to see 4 cups cards out of 5. I half expected to see the Tower 😛 as the 1st card.


Basis – the question. 9 of cups.

Here we have the traditional wish card. My question was connected to my heart and probably somewhere in the back of my mind, I was wishing to find out if I would secure another job. This card also shows a completion on an emotional level. Most likely the Tarot is telling me that I am just one huge feeling walking around and not applying action to anything.

What you know – the recent. 2 of cups.

Another cup card suggesting the blending of an emotional state or situation. It’s a card of cooperation or compromise between 2 people. The card is telling me that I already know that I need to work with others and did up until recently (thanks to the Tower’s bolt in the butt).

Also, because this spot is the past it would indicate that I am involved in a joint venture as well. Tossing ideas back and forth with another individual.

What you are not seeing. Page of Pentacles.

I am not seeing the message of this Page. What is the message suggested by the page staring into the pentacle? It looks like a crystal ball. Well the bottom line is that it is important not to lose the vision of generating income again. The Page also suggest there are ways to make a financial vision a reality.

The card can be suggesting that there is news coming. It is the unknown influence at the time of the shuffle. Of course I cannot see this right now, but the cards can. Are the cards telling me this because I need to know information is on it’s way.

OK, it’s 21 cups against 1 single pentacle. 😛 which represents The World Card…and that is the hidden guidance of the Major Arcana. This type of deduction doesn’t always work but in this case, it fits in quite nicely. The Page of Pentacles carries the world in his hand. And this means most things are in my own hands. By applying focused passion (cups) anything is possible.

The guidance of The World card is all about rebirthing….the beginning of a new lifestyle. This card also represents an entire season or cycle or Karmic life time. We just entered the Spring season on March 20th. It can take up until the beginning of summer to experience the blessings of the result card…a few months down the road.

Advice to follow – 7 of cups.

This card is telling me to focus and to chose a direction. There are too many emotional ideas floating around and it’s a matter of deciding on one of the cups. I sometimes read this card to mean daydreaming of sorts but as an advice card it wouldn’t be practical advice. But without dreams there are no ideas. There is lots of positive potential which can be experienced through the creative visualization process which is hinted at in the 7 of cups.

The result– 3 of cups.

A group project or team effort is suggested. The 3 of cups indicates a happy conclusion. The outcome is one of celebration and the return of high energy emotions within the next few months.

I want to read this card to mean the merging of the doubting personalities within to get to the point of picking one of those cups in the previous card and holding on to it. I see the “me, myself and I” coming together in a dance of joy.

The Tarot FOOL – Part 2/2

The FOOL card continues it’s journey bringing some influences of the planet Uranus to the designated Houses around the Astrological Wheel. Uranus disrupts but also adds excitement.

The image shown belongs to the Tarot of the New Vision deck & is displayed for the purpose of understanding some of the suggested meanings.

HOUSE 7 – relationships, partnerships, marriage. The FOOL in this spot indicates that the partner whether the relationship is legalized or not will certainly be highly creative and independent. It would be hard to pin this person down and the attitude would lean towards little emotional commitment. Many times there is a legal situation that would involve a high risk and most likely not be favorable.
HOUSE 8 – sex, inheritance, endings. There is a strong indication that additional monies will be forthcoming, mainly from the partner (s) or those who are in a position to give or lend. Sexual appetites are not ho-hum and there is a lust for adventure and experimentation. All things that end will be sudden and unexpected.
HOUSE 9 – long distant travel, higher education, philosophy. An interest in air travel either as a passenger or pilot. When this card represents foreign lands in relation to long distance travel the suggestion is globe trotting – just for the thrill of it. Old cultures would be a curiosity that can be a topic of study through workshops or lectures.
HOUSE 10 – career, reputation, ambitions. The person getting the reading done will not go unnoticed. They can achieve public acclaim but not necessarily for all the good that they do, more like what they didn’t do. This house also represents one of the parents (the one that was ambitious in their career). This parent probably was not able to establish a close bond because they were too busy. Issues with the mother are shown -she could be very eccentric.
HOUSE 11 – community, hopes, friendships. Unusual and exotic types of friendship surround this person. They belong to clubs or organization with a specific cause leaning towards the new age movement. Humanitarian issues are important and there will be involvements with people that aren’t the “norm” of society. The hopes and wishes would be futuristic. Strong spiritual bonds with friends.
HOUSE 12 – large institutions, subconscious, past life. The person would be employed in one of several large organizations such as schools, hospitals, military, corrections centers etc. Alcohol and drugs should be avoided or used in moderation because of the high susceptibility to energy from other realms. Whatever the chosen field of career choice is, will indicated the uncompleted lessons of the previous life before this incarnation. The person would have a fear of heights as this house rules phobias as well.

..back to Part 1/2..


Tarot – 8 of cups


The 8 of cups – The Rider & the New Vision Tarot.

I decided to do a 1 card daily draw today to gain some insight into why I felt a certain way about a project I have jointly been working on over the past year. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I sensed I was “shifting” inside.
When I saw this card I knew that I was losing my original passion. It was on hold because the other person involved was unable to provide continuity due to their own major transformations over the last few months.

It is not clear if the 8 cups are full or empty. On an emotional level the detachment has already occurred, the man has crossed the river. It is my understanding that the symbolism of the red cloak & red footwear indicates that the passion is still within the person. Key #1 The Magician wears a red cloak. The walking stick or staff is the same one the Magician is holding up towards the sky and it’s symbolism is that of “as above, so below”, to focus or to concentration. Clear thinking to manifest what you want.

The fact that the character in the image is leaning on the staff tells me that the concentration or focus is being grounded. It also is being used to guide the person in their journey. The 8 of cups is suggesting that there is a completion on some level and it also points to closure because the individual did make it across the river. There is more to discover because the cloak of passion has not been taken off.

It is interesting to read other people’s interpretations which are listed below. Essentially, everyone is saying the same thing.

Joan Bunning
author of Learning the Tarot has a lengthy & detailed description on her on-line course.
Cheryl Lynne Bradley
president of Tarot Canada International has written her perception of what the 8 of cups means.
Kim Kucera
from TarotScopes website has a brief and to the point explanation.
Kathy Cooper
from Tarot Card Information presents a description & interpretation of the Aquatic Tarot 8 of cups.

The Tarot reveals a solution

This was one of the most gut wrenching experiences I have had to date involving the Tarot cards because of the way it happened. I totally and explicitly trusted the cards.

In continuation of this story, the lady called me about a month after that and was beside herself with financial worry. I did not want to read her so soon after the initial reading because it is my policy not to read for someone in emotional hysterics. I would much rather do Healing touch or one-on-one meditation with the person. (more…)

A story about the Tarot Death card

A number of years ago I read for a regular customer that I met at a meditation circle I was facilitating. She came to me faithfully for a card reading every year. In this one instance, we could not agree to a time that was mutually acceptable to both of us, especially me. This went on for several weeks. I wondered about why this was happening and knew deep within that I was probably going to have to channel some information that may be tough to deliver. I have had this happen before and quite often.

When we finally met for the reading, I experienced a chill before I even got the cards.

I always offer a refreshment prior to a “card sitting” because this give the person a chance to relax and take the edge off. And for me to settle into an energy connection. As I proceeded to read the cards I began to describe a man which is nothing out of the ordinary. In her layout Key 13, the Death card was positioned in spot 8 (more…)

Reviewing Cosmic reading(Nov 17)

Quoted from the Nov 17/07 post.The question posed is “will the person who had the heart attack yesterday improve before Christmas”

1and2.jpg 1. 3 of cups Reversed- as the 1st card representing the situation around the question we find the negative influence of what is generally an excellent card of celebration. This card points to excesses such as drinking, smoking and unhealthy eating habits. This card’s meaning ties in very nicely to the circumstances which may have lead to the heart attack- this is only speculation right now but makes sense. There is a hint that drugs can be an issue as well but I am not certain if the Tarot is picking up on something that will come to pass or could be a “now” problem. The description ties into the playing cards of 9spades.jpg5spades.jpg7spades.jpg(alcohol or drug overdose/problem).

2. 8 of Cups- as the crossing card, challenge or blessing which rules this reading we find a card of withdrawal. In this card is emotional indifference or an emotional distancing between 2 people. There is a loneliness depicted and this could describe how the person feels right now and will for the next several months. The road to recovery is a lonely one because you are on your own ……despite any moral and medical support you will get. No one can feel your pain but you. Others can relate to it but it still is not the same because they are not in your skin.

“3 of Cups REVERSED….but I am not certain if the Tarot is picking up on something that will come to pass or could be a “now” problem…..”

3 of cups REVERSED. In position 1 this card will give you a feel for why the reading is done or the circumstances around a situation. In this case the question was posted.It is plain as day that the positive message of celebration which is contained within this card has been turned totally upside down … and the meaning reversed.In some Tarot cards the reversals do not mean complete opposite meanings, there is less of an energy or it is blocked.The Tarot knew that the person (Joe)who had the heart attack would not improve before Christmas. At this point there was no mention of open heart surgery by any of the doctors, there were other options. The test results were not completed and the extent of damage was not known.When I did this layout we were dealing with the heart attack situation ONLY. The surgery was decided by the medical people on Nov 23rd……. 6 days later.

What I am trying to do by reviewing the Cosmic Tarot reading, as I will do with the Aquarian Tarot reading is to determine which card(s) revealed what actually happened in the “real life” unfoldment. I feel this practice is important because it will open the door into the Tarot cards’ symbolism even more, I hope.The energy of the 3 of cups is not at it’s full positive capacity. This card demonstrates the lack of progress or growth (#3) in the actual question of improving before Christmas. Within this special reading………the surgery….and the stroke is shown & I will study the cards further in following posts.The “help” or offer of emotionally bonding has been lost in the reversal of this card.“8 of Cups…..this card is emotional indifference or an emotional distancing between 2 people. There is a loneliness depicted and this could describe how the person feels right now and will for the next several months……”

The emotional indifference & distancing involving the “feelings/CUPS” is the side effect of the stroke. This position is the crossing card. Challenge or Blessing.5c.jpg

If you look closely at the image (above) the 8 of cups, you will see a man who has lost “something” but not “everything”. He is sad. The Cosmic 8 of cups card reminds me of the regret which is traditionally associated with the 5 of cups. (left image)

Some other associated meanings for the 8 of cups card are, renunciation of the material world, something is missing, charity, sacrifice, travel in search of the missing link- perhaps soul retrieval.

What happened to Joe? Is there more to this than the physical indicators of the heart attack & stroke? Has part of his soul disassociated from the rest of him? If so, why. Was his need for love so strong that he could no longer live like he was? Why is it that we are more loving & understanding of people when they are ill or when a tragedy befalls them.

PLEASE watch the 38 minute interview video at The Conscious Media Network website, featuring Jill Kuykendall, a practitioner of Soul Retrieval. I found her interview to be of great help – it might help you, too. Jill’s husband Hank Wesseleman, a Shaman offers a 55 minute interview.

The traditional image of the 8 of cups illustrates a man leaving 8 cups behind and moving on. The image actually shows the physical departure…crossing the river, wearing a red cape and using a walking stick.This brings me to the next point. If I had used one of the Rider decks I would have studied the imagery within the card as well as kept in mind the associated meanings. Would I have arrived at a different interpretation of this card?I really don’t know exactly. If the entire celtic cross was done using the Rider or even Robin Wood deck would the analysis have contained additional information or less. I think it is important to know that when asking very significant questions, your relationship with the deck you use is a factor.When I analyzed the Cosmic deck reading I was influenced by the imagery in a different way than I would have by the Morgan Greer or New Vision Tarot.I think by comparing the imagery 3 of cups REV/8 of cups duo from 4 other Tarot decks is something worth studying.

1rev.jpg Revelations 1rw.jpg Robin Wood

1nv.jpg New Vision 1mg.jpg Morgan Greer

Revelations Tarot * Zach Wong. Llewellyn.

Robin Wood * Robin Wood. Llewellyn.

New Vision * Alligo, Raul & Gianluca Cestaro. Lo Scarebeo

Morgan Greer * Bill Greer. US Games Systems Inc.

coming soon Ask my Cards website

Thank you to all that have visited Ask my Cards blog.

Now is as good a time as any to announce that the Ask my Cards website will be functional by the end of 2020 summer (hopefully sooner). The objective of the website is to follow in the footsteps of my blog with a more structured format. Who knew I would be blogging for 14-15 years.  🙂  I will be offering downloadable lessons, tutorial vids as well as a few other surprises.

One of the other surprises is Seaqueen’s oracle deck. It was completed about 7-8 years ago by a very talented Hungarian artist (Tuskó). I explained in detail the vision I had for each card and he intuitively sketched it. This project probably took a few years. As you know the path in life is not always straight. 

If you can read Tarot, regular cards, Lenormand or Sibilla style decks you will probably embrace my deck. Please stay tuned either here (or FaceBook)or follow me on ➡ TWITTER.  

Key 9 The HERMIT

Card of the Day: Raymond Romani Hermit.

Raymond Buckland Romani Tarot

The appearance of this Major Arcana can signify that the message contained within the card needs to be followed today. If you understand the Key you will understand the solution. By understanding the principle you can determine the lesson of the Major Arcana card.

The Hermit card has traditional associations with inner guidance, experience and the capacity to oversee similar to the soaring hawk I saw the other day. To be able to rise above circumstances and look at the totality of the problem or situation is more useful than impulsive ‘ego’ banging. 

In the traditional Rider deck, the Hermit stands on top of a mountain, holding a staff in his left hand and a lantern in his right hand. There is a 6 pointed star glowing within the lantern. The colour grey has associations with knowledge and would represent a neutral energy. In order to understand we need to accept the cosmic laws especially when situations get ‘tough’ in our lives. It is all part of the larger plan.

Ask yourself today which piece of the jigsaw puzzle do you want to work on first. Will you do the border? How about similar patterns? 

One of the esoteric connections of the Hermit card is Clairsentience. It is the ability to feel other people’s energy. To feel is to touch. This might sound confusing but if you really stop to think about it you will see that it makes perfect sense. Well, to me it does. 

To touch another person’s pain through the electromagnetic field that joins us all is to feel the energy of the pain. Think back to a time when you just did not like being around a person and you did not know why. Within the electromagnetic field is the contamination of negative thinking. If you picked up on that without knowing why you probably experienced intermittent clairsentience.

One of the lessons of the Hermit card is to view your problem or situation from within yourself because your external life is reflecting what is going on within. What will you encounter today? You have the power of the star within the lantern.

If you can lift yourself above any lower energy which comes your way today you can overcome most anything.

The Hermit teaches us to reach into the past experiences and gives us the opportunity to change our view of these experiences if they are clouding our knowledge. The result is gaining the wisdom from the process.

Watch out for the snake today! The truth can hurt.

Tarot of the New Vision. Lo Scarabeo

The Mini Celtic Cross reading

“Tarot of the Masters”  READING

Posted on October 10, 2008

The question posed is about the development of the Tarot Career of the creator of the Tarot of the Masters deck, James Ricklef.  I think that the mini Celtic cross will provide a short term answer and describe influences that can manifest over the next 3 months or so.  

I do not think this layout will give a long range reading like the full 10 card Celtic cross.  Even if all the 10 cards were used the time frame is generally 6-8 months. If the Ace of Pentacles (a season card) were to appear, it would indicate the fall season of 2009.  In that case the reading can take up to a year to manifest.  Aces are also a starting point.

There are no Aces in this layout.  Does this mean there is no time frame involved?  My feeling on this is the starting points have already begun which involve the Cups and Wands suit cards. Cups and Wands amplify the energies belonging to these suits.  There is a lot of intellectual passion within James. There are no swords or pentacles within these 6 cards. It is obvious the rewards will come with minimal hardships. 

The reading I will do is for learning purposes and I will interpret the imagery of the cards in relation to the general question.  I will try and avoid the traditional meanings of the cards up to a point.  It will be interesting to see how this reading unfolds.

Starting with Card 1, the 2 of wands -state of condition or emotional focus.

In the image of the card we see 2 wrestlers. What I find interesting in this card is the top of the head of one of the wrestlers.  A grey circle-subconscious knowledge. My feeling on this scene is this circle representing the head is an inner goal which will require some effort to maintain or balance. 

If you really look at this card you can see the silhouette of a third being not fully formed in the center.  This form is new thoughts and ideas regarding James’ career direction.

He wants to move ahead and needs to open up the opportunities dictated to him by his gut feelings.  There is no room for doubt, now.


Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a “practitioner of cartomancy”?

First,  you need to remember is that the person reading the cards is a human being.  The cards are a physical representation of a set of tools which are used to supposedly trigger entrance into other dimensions.  In order to do this there needs to be an altered state of mind. A deck of cards will contain imagery, symbols and usually a long history of what those images and symbols mean.

To a high degree we have been rooted in tradition but I see this changing slowly.  Systems of “newer” cartomancy are not easily created because people generally do not like stepping out of the comfort zone of a sure thing.

Much advanced work is being done by using a deck of cards (especially the sacred Tarot) to explore the different angles to give us explanations (hindsight) of how the reading fit into an actual real life situation. The Tarot usually does not pinpoint precise situations, however, authentic fortune telling does.

I see the Tarot and the Sibilla style (including the regular playing cards) very much different in their contributions to the reader of the cards.  I have investigated a great number of  systems quite intensely.

A great number of practitioners of divination using cards do not want to be identified with the label of being a “fortune teller”.  In fact, in some parts of the world there are by-laws prohibiting this practice.  I feel this is absurd because there is fortune (future) telling going on right before our eyes every day … on the television.  

I’m getting a little off track from the points I want to make but that is what blogging is all about; sharing our perceptions.

Does a card reader have fears?  You bet.  It is akin to stage fright.  No matter how many hundreds of readings you may have performed, each reading is like the very first.  Your personal reading space is vital to calling in your spiritual helpers.  They do not show up anywhere unless you have already established a strong bond with them.  I think it is very important to prepare yourself to read the cards.  Your personal reading space is the area in which you have cast a circle of protection either in your mind or through physical rituals, like lighting candles, incense and mood music.

You should be able to place yourself in an altered state of mind to receive guidance through environment, person getting the reading and the circumference of energy.  This process takes years and years of practical experience  It does not happen within a few short months even if you “think” you are a  natural clairvoyant & even then you will have to tune into the frequencies correctly.  

There are better times to do readings.  The planetary energies should be factored as well.  The ability to have more ‘Clear Sight’  occurs when certain planets are in good aspects with the Earth.

Perhaps you have better luck in certain locations over others.  Cities and communities also emit an electromagnetic field which the authentic ‘psychic’ (and I use that term loosely) will be influenced by.

Not only is the state of mind of the ‘reader’ important but the recipient as well.  This is where you must pay attention.  Your role in the reading could be to ‘listen’ to them instead of them ‘listening’ to you.  

Reading cards is a responsibility … and there is much more going on than meets the eyes.

Before you consider doing a reading take into considerations some of the points I have detailed.  See if they make any sense to you or offer you answers to why some of the readings are totally off the mark while others have an astounding accuracy.

Seaqueen’s Perception

Follow up on previous reading.

Below you will see part of a Tarot reading from the February 10/08  entry involving Veronica.  

This post is a follow up to  the original question, “will Veronica go back to her previous work environment?”.  I can do this today because I have received confirmation as to the unfolding of this reading.  It is now approaching 3 months since this Tarot reading was done.  Today’s analysis of this reading is done in yellow. —————–> (more…)

7 of Wands Reversed


I want to review The Tarot of the New Vision 7 of Wands Reversed

Focusing on Spot 8 of the Celtic cross – Other people’s viewpoints, external influences, environment

When you are asking a question that requires an answer by another person or representative of a situation, you carefully examine Spot 8. You can gain a lot of information from the card that is situated here, despite what card #10- outcome/results suggests.

In this example we have the 7 of Wands Reversed. The energy of this card is not totally complete. Is it prevented or restricted? In the upright position the suggested meaning is “to hold ones own position in the face of adversity”.

When you look at the image, there is a feeling that the “adversity or opposition” has the advantage. The wands are not below the mound but above it. The man is still holding on to a single wand and attempted to ward off the other six coming at him.

If the man is defending his position in the upright card, he will not be able to hold his own through the adversity in the reversal. How can he take a stand if he his feet are not firmly planted on the mound?

In Spot #8- whoever is represented by the 7 of Wands reversed, will not be able to provide full support to the person asking the question. It is out of their hands because there are too many other things to factor in, too many ideas (wands). Good chance there will be no further negotiations or discussions that will be in the person’s favor.

Another way to look at this card is that the energy has gotten unleashed in such a negative way that there is battle with everyone for no apparent reason. Who is fighting whom? And why?

Would this card give you a feeling of confidence in the support you are looking for in others? I think that there are 2 distinct meanings in the reversal of this card. You are being taken advantage of for some reason or the people involved are doing battle on your behalf.

One of the lessons of the 7 of Wands is courage. Not to lose faith in your ability to overcome challenges. It is time to adopt a new perspective so that this courage can flourish. Other people are saying to you not to give up.

3 of Swords



TAROT of the NEW VISION LO SCARABEO – Pietro Alligo Artwork of Raul & Gianluca Cestario

A new way to look at the Tarot. I find this deck refreshing and stimulating.

The image in the card shows the back of a heart with 3 swords piercing through it. In the background is a hill or mountain top that illustrates groups of people walking away from the top center. The clouds above are filled to capacity with rain and the streams can be seen falling in the back of the heart.

In one way it looks like a crowd of people dispersing after a funeral. Everyone leaves going in different directions.

There is no evidence of blood drops coming from the heart. The card symbolizes desertion, pain and suffering when in the upright position. It can also mean the interference of an unwanted person. Knowledge that brings upset. It is an emotional reality check.

The 3 of Swords in the reversed position is still negative and it does not mean the opposite as some of the other Tarot cards. The answer is no with a slight chance of a maybe.

I have always read this card to mean some sort of huge disappointment – a plan that does not work out and in the process causing a sour taste in one’s mouth.

It does also mean a minor surgery or use of medical instruments. In the reversal the symbolism suggests that the worst is over but it is far from being great. More time is needed. Decisions will be delayed.

Examples of questions using the 3 of Swords reversed as the chosen card.

Will my relationship work out?- probably not.

Will I pass the exam? – just barely.

Can I afford a new car? – not really.

Is so-and-so going on a vacation? – I doubt it.

Will so-and-so get better?- eventually.

Does so-and-so love me? – sure and everyone else too.

5/5 entering the spirit of #16 Exhibition

I would like to conclude my experiment with the Rainring cards using the 5 square layout which is explained on the website.


I am anxious to put it all together because even though my question perhaps should have been re-phrased I think I have discovered some information connected to my original question that “challenges” my intention of asking the question. Like, why am I really asking about the successful of these sketches.


The cards have picked up on what I truly am thinking and I would have not become aware of that unless I posed the question the way I did. What I mean by this sentence is that had I not done the Rainring reading I would not have been able to get past my conscious self…………….. (more…)

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Astro House Associations of the Mystical Lenormand -house 11,12

House 11- Dog #18

House 12- Cross #36


click here to VIEW the complete 36 cards

HOUSE 11 comes under the ruler-ship of Aquarius. The associations of this house are connected to friendships, community, hopes & dreams. Situations are more impersonal and involve group activities.

The image shows a friendly looking dog sitting in front of a fireplace exuding with bright flames. A symbol of warmth. You can almost see the dancing fire spirits. There is a crystal ball or orb placed on the rug. Circles symbolize continuity. On the mantle you can see a crystal pyramid and 2 Egyptian Goddesses support the fireplace. The dog’s red collar is filled with gems. Connections with past or ancient groups are evident in the card.

The suggested meanings for the Dog card are friendship. A dog protects the home and it’s occupants. This card is usually seen as positive indicating trust and loyalty. The connections to the 11th house are appropriate. When you wish or have a dream to accomplish a goal- you must be faithful to your vision.

In a reading the Mystical Dog card brings with it the suggestion that a group effort may be necessary to ensure continuity. It also hints at relationships of the past.

HOUSE 12 is associated with Pisces- the sign of suffering & sacrifice, or so legend has it. The 12th house is connected to the subconscious mind. It is the hard drive holding the memories of your past. Pisces is all about Universal love. The highest expression of love- unconditional acceptance, the willingness to help those less fortunate, to give without ever expecting to get something in return. Other associations of this house are hospitals, larger institutions such as jails, libraries, universities, churches , convents, monasteries, but not limited to just those. Solitude. Some Astrologers link the limitations of Karma to this house. Self-imprisonment- as depicted by the 8 of swords in the Tarot.

The image of the Cross card is almost eerie. There is a lot of gray- symbolizing wisdom. There is a scene of a cemetery with magnificent stone statues, especially the large one right in the middle of the card. On the right side of the card you can see part of a structure built with bricks. On the side of the archway about half way up you can see a sad face (on both sides). The spiraling question mark beneath the man with the beard carved into the center cross suggests the unknown. You can see many other symbols within this card that will mean different things to everyone. The black birds welcome the soul’s return.

The traditional meanings of the Cross card has long been linked to grief, sadness, pain & suffering. It is believed we all have our own cross to bear- our fate (if you have that belief system). This card is all about how you withstand life’s little and big tests. When I read the Cross card it tells me a situation has completed or cannot move forward anymore. It suggests holding on to emotional “baggage” and not seeing beyond that.

Anytime another card is coupled with the Cross card the result is usually unhappiness in the outcome. It will hint at a point of no return, whereas with the Coffin card-new beginnings are possible.

Rider, Stork, Tower

The 1969 Gypsy Bijou fortune telling cards that I own which is seen in the image were originally published in 1910 by Foulsham & Co., London England.

The Lenormand style cards have the meanings written on them, are numbered but do not contain the inserts of the standard playing cards on them.

It is a great little deck as you learn the process of “reading”. As with most of the Lenormand decks the traditional meanings are the same with the exception of additional information that is created by the person reading the cards. The combinations tend to be common-sense derivatives. The only time you get a spectacular combination is when you actually have a vision or hear a message via inner sight and inner voice that is significant to the person getting the reading. And that would have to be right on. For example, telling them they will move into a house that has a house number of 1257 or telling them they will be involved with a person named Frank or Melissa (when they currently don’t know anyone with that name that they would be romantically interested in). Now that’s what I call -good and these types of predictions can happen.

The cards below are #1 Rider, #17 Stork, #19 Tower

We all know the Rider brings messages of all kinds that are usually on there way. In this deck the Rider faces to the left. The way I want to read this is any message or news that does come will be connected to the distant past not as in decades gone by but as in longevity (going on for quite some time or part of a continuous situation or problem).

The Stork is all about changes and movement. These 2 cards empower each other because they are both about the energy of information coming towards us whether we want it or not. Of course if you don’t pick up the phone, retrieve your E-messages or converse with anyone – it may not happen…..then…..but it will. If the news is heading your way it will arrive in such as way that you don’t expect. A surprise.

The Stork is the KNIGHT of the Tarot

– coming and going of a matter bringing change. The Stork faces the Tower card and has it’s back to the Rider and the horse. Whether this makes any difference or not can only be determined after the fact.

The Tower is interpreted as a separation or long life (health), depends which meanings you want to use. It can represent a large building (stork and tower can point to a medical building). Today, when I observe the Stork and Tower cards together I get the feeling of changes within the physical body. The Rider in that case would be medical news coming that will bring information pertaining to a health issue.

Some other combinations- change of plans, visiting a professional building, sudden arrival or departure rooted in the news or message received, emotional withdrawal

When you look at a stork, it doesn’t move around a lot. It just stands there unlike a chicken. This tells me that the change that is foretold by the Stork card will happen with great speed. When the symbolism of the actual stork bird was put on these cards, you have to remember that is was in the mid 1800’s and there would be only certain species of storks popular in Europe.

Isn’t that part of Europe where the myth of the stork bringing babies originated from?

Probable Outcome versus Final Outcome

Probable outcome.

Tarot of the New Vision and Cosmic Tarot



Final Outcome

If you are using a Celtic layout where you have a position that defines the probable outcome which is the Crowning position. This card position varies with Readers, I use position 5 as the Crowning position and it is right above card #1.

What does probable outcome mean anyways? Is it a choice or alternate path?

Looking at the Tower card, it doesn’t appear too promising however the Tower card has many positive aspects to it. In the Tarot of the New Vision tower card, which is a really unique deck to study, the characters are falling from the tower that has been hit by a lightning bolt. This is mainstream for this card. The crown representing the ego, is knocked off. In the front of the card is the Tree of Life representing knowledge. The Cosmic Tarot is similar in image except that you can’t help but notice the eye in the right hand corner of the card. Perhaps the eye of “God”, your “God”, “the god within You“.

What is the significance of the Tower in the crowning position?
Of course, a rude awakening. The cards traditional meaning is one of destruction, collapse of structure (thinking), or a sudden jolt of experience that was not anticipated.

At first when I saw this card, I became troubled by it but as I studied card 6, the immediate future spot I had an extremely positive card. Can the manifestation of the Tower card be avoided? If it an a probable outcome, then it is possible. I think that the probable outcome happens anyways and so does the final outcome. Card 6 leads to the probable outcome.

How you handle card 6 is indicative of how you get through the crowning cards and in this case it is the Tower card.

The last, or final outcome card is the Ace of Cups, always a welcome card. It points to new beginnings. Being it is a cup, the new experience is on an emotional level. Getting excited about something again. A re-birthing of feelings and that is good.

In order to greet the Ace of Cups, the Tower must be lived through. It could be a riveting experience.

The Tower paves the way, for the Ace of Cups. Old and negative thought patterns must be eliminated. How can you honestly feel a new positive emotion, for example- happiness or love if you have shadows of negative mixed in with it.

There is definitely some dramatic and profound change coming.

Card 6 is of the utmost importance how you handle the Tower which will inevitably lead to the wonderful Ace of Cups.


#17 The Stars according to the Tarot of the New Vision.

I love this image. The Star means different things to different readers. To me, it represents Astrological cycles. It suggests faith & hope and not to give up on something that you are wishing for. To be totally honest with yourself (naked woman). To know that you are being watched over by other beings in the Universe and protected.

The clue is in this card- trust, ritual of belief! By trusting that whatever the situation will be that is pending is a necessary purging (tower) to some healthy emotions – reconnecting with the childlike wonder of happiness.

The Hanged Man -Key 12

In most decks (Rider) the Hanged Man or Hanged One is similar in appearance. Hanging quite contently by one foot like a pendulum that is very still, balanced and centered. There seems to be a look of contentment on his /her face with a halo. Whenever I get this card I know that I need to stop and re-examine the question that is on my mind, or situation around me. I know that I need a different perspective. When you actually stand on your head, the blood rushes into it and you do see things contrary to the original viewpoint.
I have never been successful on my head for very long without falling over, haha but it is a good technique to use to help you feel the Hanged Man.
It is a purification process of sorts-that is important, not to look at any situation in only one way because it is not really as it seems. If we have negativity floating around in our thoughts-the anxiety/fear/apprehension will distort the influence our perspective. Questioning a situation sends a strong message of self-doubt which is based in negativity.

Tarot of the New Vision deck (Lo Scarabeo) by Pietro Alligo, artwork of Raul and Gianluca Cestaro depicts an interesting scene where the person hanging on the “T” type tree is not visible only the arms can be seen tied up on the post, the left leg can be partially seen tied up as well. In that card it is obvious that The Hanged Man can be a male or female. Facing out into a crowd of angry people or so it seems. The image is one of punishment and gives the impression that the hanging person was put up there by the crowd.

Sometimes I look at both of these two decks because they are mirrors of each other in a pictorial sort of way (artwork). I get different feelings …. the perspective I was talking about in the beginning paragraph is no longer a peaceful feeling. Perhaps the angry crowd is one’s own fear/anger, etc projected outward to be seen by the hanged person- just another way of looking at the card, just another way of addressing the issue at hand which triggered the question, or the appearance of The Hanged man in the layout.