Heart layout answers relationship question. Lenormand cards.

INSTRUCTIONS for the Heart Layout:

1. Remove the Significator cards from the deck prior to shuffling. Place them on the table so that there is room for one card between them.
2. Shuffle the cards thoroughly thinking about your question about the relationship. Maybe you don’t even know what you are really are thinking/feeling. The cards might reveal additional information you hadn’t expected.

If you really don’t want to know the answer – don’t ask the cards

3. Cut the deck as many times as you feel necessary and proceed laying the cards according to the image.

It doesn’t matter which column you insert the Significator cards but I usually put the person I am asking about on the left side. The client or you (if it’s your reading) to the right side. You should decide on this ahead of time. Some decks the Significator cards will face each other and other decks they won’t. For the purpose of this layout the directions of the Significators have less impact on the overall reading, however, they can be used. The reason I am saying this is because you have chosen a certain Lenormand deck. These days cartomancers have more than one version at hand.

  • card 1 On His Mind above the Gentleman. What is this man thinking about at the present time. The card should reveal his attitude towards your question or something that is important to him.
  • card 2 On Her Mind above the Lady. The same applies to this Significator. If you are a female getting the reading this card will reveal your thoughts in connection to the question. Often other things show up as well. 
  • card 3 What He Faces beneath the Gentleman. This spot is similar to the near future or pending influence/situation. If the card is unclear draw a Clarification card after all the cards have been laid out. You will find with the Lenormand an additional card may be necessary.
  • card 4 What She Faces beneath the Lady. The same applies to this Significator. What are you about to step into? Where will this situation lead you (or your client). (This reading is for a woman asking about a man)  
  • card 5 Outcome between the Gentleman and Lady. The very last card finishing off the “H” of the Heart layout is the answer, outcome and/or result. Is it positive? Is it negative? Do you need to pick another card to gain more information? Remember that card 5 holds the information connected to your question.

Years ago when I performed one on one consultations the client did not tell me much about their background. It was probably a sign of the times and the stigma connected to “fortune tellers”. Luckily, this has changed to a certain degree these days because the client knows if they tell you a bit of why they need the reading you can help them more. It’s such a waste of precious energy playing the guessing game with common information.

Background to the question:

Woman K is experiencing estrangement from Man J she cares about. Lately, she heard he might be moving far away from her which would create challenges in them reuniting or taking steps towards a reconciliation. The woman wants to know if this is the end of this connection/relationship with the man if he moves and perhaps, even if he does not relocate. She is holding on to some hope they will get back together as a couple.

Deck featured: Konigsfurt Urania Lenormand Wahrsagekarten

Heart Layout with Lenormand cards

Notice that the Clouds card fell reversed. More on this card after the other cards are studied. If this happens when you lay the cards you can place the card upright if you are not comfortable reading reversals. There are no set rules for reversals other than the Lenormand is not read this way. Of course, it is a personal choice if you want to explore potential meanings. In my view, this card fell upside down for a reason but for the most part Lenormand cartomancers will not read reversals.

Card #1: Let’s begin with Man J on the left side of the Heart layout. So, what’s on his mind? The Fox card is a very challenging energy when it touches the Significator card of someone you care about. Don’t forget, the Fox could also be describing his general outlook at the time of shuffle. It doesn’t mean that Man J is being sneaky around Woman K. Often the Fox card shows the person is a strategist. He plans his next move. If this relocation opportunity is around him he is probably looking at all angles before he decides much like a fox vetting (critical observations) the chicken coop.

Card #3: Looks like he is facing a very successful influence with the Sun card shining the path ahead of him. How does this card play into Woman K’s question? Is there hope for them? I think Man J is more interested in what’s in it for him. He wants to get on top of his game. The Fox card often represents one’s work as well although I don’t use that meaning often. His job might require the skills of a fox.

Card #2: Woman K is thinking about this new situation which she has heard of recently. The Child card is all about new beginnings as well. Is this on her mind? She may feel at a disadvantage with this new information surrounding him, if in fact, it is a reality. She just doesn’t know what to do. She is in need of emotional guidance like a small child venturing out into the big world. On one hand, Woman K may be a little naive because of the two people Man J is more worldly and experienced.

Card #4: Woman K is facing the House card. This means the stability and security of her immediate environment will be very important to her. She is not about to give this up that easily. She will be thinking about where she lives and what it means to her. She also knows that “home” is where the “heart” is.

Card #5: The outcome is the Clouds reversed.  Woman K wants to know where if anywhere she stands in his life. Is she part of his future? Will they resume a relationship somehow? If the Clouds card was upright I would say there is little hope for an easy solution to this situation. So much is unclear right now.

When the Clouds card is reversed it would intensify the lack of clarity between these two people. The King is reversed which adds the not so nice qualities to the Gentleman card. Man J most likely will not be thinking straight where Woman K is concerned. She doesn’t need someone who is not sure of her. She needs a man who has confidence in their connection and can appreciate all the blessings she can offer him. He’ll do alright on his path since he is facing the Sun card, well, at least for two or three months. She will hold on to her own power and not lose hope.

The cards are advising Woman K that there will not be any fast movement or progress insofar as their connection. He’s just not sure. If the outcome card was the Scythe card then there definitely would be a severance of all hope to a possible reconnection. However, the energy in lingering which does not provide a definite yes or no answer. Woman K is strong (King of Hearts- House) and will cope with what’s to come.

Excuse any typos.

HEART LAYOUT – relationship problems

I have written about the Heart Layout  (<—-click for posts) several times featuring different decks. Today’s deck is Jennifer Kast’s ForTheSeekersLenormand.

Background: ‘Tis the season for relationship problems. A couple is experiencing some serious setbacks in communication over the last week. At this time they are not speaking to each other and this is the reason I placed the Significator cards (Lady and Gentleman) looking away from each other. You can do this with most Lenormand decks provided the images have directions.  It was the female (Lady) that sent me an email asking for some advice about the future of her relationship with the man she has been involved with for about three years.

Heart Layout ForTheSeekers Lenormand

I do want to mention that you have an option to select more than one card in each position of the Heart layout except the Significators. Sometimes, one card is not enough and it needs a contributing card to add more of a precise meaning. In the image above, I don’t think any of the cards need additional cards because it is quite obvious what’s going on.


This card reveals that the female is very headstrong which could be part of the problem. She’s be a hard one to persuade. I don’t think it is easy talking to her without major resistance.


Not a good omen at all. He has cut communication with the female and is thinking of splitting. He would actually be quite cold emotionally with little room for negotiations.


There is a decision pending regarding this relationship. She believes that most likely there will be a major shift in direction of this strained union. The Outcome card will reveal what happens between this couple.


The male may be a bit confused as to how he will handle this problem with the female. It looks like his mind is made up but he probably just doesn’t know how to go about it. He sits on the clouds so there is stormy weather ahead in this relationship.


One of the meanings for this card is a separation or parting of ways. Things have gotten out of hand and neither of these two people are reachable. Each person is caught up with their own thoughts which makes it difficult to compromise or to open the gates of communication.

Will this couple start talking again? Yes, but the problem is they won’t talk about saving the relationship. They will be talking about a separation. The only ray of hope in this situation is the Clouds card. We know this is a temporary influence and that it situation could clear up. If you look at the card in the layout you can see the dark clouds on the right side of the card as well. The future looks worrisome for this couple.  As a colleague, I hope it works out but as a card reader I am not that optimistic it will. 

Heart Layout featuring Lenormand Oracle Cards

I created the Heart Layout with assigned names of the positions. It is mostly used when asking relationship questions. This layout is suitable for any deck of cards even if the deck you are using does not have  male or female significator cards. In that case, you would shuffle the deck, cut it and layout it out starting at left column (left part of the “H”), place card, go to right column (right side of “H”) place card, continue placing a card in the significator spot (left column) and significator spot (right column) making sure you have a spot in the middle wide enough for the OUTCOME card which is the last card you place. Continue with the next card placing it at bottom of left column continue with right column. Finally, the last card goes in the middle (middle of “H”).

As always, posts detailing cards and/or in layouts are an exercise in how to read the cards. I share my process with you openly. How I read cards might differ from how you interpret cards and maybe you’ll learn something new. 🙂

HEART LAYOUT featuring Judith Bärtschi Lenormand Karten © Königsfurt-Urania, 2007.

Heart Layout

Heart Layout

HEART LAYOUT featuring the Lenormand Oracle Cards (Oracolo Lenormand) ©Lo Scarabeo, Torino, 2003.

Heart Layout

Heart Layout

What is the future of the female’s relationship (Lady, right column) with the male (Gentleman, left column) she is currently involved with?

ON HIS MIND: STORK.   The man is thinking a lot about some recent changes in their relationship. Maybe he is experiencing changes in his feelings for her. Something probably happened to induce these different feelings. Is he thinking about the Queen of Hearts?

ON HER MIND: SUN. She seems to be pretty optimistic right about the relationship. Maybe she is just the type of person who has a sunny disposition.

WHAT HE FACES: RING. The man in question will be looking at his commitment with the female. It looks like he will figure out that the changes which are on his mind will strengthen the bond they have.

WHAT SHE FACES: COFFIN. She, on the other card sees some sort of ending coming up.

These two people on a different page as far as the future of the relationship. She appears to be taking things a bit more serious.  Let’s see what the outcome will be. Will they break up?

Possible meanings of the Coffin:

-the announcement of an ending
-something is finished
-time to say good-bye
-can be an unhealthy attitude
-can’t continue the way it was
-no use beating a dead horse
-put it to rest
-let it go

OUTCOME: DOG. What a wonderful card to have in this spot. There is definitely a strong friendship (buddy) foundation between this couple. There is loyalty to this relationship which will continue.

This couple will remain partners in the future (no predetermined time frame selected). Most likely it’s 6-8 months. The bond will continue (confirmed by the Ring card). I think there will be changes ahead for the female. She will need to address what’s not working any more in the relationship. Obviously, she will work through it because the Dog card is in the outcome spot.

dog sam puppy

OUTCOME between male & female

DOG- friendship, help, steadiness, dependability, reliable, trust, need, love, loyalty, faithfulness, playful. 

Heart layout featuring Gipsy cards

heartINSTRUCTIONS for the Heart Layout:

1. Remove the Sweetheart and Lover cards from the deck prior to shuffling. Place them on the table so that there is room for one card between them.
2. Shuffle the cards thoroughly thinking about your question about the relationship. Maybe you don’t even know what you are really are thinking/feeling. The cards might reveal additional information you hadn’t expected.

As always, if you really don’t want to know the answer – don’t ask the cards

3. Cut the deck as many times as you feel necessary and proceed laying the cards according to the
image. Place card 1 On His Mind above the Gentleman, card 2 On Her Mind above the Lady, card 3 What He Faces beneath the Gentleman, card 4 What She Faces beneath the Lady and card 5 Outcome between the Gentleman and Lady.



1. ON HIS MIND: Death card – This card always freaks me out a bit mainly due to the image.  What’s on his mind? That is a very good question. Let’s explore further.  Is it possible he sees nothing between himself and female C? This is such a barren looking card. He’s thinking about something that ended that’s for sure. Background behind Question: A female friend C. of mine has been dating a man for a few months. There seems to be a halt to further communication and she is not sure why? She wondered if it was because he is away on a work project.

2. ON HER MIND: Widower card – This card could reflect the loneliness female C is experiencing without the man and primarily because there is the lack of communication. The Widower also suggests times when we hold on to what we had and have difficulty letting it go. There is a sense of loyalty within this card. Is female C. remaining loyal to him in his absence?

3. WHAT HE FACES: Fortune card – What a contrast from the other card. This card is filled with all kinds of good things. Many blessings ahead for this man but is it with female C?  It may very well be work related although there aren’t any cards to confirm this. His future looks bright in context of this layout.

4. WHAT SHE FACES: Misfortune card – Ouch. Some situation will come up which will upset female C. There is a loss indicated within this card. On the other hand she may have to rescue him from the outcome card. Her future is in a state of urgency in context of this layout.

Let’s see what the outcome is going to be.  Many times our outcome/result is completely opposite to what we expect. Often the outcome brings truth to the surface.

5. OUTCOME: Jealousy card – Third party interference. This card represents a red-headed woman (according to word of mouth meanings). Actually, she doesn’t have to have red hair. Who these days knows what colour of hair a woman really has.  🙂  I think the “other woman” is often thought of as mysterious and exotic with the disposition of a red-head in other words hot-blooded (based on blondes have more fun jokes).

If we read the Misfortune card as female C. coming to the rescue she could go after this man whether another woman is around or not. She does strike me as the type of person who won’t give up that easily.

When I look at the trio of cards in the middle LOVER, JEALOUSY, SWEETHEART I see the man in the bushes beside the Lover card.  The embracing couple is beside the Sweetheart card. To me, it looks like female C will eventually find out why the lapse in communication happened perhaps from  a third-party.

Heart Layout for Lady S.

A question from Lady S. using the Lenormand cards in The Heart Layout. My findings are in bold.

The querent is female and she wants to know about the future of her relationship with male X.The cards were: what’s on her mind – mice. This is pretty obvious as she is anxious and stressed. Also thinking on losses.
What she faces: dog – from your posts I guess that in this case the dog is talking about fidelity, she must trust the situation.

—->The Mouse card above Lady S. indicates that a situation is really bothering her connected to the Gentleman. Yes, she feel anxious about the entire circumstance. What she is faces is questions about loyalty and friendship bonding.
The middle card was letter and this is one of my doubts. Letter means communication. Now communication is something missing between them as he is running away of the feelings.

—–>Yes, one of the meanings of Letter is communication or at least the channel is open for further correspondences.  Lady S. is worrying needlessly because there are no card to indicate anything significantly “bad” will occur (ie: scythe, stork, mountain, whip, coffin, etc). The Gentleman has a duty (Lily, King of Spades) to his marriage which does not mean he can’t have feelings for Lady S. 

——>The Dog & Letter combined suggests a further connection between these two people. The Dog & Rider combined suggests a re-affirming of friendship. The Mouse & Lily combined could suggest lack of or very little physical love in his current situation.  

What’s on his mind: lilly – I could think on sexuality, harmony or family (he is still married)
What he faces – rider — or he will visit her, as the rider is going from him to her, or he will send her some news.

——>The Lily card also represents honesty because one of it’s traditional meanings is purity. This male is very much in control of his emotions (King of Spades) and doesn’t want any kind of troubles.  The fact that the Rider card is before him (what he faces) suggests there will be a connection in the near future with Lady S. This is confirmed by the center card Letter.

The Lenormand deck in the image below is published by Carta Mundi & illustrated for the purpose of demonstrating The Heart Layout.  Very nice soft cards which enhance Cartomancy interpretation.


asking the Lenormand with the Heart Layout.

Today’s post uses the Heart Layout as did the one a few days ago. This is a really simple little layout to use when asking about a relationship or the potential of a connection. JAN25HEARTLAYOUT

1st Column – Gentleman

On His Mind: The Fish Card (King of Diamonds)


What He Faces: The Stars Card

Summary: The Gentleman seems to be thinking about finances at the current time. He is either making good money or in a planning process with the King of Diamonds to initiate additional revenue.  He is very clear-headed with a specific goal he wants to achieve. He does face towards the center card which he shares with the Lady.

2nd Column – Lady

On Her Mind: The House Card (King of Hearts)


What She Faces: The Lily Card (King of Spades)

Summary: Look at how the Lady card is blocked in by the 2 Kings. (Ancient Cartomancy teaches that this could predict some troubles especially with the law.) Keeping the interpretation in the modern cartomancy world I see this situation between the 2 significant men in the lady’s life as split energy. One man will be connected to family/home and the other one will be a more professional person. The Gentleman is also in the equation.

The Lady is close to family matters and comes from a pure heart. She will experience harmonious circumstances in the upcoming weeks and even if her feathers get ruffled (Ancient Cartomancy indicators) all will straighten out within a short time.

Center Card

OUTCOME: The Key Card

Summary: Solution to a dilemma.  As we know the key works both ways. It can open the door or it can close it.  As far as the Gentleman and Lady’s near future connection or continuation of relationship I get a really positive vibe from this card.  If you look closely at the Key card the bottom of the key faces the Lily card suggesting an invitation to work through things. The top of the key is beside the Gentleman. All he has to do is reach over and turn the key.

There are No obvious “bad” cards in this layout indicating the energy of the Reading will flow smoothly.  The overall advice is, “go with the flow.”

Notice all the Kings in this layout. Does it mean anything? I think so. Kings are masters of their suits which means emotions (hearts), tangible situations (diamonds) and intellect (spades) are the significant energies. The Clubs (actions) suit is missing which means there probably won’t be speedy advancements between the connection of the Gentleman & Lady. No real bells and whistles but just the same the soft sounds of the flute will be heard.

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Heart Layout for Lady J.

I received an email from Lady J. using the following cards in the —–> Heart Layout (instructions). The deck she is using is the Lenormand by Carta Mundi Dutch version.
bear              dog
man – clouds – woman
heart             bouquet
Column 1: what’s on his mind BEAR
The male possesses strength of mind. Thoughts on money issues. He appears to be passionate in all he does.
MAN: gentleman in question
HEART: what he faces
His thoughts are on an emotional situation/relationship. To him it is in the early stages of development (Jack of Hearts) and he isn’t the type of man to be rushed (Bear)
Column 2: what’s on her mind DOG
Lady J. is thinking about a person who is a friend right now. She seems to be loyal in her mind towards this person.
BOUQUET: what she faces
Lady J. could experience some rewards from this possible connection. Perhaps a gift. Her approach to relationships is not flippant. (Queen of Spades)
Center: Outcome card CLOUDS.
The outcome appears to be foggy about the direction in which the connection between Lady J and the Gentleman will unfold. It may not happen too quickly. The King of Clubs inset in this particular deck is facing to the right.  He is looking at the Lady card (woman). The clouds seem to be on the right side of the card in this deck although I can’t quite tell as I don’t have the actual card in front of me. I am looking at the cards in the link above. One part of the Gentleman in question is interested but his attention currently is focused on money. (Bear)
Lady J. asked my in the email if this Gentleman is interested in the female depicted in the Bouquet card (Queen of Spades). I didn’t get the feeling he was and besides that the Queen is looking to the right of the layout indicating she probably wouldn’t be interested in the Gentleman.
Note: The Gentleman and Lady are not always facing to the right or to the left. Some decks they face forward. If your intuition tells you to read the directions then do so by all means. I don’t always factor the direction when reading the Significator cards but more times than not I consider the playing card insets.

Heart Layout for Kelly

Heart relationship Layout Interpretation

Le Normand ARLO deck
(permission to illustrate)

BUY this great looking deck —-> HERE.   Another common question is about relationships. I am using the LeNormand ARLO deck to illustrate this interpretation of the Lenormand cards in the Heart Layout.


1. Remove the Lady and Gentleman cards from the deck prior to shuffling. Place them on the table so that there is room for one card between them. 

2. Shuffle the cards thoroughly thinking about your relationship and the person who you are involved with perhaps what’s they are thinking, etc. Maybe you don’t even know yourself what you really are feeling. The cards may reveal additional information you hadn’t expected.

3. Cut the deck as many times as you feel necessary and proceed laying the cards according to the image.

4. Place card 1 above the Gentleman, card 2 above the Lady, card 3 beneath the Gentleman, card 4 beneath the Lady and card 5 between the Lady and Gentleman.  

ON HIS MIND: Clouds (King of Clubs)

LADY Kelly is asking the question about the relationship and it certainly looks like there is a connection between them (RING) I would have to say that this GENTLEMAN was really confused at the time these cards were selected.

ON HER MIND: Bouquet (Queen of Spades)

She (Lady Kelly) on the other hand thinks there is nothing wrong. You have to remember that the Bouquet / Flowers does represent a dark-haired female as well. The Queen of Spades can be another woman and so can the Snake card.

WHAT HE FACES: Tower (6 of spades)

The GENTLEMAN in question is facing a separation or parting of the ways. It appears that there will be a broken commitment (Ring).  When reading the cards in this layout refer to the outcome card for additional blending.

WHAT SHE FACES: Child (Jack of spades)

Our LADY will be facing some fresh new starts.  I get the feeling that this connection with the GENTLEMAN is not completely over as the outcome card (Ring) provides some continuation in conversations.  As the Jack of Spades interpretation I would caution the LADY to remain open but not naive in her encounter with this GENTLEMAN.

OUTCOME: Ring (Ace of Clubs)

Most of the time the Ring card lends positive energy with the promise of continued efforts insofar as relationships are concerned. Even though the Ring card is loosely flanked by the Clouds/Tower cards depicting a disruptive energy it is also flanked by the Bouquet/Child cards suggesting another turn of direction in this entire situation.

Will the Lady and Gentleman continue corresponding? The Ring card in the outcome says most likely yes. The Ace inset on the Ring card represents a “new” energy which is strongly linked to the Child card’s meaning (what she faces).

question about the Heart Layout (Lenormand cards)

Hi there, I have a question about the Heart Layout. What does it mean when you get “The Book” card for No.5-Outcome. The other cards are “the bear” over the lady’s card, “the tree” below. “The house” over the gentlemen’s card, and “the paths” below. I am a beginner and have difficulties interpreting the cards. The spread is for a female, a friend of mine:). Thanks in advance!



In a previous post when I introduced this layout position #1 stated “on his mind” because the reading was for a male. In this example from the comments section the layout involves a female thus the change to “on her mind” in the first column. I don’t have much background information about the Lady in question so I will go ahead and briefly summarize just the cards.

I am using the Mlle Lenormand Cartomancy deck 19115 which can be purchased from PIATNIK.


The Lady is thinking about someone who has a powerful influence in her life. It appears her thoughts are very strong about a certain male. Traditionally, the Bear card represents an older man and many times this card suggest money issues.


Coupled with the Bear card I have to wonder if there is an issue involving a male’s general well-being. Often the Tree card brings to surface minor setbacks.  Since this layout deals with relationships I want to read the Tree card as other people’s involvement in this situation which could be temporarily hindering the Lady’s progress.


The Gentleman in question is thinking about his family or things pertaining to his home. When the House card is coupled with the Gentleman the suggestion is close bonds to family members.


Perhaps the Gentleman is involved in a decision involving a member of his family or someone close to him. He is facing a choice. I do see a decision coming because as you can see with the Outcome card the Book will reveal something more about the entire situation.


When you get the Book as an outcome card  especially if the open side of the book faces one of the significator cards such as Gentleman or Lady there will be a resolution soon.

Studying the cards in the layout and keeping in mind the Lady is probably wondering about the future of a relationship with the Gentleman she will gain knowledge within a short time.  There are no detrimental cards in this layout. I think there are extenuating factors involved which would affect “this relationship” and  I do see these factors as an integral part of the Gentleman’s life.

The Book faces away from the Lady. I want to read this combination to mean that she will be of great assistance to the Gentleman in his process of decision making.  The reason I am reading the Book in this manner is because this card joins the Lady and Gentleman. Looking at this trio & keeping in mind there are no negative cards the analysis leans towards a more positive outcome.

Heart Layout: conclusion interpretation

The conclusion of the Heart Layout interpretation is as follows:

33 Key

4. What she faces 

The Key card contains promising energy for all questions. This card tells you there is a solution to almost any dilemma or situation requiring further decisions. The image shows the waxing and waning moon with the key in the center. Well, that is the way I want to read the image. To me this indicates cycles of the moon as there is cycles in any problem or question. A time when the situation seems to be full blown and a time where less energy is consumed to think about it.

The lady in the Reading is taking a wait and see approach perhaps letting the situation solve itself which many times it does. Sometimes doing nothing at all is doing something.

5. OUTCOME:  The Rider card joins the Gentleman and Lady but does not provide a definite answer about this relationship. In this image we find the knight of cups holding what could be the Caduceus which is a symbol of medicine. Medicine often signifies the opportunity for healing. The cups knight does represent positive energy as well in romantic situation.

Is there a chance for the relationship to continue on some level?

Taking all the cards into consideration especially the final card, The Rider, I feel that the relationship is not completely over despite the distancing between these 2 people.

In fact, The Rider will bring the Gentleman closer to the Lady whether in miles or on an emotional level. Also, the Key card brings more of a favourable contribution.

Heart Layout: Lady column

I am always happy to receive comments  about cards/layouts which I write about. Many times I include other people’s insights for sharing of perspectives.

Michele was kind enough to share her insights on a situation between the Gentleman and Lady in the Heart Layout started in the previous post. Thank you Michele.

Michele writes the following:

“I think the lady is facing a situation where she thinks about a successful new start (Stars), and that new start is supported by Spirit (Key). It is like she’s driven by her life/soul path )Stars above her, guiding her, Key below her, pushing her to travel). Either the man will travel to join her, or she has already met someone new. Here is where it helps to have the client around to ask.”


Position 2: ON HER MIND

It looks like the Lady definitely has clarity of her goals.

Lady Column: Heart Layout

I love the “hidden” sea nymphs (angels)  in the Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand Stars card. There is a feeling of profound subconscious guidance within this lovely image.  The Lady in question is following her “star” at the current time.  Often when we analyze the Lady and Gentleman we study which way they are facing.  You will have to use your intuition on this method because in many decks the Lady always faces to the right and has her back on the cards behind her in the past. This does not mean she is always turning her back on those situations. It means that her focus is more on the future rather than the past.

Another meaning of the Stars card is “success”. The Lady is convinced her decision to relocate and accept a new job opportunity is in her best interest..

Next post: the Key card which falls beneath the Lady followed by the outcome card the Rider. 

Heart Layout: the gentleman column

In continuation of the last post featuring the Heart Layout using the Pixie’s Astounding Mlle Lenormand cards I will offer some possible suggestions for your consideration.

Background on the Couple: There was a recent separation between these 2 people and the lady has many thousands of miles away to pursue a work opportunity.

1. On his Mind


Position 1:  On his Mind

The Anchor card suggests security situations.  The Gentleman is thinking about what is  stable in his life. This card is often used to indicate work. Since I am asking about the relationship the meaning of the Anchor card will take on a slightly different. I want to read the Anchor as a card of perhaps being stuck in a certain emotional state.

In the background of this card you can see a ship on the water resembling part of the scene in the 3 of Wands. After further study of the positioning of the actual anchor it seems to me the Gentleman may be more grounded in his thoughts. Sometimes you can get stuck if you are too grounded.

22.  PATH:

Position 3:  What he faces

The Path card is fairly clear in it’s interpretation.  What will the Gentleman do? Will he make decisions in his life because of this separation from the Lady?  Is it time for a change of direction anyways?

Within this card I am reminded of the background of the Tarot Moon card.  Some uncertainty in the moonlight path leading to the mountains. There is always some doubts in decisions.

The Gentleman has options. There could be a difficult choice awaiting him. It’s always a good idea to consider card 5 in the center to evaluate whether or not position 3 reveals positive or negative approach to future circumstances. The Rider is the transporter of this decision & will bring it to the Lady.

In the next post we will see what’s on the Lady’s mind about the relationship and what she faces as well. Finally, in the last card which joins them we will see the Outcome.

The Heart Layout for relationship questions

I get questions quite often about relationships so I decided to create a very simple layout using only 5 cards plus the Lady and Gentleman cards. When you look at the layout in the image you can see an “H” which stands for Heart thus the name Heart Layout.

The image below features Pixie’s Astounding Mlle Lenormand cards. 

Heart Layout


1. Remove the Lady and Gentleman cards from the deck prior to shuffling. Place them on the table so that there is room for one card between them. 

2. Shuffle the cards thoroughly thinking about your relationship and the person who you are involved with perhaps what’s they are thinking, etc. Maybe you don’t even know yourself what you really are feeling. The cards may reveal additional information you hadn’t expected.

3. Cut the deck as many times as you feel necessary and proceed laying the cards according to the image.

4. Place card 1 above the Gentleman, card 2 above the Lady, card 3 beneath the Gentleman, card 4 beneath the Lady and card 5 between the Lady and Gentleman.  

I chose to place the Gentleman in the left column because I am asking a question about the future of his relationship. If you are a female and asking for yourself you would place the Lady in this spot and the Gentleman in the last column. 

After you have completed placing the cards in the Heart Layout study them before jumping in with interpretations. Do each column of the “H” separately.  Study card 5 Outcome. Do you see any challenging cards? Does the layout look promising?

I will interpret this layout in the next post because I want to expand on Edmund’s cards a little further. Each position will be explained plus some of the key meanings for the cards situated in these positions.  

simple Lenormand 3-card layout. Book + Ring + Heart = read on ….

I think three cards should give you a reasonable answer to an intended specific question. No matter how clear you state your questions the cards seem to answer what you are really asking. That is not one in the same in many cases. We think we want to know a certain thing but underneath it all it’s something different. Even some of our beloved clients are not always aware of what they really want to know.

I will pose a specific question to the cards.

QUESTION: Will Veronica secure the job she applied for last Friday? This is the question she asked me in an email this morning.  I haven’t heard from Veronica in years. Click the link to one of many posts about Veronica’s adventures in finding jobs.  ➡  Veronica

Interestingly, the cards fell in numerical sequence, well sort of 🙂 backwards.

Our opening card is the BOOK, followed by the RING and closing with the HEART card. It is always nice to see the Heart card near a more positive grouping.  For all intents and purposes the last card signifies the most probable answer. In this case, it is reasonable to predict an affirmative answer.

But, what else is going on if anything ? 

Veronica does not know everything about this job. But, she is not asking that she is asking if she will land the job. The Ring card shows a contract or commitment. It is possible Veronica will get the job only to find out the job description differs once it is finalized. 

Being accepted for a job position does not mean Veronica will take it. Is that what she is really asking? We need to answer the question posed to the cards. 

The Book card is revealing that an agreement is pending. The spine of the book faces away from open box containing the ring. This agreement can be a commitment of her securing the job. The Heart card indicates her emotions will be positive (initially). The Jack of Hearts faces the Ring card suggesting Veronica will be pleased. One should not forget that the Book card also contains information which may be held back by the employer. 

I would go ahead and tell Veronica she will land the job she applied for last Friday. My thought on this is whether or not she will accept the job. 🙂


Mother’s day weekend during the lockdown 2020. Situation/Don’t Do/Do Layout

It is hard to believe that yesterday there were a few snowflakes cascading throughout the day. This morning the snowflakes continue on this Mother’s day weekend. Brrr it’s cold.

Many will be doing a drive by and waving to their moms or even chatting but from six plus foot distance. What about the kisses and hugs for grandma or any other special woman who cared for you that you consider mom?  What a bunch of BS!  We should do our part to protect / prevent the further spread of whatever this is that is screwing up our world right now.

Sure, I love getting an online gift card but I do miss the potted plants and flowers which I looked forward to receiving on Mother’s day. Well, at least I can go to the cemetery and visit my mom without any restrictions. I won’t be bringing any flowers though because it is way too cold for them to survive. Mom didn’t like flowers anyway 🙂 . 

I was not sure if I wanted to ask my cards anything today. Perhaps a simple question about guidance on what we should focus on from a general point of view. I thought I would use the Don’t Do/Do Layout. On page 270 of the The New Tarot Handbook by Rachel Pollack she mentions a 3 card layout by Tarotist Zoe Matoff. We have two Major Arcana and one Minor Arcana. What does this tell you?

  • Card 1 (top) represents the Situation. The card falling here will reveal what energy surrounding the question. THE HERMIT: How appropriate. This current situation is all about introspection. Many people are looking within since they have more time on their hands and because of external rules of behaviour are placed on them. We are all spending more time alone and trying to do the right thing. Deep lessons are associated with this card. Also, it is a card suggesting a more conservative approach to things. We are in the process of clearing our minds for more personal empowerment.

  • Card 2 (bottom left) represents the Don’t Do advice. This card will show what we should not do even if we want to. HIGH PRIESTESS: So, what is the High Priestess telling us not to do? She is telling us not to listen to messages coming from all over the place. She is telling us not to drown our problems. She is telling us not to close our minds off to other perspectives. Interestingly, she is telling us not to be fooled by what is going on around us.

  • Card 3 (bottom right) represents the Do spot. This position will hold important guidance in relation to the question. 10 of PENTACLES:  Do appreciate your family. Do find ways to enhance family relationships. Do find prosperity in all you have and be thankful. Do strength your security. Do take care of your pets.   


  •   I Heart You

How to read the 3-card Answer layout. Hungarian gipsy cards (Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten)

A couple has an opportunity to go away and spend time at a cottage for a few days. One person doesn’t want to go due to the limited time available to enjoy cottage country given the lengthy commute there and back. The other person is looking at it as an opportunity to get away for the city.

Using the 3-card Answer layout how would you read Constancy, Death and Merriment?

Past: Constancy- Obviously things are at a standstill regarding the decision to go to the cottage. 

Now: Death- At the current time it looks like all hope to go away has come to an end.

Answer: Merriment- Could there be a shift in energy so the couple are on the same page about this opportunity? In the image the man and woman are engaged in a dance and appear to be enjoying each other’s company. They aren’t all over each other and there is a distance between their hearts. Each person is in control. Receiving Merriment as an answer to a question looks quite promising.

Since the Constancy card is the passing energy the stalemate will pass as well. There will be a shift of energy but not by much as depicted by the Death card. At the time of shuffle going to the cottage is out of the question. However, the next card, Merriment, adds some uplifting energy to this answer.

My money is on a ‘yes’ answer.  

Topic reading extracted from the GT layout

I copied the cards from a reading I did but only copied those cards surrounding the topic in question. 

I made this board from a black foam board and used a white metallic pen to draw the lines and identify the House. 


The person, Gentleman, getting the reading wants to know about his love life at the current time. He has a feeling something is not right with the relationship with the woman, Lady, he has been dating for six months. As it so happened both Significators fell within the block of cards surrounding the Fox card. I chose the Fox card because it represents the topic. One of Fox’s meanings is that something is wrong. 

The Fox card sits in the Heart House. How interesting! As far as the relationship, his feelings there is something wrong is reflected perfectly. Don’t forget this would be a limiting reading because the Houses are in their natural order of the GT. Had I just laid out 9 cards the House would not even be considered but because these cards are from a full board layout (GT) I will proceed with the topic reading accordingly.

The Lenormand cards never cease to amuse me! The Lady cards (looks to the left) sits in the Fox House so she is got her wires crossed at the time of the shuffle. She is above the Gentleman card (looks to the right) suggesting she is very much on his mind. The Significators do not face each other but they are joined. The Lady looks away from the Park card indicating she is not totally out in the open about her activities which probably involved the Queen of Clubs (Snake) who can be strongly persuasive. The Park in the Bear house states the client should not flaunt his concerns openly. The Snake card is suggesting some temptation but for now it is only a temptation because she is facing away from this card. 

The client is sitting in the Mouse House indicating this entire situation is eating away at him. He is facing the Fox card so that means he is not totally comfortable with his own emotions. Changes will occur very soon as he is stepping into the Stork energy. These changes are not weeks or months and probably days. These changes will cast a veil of uncertainty (Clouds) but not for long as the lighter side of the clouds face to the right. The client is probably suspecting a close friend’s (Dog) involvement.

The Dog card represents a friend with a flirty but harmless disposition (Snake+Sun). Bottom line is the client is pointing the finger at his woman without any real evidence to back up his feelings something is wrong. The Dog faces away from the Clouds. This means this situation is not so serious. Much of the emotional insecurity is within the client.

Within a short time, all this nonsense will stop because the Sun card ends the middle row. The Dog ends the bottom row looking away from the Clouds. The Snake is last card in top row and stares right at you. Temptations will always be there but the Lady looks to the left and will not do anything about it. Don’t forget that the Queen of Clubs (Snake) might also be luring her to take up with the client’s friend.

After talking (emailing back n forth, lol) to the client about my findings he confessed that the relationship was good but felt it would backfire in his face like some of his other relationships. This is a perfect example of someone expecting the worst instead of embracing the best!

P.S. You don’t have to read the topic of interest the way I did. You can find the card representing the topic of interest and read the cards surrounding it. You won’t alway have a block of 9 because it depends where that card falls in the GT layout.


3-card Answer layout featuring Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Lenormand.

My belated birthday gift arrived yesterday. I am always happy to receive cards.  The Lisa Hunt Fairy Tale Lenormand is adorable. The cards are a bit smaller in size and that is totally ok with me. I don’t know about you but the imagery does influence me.

Even though the core meanings of the traditional Lenormand remain pretty much unchanged the scenes in the cards can contribute or take away for those traditional keywords. (Let’s not forget most of those symbols were adopted from dreams, coffee grounds /tea leaves way before Lenormand was born) The Fairy Tale Lenormand reminds me of a musical scale with each card being a note on that scale.  When you blend all the notes together you have a song aka story.  

Today, I will play around with the 3-card Answer layout featuring the Fairy Tale Lenormand. Below is the template with position meanings.

QUESTION:  Will Miss X sell her car in May?


Miss X loves her car but due to some financial difficulties needs to sell it.


Miss X hasn’t got all the facts in yet about setting a price for her car. 


The sale of the car may not happen in May since this card is about distant. If you look at this card in another way it could mean yes, lol. She will be separated from her car. I would pull another card with the hopes that it shows $$ or a transaction.   What do you think?

Other possible meanings for the Tower card:

  • a separation between people, situations and things

  • an authority figure or organization

  • an isolated state of mind. Loneliness.

  • a building. Something or someone tall.

  • the Ego

  • long life (health)

Ur-Lenormand in block of 9 layout. Part 2/2

In continuation of

Ur-Lenormand in block of 9 layout. Part 1/2

You could read the German insets (top left) as well to gain another level of understanding. As a reminder Mr. X is not aware that he will be receiving treatments as of today.

Here is the  image of the reading.

Month 2. Mouse + Ring + House

The Ring card depicts continuity, however, it is next to the Mouse card which suggests this is at risk. Since the Ring card follows the Mouse the direct influence is lessened yet it is still an influence.  The Ring card is about commitment as well. Is it the commitment to accept treatments?  Again, I am guided to take the King of Hearts to represent someone involved in Mr. X’s medical care. This is someone different. Perhaps he will receive a referral to see another specialist that administers this treatment. These three cards do not show a significant change in Mr. X’s circumstance which leads me to think treatment could be tolerated well. I’m not totally convinced it will happen within this timeframe. 

Month 3. Whip + Anchor + Clover.

Since we are not asking about work, the Anchor card can suggest stability or even a condition that remains unchanged. The Whip card can suggest the treatments would take their toll on Mr. X which hints at the fact it probably won’t help much since the Anchor card is not one of changing energy.  Followed by the Clover card, this indicates that the consequences or symptoms produced by treatments could be less pronounced. The Clover card is often called ‘little luck’. It is a fast-moving energy that doesn’t always reveal the reality of a situation. For example, if you take a pill for your headache and it goes away temporarily the pill does not address the core reason why you have the headache. 

After studying the cards some more I do not see a major change in how Mr. X will feel physically. If he does receive treatments he will tolerate the side-effects well.  

Relationship reading. Trigger layout featuring Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards)

This morning I received an email from a woman having relationship problems. Based on the last several years this is the number one reason for a reading. Then there is work/career (tied in second place with money/finances) and thirdly health/well-being. Jackie and her partner (man) recently had a huge argument over some trivial matters. She is seriously assessing her relationship with Mac. I bet you Mac hasn’t got a clue anything is wrong as ‘some’ women tend to take things more to heart. 🙂 That’s just my guess so far.

Jackie wants me to ask my cards what she should know about her relationship over the next three months. Well, first of all the cards are not going to detail each month day-by-day. The three cards in the columns are a loose summary of a major situation pertaining to the question.

In my Trigger layout, the trigger row will roll it all up in a nutshell. Before I go on I have been asked several times on how to read the last trigger card in relation to the cards above and below it.  That would be the last (SOON) column which I have assigned the 3 month timeframe.  The last card is the result of the preceding trigger cards. The card above it shows an influence connected to it. The card below it shows a possible consequence but you must remember that the last trigger card in the row holds the power. The other two cards can modify it slightly it will not change its initial meaning.  Ok, let’s see what’s going on Jackie’s reading.


Let’s scan over the trigger row.  Yes, I pulled the Sweetheart card to represent Jackie.  For many other posts and instructions on this layout ➡ past Trigger Layout posts


How do you determine the timeframe of the Passing column? Rule of thumb it is the same timeframe you have set for the IMMEDIATE column (column 3). In this case it will be within the last month. Many times when I do the Trigger layout I set only a couple of weeks to the Immediate column and six-week for the Soon column. It depends on the situation and how fast I need to know the potential answers.  

Ok, so we know that within the last 3-4 weeks some sort of news or information was an issue. This could very well be over a matter dealing with the home/family. The last trigger card shows a pile of money. The question is whether or not this money is coming in or going out. Money is a term that covers all that pertains to finances.

Note that the Lover card (Mac) did not show up. Has he taken on the role of the Officer card? (column 3) Will he take off or will she just not give a __ about him any more? Obviously they are not on the same page or she wouldn’t be asking for a reading.

In the Passing column sits the WIDOW + LETTER + VISIT cards. An older woman has been in touch and was discussing a visit. Sounds pretty simple. Is this the reason they are fighting. Is it a mother-in-law? Could be. I want to read the Widow card as a reflection of how Jackie is feeling. She could feel cut off and all alone in the relationship right now. She probably tried to communicate with Mac and maybe even sent him texts. That’s what they do these days. I know many couples that carry on arguments via text. That way that don’t have to deal with each other face to face. The problem with that is more misunderstandings unless there are emoticons and gifs after each sentence. The Visit card represents assistance of some kind. It can mean Jackie was the one helping out. Don’t forget the older woman in the card represents experience. One more point is that perhaps the conversation they had was very icy (widow) and Jackie may have thought of leaving (visit).

In the Now column sits the ANGER + SWEETHEART + THOUGHT cards. Verrrry interesting that the Anger card sits on the Sweetheart’s shoulders. 😡  When Jackie emailed me she was thinking about an argument they had just recently. She will continue to think about it for several days. It must have been a bad one. As they say, “It is what it is.”

For the next column I assigned a one month timeframe given the nature of the question. The ENEMY + HOUSE + OFFICER cards look troublesome. The Enemy card is a real warning that matters within the home are serious. One needs to remember the reason for the reading. The Officer’s personality is very business like. I have to wonder if this isn’t Mac assuming a very non-romantic position over the next few weeks. He could even have not so nice intentions (enemy) making Jackie’s life miserable. The Enemy card is also warning her that in order to maintain harmony in the home certain things need to get done and there needs to be a responsible (officer) approach to their issues. It needs to be determined what their roles are in this relationship.

In the final column sits the JEALOUSY + MONEY + CONSTANCY cards. Someone is going to be coveting the other person’s money or things of value. There are no cards that clearly point to relationship break-up. It looks like envy/jealousy could be the culprit in this relationship. One other meaning of the Jealousy card is territorial. It’s when there is a power struggle. Given that the Money card is the trigger energy this situation is rooted in fights over the finances. The last card Constancy indicates not much will change over the 3 month period. Things will stay the same but in a steady kind of way. I think if the relationship was in jeopardy the trigger row would have had cards to reflect this and they all seem rather positive in nature.

You don’t need a GT layout to ask 1 single question but it helps…

You can probably tell I’m breaking in the Rana George Lenormand by doing readings with them. As with many decks I own they sit pretty on the shelf waiting for me to pick them. The GT below is from my last client. She is aware I am using the image of her reading.

When the session was over she had one question which wasn’t answered directly by the cards in the reading. She wanted to know if her art exhibition would be financially successful.

The Lady has a red square around her. She sits in the Heart House. This suggests that she is very passionate about her art. The Heart card is situated above the Lady in the Bear house. This indicates she is very sure of herself and proud of her work. One should not forget that the Scythe card touches the Heart card. I want to read this as a subconscious fear (Clouds house) that her work will not sell.  In the Fish House lies the Gentleman card. This would be her husband. It shows he is very supportive of her work and could actually make a purchase himself.  The Gentleman could also mean another man that is as passionate about her art. The Significators face each other so they will work together at this event. The Fish card lies in the Sun house. What a wonderful placement. This indicates a very successful event. The Park house (public events) has the Lily card. Again, this could be a man of darker colouring that is attracted to the Lady. Since the Path card lies in the Lily house there might be a difficult choice ahead for the man as he likes more than one piece. The Lady will embrace the Sun card ahead of her for it will last but a short time (Cross card). The Gentleman is very optimistic (Sun card above him) on the day of the art show but he could be a little jealous (Bouquet card in Snake house) of the attention the Lady is receiving at the event.

The main points have been studied in relation to her question and perhaps a little too involved. The GT reading is about many other things in her life. Most of the time I would just select the card to represent the question and find it in the GT. Then I would read the block of 9 cards around it or as many cards as available. Today, I strayed a little. 🙂 The Lady should have a good financial outcome to her show.

12-card Trigger layout featuring Rana George Lenormand

I was really impressed with the quality of the Rana George Lenormand. The artwork took me back to decades ago when I was in an intriguing relationship with a Persian man. I learned lots about his culture and he of mine. We had lots of fun together searching for the meaning of life. We played a lot of Zamfir as we philosophized.

Today, I am featuring the breathtaking Rana George Lenormand in the 12-card Trigger layout. The image does not do the cards complete justice. I can’t even think of a word that would totally describe this deck. It’s a WOW for sure. 

I decided not to select the YOU spot card (question) and let the cards decide what or who the YOU spot would represent. Here sits the magnificent HEART card. It is obvious the reading is about an emotional connection, love or relationship. Notice that the Gentleman and Lady are not looking at each other. 

There is a background question about the success of an event. Both of these people will be working there. 

Let’s look at the Trigger row before continuing with the reading. It will provide a brief summary of the theme (HEART card) of this reading.

Things came to a standstill recently involving a relationship/emotional connection. (can be tied into the question) This will place a burden on the woman getting the reading. It might be a testing period. The KEY promises results within the time frame of this reading. I usually choose 3 months for the last column although the time frame for the event is within one month (second last column).

Beginning in the far left column we have CHILD, PATH, GENTLEMAN. It looks like a new situation occurred in the recent past that resulted in a pending decision. The man has these cards above him. He is thinking about what he should do. He is stuck in the past. He is unsure of his role in this upcoming event. Part of him does not want to go.

In the now column, sits TOWER, HEART, CLOVER. The event is something the woman loves to do. At the current time she is feeling cut off emotionally from her man. It will pass within a few days. This little rift between the couple is not long lasting. Besides, she prefers to work alone. She is definitely disappointed at her man.

In the soon column, we have STORK, CROSS, LADY. The woman should expect some changes which she may not like. These cards sit above her. This situation is weighing down on her. She needs her man to be on the same page as her or working with him at the event will be burdensome. I felt that Stork/Cross could indicate some sort of movement towards a cease fire between the two of them. Most likely the woman will endure some difficulties at the event. It’s tough to be optimistic when a person you count on is giving you a hard time. 

The final column holds BEAR, KEY, BOOK. Here we have more promising cards. I’m not getting the feeling that the Book card is about secret or something hidden. It would be more like through a solution experience (knowledge) is gained. Often, the Bear card represents money which is what the woman wants to hear about. Even though I was thinking 3 months time frame for this column it could be the actual timing for the event.  I will update when I know the results.

Part 2.2 Chakra layout featuring the TAROT

Let’s see what the Chakra layout reveals using the Tarot cards. Woman is asking about her well-being. She wants to know which chakra(s) are affected. 

  1. ROOT- 10 of cups.  This cards shows the woman is grounded in her personal happiness and family. Could she be concerned how her health issues are affecting the family? This chakra is not blocked.

  2. SACRAL- Magician. She believes in manifestation and that all she has to do is take appropriate steps and action along with her desire to the road of recovery. She has many resources at hand. This chakra is not blocked.

  3. SOLAR PLEXUS- 9 of wands. This card suggests much anxiety and stress. No, she is not empowered. Does she have the discipline to use all the resources at hand? She might have the passion but does she have the intellectual drive?  She may hesitate in moving ahead because of past struggles related to her health. This chakra is blocked.  Some healing stones associated with this chakra are tiger’s eye and citrine. 

  4. HEART- The Lovers.  The big question here is whether or not she loves herself. The Major Arcana suggests she might be making decisions about herself in relation to her relationships. Perhaps too much emotional concern for others rather than herself.  This chakra is not blocked perhaps a bit too open.

  5. THROAT- The World. I have always read this card to mean a yes. In connection with this chakra I do think she speaks her truth and will speak out if she sees it is necessary. This chakra is not blocked.

  6. THIRD EYE- 3 of swords. This card hinders an open chakra thus it is blocked. Much of her insights are coloured by intellectual pain. She knows lots. She knows her intuition wasn’t always right. It was rooted in fear.

  7. CROWN- 4 of cups. The woman could have her head in the clouds perhaps daydreaming about potential solution. This chakra is blocked by her own lack of interest.

Now that the woman is aware of which chakras are blocked how will she help herself in relation to her well-being? I would suggest releasing the blocks in the Solar Plexus first and rest will follow eventually. 

Of course, there are other ways to read the chakras and the Tarot cards. The above post is an oversimplified way of reading this layout. 

Part 1/2 Chakra layout featuring the Lenormand. Part 2/2 TAROT

The chakra descriptions can vary. The meanings in the chart are my summaries.

I shuffled the cards, cut them in three piles to the left and reassembled into one pile. I took the first card and placed it at the first main chakra on the bottom. The process was continued until I had seven cards. I have a blank sheet and use one of my mini Lenormand decks. 

Here is the template:


You don’t have to ask a question but if you do each chakra position is connected to that question. When you don’t ask a question the layout is like a card for the day reading except it’s chakra guidance for the day. Try the layout and let me know if you like it. Other decks of cards can be used successfully as well so don’t limit this layout to just Lenormand.

I did ask a simple question. What is the energy condition of my Chakras?

ROOT: The Tree card indicates that I am rooted in my well being. The tree grows in the earth. Mind you there have been some situations that have stirred me up. I want to read this card as worry about health. This Chakra’s energy is definitely wrapped up in survival. Funny, I’ve been crocheting with a lot of red yarn lately.

SACRAL: The Child card suggests that I am addressing some emotions in a new way.  My passion lies in my creativity. My approach is like that of a child with a new toy when it involves creativity. This Chakra still needs refinement as it is in the beginning stages (again). Funny, I’ve been planning to create an orange paracord bracelet with a peace sign.

SOLAR PLEXUS: The Bear card indicates intellectual strength. Yes, most of the time I am on my game. This Chakra’s energy is at optimal level.

HEART: The Fish card is telling me my emotions are tied up with finances right now. This Chakra’s energy is more of an ebb and flow. You’d think the Gentleman or House would sit here. 🙂 Also, the King of Diamonds is the one-eyed king so best have both eyes open in the grand scheme of things.

THROAT: The Fox card is suggesting I might be speaking my truth to get what I want and the intention is never to harm anyone. The energy of this Chakra is experiencing some static. Will need to wear some blue stones. Funny, I’ve been attracted to wearing blue tops lately. 

THIRD EYE: The Key card tells me I know the solutions. If I look deep enough I will recognize my knowing (this is something I do not take for granted). This Chakra’s energy would need some energy from the Solar Plexus. I have tons of amethyst around the house. Maybe too much?

CROWN: The Stars card provides a good connection. This Chakra’s energy is as it should be. It’s not overly blocked nor is it wide open. 

So, you see it’s an easy peasy reading. Just remember to use the card meaning that connects to the question plus consider what the card’s meaning is telling you about the Chakra. I’ve had a request to demonstrate the Chakra layout using the Tarot cards. I will do that in the next post 2/2 TAROT. 


12- card Trigger layout asking about the future of a relationship

I have had several questions about the Trigger layout so I decided to feature another post using the Gilded Reverie Lenormand cards created by Ciro Marchetti. I hope you will find the post helpful.  🙂 

For today’s tutorial it is about a real life situation of a woman (Darlene) asking about the future of her relationship with her current man, Jeff. They have been seeing each other exclusively for six months. I did not pre-select the ‘YOU’ card. I shuffled, thought of the question on her behalf and laid the cards 4 across, second row 4 across and bottom row 4 across.

Her boyfriend fell into the YOU spot naturally. From this we know he is very much on her mind in fact she may be obsessing about him.

Trigger Row cards Bouquet+Man+Clouds+Tower

Jeff is looking back at the Bouquet card. It looks like he is thinking of another woman (Queen of Spades) and her influence will confuse (Clouds) him for several weeks. It could be he is thinking of an invitation as well. Maybe he received a gift recently. We will look at the details of this in the column cards. The ending Trigger card is the Tower suggesting it could take some time before this particular situation (Queen of Spades) is resolved. The solution is down the road. The question is how will this affect his relationship with Darlene if in fact it is another woman. This all could be quite innocent as well.  🙂

Tip: The initial Trigger row interpretation can be modified once you start reading the columns. Keep that in mind so you, as the reader, remains flexible in your analysis. And, at the same time everything can be applied because the cards have multi-level meanings alone and combined. 

Tip #2: As a rule I do not combine cards horizontally other than the Trigger row. If you get a real strong feeling about a combination side by side consider it. It stands out for a reason. If you get a vision or hear something follow through on that as well because each reader has their own ‘gifts’ of reading cards.  

Tip #3: The way a card faces should be considered as well, however, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t read directions then follow your own techniques. 

Past: Just how long into the past are these cards? Good question. I tend to use the same time frame as the Immediate column. If I assign one month then the Past column is one month. If it is days then the same is true. In our example, it is one month as seen in the image above. I was going to assign one year to the Soon column (last one) but given the feedback I have gotten over the years people want to know the near future like 3-6 months.


Here we have the strong suggestion that an invitation to travel had occurred in the recent past but it is not clear if it manifested since the Book card is concealing the outcome. (that’s one way to read this trio)

Now: Fox+Man+Birds

You can read the above and below cards as personality traits if you want. Jeff could be up to something and displaying signs of anxiety. The Birds card indicates conversations as well or something being brought out into the open.

Immediate: Sun+Clouds+Anchor   

There is happiness and security shown around the initial question. The passing influence of the Clouds will become more clear in the last column. At the very least the next 4-6 weeks should be without complications.  Issue’s around his job could arise as well but during this timeframe all should be ok.

Soon: Stork+Tower+Scythe

Trouble ahead. Changes are coming and some legal dilemmas. Anchor+Scythe really stands out and in my experience it means getting fired. We need to keep in mind what Darlene’s is asking because that is the intention of the reading. As far as the future of the relationship it will undergo some brutal changes. The Heart or Ring cards have not appeared in the layout. The Lady card is missing as well so Darlene will be in the background for sure like maybe way in the background. One thing to note also is the Stork can signify return of a lover as well.

Of course, I have not gone deeply into the interpretation but it should give you a pretty good idea how the Trigger layout ‘can’ be read.

So, what isn’t clear now and for several weeks will become crystal clear within 6 months. Not the most promising reading for a relationship. 😦

Lenormand GT- Part 2/2. block of cards around the Heart + update

Lenormand GT- Block of cards around the Heart.  Part 2/2 

Let’s look at the entourage around the Heart card. 

The Scythe is next to the Heart card. This indicates an emotional wounding from some changes possibly connected to finances.  The Scythe is before the Adam’s card in this GT layout. It sits in the Anchor house representing work. Adam is looking at the Stars card positioned in the Ring house. He’s hoping everything will be ok and continue normally after finding out his boss was let go. I told Ann in the email that circumstances around Adam’s job were unsettling and that he should prepare for some news that will affect his financial position.

Adam got fired. 😦

Reason: business restructuring. He has no chance to return once the restructuring is completed because he did not get laid off he got axed.

Since this is Ann’s reading she got a glimpse into this pending situation around Adam before it happened. Notice the Sun card above the Gentleman. Adam did not see this coming at all. There will be a new development (Child) directly as a result of this experience that could become burdensome (Cross) or test his faith (Cross). 

Another offer (Ring in Letter house) will come out of this quite possibly from a friend (house of Dog) that worked in the same place (Park).

If you re-read part 1, the Lenormand cards certainly spelled out this portion of the reading around.

Expanded version Gilded Reverie Lenormand in the Trigger layout

Today, I finally finished up (battling a bad cold/cough) the en gratis readings for the contest winners of the FB Lenormand Cards Community Page. I used the expanded version of the Gilded Reverie Lenormand by ➡ Ciro Marchetti, distributed by ➡  U.S. Games Systems, Inc. to illustrate the Trigger layout.

I did three previous readings in a row with this deck and shuffled thoroughly before starting this reading.I was pleased that several of the additional cards appeared in the reading. This gave me an opportunity to write about them and to blend them with the standard 36 cards. I read the LWB’s descriptions of these additional cards and keeping the meanings in mind proceeded. Mind you my cartomancy intuition prevails as it always done.

The ➡  Trigger layout  is fun to do. I chose the Lady card in the YOU spot to represent the client (a female acquaintance Cindy). You can use a theme card in this spot. For example, if you want to know about a relationship use the HEART card or about a job use ANCHOR or whatever cards you use on a regular basis for such themes.

TRIGGER ROW: Compass, Lady, Time, Mask.

The woman is looking at the Compass card suggesting she has some direction in her life already.  The compass tip points to the Well and Dice cards. These two latter cards are an emphasis for the woman. More on those cards when I analyze the columns. Let’s see where her focus is by studying the PASSING column. One particular direction opens the Trigger row suggesting importance in the overall interpretation. There will be a timing factor involved which may end up being compromised.

PASSING: Moon, Compass, Dice.

Cindy may have recognized she was off course in the recent past. She has become more clear on where she wants to go. Too bad the Dice card is coupled with the Clouds as this points to a gamble (decision to pursue a goal) she decided on may not be crystal clear at first. Normally, I don’t read cards side by side except for the Trigger row but in this case my intuition guided me to consider the duo I mentioned. Whatever this is it is strongly linked to an emotional issue.

NOW: Well, Lady, Clouds.

The Well sits above Cindy indicating her gamble is about a situation that requires some soul-searching. Maybe she is taking a chance in a relationship or with a new job. I don’t know she provided no questions. This could be hard work for her and it’s obvious that there is lack of clarity since the clouds end the column. Is this situation wishful thinking rooted in uncertainty? Anytime you take a chance at something or someone there is an element of reasonable doubt. I like the Well card because it tells you to take a hard look at your situation or your motives. The Compass is telling her to really look deeply at her thoughts.

IMMEDIATE (1 month): Lily, Time, Clover.

I’ve always read the Lily card as a harmonious situation. The odd time I’ll some of the other meanings but the question needs to be specific. If the Time card combined with the Clover card suggests a short or brief time then this harmony will pass. Probably the peaceful situation will only last a month. The last column can attest to that.

SOON (3 months): Cross, Mask, Scythe.

And so the testing time will come.  In the Trigger layout the last card hold more power than the last card in the column. Mind you the Scythe will be experienced but more importantly the Mask’s influence will be more prominent. The Scythe is not always about shock or hurt it can be welcome. The Cross shows a burden of sorts which could be a blessing is disguise. Cindy might be facing some challenges to her new direction established in the PASSING column. If she was fantasizing she is in for a rude awakening because the veil of fantasy will be sliced off.

At this point you could draw a Clarification card and place it over the Lady card if you need more info on the theme of this reading. I picked the very next card off the discarded pile of cards.


So, it is a wish close to Cindy’s heart. This card confirms she has ‘stars in her eyes’ as the LWB suggests.  This means her timing might be off to pursue the direction she thinks she decided on.  What do you think?

Looking at the playing cards in Regina Russell’s 15-card layout

I’ve been a long time fan of the Card Readers Handbook system by ➡ Regina Russell. Actually, I used the layout below prior to reading the Tarot decades ago. With so many decks to play around with you should always revisit systems you liked because if you don’t use them you can forget the meanings. The deck used in the layout below has some keywords specifically for this purpose. 🙂

Not much content has changed with the handbook as far as I know.  My book is from the mid 1970’s. It is still available at the link above which takes you directly from Regina Russel’s Tea House in Quincy, MA.  Back in the day, I took the handbook apart, hole punched the pages and put them in my binder. I have lots of additional notes which came from actual experiences with the system meanings.

I have used this layout with various decks of cards. It is perfect for the Lenormand and Gipsy style systems because fans of three cards is usually adequate to get the drift of a theme or topic.  The image below shows you how to lay the cards. By following the circled numbers you should have no problem. I labeled the fans as well and of course, I forgot to label the right fan. It would be a new situation coming most likely with one month. Well, that’s the time frame I use. 

My procedure is to shuffle the cards, cut them and them select a random card from the face down cards in my hand. Or you can just shuffle, cut and take the top card and so on. It’s always up to the reader to do what ‘feels right’.

Below is an image of the actual reading. You can see the keywords written on the cards. These are by no means all of them but they are good to get the memory going especially if you (like me) memorized every meaning, lol.

I like to count the suits to give me an idea which level of one’s being is foremost.  The courts are people in the life of the client but they can represent the energy of that suit. I have labelled them with Astrological signs because I happen to remember the essence of the card in that way.

  • Diamonds. 5
  • Hearts. 4
  • Clubs. 2
  • Spades. 4
  • Courts. 4

The suits are fairly even with the exception of the clubs. With this we can see that the client is won’t be too active over the next 2 months although the right fan is topped by a club suggesting a more busy time with 1 month.

Before doing this reading I was talking to a friend that shared her daughter was having marital issues. I decided to throw the cards to see if something came up. And sure enough the left/middle fan reflect that conversation. 

CENTER FAN: 10H 5D AS.  Usually you start here but it is a good idea to study all the fans especially the one to the left because it will tie into the middle cards in one way or another. These card point to the topic of a marriage with a decision already made about it. The Ace of Spades is last and if it was the first card then the decision was yet to be made. The 5 of Diamonds points to a possible legal case. It also talks about another location other than the matrimonial home.

Additional combos:

  • 5 of Diamonds + 3 of Hearts- buying a new wardrobe of clothes
  • 5 of Hearts+10 of Diamonds+10 of Hearts- opportunity to travel and to be financially secure and happy

LEFT FAN: JS 2S 10D. When the 2 of Spades follows a court card it means a separation from that person. Note that the 3 of Spades lies in the bottom fan (delays/unwanted). When these two spades combine the suggestion is a harassing situation caused by a vindictive person (Jack of Spades). The final card talks about a large sum of money much bigger than the 7 of Diamonds (top fan). There is a gamble involved with this card because both the 2 and 3 of spades are in the layout.

RIGHT FAN: KD QD JC.  A group of Court cards side by side in a fan depicts other people involved in the client’s life/problem. If we read the Ace of Spades preceding the King of Diamonds then someone with financial know-how is coming back into the client’s life for a specific reason. These three courts could be people working in an office or some area that can address the client’s problems. This will go down within a month give or take. The fan ends in a clubs showing the speeding up of the situation. This Jack also looks away from the layout so there is someone who is not into the client’s situation.

Additional combos:

  • 3 Courts suggest a party or event with a group of people. A good time is had because the last card is not a spade.
  • King and Queen are from same suit suggesting a couple that is on the client’s side (courts looking toward the middle of layout)

BOTTOM FAN: 3H 3S 5H.  The two 3’s side by side amplify the meaning of this combo. There is a 3rd party involved in a romantic kind of way (spade surrounded by hearts).  Even though 2H+3H+3S suggests a con artist it’s close enough to use that meanings with the 5H.  A romantic situation will develop within two months. Don’t forget it falls in the bottom fan. There will be delays with this development even though the fan ends in the 5H. Since the 5H tops the fan the client will receive a romantic opportunity which seems to answer all her questions which a not related to her actual marriage. She just want to live under better circumstances than she is now.

Additional combos:

  • 3+5 of hearts suggests a childhood friend.
  • 3 of Hearts+3 of Spades suggests a love trying which could cause problems.  

UPPER FAN: 2C 7D 8H. It’s always nice to see the Hearts suit topping a fan especially in the future months. Opening clubs suggests help is given. I think this will be mutual because of the last card which is one’s guardian angel plus a mutual love and admiration. It is a very good friend the client can trust. The 7 of Diamonds points to an increase in finances and a pleasant one at that (hearts top fan). 

The client will get romantically involved with a friend while going through a stressful separation with her husband. No direct violence or abuse is shown – no King of Spades or high spades. The 2+3 of spades fall in different fans, however it does imply a potentially negative experience. The top cards of the fans other than the Ace of Spades are all generally positive. Her money situation will be resolved. She could also move but there are no change of residence cards. She may look at another place but not go there during the time frame of this reading.

The Cardinal Cross layout featuring the Oracle of the Radiant Sun

For another detailed example of the Cardinal Cross layout featuring the Oracle of the Radiant Sun card please click ➡ LINK. 

If you want just a quick overview reading the Cardinal Cross layout is ideal. You can always turn over the remainder of the cards in specific Houses to gain more information if needed. You can ask a specific question or let the cards tell you what you should know. Some Astrological background is helpful.

If you want to purchase this deck you may find it challenging to locate one and if you do it may carry a high price tag.

Question: What should married Steven be aware of at this time?

Note: Steven’s question is general. If he asked a specific question the information gained from the cards in the Houses should be tied in with the question to arrive at an answer. 

Let’s see what the cards say ….

Card 1 – House 1: Cardinal Aries -PRINCIPLE.  #9 Jupiter in Sagittarius

This House reveals the person’s state of mind at the time of the Reading. It is also read as the outer personality.

Steven is a man of principle. He projects himself to others as someone who most likely has high morals in all he does.  What you see is what you get. Doing the right thing.

Steven is probably thinking of taking a long distant trip or at the very least he is fantasizing about one. He could also be going through a transition and questioning his own belief system. Maybe he wants to be a bit more adventurous but has always been so predictable.

Card 4 – House 4: Cardinal Cancer  -EXALTATION. #2 Moon in Taurus

The 4th House represents one’s home and family; property. In general Readings, most people want to know about this topic. It can represent one of the parents.

There is a strong indicator that Steven will have some dealings regarding  land or property. He might be looking at making some additional money by selling because of the current market.

He is quite attached to his family and probably spoils the family members. He likes to be doted on as well.

Card 7 – House 7: Cardinal Libra -ORGANIZATION. #10 Mercury in Capricorn

This house rules the partnership. Most relationships come under the rulership of house 7. Here we can find out what her partner is up to or how she/he fits into this general layout.

Patience is the key.  Looks like there are many discussions about the nature of his living arrangement with his partner (wife in this case). Lots of talking. Since this position rules his wife I think she has long-term plans…like wanting to get ahead financially.The wife could lack spontaneity. They need a little more fun.

 Card 10 – House 10: Cardinal Capricorn EGOTISM. #5 Mars in Leo 

The 10th house rules life direction, career and public reputation.  It also represents the other more dominant parent.

Steven could let off steam at work. He puts an enormous amount of energy into his creative projects. He would be quite an animated boss or employee. This card shows great salesmanship too.

In summary

Steven did not ask me a specific question, although, I suspect he had specifics on his mind.  I went ahead and turned over the card in HOUSE 5.  #12 Sun in Pisces. Steven definitely wants to get away from it all. Given this card fell in House 5 he has meet someone  and is fond of her. 

How to write a potential Email response:

You are a man of principle. People around you know what they get with you. The cards point to some thoughts about travel. You may just want to get away right now and do some thinking. Something may have happened to trigger this. Looks like you need to put things in proper perspective. 

It’s been crazy busy at work for you. Your job pulls out a lot of energy out of you but you seem to get off on that. You are driven by your creative passion. A few cards suggest you may have been having heart to heart talks with your wife. Perhaps you are de-cluttering your relationship in some way.  I do see that your family is very important to you and you would do anything for them.

There is a card that indicates a little side interest which you had not anticipated. This weighs on you quite heavily. It might be someone who has crossed your path that is completely opposite to your wife.  It could be a new female business associate. If this makes sense to you would you like me to look into this more deeply as this reading is only a general overview?

Careful wording is vital. Unless you see something in black and white avoid being blunt about it. 

How to read the Misfortune card in a 5 card layout…

Ever wondered what the words “zigeuner” and “wahrasgekarten” translate to in English?

ZIGEUNER – german for Gypsy

WAHRSAGEKARTEN –wahr- true, sage- say, karten- maps or cards. In other words, true speaking cards.

The Zigeuner Misfortune card usually provokes a negative reaction when seen in a layout. But what does it really mean? Yes, there are standard meanings associated with this card which can be reviewed at the following post link ——> Misfortune card posts. 

Art Deco Misfortune

Disgrazia Sibilla Misfortune






What if the House card is involved?  One possible combination meaning is firefighters, paramedics or first responders. If police are involved which they usually are the Officer should be close by. I wouldn’t jump to this conclusion right off the bat until I scrutinized the remaining cards and I studied the question asked if one was asked. The last thing you want to do is be aCassandra prophetesspredicting doom and gloom. These cards tend to have overtones of dramatization that dates back a few centuries. I remember getting a reading from a street “gypsy” reader back in ’70 or ’71 and the showmanship was awesome. Mind you everything she said came true. She had read my Lenormand as well and was spot on. Like for instance when I return to Canada I will meet a fair haired man and marry within a year. That is exactly what happened. If memory serves me correct she was pointing to the Rider card.

In continuation….some occurrence will develop involving one’s place of residence although if you have another property other than your home it could be that place. Often it means a quarrelsome atmosphere where one person is a victim of some sort of abuse. I could list a dozen or so possibilities for this combo but you need the other cards in the layout to firm it up.

Someone could fall out of a tree and get hurt. This is an emergency. Someone could fall down the stairs or in the shower.  Mishaps like this happen all the time.  If the WIDOW card is close by it could suggest an elderly woman is involved. She could even be in a nursing home.

Both of these cards give the feeling of being hard to reach. There is no clear road to the house. There is no clear path to rescue the woman/child (flames in the way).  There is a sense of urgency. I did a 5 card layout shown below to demonstrate how I would read the cards. As many of you know I tend to read left to right as this is the way I was taught by the old “gypsy” woman. If I feel I need to focus on the center card I do but this is not my first choice of reading.  I wrote over ten years ago when I started this blog that Lenormand is read in sentences so (my view only) it makes sense to start at the beginning of the sentence. Different strokes for different folks. Read the cards according to your own intuition.

The layout includes cards which could very well fall whether a question is asked or not. Let’s suppose a woman came for a reading wanting to do how does the next month look. The deck I used is a rare version which is numbered. I was gifted with this deck as well as an accompanying booklet with some notes (written in Croatian) that I have translated since I have a reasonable understanding of this language. (I am Slovenian born)  

Numbered Ziguener Wahrsagekarten

The cards are:  Journey+Widow+Misfortune+House+Sweetheart.  The Gift card was next from the deck so I placed it on top of the discarded pile to use if need be…and so I did.

Note: The Sweetheart card is last and this represents the woman getting the reading.

My first instinct was that what fell behind her probably already happened but since she wanted to know about the next month I will read it as such.

With the Journey card opening the layout you sense movement right away. This card is not slow eneregy – it is fast. So, this means things will pick up over the next month. Does it involve travel? Not necessarily. Even before I begin the reading I scan the cards. What this means is that I look at them all and wait to see if a prediction via intuition has been established. It’s so much easier when this happens but this is not the case all the time. You do have to work with the cards to extract meanings/themes which makes sense. 

The Journey card is heading towards the Widow card. We know from this an older woman will be involved in the client’s life over the next month. The Misfortune card is ahead of her. Did you notice she is not looking at it. This could mean she is might be blind sighted by the Misfortune card’s influence. A situation will occur that will put her into a state of panic. Something will occur that involves her home. The House card defines the atmosphere of activity.  Will someone come to her rescue?

One way to look at these cards is that the older woman may need the help or support of the Sweetheart. This could be the woman’s mother/grandmother/mother-in-law etc. There could be an important situation around the home. I would not come out and say that is so many words but I would caution the woman getting the reading that she will be involved in an emergency situation. Who knows the Sweetheart might live with her mother.

At this point, you need to ask your client some questions not to pump the client for information but to gain a better understanding of the potential circumstances being revealed by the cards.

Much will fall on the Sweetheart’s shoulders as she ends the layout. She will have unexpected responsibilities surrounding the home. With the Gift card as a contributing card it might suggest all is not as urgent as it seems at first.  Let’s look at the Gift card a little closer.

What is a gift? A contribution, a donation, an offering, something given or received usually with no strings attached. It can be a skill or talent.

As you can see, in the Zigeuner card the symbols of materialism are seen in the image. Consisting of a table with a jewelry box, book, vase with rose, candles etc. In the background is a large open fan and drapery on the other side of the card.ziggiftjpg.jpg

This card is THE ACT of GIVING and RECEIVING. It is a physical token of appreciation. (The card can suggest act of lovemaking when next to the LOVE card) when asking a romantically inclined question.

Represents a talent – on any level when used as a personality description.

The GIFT card shows possibilities of generosity. A person may not have discovered their own treasures as seen in the almost closed jewelry box.

Sometimes gifts are not welcome depending on the intention of the giver. If their negative energy is all over an item given to you, it is important to “clear” it or you may take on that energy without realizing it. People do not consciously give gifts to hurt other people. 

How will this card play out in the reading? I want to read it as this entire probable situation that is about to unfold will be a blessing in disguise.

After Tarot cards in the short Romany layout

Every once in a while I will purchase a new Tarot deck which captures my curiosity. The images in the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner and Giulia Francesca Massaglia beckoned me. I want to get right into doing a reading so for those of you who wish to read a review of this deck ➡  click here 

Being a fan of Pietro Alligo’s  ➡ posts on the Tarot of the New Vision cards  I knew I would enjoy playing with the After Tarot deck. To demonstrate a reading I am going to use both decks. The question is which layout. There are no layout examples in the Afterthoughts accompanying book. Corrine Kenner’s write-up on the cards supplies you with many interesting suggestions on how to read this deck. Of course, you will arrive at your own intuitive associations with the images as well. Try not to be too rigid in your approach to the After Tarot deck. So, for a moment just forget what you learned about the Tarot and remain open to Corrine’s suggestions. You can always fall back on what you have learned in the past.  

Ok, time to pick a layout.  I would really like to do the Romany layout for some reason but not with 21 cards.  Since each Tarot card is a unique experience unto itself maybe 7 cards would work in the predetermined positions.  

For instructions on how to do the Romany layoutclick here post from 2007.

I have created the Romany layout for 7 cards


First thing I did since this is a new deck I cleared it with my evil eye pendant. I don’t imagine anyone put negatives thoughts into the cards 🙂 but you never know who handled the packaging, lol. 


You can clear the deck whatever ways suits you or you don’t have to. I have shuffled the card thoroughly so that they are mixed. I lay the cards in 7 piles (1 card more in first pile) and then pick up the piles randomly so that I have one pile. I keep shuffling. I cut the cards in 3 piles to the left using my left hand (closest to the heart) and back onto 1 pile. Then I proceed by placing with the top card (which should be face down) and place it in position 1, continue with second card and so on until I have 7 cards in a row. Easy enough.

The above chart is a reminder of what each position represents. If you did the 21 card Romany layout you would add another 2 rows. I may do that at another time.

I love David Bowie. Golden Years is playing on the radio right now. How appropriate.

The reading below is for myself. My write up will be as if I was reading another client. This way I remain more objective. I was surprised to see all the Majors show up in the layout. This tells me the reading will be deeper and won’t deal with everyday issues.

Question: What is the advice of the cards for the Fire Monkey Rooster year?


Position 1: Describes you. What surrounds you at the time of the reading. TEMPERANCE

Note: In the Afterthoughts book Corrine has grouped the Temperance card with the Hierophant and the 5’s. This theme is throughout the book.

The energy of the Temperance card suggests the client is in the process of balancing extremes in her life. Moderation is important in her life. She is learning all about compromise.

Position 2: The Environment. Expands on the circumstances of the question. EMPEROR

The client’s environment is going through a restructuring. This theme will be in effect throughout the Fire Monkey year because that is the question.  This card is about being charge or control. She is wanting to be more organized. This couldn’t be more true. 🙂

Position 3: Opportunities or Challenges. DEATH

The Death cards falls under the number 4 as does the Emperor card. I would read this card as both opportunities and challenges.  There is an opportunity in finishing up loose ends but at the same time it is a challenge because endings tend to hurt in some cases. To open new doors old doors need to be shut. This year will test the client to see just how balanced she is in the midst of external forces being out of her control.  It is important to maintain the balance of the Temperance card in order to experience transitions with the least amount of emotional extremes.

This will play out in various ways and as much as we co-create our reality there is one force that overrules everything. Call it fate, destiny or your soul chart.

Position 4: Expected. The Now. These cards expand on your hopes & fears. FOOL

So what’s going on with the client at the current time. This position might resemble position 1 but it is different. It’s about outer situations which can trigger her hopes and fears about the path she is on.

In the image of the card, the Fool is hanging onto the edge of the crag by one hand. A risk will be taken. The Fool has lost his satchel of tools and continues to smell the white rose. This tells me the client is confident in her own abilities and yet at the same time is afraid to let go. She has enough experience to embrace new beginnings but is not 100% ready.

Position 5: Surprise. The cards of the unexpected influences, events or people involved. HERMIT

The green snake and black guardian dog  have been added in the image of the card. There is an explanation on these two in the Afterthoughts book. My own feeling on this is that the client will look deeply within and discover things she may have not wanted to deal with. There could be a painful realization when she is faced with circumstances outside of herself which will reflect what she discovers.

Position 6: Near future. Up to 3 months. Time frame can be set prior to shuffle. HANGED MAN

Is the Hanged Man thirsty? A woman is giving him something to drink to numb his pain of perspective. Is the client the woman or the hanging man? This card’s energy is active for the next three months or so. I’ve always this card as a change in the way you look at a situation. When you stand on your head (which I can’t without falling over, lol) you experience a rush which can affect how you look at things.

Will the client have to deal with a situation that will test her outlook on life?

Position 7: Distant future. 6 – 9 months. Time frame can be set prior to shuffle. In this case it would be 1 year since I’m asking about the Fire Monkey Rooster year which began January 28th. STRENGTH

I like the image in this card. The woman is embracing the lion (her own emotions). The client will definitely be more patient and be in control of her emotions. The lion’s mouth does not need to be shut it already is in the image. Actually, it looks like it’s loving the hug from the woman. I am pretty sure the client will overcome any challenges presented in the next year. It looks like she will be doing a lot of inner work and in turn her outer world will reflect these changes.

If you were to do the 21 card layout then each column would have a past, present and future. It would be quite a complex reading but worth doing if you want more information. 


How to read playing cards in the Inquiry layout.

Instructions for the Inquiry layout ➡ click here.

For those of you that use Regina Russell’s meanings from the Card Readers Handbook you may find this layout helpful. Even if you use another system of playing cards the Inquiry layout will should provide you with a decent reading.


I did not select a Significator card so it will be interesting to see which card falls in the #1 spot. This card will be combined with #2 Topic of Focus. The first card will represent the person getting the reading but in a different way than an actual Court card. As you can see I write a bit and then I shuffle the cards, lay them out, take a picture, crop the image and upload it to the post. Then, I continue writing.

This reading is the continuation of G’s situation detailed in the Do-Don’t Do reading two posts ago. As a reminder it is about a decision received in a legal document regarding a work situation.  I asked the cards if the decision will be changed, postponed or altered in any way within 7 days.


Note: updates added Nov 21/16

1 Significator Card: Since I did not select a Court Card the card falling here will describe something about G (female getting the reading).  QUEEN OF CUPS – This card describes a female member of the family. Generally, it also represents a woman being read. One aspect of this card is that G is very emotional at this time because of the decision. 

Note: two Queens together can represent sisters or a meeting with another female in a professional setting.

2 Topic of Focus: This card will reveal more information about this document or even an intended plan of action by G. QUEEN OF DIAMONDS – This Queen is in the financial world. She will have experience in money matters. Since this is the Topic of Focus position in the layout this Queen will be someone that G will be speaking to regarding this legal document.  (update: G did get advice from a lawyer fitting this card’s description)

The Now and Outcome Trio of cards is closely linked to the Topic of Focus card. The Now suits ♣♣suggest there is some strong communication (hard work) going on regarding a financial situation. The Outcome suits ♠♠ clearly point to a major block to the emotional fulfillment of those conversations regarding this problem.

Now trio: Cards 3, 4, 5 above the Significator card will reveal the energy surrounding Card #2 Topic of Focus.


10♣ – It is important to choose the meaning which fits into the question/situation because most cards have many meanings.  This card represents a business deal or small business. Of course, it also means a journey but this not applicable in this scenario.

9♣ – This card suggest good luck and yes it is a journey card as well more by road than the 10 ♣ by water. I will use the meaning of ‘distance’ for this card as it makes the most sense.

8♦ – This card fits in very nicely as it depicts one’s budget. It can also represent someone who is a good planner. 

What these three cards are saying is that G will be seeking advice on how to handle her future money situation caused by the recent decision. This is the now energy but we want to know about the future of this situation. If you had no background to this case these three cards do reflect accurately what is going on.

update: (a time frame is involved – distance 9♣). G had x amount of days to respond to the legal letter she received. The main conversation was about x amount of dollars owed to her.

Outcome trio: Cards 6, 7, 8 below the Significator will provide guidance related to Card #2 Topic of Focus. 

(no updates on the following as it is too early for feedback)


6♥Not liking the looks of these cards at all. We begin the trio with what I like to call the gambling card. It also means a love affair which is a gamble in itself. It also depicts a son/son-in-law, brother, male friend or Karmic relationship.  None of the latter applies. So, I am using the ‘gamble’ part of this card. Why? It’s a gamble to challenge a legal decision which is what G is doing.

2♠ – This card is about separation. To a certain degree there are some serious misunderstandings coming up. It’s a card of force due to being victimized. 

4♠ – Generally, this card is about illness. No doubt this will take its toll on G.  But, the original situation did revolve around a health issue. The energy is this card is slow. It warns G to take it easy and not get herself all upset. 

The double ♠’s are not promising. The decision made might stand. The gamble to pursue challenging this decision will fall on deaf ears. No one is interested in doing anything about it. G will become totally exhausted by this whole process. I’m thinking that maybe the Q is a lawyer or legal ‘work’ representative and perhaps she is advising that the gamble is a real risk in regards to this decision. The odds of winning is unlikely,

tips to read the 21 card Romany layout with the Gipsy cards. part 2/2

tips to read the 21 card Romany layout with the Gipsy cards. part 1/2


In continuation …

SURPRISE COLUMN: Officer/Some Money/Love

The woman getting the reading may not be aware that there is a secret admirer (Officer) who feels some (Some Money) emotions (Love) for her. This situation will be brought out into the open but not all of it (money on the table). There is a potential for a friendship/relationship. Cupid is aiming but doesn’t have an arrow in the bow yet. He may have already shot it into the air but it is unlikely. I read the Officer as another man, of course, it can represent a situation of an official nature. 

Some cartomancers read Officer as work which could fit here since the Some Money card follows which depicts a wage or something earned. When followed by the Love card it would be some work they really enjoy doing. Maybe the woman will get a job.  🙂 

The above are two very real possible scenarios.

3 MONTHS COLUMN: Falsehood/Message/Gift

One never likes seeing the Falsehood cards but it is there as a warning about a situation or person.  When coupled with the Message card you can bet that the news is probably a lie or half truth. The trio ends with the Gift card which can be something as simple as a ‘loose’ bribe. In other words the real intention is hidden. If the Gift card is the act of giving then whatever you are getting is false. Perhaps, the offer of a job isn’t what it appears. At the same time, if she gets involved with another man she will be in for a big surprise because he is all wrong for her. Note: Officer and Falseness are side by side.

6-9 MONTHS COLUMN: Constancy/Widower/Fortune

Looks like not much will change in the coming months. It would be a gradual process. The Widower suggests that she will try to hold on to the same old same old but eventually embrace the goodness of the Fortune card. She will be happy again and come out of her grieving process. She is nursing some hurts and grieving over them but the last card is such a wonderful energy that the woman will overcome things.

As a reminder: Today’s reading is for a woman (Sweetheart Significator). She has not been happy in her long-term relationship (Lover Significator) and wondered why the standstill (not much excitement). 

The Sweetheart card did not show up. She is placing everyone else ahead of herself. She is aware she is unhappy but this awareness is from a distance. I doubt the woman will go through with the affair. If it is the opportunity for a part-time job she will regain her confidence. Through all of that, I think she will discover that her partner has been supportive (Widower) all along and her happiness is with him.

tips to read the 21 card Romany layout with the Gipsy cards. part 1/2

I wrote a detailed post on this 21 card layout ➡ HERE using the Lenormand cards. I thought it would be interesting to explore the possibilities with the 1986 Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy) deck. Usually, the Romany layout is 7 x 3 cards without designated columns, however, the rows are often past, present and future. As a review:


  • Column 1 (left side) – you.
  • Column 2– situation.
  • Column 3- Opportunity or Challenges. Similar to the crossing card in the Tarot celtic cross layout.
  • Column 4- Expected. The Now.
  • Column 5– Surprise (the unexpected).
  • Column 6– time frame of 3 months (you can adjust this).
  • Column 7– time frame 6-9 months (you can adjust this)


  • The TOP row is the PAST.  
  • The MIDDLE row is the PRESENT/CURRENT. 
  • The BOTTOM row is the FUTURE. 

Today’s reading is for a woman (Sweetheart Significator). She has not been happy in her long term relationship (Lover Significator) and wondered why the standstill (not much excitement). Let’s see what the cards say about that. I have not shuffled the cards yet so we won’t know if both Significator cards will appear within the 21 cards. It is important to notice where they fall. 

Other than fitting the card meanings into the designated column meanings each column has a past, present and future card. Let me explain that train of thought. It is similar to subject card + verb card + completer card but the latter is not always the case. Reading cards top to bottom means you read top, middle and bottom cards to arrive at a prediction. We don’t use the center card as a focus in this style of reading the Gipsy cards. 

You have the option of reading the past, present and future rows from left to right which is the ‘traditional’ way. The past row will set the mood or foundation of the reading. This is followed by the present/current row. Here you find out what’s being done about the situations of the past (how it is unfolding). The future row will show results, reactions and probably outcomes. 


By clicking the above image you can zoom into the cards. I will talk about the card meanings, the columns and how to put it all together (art of interpretation).

YOU COLUMN: Journey/Lover/Sadness

Let’s begin with the fact that the Sweetheart did not appear in this reading but the Lover did. The woman getting the reading is not actively (emotionally) involved with many things in her life. The Lover sits in the ‘You’ column suggesting he is very much on her mind.  We start with the Journey card and read forward. This card applies to the woman since it in the You spot. She could also be thinking about some distancing from her partner (Lover) which is causing her some unsettled emotions (Sadness) thereby contributing to her unhappiness. She might just want to get away (Journey) from him (Lover) but will still remain unhappy (Sadness).

It is helpful to read the card in relation to the question posed .

SITUATION: Widow/Money/Anger

These three cards show she feels very much alone (Widow) and could be struggling with finances (Money). The situation is annoying (Anger) her. Maybe her partner is in control of the household finances and they argue about them. She certainly hasn’t had an easy time (Widow).


As the opportunity trio, a message of dedication will arrive. This message suggests that infidelity is probably not an issue. These cards are positive so they should not pose a challenge. Looks like the woman may be engaging in a conversation with someone who has more experience in these types of situations. If in fact, the relationship is at a stalemate this couple needs to socialize more.

As a challenge trio, these cards can hint at information being brought out into the open. 


NOW: Desire/Judge/Merriment

The woman’s hope and wishes are tied up with a decision to recover happiness within the relationship. The Desire card suggests the woman is hoping but not really doing anything about her situation. She doesn’t see the seriousness (Judge+Merriment) of the actual problem.

continued in Part 2

Reading the playing cards in Regina Russell’s 6 card layout

Today, I thought I’d throw the playing cards for a question posed to me by a sensitive 35-year-old man. He was a little concerned about some test results and wondered if all will be good. There is no real reason the test results wouldn’t be good. It was just a routine test which was part of his over all physical he gets every two years.

Some of you may not be familiar with Regina Russell’s meanings from the Card Reader’s Handbook so I will briefly write about them. The layout consists only of 6 cards. It is detailed in her handbook. She calls it the Marriage layout but this layout is excellent for all questions.

I am using the Baralho de cartas Impermeaveis Portugal deck. I am not even sure who the manufacturer is because there are no marking. The name translates to Playing Cards Raincoats. I thought maybe that meant plastic coated. Maybe one of you could translate “Impermeaveis” and that would be great. 


Well, we have a couple of ♠ ‘s starting off the reading. There are two hearts in a very good spot. The reading ends in a well-meaning . There are two 9’s but not together but the energy of those two cards is still quite strong. There are two court cards. D is for Queen. R is for King. The King of Hearts is often used for the man getting the reading or the Significant other.

Look at the Queen closed in by the *two 9’s.  This is definitely affecting the woman represented by the D♣. In Regina’s handbook she assigns different parts of the body to the pip cards should you want to use those meanings. I rarely use those meanings for others. I may think about them when doing personal readings.

The first two cards should expand on the question. It is the reason the question is asked. Simple as that. The 9♠ and 6♠ belong to the least pleasant suit. The 9♠ is a card of upset. It is also a card suggesting little control surrounding the question. That makes sense because the results are out of his control. They are coming. The 6♠ is often used as a fate card. It is also a card of endings. Within this card is ‘moving’ energy. One needs to remember the question when interpreting cards. So, what do these two cards suggest. The way I want to read this duo is the concern/upset shall pass.

Next, we read the last column. Here we have the 9 and the King .  The card in the bottom right corner is considered important in the over all reading. It is a court card. It is the man’s Significator card. Since it is coupled with the wish card I feel his wishes will come true about the results. Whatever he had hoped for will manifest. Obviously, he is wishing for good results.

Let’s move on to the center column. This is the outcome or answer. The Queen ♣ can be a woman close to him perhaps a friend. She could also be the person telling him the results like a doc’s assistant. I’m thinking it is someone close to him because she is surrounded by the *two 9’s (see above explanation).

The final card 10 usually speaks about financial security. It is a very positive card. The energy of this card suggests satisfaction. There will be a satisfactory outcome.

I do see other possibilities but the objective of this exercise is to answer the question.

UPDATE: October 14.16. Man received test results. All was good with the numbers. Yes, he is very happy. The D♣ (Queen) was his partner who received the information via telephone call. 



The INQUIRY layout featuring Fin de Siecle Kipper deck. Part 2/2

In continuation of the previous post. 

I am really amused at what the cards are telling me. Usually, I study the cards as I write my blog posts because I am inspired to write about a topic so I go with the flow of my thoughts. The reading is making total sense. It is the dichotomy of my reality. Community and Private life. Many of you may experience this as well depending how deeply you are involved with your outer world.

I am definitely giving this layout a try with the Lenormand cards. I’ve tried it with a few other decks since I created it.  Some readings had specific questions and others had no intended questions. I like the layout and I hope you find it helpful if you do decide to give it a go.  

I do want to mention if you select a question Card #2 (Topic of Focus) will reveal something about your question. If it doesn’t go ahead and read the Now and Outcome trios to make sure. If it still doesn’t make sense that means the cards are guiding you to another area of life which is reflected by Card #2.



The book in the background is Benebell Wen’s  riveting Holistic Tarot.

Moving along… Let’s talk about #29 Imprisonment. This card reminds me of the Art Deco Fortune telling card Prison. Off hand, there are several other sibilla decks with this card as well.

Art Deco fortune telling Prison card

When you apply the Imprisonment card  to every day life it can mean that your hands are tied in a certain matter & there is nothing you can do but wait. Sometimes it’s a self-made restrictive situation. My primary involvement with community is online. That is a limited sphere of activity. My secondary is private consultations with the occasional psychic/spiritual fair. 

This card is coupled with #8 False Person. This energy is unsettling. It can point to a person, the self or some situation. (Does that mean someone has been falsely jailed? Well, it could. And since #7 Message ends the trio I may hear news of this. I sure hope not) Since this upper trio rules the now atmosphere this means the False Person is throwing some uncertain energy around. There is an untruth.  Let me explain.

When there are boundaries within personal relationship one cannot just jump on a plane and pursue your ‘calling’ halfway across the world. It is a mistake to place myself in a restrictive atmosphere. The limitations are preventing me from achieving what it is I want to do community related like teach and mentoring.  It’s a card of telling oneself little white lies which prevent one from achieving what they really want to.  Lots of people brainwash themselves into staying in limiting situations. It’s not always a bad thing. Fame versus staying in the background.

#7 Message. This card is all about news in whatever format is popular these days. The answer will come within- lady looks at letter. Also, the Message card will bring additional information/invitations to test my value system (beliefs on personal relationships). The obvious is False Person being coupled with Message warns to really weigh the pros and cons on any decision I make. 

One must always remember the topic of focus when reading the cards. It is the pivotal card that is either the problem or blessing in a reading.


The Main Man opens the Outcome Trio. This would represent my current partner. Looks like we need to have a heart-to-heart talk (Family Room) about the nature of our lifestyle (House). It’s going to be about what direction I want to take insofar as my involvement with networking (Community) and public appearances.

He is very supportive. I made it very clear on what I do and who I am when we first met.  Unfortunately, I lost both my parents within 4.5 months of each other shortly after we met. I went through a very dark time battling the profound grief I experienced from their deaths. I pulled back from community type involvements. I had to. I needed to pick up the pieces and at the same time I became a first time grandmother against all odds. It sure was a heavy time. Throughout that process my cards provided valuable guidance. 

Family Room:  Within one month (LWB time frame) most will be solved. It’s been an ongoing discussion about a home office or an office out in the community (wellness center). The craft/reading room which has been on hold for a number of years will finally be renovated. Actually, cleaned out, lol. I am a passionate handcrafter and am creating items all the time. My yarn stash is to the ceiling along with my card/book collections. Yes, I think this situation will be resolved now that I will have some more time to actually organize that room.

House: This card points to my partner’s solid standing in my life. This card also has a time frame in the LWB of 6 months.  My question: What is it I should know right now? The Community Card reflects the issue at hand as I have already addressed. The Outcome trio indicates that my partner will be part of the answer since he is surrounded by some very stable cards pointing to our personal relationship (Family Room/House).

Over the next 4 weeks, I will put a plan in motion based on the decision ‘we’ make through a discussion (Message). It will take up to 6 months to materialize. Most likely, it is all about my involvement with community type situations (being of service in readings, workshops, handbooks) and what direction I want to take. All looks good. This is what I show know right now.

How to read the 4 card Reaction Layout featuring De Laurence’s red Tarot cards

For today’s reading I am using De Laurence’s “red deck” Tarot cards. Publishing began around the early (1940’s) 1960’s by The de Laurence Co., Inc. I do believe my deck is one of the original printing. This deck is a little wider than the standard Tarot. It measures at 3″ x 4 3/4″. I was tempted to trim it but it is not one of my regular working decks so I left it as is. There were other colours such as yellow, orange and

The layout I will be featuring is one I created years ago. It contains only four cards. Nice and simple with pre-defined positions. In my earlier posts, I mentioned just shuffling the cards and laying them out according to the diagram below. This layout can be used with any deck of card. 

Seaqueen's 4 card reaction layout
I want to add that you can pre-select a card prior to shuffling to represent the topic of interest for your question. I chose the 9 of Cups – wish card.

More times than not the wish is the question. A 40 something man wants to know if he will publish his book within the next two years. This is his wish.

Let’s look at the cards to see what energy surrounds that wish.

There a no Major Arcana cards in this reading suggesting his wish is pretty much in his owns hands. He cannot count on a magical solution. The Universe will support his intention if he is of pure heart.

Seaqueen's 4 card Reaction Layout reading Aug 24.161. SITUATION- 9 OF CUPS

We have already determined that the situation question is represented by the 9 of Cups.


The passing energy involves a number of hassles he had to endure. The man may have had a lot of interference. A lot of this could be internal conflict. There might be many books written on the same topic that he wants to write on. This is a competitive field. If you put your own personal stamp on your writing you will sell books to those who seek the information you have whether there are hundreds of books on the market or not. 


More struggles ahead. This man will  not clear sighted in the coming months. He will be unable to see the whole picture (town in background) and will experience the entire situation as a burden. The man will need to lessen his load and delegate some aspects of this process. He cannot do this all by himself because he will burn out. 

He might have gotten rid of some people who were trying to help him since the 5 of Wands is the leaving energy. Now, he will find out that perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea.


This knight could represent the man’s mind set. Court cards represent people but they also represent our own level of understanding at the time of shuffle. The last position does answer the question but in a different way. It shows his response to the probable outcome. We can see he is not a happy camper. This hints at an unlikely yes answer to his question.  

If the book was published within two years this position would contain a card of success, positivity or yes energy. The knight is a very unsettled energy. He will be aggressive and most likely angry at the result. This is clear because Knight of Swords faces the reading (10 of Wands+5 of Swords). This man’s ego will roughed up and as a result he will tap into some negative energy/thoughts. He did not plan properly. 

I would not come out and tell him he will fail. I would focus on the 5 and 10 of Wands to help gain some insight to what he is going through with this process/wish. We as readers need to provide guidance on how to best handle readings which may show little success to a question. I think the 10 of Wands says it all. This card reveals a solution as well. Move the wands away from your line of vision (wish). Having a goal is a must but there is work to do to achieve that goal. The Universe will throw more responsibilities his way if he does not change his attitude. 

All advertisements following my posts are not in my control. They are computer generated and I certainly hope they are in good taste.

Who says you have to read the Lenormand 5 card layout using the middle card as the focus?

There are a variety of ways to read the 5 card layout using the Lenormand deck. You can read these cards any way you want. To fit into some study groups you may have to use the middle card as the focus of the reading. This method works fine and dandy. If you do not follow this style of reading the 5 cards that’s ok, too. However, you may be the “odd” one in some of these study groups and set yourself up for a bit of backlash. Yes, backlash. You never know who is reading your comment. Some individuals wake up in the morning and look for posts that they can verbally attack purely for the sake of causing chaos within the group.

When you dare to be different at least explain your findings for others especially in groups. If you are reading a client who cares how you read the cards as long as you are comfortable in your own methods.  

Seriously, there is no reason to read the 5 card layout the same way as everyone else with the exception that it is a decent guideline. We do need some structure when first learning cartomancy (fortune-telling by interpreting a random selection of playing cards). When I began reading I read left to right and to some degree still do. With the Tarot I read the positions of the Celtic cross unless I used other layouts. The only time any one of the cards in the 5 card layout might have been a focal card is when it was a strong topic/category. It was not always in the middle.

The 5 card layout featuring the Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti. Shuffling this deck is great. It has a wonderful glide so the rhythm of the shuffle flows. 

The question for the cards: Will Tom’s teenage son pass the 3 courses he is currently failing. I posed this same question in my FB Zigeuner Cards Community (Gipsy cards) study group. Let’s see what the Lenormand has to say.

Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti. Jan 22.16

The very first card is the Dog and it opens the reading. We can see the Letter card in the middle which is a pretty good representation of the school courses although the Book card would have been just as good. What do you suppose is the guidance of the Dog card? This is a friendly situation. Coupled with the Ring card the duo reveals a certain amount of commitment to the studies in the past (if you are using Letter as focus card). When reading left to right, as a rule, the cards are more now/future oriented unless the position in the layout clearly defines the position as past or passing. In this case there are no positional meanings.

The Ring/Letter combo emphasizes that a full circle is entirely possible in regards to Tom’s question. This means a passing grade is a high probability at this point in the layout.

The Letter/Heart duo suggests continued emotional dedication to pass. There is a hint with the Heart/Lady combination that Tom’s son may be in love and this gal will be instrumental in helping him to regain his passing grades.

There isn’t that much of a difference in the interpretation of the cards either by using the middle focal card or opening the reading with the first card. The Lady closes the reading so she will be the key to this situation. If she had a negative card beside her then her influence would have been detrimental to Tom’s son getting passing grades.

Normally, I don’t mirror cards but if I did, the Lady mirrors the Dog and that indicates a good friend. This is especially true because of the Ring and Heart companion cards.

Just out of curiosity let’s add up the 5 cards. 123 = 6 the Clouds. Tom’s son has his head in the clouds right now because of a special gal. 🙂

Other resources:
Madame Nadia  explores several layouts and provides easy to understand explanations. Click on her name and you will be taken to her website.


How to read the 12-card Trigger Layout with a Lenormand Deck. What to do about dropped cards?

I receive many questions on how to read the Trigger Layout. It’s not so much that it is an overly complicated layout but I think it is because many Lenormand cartomancers tend not to use positional layouts.  As I have explained in many of the other posts the Trigger Layout is a snapshot of the GT where you find the Significator card provided it is centrally located. As you know, often the Lady or Gentleman cards do not have the exact number of surrounding cards in an actual full board layout. It would be nice if the Significator cards are smack in the middle of the 36 GT layout but this is unlikely for the most part.

This layout can be used with or without the Significator card in the YOU spot (see Lady in image below). You can just shuffle the deck and see which card shows up in the YOU spot. This should tell you what the cards would like you to focus on. This card will reflect some question or thoughts you have at the time of shuffle.

You can pre-select a card of your choice. You can locate the Anchor card from the deck and place it in the YOU spot and shuffle the remaining deck. The other eleven cards will describe situations or influences around your work provided you use the Anchor card to represent work or your job.

One more thing, I do factor in directions when reading some of the cards but in this layout this would be a secondary consideration. The Lady looks to the left at the Coffin card in the Trigger row. Usually the cards falling behind her are past and we could read the cards in front of her as future.  In the Trigger layout the future cards are to the right namely in the Immediate and Soon columns. You can pre-select time frames as I have done. The Immediate column is the Near Future if that is easier for you to remember. The Soon column is the Distant Future and can be up to six months if you wish. I chose two months.

When I read the Trigger Layout I scan the cards. This means I look at all the groups of the cards in the columns. For example, I study Birds/Coffin/Fish and so on. Next, I focus on the Trigger row. This row will bring forward the main theme surrounding the Significator card. Here we have Coffin/Lady/Whip/Anchor.  The very last card in this row plays an important role. It belongs to the Soon column. The cards above and below Anchor describe the influences around the Anchor card.

In other words, Each column has three cards. The card above the Trigger row is similar to the past (what lead up to) of the Trigger card meaning. The card below the Trigger row card is the consequences of the Trigger card meaning. You will see this concept expanded in the reading below.

In the image below I am featuring Jennifer Kast’s original ForTheSeekers Lenormand. If you click the image you should see a larger view.

The 12-card TRIGGER Layout

TRIGGER ROW: coffin. lady. whip. anchor.

Here we can see the female of the reading is hung up on some situation that just happened. It looks like a completion or ending influence. She has her back to the future. The Whip card follows her in this row which means she will continue to suffer silently for at least another couple of weeks. The female may be at cross purposes with someone regarding a past situation. (The other cards above and below the Coffin card will tell you more about this). Within about two months give or take things will be more stable around the female. She could get some work which is an opportunity from the Anchor card. I wouldn’t say any more about this until the Soon Column is studied fully.

PAST COLUMN:  birds. coffin. fish.

It should be making more sense now. Obviously, there are some serious concerns surrounding the female of the reading. She has been really worried about her financial situation. The influences show little progress or increase in her money situation. Even though the Coffin card can end worries of the Birds card the Fish card is coupled with the Coffin card as well showing little activities.

We do have a King of Diamonds involved as well and this can be a financial advisor or an object of interest to the female. No matter, it won’t be moving along quickly.

As you read the other columns more and more will be revealed. This might only be one thing on the female’s mind at the time of shuffle whether she expresses it or not.

NOW COLUMN: mountain. YOU (lady). tower.

Fine bunch of cards around the female … not. She is really weighed down and troubled. A huge obstacle stands on her shoulders. She could even be feeling quite down about what is going on around her at the current time. It doesn’t look like she is getting much emotional /financial support from others.

There is a way around this, though. The Mountain card is not the end of the road. It merely presents a block in the line of vision for a future goal. The female’s worries are monumental (birds/mountain). She has brought the heaviness of the past into the ‘now’ and just can’t seem to shake this off, yet.

➡ AT THIS POINT OF THE READING I stopped to put the kettle on for a fresh cup of coffee. I really want to share with you what happened next.

As I stood up, I noticed a couple of cards fell on the floor near my bag with some yarn for a hat I’m in the midst of crocheting.  I couldn’t believe it. I don’t remember dropping any cards at all. This is such a bizarre experience.

WHAT TO DO?  a) should I scrap the whole reading b) continue the reading after I make a coffee c) factor in the importance of these two cards

I decided to go with the flow and leave the reading as is and to study the cards which fell. In my view, it was meant to do the layout with the missing cards. I did not know they were missing until I came to the Immediate Column of cards. These two cards push the reading back a bit in importance but not too much. These two cards need to be addressed. It is a hidden message. They might explain why the female is facing the Coffin card. These card might be a warning of something which will occur within a day or so. What are the SCYTHE + DOG cards saying?


ForTheSeekers Lenormand Scythe and Dog

As I sit here, sipping on a fresh cup of coffee I am studying the Scythe and Dog cards. No doubt there was or will be a severance in a close friendship surrounding the female getting this reading done. If you look at the image, the pointed part of the scythe faces the dog. This will be startling news for sure.


There will be some news coming. It is on its way and directly connected to the past and now cards. This situation will cause some further hardships for the female. She could get involved in an argument. This might explain the role of the Scythe/Dog combination. The column ends with the Bear card. The female will be overpowered by some situation. Seeing the Whip/Bear combined is a really fierce energy.


We have not seen the Gentleman card in this layout. As far as I know the female is in a relationship. The fact that Gentleman has not showed up can only suggest that her man will play a secondary role over the next two months or he will not be actively involved with her for some reason.

The Heart/Anchor combination is fairly solid for relationships, however, the Stork card is lending its influence to this combo suggesting change is coming. I don’t think Anchor represents work or a job in this case. I think the Anchor card is more about security and stability. These three cards do point to some adjustments coming up because of a situation which has ended in the past. I suspect there is a special friendship at risk here (Scythe/Dog). It will be interesting to see whether or not the female breaks up with her man. The reason I am saying this is because in most relationship our mate is our best friend…the romantic part of it is the icing on the cake.

I have just briefly explained on how to read the cards in the Trigger Layout. There are other variations such as different levels of understanding of the cards and their combinations. I hope you found today’s post helpful.

October 29/15. See comments for updates:

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More on the Trigger Layout featuring Judith Bärtschi Lenormand cards

Featuring the gorgeous Judith Bärtschi Lenormand cards to illustrate the Trigger Row

The Trigger Row includes the following:

  • position 5 (PAST – COFFIN)
  • position 6 (IMMEDIATE – SCYTHE)
  • position 7 (SOON – HEART)

Position 5 Trigger – PAST COLUMN

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

– after experiencing the root or foundational influences of the position 1, you are faced with the aura of the experience in the Trigger position card.

Here you will find a person or situation.  This card is behind the YOU person meaning it is a significant circumstance.  One must analyze position 8 to find out the resulting reactions.

For example, if we find the LENORMAND COFFIN card as the PAST TRIGGER we know something has come to a conclusion.  It can be an ending which is very natural or it can be traumatic.  Position 8 will tell you the initial resulting response.

Position YOU Trigger -NOW COLUMN

-this card is a little different in that it represents the person getting the reading, an absent representation for another individual or for the more advanced students of this system -a situation.

The reading will begin HERE.  Actually the Trigger row is read, PAST, YOU, IMMEDIATE and SOON.  I know this sounds confusing but it is not, it is common sense.   You need to know who YOU is to be to interpret the cards properly.

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

Position 6 Trigger – IMMEDIATE COLUMN

-here the  YOU person is stepping into a scenario or circumstance within a few days or weeks (depending on the TIME you assign prior to shuffling).

Let’s use another LENORMAND card  to expand on the COFFIN in the past trigger position.  If the SCYTHE falls here you know there is a break up some sort to happen. The Coffin may be ending but the Scythe will make sure it is over. 


Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

Position 7 Trigger- SOON COLUMN

– if the Trigger card is negative, what was thought to be a negative result (of the TRIGGER ROW cards)  will turn out good if the last card is positive.  The reverse is true as well.

The final TRIGGER position in the SOON COLUMN is a culmination of the cards in the TRIGGER ROW.  For example, using the Lenormand card HEART in position 7 Trigger we can see a new opportunity coming in a few weeks or months. This could be connected to romance. Of course, the root card and final outcome will be the co-contributors to the HEARTs meaning.

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

Judith Bärtschi Lenormand

When you scan PAST, YOU, IMMEDIATE and SOON Trigger cards it holds  the answer in a nutshell.  If no question was asked, the cards revealed in this row will describe a situation you need to address whether you want to or not.

FYI: The Trigger row holds the primary energy of the layout. The other cards in the 12 card layout are important as well, however, they are more secondary or contributing energy. 

YOU card 6 of Hearts is the Topic

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW layout – 7 cards

The WHAT SHOULD I KNOW layout can be used with any deck that has Significator cards or if preferred a THEME card. To illustrate this layout I have used the Hungarian version of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards). As you can see in the image my cards are cropped and cornered.

How to use the layout.

  • You want the cards to reveal some background to your question plus the probable answer.
  • You want to know what someone else is thinking about a situation. If you are asking about a male, remove the Lover from the deck prior to shuffle. If you are a male, remove the Lover card from the deck. If you are female, remove the Sweetheart card prior to shuffle when asking about yourself. 
  • You can pull a card to represent a situation as well. For example: If you want to do a forecast on your financial situation remove the MONEY card and place it as the SIGNIFICATOR.

After you have decided on the Significator card and placed it on the table SHUFFLE the rest of the deck.

  • Cut the deck in your usual manner. 
  • Place the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cards from the shuffled deck above the Significator. 
  • Place the 4th, 5th and 6th cards from the deck below the Significator.

That’s it. Easy enough. The reading below is a question from a woman (Debbie) asking about a man of interest. She wants to know what HE (Adam) thinks about being in a relationship with HER. Just remember that the above and below three cards will be HIS perspective and not hers.

If the woman wants to know HER own perspective about the relationship, the SWEETHEART card should be the Significator. Often, we do not know how we feel about relationships even if we are in them.

What should I know layout. Male Significator

The relationship was not too important to Adam. The background cards provide a summary which should lead up to the answer. He is involved but not deeply (some money). The Hope card could suggest he’s always keeping his eyes open to other opportunities. He views the relationship as being in the early stages. There is a lack of maturity (baby) in the over all experience. He’s not that serious.


Looks like Adam may not have enough feelings to sustain (death) this relationship.The Thief is directly under the Lover card so he could be trying to get away with things in the relationship. You know – have your cake and eat it, too. The final card says it all. He is in this relationship with Debbie to get all the good things that are offered. When coupled with the Thief this indicates his perspective is to take what he can.

The cards were quite abrupt in what they hinted. You shouldn’t ask the cards a question unless you are prepared for the answer you might receive. 

Mercury is retro – might be typos.   🙂

4 x 4 + 2 mini GT layout. Magical Lenormand.

Today I wanted to do a mini GT for a female friend. It is not often both Significators appear within a 18 card layout and they did. 🙂 If the Lady did not appear I would have looked for key/theme cards to commence the reading. If just the Gentleman showed up I would have started with him as he would be someone significant in her life. Or I would take the remaining discarded pile and laid out another mini GT. The latter is less likely, though. I’ve written a post on this layout before –>here.

You can create a mini GT with however many cards you want. You could do 5 x 3 + 3. As a recap the bottom 2 cards of the mini GT featured in today’s post can indicate any of the following:

  • address a vital concern
  • reveal a situation which is on the mind of the consultant
  • over all energy involved in the layout
  • result of column 2 and 3’s theme or topic or life category
  • sometimes it is the surprise or unexpected situation

Question by female. Will Male X have a speedy recovery from a health issue?

I will summarize my findings in relation to the question asked and not details much more than that. I probably will, though. 🙂 Although, in a private session I would read all the cards, however, it is at my discretion to either accept or reject health questions. I would advise medical professional counsel is sought elsewhere. There are some things you can answer without getting into the nitty gritty of health/disease related issues. The above question is general.

4x4+2 mini Lenormand GT

First of all, these two people are not facing towards each other. Lady looks to her past if you read left as past and Gentleman looks to his future. I want to point out that if we read the Lady as looking to her future she is facing no cards. This means all the cards behind her are weighing heavily on her. Of the two individuals, the male is more balanced. He has cards both behind and ahead of him.

In the red diagonal line you can see the Anchor card follows the Gentleman. The energy of the Anchor card is very stable. It also show the male will work towards regaining his health. The Dog card follows the Anchor card suggests he can count on a good friendship… and it is not the Lady. It’s probably another important male (Bear) in his life like someone connected to his job (Anchor). It can even be his mother (Moon). She might be in spirit (Coffin) but her energy is felt.

Since the female of the reading is asking about male X we would read the vertical column he falls in. I am always a bit on guard when I see the Fox card. It is so close to the Heart card that it can spell trouble in the emotional department. The Stars card (above Gentleman) show you this man has an acceptance of the current situation. His attitude is one of understanding patterns in one’s life. He could be at some risk (Cross card beneath him). It’s important he does not make a wrong decision (Fox card) regarding anything to do with his recovery. For example, he needs to follow any advice he has received from those in the medical field. 

The Stork card, one of the last 2 cards on the bottom of the mini GT layout, end this column. Changes are coming for sure surrounding male X. The Book card next to the Stork card points to some developments which are unknown at this time.

Of course, there is more to this reading. So, in answer to the question asked I think the recovery process will be slower (Anchor). It is definitely a testing time (Cross) for male X. The cards point to some further issues (Stork+Book).

Asking question using astrology house layout – featuring Derivative houses plus Lenormand cards

I have written about the Astrology wheel (Zodiac) layout many times. Also, I have used a variety of card systems to demonstrate the linking process of card – in – house. Today’s topic is about Derivative houses and how to gain additional insights into your question. Grab a coffee or cup of tea, lol, this will be a longer post.

Most Lenormand cartomancers prefer to read the cards in groups. Let me explain my view on this in relation to the 12 houses of the Astrology wheel (Zodiac) layout.  You can gain ample information using one card in each house because every house of the Astrology wheel layout means a number of things in one’s life. You can link the houses by various techniques (ie. today’s topic derivative houses) when asking a question. The center card should you choose to have one is similar to the crossing card of the 10 card Celtic cross. It is either going to help or hinder the theme (question) of the reading. Often this card will reveal an important issue at hand perhaps not connected to the question. 

I like placing the cards on a “lazy susan” type of rotating tray (turntable) but you can just as easily draw lines on a piece of thicker cardboard. Make sure you place the house numbers on the outside of the wheel. It would also help if you had another slightly bigger circle underneath with just the house numbers on the outer edge. When you turn the inner circle around the cards will be upside down or sideways. Just reposition them upright. It takes a little longer but you do need a good visual. You can always pick up an expensive cake tray on a pedestal 🙂 at the dollar or two store and mark the houses in permanent marker. This way you have it for future use. I’m pretty sure they have “lazy susan” types of trays. Maybe you can come up with another idea of your own.

The image below features the attractive mini Mystic Mauve Lenormand by Tarotlyn,©2014.  Tarotlyn (click name to see cards on Youtube) Notice the Clover card  in the center (card 13). What should female J know about her relationship with male B? They have been hanging out (dating) for about 6 months. J really wants to know if this romantic connection will lead to a more serious relationship. Note: If I were doing this layout for a client I would scan (read) all the cards and give a brief overview and then focus on the question at hand. mystic mauve lenormand tarotlyn 2014 The image below with the names of the cards except card 13 (I forgot to add it, lol) is written on a sheet found in Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit,©1994. Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit (click name for Russell’s website) russell grant's astrology kit 1994 Lenormand cards in wheel It is much easier for me to demonstrate today’s topic using variations of the above image with one of my image editing programs. In order to answer J’s question you would look at house 5 which represents romance. Here we have the Birds card. In some ways this card reflects some of J’s worries about this romantic connection. Also, Birds can indicate “2” of something. Does she have a rival? The Birds card also suggests communication between these two people is probably really good.

Ok, now we turn the wheel to see which card lies in which house. In the image below you will see the Birds card in House 1 (left side). We do this so we can find out more about this situation. If you are versed in Astrology you can do this visually just by counting the houses until you come to the house you want to read. Many of you are not that experienced in this technique and this is why I am offering this process step by step using diagrams.   🙂 


Zolar’s Gypsy method GT layout with 32 cards

In Zolar‘s Fortune Telling by Cards (1968) paperback there is a section with some very simple meanings for 32 cards. I really like these meanings. All the 2’s through 6’s are not used in this system. Actually, 32 card readings were more popular than 36 card readings. There is an explanation on how to read these cards in a 8 x 4 GT. After you shuffle the deck you select one card. This will determine the suit of the Court card which will represent you. So, if you pick 9 hearts, the Queen♥ is your Significator card. if you are a female. If you choose, 7 diamonds, the King♦ is your Significator card if you are a male. One thing to remember is that the Jack♦ will be his thoughts. 

Once you establish your Significator card you place 8 cards in a row, continue with the second row of 8 and so on, much like the Lenormand GT but without the last four cards of the 8×4+4 GT. This Gypsy method GT is read row by row.

I am using a vintage round deck of cards with red flowers on the back of them. They are probably from the 1970’s. 

I’ll write about row one only just to give you an idea how easy these meanings are to read. There is no image provided in the paperback for this GT only write-up of the actual cards in each row. The other thing is marriage can be predicted depending on which row the wish and marriage cards are located providing these two cards are in ‘good’ company. Reading is for a female. She chose 7♣ so her Significator is Queen♣.

Zolar's 32 card GT playing card system

Zolar’s 32 card GT playing card system

  • 8♣ –PLEASURE
  • 7 -LOVE

Our story goes something like this … The female getting the reading is in a good mood during the shuffle. The 8♣ represents pleasure and the 7♣ indicates prosperity coming to her through a lawyer K♣ or man with legal connections.

The K coupled with 7 suggests a fair man is in love with her. The 10 represents joy (in this case) and when combined with the 9 suggests a birth.

The K represents a good friend.

Easy as pie.  Then you would continue the story by reading row two (not shown in image). The 7♠ and 9♠ are the first two cards. These two cards suggest troubles for the good friend K. The 7♠ is unpleasant news and the 9♠ represents quarrels. The Jack follows so this means this situation is very much on his mind.

I have these meanings written on a spare deck of playing cards. It is really a good exercise in telling a story since the cards have minimal meanings.