Gypsy Bijou study reading. Elements Layout.

The Simple Elements Layout

CURRENT THOUGHTS – Card 24 The Heart

The card that falls in this spot will reveal to you where the energy of your thoughts is. It does not matter which  [way]you selected to do this reading.

The question of the study sample is supported by a very positive card.  #24 deals with an emotional attachment directly connected to the question.  If you were doing this reading for someone else you would know that they are thinking about something they love or about someone they love.  People have feelings of love for different things. The energy of the person’s thoughts point to a situation that is very important and they really, really want it.

YOUR FEELINGS – Card 9 The Bouquet.

The second card will expose the emotions going on.  The feelings can range.  

#9 brings additional strength and reinforcement to the first card.  The feelings of happiness around this person getting the reading suggests a very positive emotional pattern.  Traditionally, the bouquet or flowers suggests a gift of some type.  Gifts come in many ways and gifts are not always wrapped up in a pretty bow.  When interpreting this card it is important to remember that even though it is highly positive, utilizing it’s positive energy will require input and a continued good outlook towards any situation.

So far we know the person is thinking about something near and dear to their heart.  Their emotions are equally charged up in this direction.  The next step is to look at the plan of action and how are they going to “act” (next card) on this which will lead to the possible result or outcome (last card).

You can desire, think or yearn all you want but you need to back it up with action.  Sure many situations are not totally in your control but if you do not try, you will always wonder “what if”.

PLAN OF ACTION – #15 The Bear.

The card that has been placed here will provide options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2. This is what you should do.  Depending on which card falls here, a way to the solution will be shown.  If you see a card of inaction and you do not change that then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative or not to your liking.  Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

#15 is a powerful card filled with action energy.  It has been given the meanings of “jealousy” as well in relation to flaunting you achievements.  Greatness does not come in bragging about what you’ve done or by putting someone else down.  There is every indication within the Bear card that good fortune can be achieved through application of force.  This force IS NOT by coercion (in this case).  It is an inner strength.  At this point you should be suggesting to the person getting the reading done that in order to benefit from a new situation (last card Child) a firm plan of action is necessary.

The person is in an excellent position in relation to their question or thoughts.  Any action taken backed by pure intention coupled with positive emotions will surely lead them to the outcome they want.

WHAT CAN HAPPEN- #13 The Child

The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution.  Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with emotions regarding something on your mind.  The previous cards will be very beneficial to you because within each card is a promise for success regardless if initially it appears negative.  You have a choice in most areas of your life.  This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

#13 in the last spot promises advancement.  Yes a new beginning or a situation in it’s preliminary stage. The Child suggests that the person has not reached their full potential yet. The fact that Bear has made it’s appearance in the action spot of the Simple Elements layout means they will come into their power and succeed in whatever it was they wanted to have or do.

Despite the fact that there are only 4 cards in this layout, you really do have to think about what the cards mean in the positions.  It is a great exercise in expanding your awareness and perhaps taking the meanings into completely different directions.  

I did not factor the court cards into this study reading because the Gypsy Bijou fortune telling deck does not have them.  This does not mean you should omit them.  You can still add them to get another dimension to the reading.

Traditional is good. Exploratory is exciting.  🙂

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Simple 4-card Elements layout featuring Le Tarot de Marseille reveals ample info.

I am featuring the 1992 Le Tarot de Marseille by Fournier in the 4-card Elements layout that I created in 2007. The objective is to see what advice the cards have for Billy on his question which is stated below.

I shuffled the deck while thinking of Billy’s question about finding love with the right person. To date his relationships have been short-lived and unsuccessful.

In the deck I am using the green background of the pips is the wands suit and the blue background is the swords suit. How do I know this? Well, the Court cards helped me to figure it out. The earlier printing of some of my Marseille decks the backgrounds were not differentiated in this way. Actually, I find it very helpful with the different coloured backgrounds.

About cards 1 and 2:

Current thoughts: Justice

Billy is caught in doing the right thing with the right person. He is thinking about an honest relationship.

Your feelings: 2 of Pentacles/Coins

He wants to have a physical relationship whereby he is sharing his feelings with his partner.

About cards 3 and 4:

Plan of action: 3 of Swords

This card is advising Billy to break free of the intellectual pain he has endured in the past. He needs to let go of the notion that there is a right person because people cannot live up to someone’s idea of ‘right’.  If he taps into his individuality he will find his own skin. This is important. He may need to let go of imagined hurts as well. 

What can happen: 5 of Pentacles/Coins

If Billy takes the advice of the cards thus far he will experience a big change in his attitude about relationships. Having a more earthy attitude is helpful. If you remember the scene in the Waite Tarot about the downtrodden people outside of a church it illustrates a dramatic experience of this card. Billy will probably continue to look for love in the wrong places. The 3 of Swords experience has not been understood fully. Billy should not lose faith in ever finding love with the right person. That pentacle in the middle needs to be kicked out of the way.  🙂

So, we need to leave him on a high with this reading.

I did take the next card off the top of the discarded pile to use as a Clarification card for additional advice after seeing the 5 of Pentacles as the probable outcome.

Knight of Wands

Billy needs to take action. He needs to regain his passion and desire of having a relationship but in a more controlled manner. He cannot just jump into a relationship with the first woman that shows any kind of interest. He must overcome the 3 of Swords experience in a healthy and beneficial way. He should not continue to beat himself up which chances are he will.  (5 of Pentacles) You cannot heal overnight. These types of deep-rooted belief systems take time to fully understand. He needs to re-ignite his inner fires on a positive level.

Other decks in this layout —–>Elements Layout

4 card Elements layout featuring the De Laurence’s Tarot Cards No. 20D

Last night I was contacted by a long time client of mine, Veronica. (click name for archive of her past readings)

Elements Layout instructions

Elements Layout instructions

I decided to do the 4 cards Elements layout featuring the wonderful “red” De Laurence’s Tarot cards. Veronica wanted to know where she was at in her life. This type of question can suggest she might be stuck in her current life direction or in the midst of a major shift. Apparently there are some situations coming to a head over the next few months. I felt Veronica was feeling unsettled within herself.

The Elements layout: After you shuffle, place the first card (your thoughts) on the table, second card (your feelings) goes to the left and the third card ( plan of action) goes to the right. The final card (what can happen- result) is centered underneath cards 2 and 3 in line card card 1.

I have written about this layout quite a few times. If you click the category on the right side bar under 7b LAYOUTS there are lots of examples with many different decks of cards.

If you like or are open to the last card then you need to adopt the teachings of card 3. If you do not like the last card’s outcome, then you need to view card 3 in another way or look for solutions within the card. We create our reality. Our decisions pave the way to outcomes/results and things which can happen. Card readings reveal the highest probabilities but one must remember some things are definitely out of our control. At the time of shuffle (horary concept) we set up the reading much in the same way as an Astrological chart. 

The best way to demonstrate all of this is to go ahead with Veronica’s reading.

Seaqueen's Elements layout. De Laurence's Tarot cards No 20 D
What are Veronica’s current thoughts?  3 of Wands.

The image in this card really reflects what is going on in Veronica’s mind. With one hand she is holding on to some situations in her life as she faces outward towards the water. She could be turning her back on the way things are because there is a lack of adventure. It’s not very clear whether the ships are sailing away from the individual in the card. They could be coming to port. This card tells me not all her thoughts are totally in what is going on with her life currently. She is attached to some situations more for grounding than anything.

What is Veronica feeling? THE WORLD

She has come to a point in her life where many situations no longer serve her in a meaningful way. Often this is a card of travel. Maybe she just wants to take off. Veronica is feeling many endings in quite a few areas. This card is one of completion and is generally a very positive energy. Sometimes, you experience the wholeness of an emotion and there is no more room for growth. A new emotional experience is desired.

What actions should Veronica embark on or what can she do to get unstuck? TEMPERANCE

Balance is the key here. This card strongly suggests to do things in moderation. Impulsive or radical actions are not the best way. Many circumstances will come up that will teach her she needs to be flexible and not give up.

What can happen? What advice are the cards giving to Veronica in connection to her question? Page of Swords.

Veronica needs to remember that everything is not against her. She does not need to be defensive or resist changes which are probably occurring in her life direction.

It is obvious that the teachings of the Temperance card will not be totally implemented. If Veronica was grounded she would not still be wielding the intellectual sword in such a protective way.

So, where is she at?  Veronica definitely needs to change some things which no longer are in her highest good. It’s time to let go. She needs to remember that whatever she releases will be replaced with something new. Perhaps a new way of looking at her life direction. The 3 of Wands suggested that she is looking at other options or interests.

The key to this reading lies with the TEMPERANCE card. This card appeared in the plan of action of this layout. Veronica should take advantage of this energy. She needs to walk straight on the path she is on and more importantly she needs to come to terms with her insecurities as depicted in the Page of Swords.

I would recommend that she meditates or finds a creative outlet which brings back some joy into her life as she moves forward and embraces the changes coming…

Deep questions. 4 card Elements layout. Robin Wood Tarot.

I created the 4 card Elements layout many years ago. For examples of this layout using a variety of different card systems —> click here.

I really like this little layout. For deeper questions, such as what should you know about your current life direction (basis of reading below), each position will reveal the energy involved on the four levels of experience. Cards falling in these positions could disclose things you are not aware of at the time of the reading.


  • Card #1 is the Mental world (plane) – our currents thoughts at the time of shuffle.
  • ACE OF CUPS: this card brings into focus the client’s emotions. There could be a new love or love of a situation surrounding the person. Within this card is hope with positive energy. The client is on the verge of experiencing new feelings.
  • Card #2 is the Emotional world (plane) – our feelings at the time of the reading.
  • 10 of WANDS: here we find some of the client’s feelings being really weighed down by too many responsibilities such as work or hectic lifestyle.
  • Card #3 is the Physical world (plane) – where we apply some action or steps needed to achieve our desired goal.
  • 5 of CUPS: the client needs to let go of all that did not work out in the past. There needs to be a release of emotions. It would be a mistake to stand still and do nothing except feel sorry for oneself.
  • Card #4 is the Material world (plane) – the actual results. We can see the consequences which is the outcome of our thoughts coupled with feelings and applied action.
  • 6 of CUPS: thinking about the past. The client is caressing the memories of years and situations gone by.


4 card Elements layout about a relationship

First of all, thank you everyone near and far who reads the Ask my Cards blog. In 2015, the blog will reach its 9 year run. Nine wonderful years of writing, answering emails and connecting through the comments.

I heart You
I write from my heart to yours.

4 card Elements Layout
I have blogged about this layout often using various decks of cards. Today, I am using the Tarot cards for a relationship question. Click on the image and you will be taken to the archives. 
Background: a young couple is experiencing a cooling period in their relationship. The last few months they have not been on the same page. They have decided to separate. In other words, the commitment to the relationship is off. This is a common situation which creates much stress to one or both individuals when it is clear they have feelings for each other. 

Debbie wants to know if they will back together as a committed couple. The cards will be reveal four different levels of Debbie’s experience.

CARD #1 –  Current thoughts.  The card that falls in this spot will reveal to you where the energy of your thoughts is. What’s on your mind about this situation which enticed you to seek the guidance of the cards.

Page der Münzen (Pentacles) – Debbie’s thoughts are about all the things she valued in the relationship. She is looking at what she had (pentacle in hands). 

CARD #2 – Your feelings.  The second card will expose the emotions going on.  The feelings can range as situations can bring out different degrees of feelings.

10 of Cups – She does want to be happy again with Peter. She loves the idea of being in a relationship and living happily ever after. However, her feelings have gone as far as they could they way things were within the relationship.

elements layout with Tarot cards

CARD #3 – Plan of action.  This card will provide suggestive energy (an option). This is what you should do. There is action required to the solution. If you see a card of inaction and you do not change anything then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative and you don’t get the answer you want. Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

6 of Swords – Debbie needs to stop thinking (swords) about this relationship by doing other things in her life with other people. She should go somewhere where the atmosphere is more settled because the relationship is moving to a better place already via their separation. 

CARD #4 – What can happen.  The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution.  Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with your emotions plus what’s on your mind. You have a choice in most areas of your life.  This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

3 of Cups – Here we have a happy outcome. There is a celebration or party. Also, there is the strong probability that Debbie and Peter will be a couple again. Their love wins in the end.

There is more depth to this Reading but I think you can get the general gist of how to read the cards in the positions. Questions welcome.

4 card Elements Layout featuring the Gilded Reverie Lenormand

4 card Elements Layout featuring Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand. I must say that the imagery sends all kinds of sparks which quickly opens the door to Insights.

4 card Elements Layout

4 card Elements Layout


  • shuffle your deck in the usual manner that is most comfortable for you.  It does not matter which deck you use.  I am using the Gilded Reverie Lenormand to illustrate this layout  

  • you can cut the deck in 3 piles and then pick 1 pile. You can fan the cards out on the table and select one at a time placing them in the positions starting with the top card

  • [method #1] before selecting the first card clear you mind (if possible) and try not to ask a direct question

  • [method #2]  ask for guidance regarding a situation or person

  • [method #3] make a wish

This reading is for a middle aged male with no specific question except what’s my future. He did share that he was very unhappy in his current line of work. Are the Lenormand cards reading the male’s mind? 🙂  You will notice the last card is FISH reversed. 

4 card Elements layout Gilded Reverie Lenormand

4 card Elements layout Gilded Reverie Lenormand

CARD #1 –  Current thoughts.  The card that falls in this spot will reveal where the energy of your thoughts are at the time of card selection. It does not matter which method you selected to do this reading.

ANCHOR: Yes, most certainly the male was thinking about his work/job and the financial security it provides

CARD #2 – Your feelings.  The second card will expose the emotions going on.  The feelings can range.

FOX: This is a tricky card. Are the male’s thoughts about his job wrong? Is there someone at his place of employment that is not to be trusted? Some Cartomancer read the Fox as an alternate work card as well. The male’s feelings at this current time are not rooted properly. He is not seeing beyond the chicken coop.

CARD #3 – Plan of action.  The card that has been placed here will provide options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2.  This is what you should do.  Depending on which card falls here, a way to the solution will be shown.  If you see a card of inaction and you do not change that then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative or not to your liking.  Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

PATH: This card is suggesting that the male look for other work. He needs to explore more opportunities so that he can see what types of employment is available.  A decision needs to be made. Either he stays and stops thinking about his unhappiness or he does something about it. The last card will reveal the probable outcome.

The Queen of Diamonds will bring another opportunity for career change.

CARD #4 – What can happen.  The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution.  Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with emotions regarding something on your mind.  The previous cards will be very beneficial to you because within each card is a promise for success regardless if initially it appears negative.  You have a choice in most areas of your life.  This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

FISH reversed: This card would have been a much better answer if it were in the upright position as it suggests increase in finances.  Obviously, there will be some financial loss directly connected to a decision he will make.  He may take a lower paying job which doesn’t guarantee his happiness at all. Being away from an environment which is depleting him emotionally and getting paid less might be the way to go. There is no dollar value on one’s happiness. 

I’m not totally convinced the King of Diamonds reversed has this male’s best interest at heart. This King could be a future employer promising all kinds of money and then not following through. Another way to read this court card is that it could represent the middle aged man losing his grip on his finances due to the pending financial setbacks.  

Should the male leave his current job?  I would tread carefully with this decision because of the FISH card being reversed. It all depends if he can afford to change jobs. Many people are stuck in jobs and unhappy as well.  If he is able to detach his feelings a little more he could change his attitude and the influence of the Fox card will not be such a strong factor.

Trigger layout tutorial reading


One of my favorite little spreads I created is the Simple Trigger layout.  I have found that often larger spreads are not needed.  This layout is good when you ask a specific question and are in need of some guidance which has a time frame.  ( instructions on how to prepare this layout —> HERE )   As I have said before you can designate your own timeframe for the IMMEDIATE and SOON spots.  I have chosen 1 month for the purpose of this tutorial example.  Even if you do not have any specific questions, the cards will reveal to you what you need to know.

Sometimes our questions are deeply buried in our subconscious or we are trying to avoid issues which should be addressed.  I had no question in mind.  However, I do have many questions about various areas in my life & will share some of these during the process of interpreting the cards.

Simple Trigger layout using Jeu du destin Lenormand

Simple Trigger layout using Jeu du destin Lenormand

TRIGGER ROW– by zooming into this row you can capture the essence of the reading. RIDER, LADY, HEART, MOON.

News or a situation is on it’s way involving someone or something near and dear to me.  Whatever this is the RIDER suggests the situation has begun in the recent past. Often the MOON depicts a mother.  I am not certain at this point if this is the case.  The cards surrounding HEART are strongly negative.


Rider+Woman+Heart+Moon: I took this to mean one of two possibilities; either you are going to hear news from a woman who is close to you, that she has a new romantic relationship, or if you are presently single, that possibly you are about to meet someone new romantically  (forgive me!)


This looks like some new romance. Or it’s a new lease on the things that the “woman’ wants, there is some deeply emotional and or creative desires that she will look into. Both heart and moon, are feeling cards, so love, desires, passions. The heart I see more as an immediate feeling that shows excitement, and something someone desires. Since horseman is behind her, something new has entered her life.

RESULTS. (more…)

reading tutorial using Lenormand oracle cards


The cards in the above image are from the Oracolo Lenormand (Lenormand Oracle cards, Lo Scarebeo).  It is a reproduction of the 1890’s deck.  The colors are softer, images simple and there are no standard card inserts.

These cards are part of the full board layout.  I chose this section to focus on the cards surround the lady #29, second card in the bottom row.

When the lady/gentleman card lands on the bottom row it means that many events are in progress already. There will be a  natural unfolding that will occur which puts the person more in the back seat of life’s situations versus in the driver’s seat.  Basically, external influences which we all get caught up in which are not really our own doing to some degree.


The cards above the lady will reveal what is on her mind or weighing down on her currently.

SCYTHE- there are some very penetrating thoughts on this lady’s mind

SNAKE- which are tempting her into some negative thinking or attitude

PATH- which could be as a result of a decision or indecision

LADY- the object of the reading

As you know when a reading is dissected in a step by step manner you only get bits and pieces. It is a good idea to scan blocks of cards first.  You can scan the column but you should factor in the previous and following columns as well to get a better idea of what you are predicting.  I prefer to start out with very easy key phrases and then build up on them once the intuition really kicks in.


Simple Elements Layout

Sometimes when you want the guidance of the cards you may not really have a specific question.  Times like this using a simple layout with only a few cards to interpret is a much easier way to zoom in to what you are thinking even though you may not consciously realize that those things are on your mind.



The Cosmic deck is used to illustrate the Simple Elements Layout and to demonstrate the process of reading the cards.  An emotionally provoking deck.

STEPS in using this Layout


  • shuffle your deck in the usual manner that is most comfortable for you.  It does not matter which deck you use.  I am using the Cosmic Tarot.  In an upcoming post I will demonstrate one of the Sibilla decks as well in the Simple Elements Layout.
  • you can cut the deck in 3 piles and then pick 1 pile or fan the cards out on the table
  • if you fan the cards, [way #1] before selecting the first card clear you mind (if possible) and try not to ask a direct question. [way #2]  ask for guidance regarding a situation or person. [way #3] make a wish
  • do the same for the remainder of the cards.

CARD #1 –  Current thoughts.  The card that falls in this spot will reveal to you where the energy of your thoughts is. It does not matter which  [way] you selected to do this reading.

8 of Swords –  Let’s suppose that there was no question asked.  Right away you get the feeling that there is pacing going on. The female is still and observing.  The male is either walking away from the swords or thinking about another way to go at them.  The person involved in the reading has a very worried mind. This card suggests that the person is on edge and has some serious thinking going on in their head.

CARD #2 – Your feelings.  The second card will expose the emotions going on.  The feelings can range.  

Key 13- The Death card – the person most likely couldn’t care less about things. It is too soon to tell which way the feelings will develop.  Right now there is a stillness which is the result of the worries depicted in card #1.  Within the Death card is hope.  The passion will return.  The caring will once again re-appear once the fear has been dealt with.  The person is afraid to get involved again.  The feelings are in a “cutting off” stage.

CARD #3 – Plan of action.  The card that has been placed here will provide options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2.  This is what you should do.  Depending on which card falls here, a way to the solution will be shown.  If you see a card of inaction and you do not change that then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative or not to your liking.  Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

5 of Wands – It looks like this person is taking steps to resolve some issue at hand.  Communication is action.  This card indicates there is some opposition but it is nothing serious, it is just bantering.  The stillness of card #1 has been broken.  The numbness of card #2 has been overcome.  In some cases physical activity needs to be  increased to attain certain goals.  Like getting off your butt and being active.

CARD #4 – What can happen.  The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution.  Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with emotions regarding something on your mind.  The previous cards will be very beneficial to you because within each card is a promise for success regardless if initially it appears negative.  You have a choice in most areas of your life.  This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

Queen of Swords.  The queen when taken as a personality card shows tremendous promise of re-gained power.  She is in control and is not still & observing like in card #1.  She has picked up one of the 8 swords and has made a decision.  The person getting the reading done would have most likely had to keep a lid on their emotions mainly due to the cautions contained within card #2 Death.  

Let’s suppose it is a male getting the reading.  He will also access his power center, too.  Perhaps he was the type of male who let others walk all over him.  Well that will no longer be – he has learned to fight back. He is depicted in card #1 as either walking away or planning a strategic attack.  Obviously he won.

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….and then there’s the Rainring cards system. An adventure into your mind.

Please listen to Peter Ryley’s short vid below. He is the talented creator of the Rainring Cards system.  ➡ Link to a list of 2007 posts including readings on the Rainring cards- CLICK HERE

“……how can we take unconscious elements of a situation into account when, by definition, we do not know about them? The answer is that we must employ a device which enables us to tap into the unconscious.A skilled practitioner will require no more than a bag of bones, a heap of tea leaves (or indeed a freshly-eviscerated goat) to do this. However, for those of us without this particular expertise, things are made easier by the existence of systematic decoders, of which the two best known are the I Ching from ancient China, and the Tarot from mediaeval Europe. Rainring is intended to fulfil a similar function. “ P. Ryley.

The article below is written by Peter Ryley.




So you want to learn how to read playing cards? by The Card Reader


So you want to learn how to read Playing Cards but don’t know much about them ?
This article is going to give you some insights so that you can start on the right tracks.

Most of the time when it comes to divine using cards, people think about Tarot. In a lesser way, they may consider to study Lenormand cards as well.

Few people think about Playing Cards and really start to engage in such a journey. This is a shame considering all what Playing Cards have to offer.

I would like to discuss first about what are for me two misconceptions about Playing Cards :

#1 – Playing Cards are difficult to read

This statement comes from the fact that unlike Tarot or Lenormand cards, Playing cards don’t have strong visuals which can help you get the vibes of the cards.

In the Tarot or Lenormand, if you get these cards for instance, you don’t need to be a competent card reader to guess that this is not good :


On the contrary these Tarot and Lenormand cards will look good to you :


Nothing likewise with Playing Cards. What does a 10 of spades mean ? What about the 9 of hearts ? And the Jack of Clubs ?

Truth is that Playing cards are not more or less difficult to read than any other divination tool. They just have their own vocabulary as Tarot or Lenormand have. Moreover, there are many Tarot or Lenormand cards that you won’t be able to understand just looking at them, for instance this one :


And this is only one example amongst many others, and I don’t even mention Tarot Court Cards which don’t reveal anything just looking at them.

Truth is that if you want to use Playing Cards in your readings, as with Tarot or Lenormand you will have to study and learn. Playing Cards have their own language which is not more difficult than any other kind of cards, it is just their own.

Besides, if you feel attracted by Playing Cards then study them ! You will realize that the more you feel drawn to a system of divination the more it will be easy for you to learn. You might then realize that Playing Cards are actually easier for you to understand than Lenormand or Tarot can be ! It’s all about your sensitivity.

Don’t put Playing Cards aside because you feel that they will be difficult. Go and start learning and see how those cards resonate with you. Only after you will be able to draw conclusions. But try first, you might be surprised !

#2 – Playing Cards can’t handle complex situations

Many readers think that because Tarot is heavily charged with symbolism they handle best complex situations, especially when it involves psychology.

In this regard many readers will tell you that Tarot suits best with psychology issues when Lenormand and Playing Cards deal best with mere facts (ex : will I get the job, should I buy this house ? These kinds of things).

Readers usually think this way because Tarot is seen as the Cadillac of all Divination tools. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tarot and use it as well, but never will I tell you that they give more insights than Playing Cards. I can also tell you that because Tarot is seen as carrying a lot of psychology stuff, this is where you will get many mumbo jumbo readings where readers will make vague readings using a lot of generalizations which will not exactly and accurately answer to your issue.

I disagree with this view and consider that it all depends on the connection that you have with your cards. You can use Playing Cards to deal with any kind of matter, either involving money, business and work, friendship, love, social interactions, choices that have to be made, understand why does someone acts as he does etc.

I remember of this client coming to me about one of her male colleague she was feeling attracted to. She wanted to know if he was attracted as well and if there was a chance that they could start a relationship. If you’re interested with this case I invite you to watch this Love Cartomancy video

That being said, how should you start with Playing Cards ?

Making choices

The most common mistake that beginners do is to browse all the Playing Cards websites they can find and read the meanings of the cards. At the end of the day they are even more confused because of all the different and contradictory meanings.

Doing so is like wanting to improvise before learning the scales. You first have to pick up a system and work on its roots.

For instance, would you prefer to use only 32 cards as it is done in Europpean Cartomancy or the entire deck ? My advice – but feel free to do otherwise – is to use all the 54 cards. Why ? Because only using the cards from 7’s to Aces will make you miss lots of informations carried by the others cards.

Moreover, would you like to use Jokers or not ? Reversals or only reading the cards in their upright position ? Depending on your choices, you will develop a personal way to read those cards, you will create a personal code with your cards and this is because of this personal link between you and your deck that you’ll start getting accurate readings.

Besides, don’t try to copy&paste the cards meanings you can get here and there without understanding what the foundations of Playing Cards reading are.

Take time to build your foundations

What you should do is understand what are the elements of Playing Cards readings.

You don’t need to learn by heart all the meanings of the cards. Besides, which meanings ? The ones of the website A or website B ?

Start by understanding that the very first elements to take into account when you start learning Playing Cards are : colors, suits, suit interactions. This is the Holy Trinity of Playing Cards readings.

You don’t have to memorize any card meaning if you master those 3 elements, and you will then be able to start doing your own readings ! This is the reason why I’ve just released a Guide that you can find on my blog. Because I want to help beginners to study on the right tracks without spinning wheels and losing time. On the contrary, just memorizing some random card meanings without understanding the fundamentals of Playing Cards readings will get you nowhere and more often than not you will just try to make fit some random meanings to your actual situation and it won’t.

Once you’re feeling comfortable with those 3 first elements (colors, suits, suit interactions), then you can start adding numbers, court cards, and some more advanced techniques. But it will come with time. You didn’t learn how to walk overnight, right ? Baby steps, don’t rush, take time to build your foundations and core understandings of Playing Cards. Once you’ve mastered those, everything will flow easily.

What spread to use ?

 The easiest the better.

Don’t start with fancy spreads using 10 cards, it will just confuse you. This rule can be applied to any divination tool, either Tarot or Lenormand. I’m always shocked when I see beginners trying to do a Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. This makes no sense. Because a spread is simple doesn’t mean it is not powerful. More doesn’t equal better in divination. The more you add some cards the more you can (and will) get confused.

So, my advice is to start using a simple 3 card line.


This is by no mean a past/present/future spread as it often is with Tarot when readers use 3 cards. All those 3 cards will speak about the future. The advantage of this simple spread is that it allows you to train your skills without having to handle too many cards. Besides, my experience has shown to me that this simple layout is good for any kind of question and give you enough information.

Once you’re feeling more comfortable with the 3 card spread, start working on a 5 card spread. Don’t use more cards than 5, it is unnecessary and will bring more confusion than clarity. 5 cards are the maximum that I use when doing a card line.


Then you can add some others layout such as a 9 card tableau such as this one :


The advantage when you decide to do a 0 card Tableau is that you will realize that this is just a 3 x 3 card line so that if you’ve trained enough with the simple 3 card line layout you won’t find any difficulty when dealing with it !

You see, there’s a logic in the studies and the steps I’m giving you. This is the reason why you should start slow and not rush !

Then you can keep on building your skills and start adding some more exotic kinds of spreads, but only when you’ve mastered the previous steps.

 Sharing with others

One very good things nowadays is that we can discuss and share passions online with forums and Facebook groups. I really encourage you to get involved with them ! You will read how others do read the cards, their thinking process, you will be able to ask questions, submit your own spreads and see what others think about them etc. A very great way to keep on learning and this is fun !

Here are my first advices if you consider getting involved with Playing Cards. They are wonderful and you will be very happy with them if you give yourself some time to study and learn. Those little cards will become your best friends and will always advise and inform you in the best of your interest !

Angelo Card Reader

usgamesysteminc-permissions(all images of cards are shown to illustrate The Card Readers article)

How to read the Playing Your Cards Right: Finding Destiny in Playing Cards system

I was gifted with the Playing Your Cards Right: Finding Destiny in Playing cards 103 page handbook a few weeks ago. I noticed the author was anonymous so I did a google search right away. The copyright from 1999 belongs to International Rights, Ltd. I will respect the author’s wishes to remain anonymous, however, it does not surprise me why this handbook is so well put together given she is an accredited Astrologer.

For all of you who may have this book but never took the time to learn the process of this system, this post is for you. Also, for anyone who is considering briefing through the system out of curiosity.

I will write a review on this handbook at a later time because I wanted to demonstrate on how to read this system. What I will say is that all the 52 cards in the standard playing deck are marked according to the charts in the book. Actually, it is quite easy to follow. Each card is linked to one of the Houses of the Astrological wheel. Marked deck of 52The KIngs belong to the center position of the wheel. They are read as representations of important men in one’s life. You can identify males according to the Astrological sign assigned to them. This is a very different system. All Aces are linked to House 1, all 2’s to House 2 and so on. The Jacks belong to House 11 and the Queens belong to House 12. The suits are not linked to the common practice of reading them by elements such as water, fire, earth and air. Each of the 13 cards in the each suit is linked by triplicity. Triplicity means there are 3 signs belonging to one element. For example: Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer belong to the Water element. I didn’t use the 2 Jokers for the reading below. One Joker (red) is really good energy and one is half in half. 

Marked Jokers

I find this system quite intriguing as I have had a great fondness for Astrology since I was 14 years old. I do think a solid understanding of Astrological Houses is most helpful. The handbook has charts and detailed descriptions to help you along if you have minimal Astrological knowledge. 

The laying of the cards is counter-clockwise beginning at House 1 all the way around the House 12. The 13th card is placed in the middle. This card will reveal what’s on the person’s mind. If a question is asked this card will lead you to the answer by following the triplicities.

The partial reading below is for a friend’s husband Sam. There is never a shortage of volunteers for experimental readings. No question asked. He shuffled his own deck and sent me an image. I replaced the cards with my own marked deck.

–> For a quick assessment the red and black cards can be positive or negative energy when falling in a House. That’s your initial feel of the House even before you study the card in it to any degree.

I do want to keep this post a reasonable length. It is a new approach to playing cards than you are accustomed to reading about so I don’t want to overcomplicate it.

Before you begin you would scan over the layout to see if the elements are distributed evenly. If there is a predominance of one particular element like “W” for water you know the theme of the reading will be rooted in Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer houses. Houses 12, 8 and 4 are bridged together because they belong to the water element.

Center Card: 9  This isn’t the wish card in this system. It represent all those things under the 9th house rulership such as travel, higher education, belief systems, things at a distance (foreign). Here we can see Sam is probably thinking of travel either business or vacation. He could get involved in some school activities as well. 

We can see that the 9 belongs to the Fire element. Next, we look at House 9 because the center card is a 9. It is the Ace possibly representing Sam if he is an Air sign (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius). This would mean all things under House 9 rulership are important to him because the center card is a 9. All Aces are Significator cards three Signs to every Ace. The red card’s energy is favourable. If this is not Sam’s sign then you take the secondary meanings for the Ace like enhancement of personal and public relations. The process that goes on in your head in linking is much better than I can describe in words because I need to take things out of context to explain them.

Astrology 13 card layout April 2015. card linking

Next, we look at House 1 because the 9 is a fire card. House 1 is a fire House/Aries. Here we have the 6 ♠. Black card here is suggests personal affairs will be hindered. But why? Next we study House 6 and we know it represents health, everyday work, pets, services, etc.  Any one of these things would be on his mind or affect him personally. Right away we know that matters under House 6’s rulership are part of this theme. House 6 is covered by a red card suggesting negative energy. The 3♥ is linked to the 3rd House mainly of communications, short distant trips, mail/messages, etc.

Next, fire House 5 is covered by a red card which is negative energy. The 8 of diamonds is linked to House 8. The meaning of the 8 can be a gift, mutual funds, joint resources, etc. Since 8 is linked to House 8, Sam needs to avoid taking any risks involving joint resources.

Astrology 13 card layout April 2015 HOUSES 1 5 9

At this stage I would study House 6 by linking it to the other 2 earth Houses, Capricorn and Taurus. Since there is a 3 card in House 6 you would first study House 3 then continue with the other Earth Houses. Note there is a 5 card in House 3 which is linked to House 5. Also, there is a 5 card in House 12 linking back to House 5. There is definitely a strong House 5 influence. Notice the theme pointing back to House 5 matters. Another thing to note is the three 8 cards which are linked to House 8 joint resources. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this demonstration on how to read this system. It would be a good idea to record everything on paper until you get used to it.

Same question – different answers. Vintage Lenormand & Gipsy (Cigany Kartya) cards. 1/2

Many times I use the simple 4 cards Elements Layout with an assortment of fortune-telling cards. There are many posts detailing this layout at the following link ➡  ELEMENTS LAYOUT Category

Today, I thought I would feature the Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver and the Hungarian Cigany Kartya by Joseph Vincent. My intention is to ask these two decks of cards the same question. I was a little surprised that the cards appeared quite different in energy but that was before I actually studied the layouts. I must say the Vintage Lenormand looked much more promising than the Gipsy cards at first glance. It seems to me I am getting guidance and it is coming from different approaches related to my question. I am quite aware of all the “esoteric” explanations of this sudden challenge I am experiencing.

I also know that the two different systems are addressing the question on multi-levels of understanding. 

As you may know over the last few weeks I have had great eye discomfort. Looking at a computer monitor for any length of time tires my one eye. What better question to ask the cards – will this eye condition situation improve?

The image below is the Elements Layout a very simple 4 card spread. 

4 card Elements Layout

4 card Elements Layout

Vintage Lenormand by Rootweaver.  

Rootweaver's Vintage Lenormand

Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand

Overview of the Elements layout:

1 SUNThe first situation reflects what is on a person’s mind. The card falling in this spot will reveal what you are thinking about. Even if you don’t ask a question you may be surprised at the first card. Spot on most of the time. The Sun card is suggesting that I am remaining optimistic and trying to look at the brighter side of this current situation doled out to me.

Yes, I would have to agree with that. Earlier this week I went to a Hypnotist mainly for positive affirmations. Each case is different and every individual receives a unique set of instructions (script). I do practice these instructions daily. I am definitely not a stranger to hypnosis. In fact, I engage in self-hypnosis quite often through music and various audio recordings that were created for me in the past. Prayers to Saint Lucy have been sent. She is the patron saint of eyesight (Catholic religion). Various pieces of jewelry have been ordered containing semi-precious stones like green Aventurine and genuine turquoise. Sometimes transits in one’s chart can offer additional information.

Also, I have been thinking about brightness and sunlight since that is something I am not tolerating very well without polarized sunglasses.

2 CLOVERthis position will reveal how you feel about your situation. So, what feelings am I experiencing since this is my Reading?  Due to the positive affirmations I do feel lucky this situation is not worse. My feelings of optimism come and go. Deep down in my heart I am hoping this is a temporary challenge which will be overcome.

3 STARS- Plan of Action. This position of the layout will provide you with guidance. It is what action you should take. To achieve any desired results action must be applied. You can daydream about it all you want but until you show the Universe you are doing something about it you can wait ’til the cows come home.   

The Stars card is one of encouragement. How to put this card into action would mean to recognize the situations in your life. It’s all about acceptance as well. Meditation would come under the rulership of this card which is something I am implementing. In some ways the energy speaks of improvements so that means I am to do all I can to improve my outlook during this time. Can be done and will be done 😉

4 PARK/GARDEN- here we find the results of our question. If you didn’t ask a specific question this last card will indicate what can happen when you act on card #3.  If you do not like the result then you should really study card #3 to find a solution or clues on how to get the results you want. I think each and every card contains positive and negative energy it all depends on how you look at it.

This last card doesn’t surprise me at all. It goes hand in hand with the blue Celestial Bees I received in the –> Pages of Shustah Reading. It speaks of activities involving clubs, social organizations and outings as does the Park/Garden card.

My original question was about improvements. This last card is advising me not to think about it too much and to keep busy. By maintaining a busy schedule you tend to minimize or downplay things that are under the microscope of observation.  Acceptance and recognition (the Stars) is an important step leading to a more active daily life.  There is no point sitting around with a woe is me attitude. The other thing the Park card could be suggesting is to follow through on projects which involve community or to attend functions which take the focus away from what’s being experienced.

Overall, the Vintage Lenormand Reading is quite promising.  The Cigany Kartya Reading looks more challenging, however, the LOVE card is the final card which is hopeful.

Hungarian Cigany Cartya by Joseph Vincent

The Overview of the Hungarian Gipsy cards is continued in the next post. Also, the post will include a comparison of the guidance by each system of cards and why there are such differences.

Hungarian Cigany Kartya

Hungarian Cigany Kartya

HIndsight Reading in one month’s time: Same question – different answers. Vintage Lenormand & Gipsy (Cigany Kartya) cards. 2/2

Tarot Moon

1910 Public Domain

1910 Public Domain

The image you see is the Moon card from  one of the most popular Tarot decks.

When I see the Moon card in a reading I am reminded of the traditional associations such as illusions, lack of clarity, and the psychic realms.  Over the years I have known this card to represent different aspects of illusion. The card does not always mean a situation or person is deceitful or hiding something like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Sometimes we imagine things about a situation or person.  When this happens it’s called suspicion.  As far as the psychic elements of this card, intuition is not always clear and can be clouded. There is a very fine line between getting a gut feeling about someone and feeling suspicious.  Only the practiced person knows the difference.

We become so busy in our lives that we do not listen to our intuition or often mistake it for other emotions.

When I asked a question about a situation several months ago I received the Moon card as my answer.  This happened several times.  At first I started to think the situation required more scrutiny and that perhaps it was not what I thought.  I thought this way because of the associations of the Moon card.

Then I decided to look at this card in a different way, a change in perspective much like the Hanged Man teaches.  I came to the conclusion that it was me who did not see the situation for what it was instead of the other way around. Basically, I was not looking at the card anymore, I was inside of the card looking out.   This was a great exercise.

I think one of the lessons of the Moon card for me was to address some previous issues which were deep rooted in a similar situation.  A type of habitual pattern.  It all boils down to trust which is the positive element of the Moon card.

No matter how good you think you are as a card interpreter there is always room for another perspective.  My journey with cards and in particular with the Tarot has reached many transformations. I learn new things about the cards all the time and I am not shy about admitting that either.   🙂

Gypsy Bijou in Layout

I haven’t played with the Gypsy Bijou fortune telling cards by Minetta for quite awhile.  I really like this deck. It was manufactured in 1969 and the cards are in astoundingly good condition for their age and the quality of the card stock.

This deck has been nicknamed “Gypsy Cards” which is confusing because the

Bruno Bieri deck (1994) is named the Tziganes Lenormand which translates to Gypsy Lenormand.  Also, the Ziguener Wahrsagekarten deck is called the “true legend gipsy deck but it is spelled GIPSY.  


The Gypsy Bijou deck does not have the inset of the the playing card but it does have  a general meaning right on the card.  The meaning is in English and it does not come in any sort of rhyme -it is direct and to the point. Some of the cards have a few combo meanings as well.  


If you are a beginner it will save you time looking up the meanings.  If you are a seasoned reader these meanings will remind you of the spirit of each card.

In the study layout following this introductory post I will use the Simple Elements layout consisting of only 4 cards to demonstrate this reading.  I decided to upload the Simple Elements layout instructions to the SCRIBD website for easier download in PDF format.   You can also find it under the tab under the Ask my Cards header called Simple Layouts* as well as the Simple Trigger layout. 

Reading to follow……..

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Overview of Tarot

Please refer to the POST OF AUGUST 10-08 for further clarification.

Celtic Cross – Radiant Tarot

I want to share some insights regarding some of the cards in the Celtic cross layout.  Overall, this reading is filled with higher energy cards.  There are 5 major arcana which indicates external forces at work.  This means that the reading is not geared towards mundane situations even though a mundane question may have been asked.  

When there is a preponderance of Majors the suggestion is that “lessons” need to be learned.  The teachings of the Keys are targeting your inner world.

I look at the Majors as TRIGGER cards somewhat similar to the Simple Trigger Layout.  

The image below is the central part of the Celtic cross. I will be focusing on the Chariot, World, Ace of Wands and Sun cards. In the upper left image you can see all of the cards, including the 4 of Cups as the result/outcome to the readings.

Position 1- CHARIOT.  The 1st spot describes the aura around the question or the current energies surrounding the person.  It can reveal their current state of mind.  The CHARIOT card suggests mastery over emotions.  The balancing of a situation that could at any given moment be out of complete control. When I see this card in position #1 I know the person is relying heavily on “faith”. It does no good to whip conditions into submission and obedience because those same conditions can carry you down a road you are not prepared to go on.  

Position 2- WORLD. The card of completion. An ending of the cycle of a situation or emotional attitude. Traditionally this card means freedom of mundane worry.  There is also balance within this card.  The 4 corner display symbols of the elements.  As the crossing card, the World will lend a positive influence to the remaining cards.  Even though the 4 of cups is the last card, symbolically the “4” indicates emotional balance despite the image of the bored male sitting under a tree contemplating the cups.

Position 6 – ACE of WANDS.  The beginning of action.  In this spot the released energy from the single wand will be experienced because of the energy (lessons) emitted from the CHARIOT and WORLD cards. The new birth will come through the Ace.  A new direction is necessary because the emotional power of the CHARIOT cannot be contained much longer.  You can only control things for so long.  Unfortunately much energy is expended when you try and control, even your own self. It should be as effortless as the figure within the wreath in the WORLD card.

TIMING.  When an Ace falls in the 6th spot it is a very good indicator of the time frame for the entire reading. It would be about 13 weeks – a season.  

Some readers use the 10th card to determine the time.  The 4 of Cups would be the 4th week into the summer.  If the Ace of Wands represents the spring, then it would make sense to say that 13 weeks + 4 weeks would be the more precise time frame. Within 17 weeks.

Position 8 – SUN.  This is the “yes” card.  No matter where the teachings of the SUN card fall you can expect an uplifting experience.  Notice that the 4 of Swords is in the 7th spot. Another card of balance, this time on the intellectual plane.  A card of meditative thinking.  What has begun in the Ace will require some quiet contemplation.  The knight will awaken due to the warm rays of the sun. It is a sign that the new beginning will be surrounded by wholesome happiness.  

Generally this spot is to represent the environment or other people’s thoughts.  In this reading, I see it as the next step in the development of the person getting the reading.  There is purity in the seeds of a new beginning.  There is hope.  

The Magician in position 9 will pick up the wand of the Ace and create all the circumstances which will eventually lead to the completion (WORLD) of the situation that is facing the person getting the reading done (CHARIOT). 

Where does the 4 of cups fit into all of this?  As an outcome card it does suggest a similar reevaluation process as depicted in the 4 of swords.  I see the Wand of the Ace as the tree which supports the man. There are choices ahead of him and no matter what he chooses, the lessons of the WORLD card will come to pass.  The person getting the reading will have the rays of the sun instead of the lightning of the TOWER card to experience the ending of one particular cycle which can involve a situation or an inner process.


Study layout – Lenormand No 194115

Lenormand in the Simple Trigger Layout for Tatiane from comments section

Interpretation is done for study purposes only – relationship question

The study sample below illustrates the Wahrsagekarten Cartomancy deck

Jeu du destin No. 194115

31 24 09 21
03 28 18 07
04 29 33 30

.Sometimes when you want to see the circumstances around a person you could take the significator card that represents them and place it in the YOU spot (X). There is a universal understanding that cards should not be done specifically for a person  who is not present unless they request the reading. But we all cheat at times, and go ahead by doing the reading anyways.  However, if a full board reading is done we still can find out about other people who have not given approval.  I guess it’s all up to you living by your own code of ethics.

PAST. sun, ship, house – In the passing days or weeks X would have had success (sun) which lead to the movement (ship) or increase in business. Due to this,  X’s home situation is in order and the cards show X being busy.  The coming and going of situations involving the home.

NOW. heart, gentleman, lady- X is a man who generally has a positive disposition (sun+heart).  He is thinking about a relationship at this time (heart card is above him). X will be in touch with T. regarding some things belonging in or from the past (lady card is beneath him).  There would be a discussion or some sort of communication that should happen. The cards show they are or could still be friends (gentleman, lady are joined by the dog card).

IMMEDIATE. This time frame can be determined ahead of time.  It can be a few days or a few weeks, it depends on the person’s state of mind at the time of the shuffling. Bouquet, dog, key- some information will be coming from the queen of spades (usually a darker female and not necessarily older as depicted in traditional meanings). She can be a girlfriend (bouquet+dog). Out of a friendship or desire to be a good friend, a solution or answer will come to T.  The key opens doors to further opportunities for discussion.

SOON. This spot’s time frame can be adjusted as well.  It can be within 1 week or 1 month (or longer) Mountain, snake, lily – There is some frustration or obstacles coming in the next few weeks. There are 2 queens in the layout (bouquet,snake), one of the meanings for this duo is that a tempting invitation or offer will be made known.   Traditionally snake+lily indicates a romantic attraction or lingering feelings.  

Many times readers forget to factor the intellectual aspects of the snake card.  
And other problems shown by the mountain card will be figured out and in the end harmony (lily) prevails.

The bottom row tells me that T.  will have better security (key) with a more mature male (lily) even though this reading is geared towards X.  But she is represented by the lady card and if you follow that row to the end -those cards belong to her as well. This row holds 2 Kings suggesting an agreement or settling of a dilemma.

No doubt there are several other ways to analyze this reading and my interpretation is merely a brief overview.  This reading is an example of possible delineations using the Lenormand.

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Study Layout using Vera Sibilla Italiana


The Simple Elements Layout using the one of the Sibilla decks.

QUESTION: Will B. get a promotion?

CARD #1Current thoughts. The card that falls in this spot will reveal to you where the energy of your thoughts is. It does not matter which [way] you selected to do this reading.

IL LADRO 10 of Diamonds. (Thief)

This card is common in the sibilla style decks. When it falls in this first spot it suggests that B. is in a negative frame of mind regarding the promotion that he wants. He is thinking of all things that could go wrong instead of focusing on what could go right. The Ladro card is indicating that B. is feeling much low self esteem at this time and he is hiding his insecurities by putting on a daring front.

B. needs to change his attitude or he will attract the possible theft of his promotion by not getting it.

CARD #2Your feelings. The second card will expose the emotions going on. The feelings can range.

PRIGIONE 9 of Spades. (Prison)

Another common card among the sibilla style decks. This card is suppose to reflect B.’s emotions surrounding his question. As you can see in the image he is chained to a pillar. The Prigione card is warning B. that his feelings are self defeating. He must change his outlook and fast. The first 2 cards are colored in darkness where there should be optimism. B.’s emotions are holding him captive and if he ever thought that he would get a promotion with his head dragging on the ground filled with self doubt- it would truly be a miracle.

CARD #3Plan of action. The card that has been placed here will provide options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2. This is what you should do. Depending on which card falls here, a way to the solution will be shown. If you see a card of inaction and you do not change that then do not be surprised if the result in card #4 is negative or not to your liking. Of course there are times when no action is the best course but you will have to intuitively determine that yourself.

ALLEGRIA 9 of Clubs. (merriment)

Ahh finally, a more positive card. The advice of Allegria is to loosen up and to stop worrying about the promotion. Go out and have a good time. Obviously, B. should give his own head a good shake and start to think more optimistically. He should actually be anticipating a reason for celebration.

Card #3 provides options or a suggestive energy to apply directly connected to cards #1 & #2. This is what you should do. B. has to lift the veil of his own poor attitude and to  utilize the advice of card 3.

CARD #4What can happen. The last card is the result, outcome or probable solution. Here you will find what happens when you apply action coupled with emotions regarding something on your mind. The previous cards will be very beneficial to you because within each card is a promise for success regardless if initially it appears negative. You have a choice in most areas of your life. This card will show you the by-product of your efforts.

L’AMANTE Jack of Hearts. (Lover)

It looks like B. will be playing at his own celebration. L’amante promises a good outcome. It will not be the exact results he was hoping for in so far as the promotion. The reason I am saying this is because in the image he is awaiting his sweetheart to come to the window or door. He is serenading the object of his love. This means the promotion is not complete and he will still have to do some fancy foot work to get where he really wants to be. Or perhaps play the song his boss wants. 🙂

It looks like B. will take the advice of card #3 which will lead him to the materialization of card #4

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Rainring cards

This post was prompted by a comment I received from Peter Ryley which reminded me that somewhere in the latest configuring of the blog’s content, I was missing the Rainring website link. I found myself re-reading the 19 pages in the Foundations section written by Peter Ryley and found a wonderful paragraph I wanted to share with you which also provides an explanation of the Rainring cards.

“……how can we take unconscious elements of a situation into account when, by definition, we do not know about them? The answer is that we must employ a device which enables us to tap into the unconscious.A skilled practitioner will require no more than a bag of bones, a heap of tea leaves (or indeed a freshly-eviscerated goat) to do this. However, for those of us without this particular expertise, things are made easier by the existence of systematic decoders, of which the two best known are the I Ching from ancient China, and the Tarot from mediaeval Europe. Rainring is intended to fulfil a similar function. “

On the website you can see all 81 rainring cards with a brief descriptions. The VISUAL DIRECTORY provides a list of links to other explanations.

I find the Rainring cards “tempting” – choreographing a map to the dimly lit dimensions of oneself.

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