Revisiting Lenormand reversed cards. The Bouquet.

Over the past few years, I have not written much about the Lenormand cards when falling reversed. That does not mean that I don’t use them, lol. What triggered me to write today’s post is the fact the Bouquet card fell reversed lately in a reading the other day. 

➡ ➡ Before I go on please note that the traditional method of reading the Lenormand cards you do NOT read reversals. I am making this statement primarily for the beginners or individuals with little experience.

  • Now, if you are like me, you are open to exploring different layers of reading cards. The reversed card will give you something to think about in connection with the adjoining cards. 

  • If you do not want to read the reversal at least leave it upside down in the layout. After a few minutes it will start to bug you, lol, and you will either turn it upright or get ‘reversals’ feelings about it.  🙂

  • I never turn a reversed card upright if it happens to show up like that in the layout. I read it reversed and the meaning is usually opposite. There are exceptions though with some cards. 

  • If a card falls on the floor and is upside down I will read it reversed. I mean if it jumps out of the deck it wants to be noticed reversed for a reason.

  • I do not deliberately turn the cards upside down before shuffling the deck. In fact, I scan through the cards to make sure they are upright.

  • The Bouquet upright

  • Invitation. Gift. Fondness. Visitors. Pleasantries. Positive energy. Queen of Spades – experienced, a favour, woman with darker shade of hair, 

  • The Bouquet reversed

  • Do not hold your breath because you will not get the invitation.  No gift for you. No soup for you ha-ha. Most likely the person despises you. You can relax because your visitors had no intention of coming. Toxic environment. Queen of Spades – pushy miss know it all that will not help you.

  • Now, wasn’t that fun. 🙂 

The Antique French Lenormand deck. #9 Bouquet card.

According to my research, the Antique French Lenormand deck was published (printed by unknown in France) in 1845 about two years after Madame Lenormand died.

In this deck, the Bouquet card depicts a lovely bouquet of flowers. In the background there is what looks like a cherub. There are various flowers in this bouquet and quite possibly herbs. The card is defined as Bouquet /Blumenstraufs /Nosegay. The somber looking woman on the top of the card has the ♠ symbol on the left side near her head. It doesn’t say she is the Queen ♠ but it is clear she is a spade woman. Her hair is long and looks rather unkept. With her left hand she holds her bosom. There are other minor details.

So what’s a Nosegay? It is a “talking bouquet” or “flower poesy” and was becoming popular in the 1800’s as gift giving. Tussie mussies as they were sometimes called as well were arranged in a cornucopia-shaped container which can be seen in the image on each side of the center bouquet. 

Each flower of the bouquet has a specific message from the sender to the recipient. The flowers talk to you. The meanings of the types of flowers and colours in the bouquet hasn’t changed all that much. I can make out some of the flowers in the 1845 version of the Bouquet card but not all of them. Throughout the generations flowers have always been sent to deliver an unspoken but felt message. Sometimes the flowers are sent as an apology, lol.

I remember one year I received one dozen yellow roses from a man. I should have been happy about it but I wasn’t. I knew right away that he was chasing someone else’s skirt. The yellow roses told me so, lol. 

When we read the Bouquet card we often associate it with gifts and fondness. It has a pleasant and soothing energy. It can bring a nice aroma after a sour experience. Listen carefully to the voice of the Bouquet flower. It is telling you something about the cards next to it. Keep a stiff upper lip like the Queen ♠ when situations call for strength.

Bouquet in Cross house versus Bouquet+Cross or Cross+Bouquet

The Bouquet card passing through (falling in) the Cross House versus the Bouquet card combined with the Cross card OR the Cross card in combination with the Bouquet card has differences.

First you determine the meaning for the Cross House which is the same as the Cross card with the exception of narrowing down the meaning to one theme. You don’t have to do this but it will make it much easier when studying the card which falls into it.

Usually the meaning is pain and suffering which include burdens. There is also a Karmic connection (a test) which can be viewed as “fate”. The symbol of the cross will mean different things to different cultures insofar as a religious belief system. There are some detailed meanings for the Cross card at Helen’s Lenormand dictionary—>HERE. Helen has also offered meanings for all 36 cards at the link I have provided – a great resource for those of you who are learning the Lenormand system.

You can keep all the meanings in mind when you study the card falling into it but don’t spend too much time on this process.

Let’s suppose we will use the Cross House meaning of pain and suffering.

Lenormand Bouquet card in Cross house
The next step involves a summary but first what does the Bouquet card mean to you. Once you have established that then you can read the card in the house. 

The Bouquet card is a pleasing energy. It’s about gifts, invitations, fondness and of course, the Queen of Spades refined personality. What I mean by refined is skillful. She definitely is experienced.

Whatever the situation is the nature of the Cross House does not change. It’s still about pain and suffering. With the Bouquet’s influence passing through the situation is not as bad as it could be. There is a pleasant interlude or pause in one’s suffering. The burden is lightened but it is still a burden. The Queen of Spades could actually be someone you know that is experiencing a rough time.

Lenormand Bouquet cardLenormand Cross card

Bouquet + Cross – this duo is taken out of the context of the layout to illustrate possible combined meanings. When you look at these two cards the Queen of Spades could be heading into a fateful situation.  This duo can mean a religious invitation or event. Some of the pleasant energy of the Bouquet card will be minimized with the Cross card’s influence.  You can probably think of some other meanings.

Lenormand Cross card Lenormand Bouquet card
Cross + Bouquet – the Queen of Spades is a Karmic connection. The pain and suffering from situation which is probably revealed by the card preceding the Cross card can let out a sigh of relief. It’s a blessing in disguise.

The Cross card is pretty strong but it’s meaning can be modified depending on the situation. When reading the Cross House the core meaning remains the same. 

Reading the Gentleman + Mouse + Bouquet combination

28 Gentleman

23 mouse

9 bouquet

There are a number of possibilities for these three cards. Reading them in a trio combinations is fairly straight forward.




If there is a question asked of the cards all three cards are applied to the “potential” answer.

If no question is asked then the three cards will reveal something which might be somewhere in your current thoughts. Often the cards will bring forward a situation about a person or event which should be addressed.

Possible summaries:

A man is happy but it is a tired happy. Perhaps he is worried about trivial things. Don’t forget the mouse card eats away at whatever is the card after it.

Your special man (female getting Reading) is losing interest in another woman (Queen of Spades). Although, the Snake card often represents the other woman the Q♠ may be in a purely platonic relationship with your man whereas the Q♣ probably has intimate motives.

You (man getting Reading) are fretting over the fact that you have not received an invitation yet.

You (man getting Reading) will be pleased at receiving a much smaller gift than anticipated. You (female getting Reading) will receive a pleasing gift from you special man but it will be cheap :).

If these three cards fell together in the GT and you were a male getting the Reading the cards above and below you will give you quite a bit of background as to why you will meet with the Mouse’s influence.

If you are a female getting the GT reading and these three cards appear together they will give you a glimpse into what is going on with your special man. Of course you need to study your own cards first. 

There are so many possibilities on how to read these three cards in a GT but this post isn’t about the GT. Today’s post is about a three card draw read left to right. I only mentioned a few meanings. Directions can be read as well. Also, this could be a 3 card layout with predetermined positions. You could use the center card Mouse as your focus. Then you would investigate further from that point.

If you are seeking a yes or no answer. The answer is yes but it’s not a big yes because the Mouse’s influence will erode some of the positivity of the Bouquet’s energy.

More on the Gentleman ➡ here, the Mouse ➡ here, the Bouquet ➡ here.

Lenormand Bouquet 2 card draw combinations

I am using 2 Lenormand decks for the duo draw combinations of the Bouquet card.  The English Edition No 12979 Mille Lenormand deck and the 1890 reproduction Oraculo Lenormand deck.

BOUQUET or FLOWERS: The Queen of Spades in not shown in the imagery of these 2 decks.  She is a nice, polite and well mannered female despite the connotations of the spades/swords suit. She is charming and you can’t help like her. The Queen of Spades brings good and positive energy to the Bouquet card. Can she be a trouble maker? If surrounded by negative cards you will experience her spades personality 🙂

Simple one line sentences to consider when studying the duo combinations as the 2 card draw. You can come up with your own interpretations as well. There is no right or wrong interpretation.


Bear and Bouquet


Rider and Bouquet


Stars and Bouquet


Bouquet and Cross


Bouquet and Key


Bouquet and Tree

Reading cards doesn’t have to be complicated. When you are learning to interpret keep it simple because within the simplicity lies the core meanings. From those core meanings come intuitive messages.

Lenormand #9 Bouquet

Queen of spades

The Bouquet 9

The bouquet is a card of achievement.  It brings good influences to the neighboring cards. Traditionally, it indicates that you are well thought of and generally people like your company. It can also suggest receiving well mannered guests which are a treat to entertain.

In romantic questions and if it is the final card it will reveal that your partner will shower you with love and demonstrate affection.  Sometimes you will receive a token of appreciation, like a gift.

Many times it will point to a reunion between lovers or a ‘making up’ process. The Bouquet card brings situations into focus.

Flowers are generally thought of as being sweet.  You can expect something pleasant entering your life that feels absolutely wonderful.  It sure beats having a sour experience.  Flowers are seasonal so it is a good idea to remember that everything has it’s time and place.  Also, things pass with time as well.  One minute you are on a high and the next minute you aren’t.  That being said, the Bouquet is a good high energy influence but it will not last a long time.  So enjoy the experience while you have it.

The Bouquet is a strong card and will add a good vibe to those minor negative cards.  Pay close attention to the card next to it.  What looks like a calamity may turn out to be something trivial so there is no point worrying needlessly.

As the Queen of Spades this card describes a woman who is in control of her feminine charms. She can be a sweetheart personality but you cannot fool her.  She is experienced and has gained much of her wisdom through the ups and downs of life.

When the Bouquet falls with the Stars you will receive public recognition for your efforts.  You will be in the limelight or center of attention.  Enjoy this blessed combination.

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tree, bouquet, stork


Tips to keeping interpretations  SIMPLE when you are beginning to learn the Lenormand style cards.

Of course, there are more complex traditional meanings to the tree, bouquet, stork cards as well as modern keywords. 

tree- general health, something being rooted, CHI

bouquet- queen of spades, gift, receiving admiration, older dark haired female

stork- change, progressing, queen of hearts, family connected female

2 queens depict a conversation going on that will bring about a change

tree, and bouquet have a common bond, they grow in the ground and are manifestations of the goddess energy

tree and bouquet = very good friends

stork= transporting something from or to something =transfer

Possible interpretations

-there will be changes (stork) in the health (tree) of the Queen of Spades (bouquet)

-there will be changes in the friendship between these 2 women

-general well being has good grounding but still need more (stork)

-a dark haired female (bouquet) really likes the queen of hearts (stork)

– 2 females in a long term relationship

-2 sisters that have become much closer

Work related question.

You will certainly be considered for the position. The interviewer will be a female and she will like you, as a result of this your current work status will change or begin to progress in the direction you want -favorable (ends in heart).

Money related question.

You financial situation shows improvement due to the efforts of another female that has a more practical approach. Yes your partnership will flourish and it has a good foundation.

Love related question.

if male – you have 2 woman around you that are completely different, the dark haired female you have known for quite some time. The queen of hearts has a crush on you but she may be your girlfriends sister or best friend.

if female- you bet there is another woman involved but not in a threatening way. Don’t worry she will move away.

Bouquet, lady, fish

9-bouquet.jpg 9 Bouquet(flowers)/ Queen of Spades

In the Simple layout in the last entry about Lenormand cards I had these 3 cards in the NOW position.

The Queen of Spades is what is on my head, so to speak. An older woman. I have been thinking quite a lot about the fact that my Spiritual sister friend died . I am trying to come to terms with the fact that I will never hear her voice, or laughter again. She was a powerhouse of a woman-

Looking at this card as the bouquet, tradition says that I am in good company and someone likes me(probably the King of Diamonds). I say that bouquet suggests that I am to stop and smell the roses. To appreciate life and give thanks for my blessings.

29-lady.jpg 29 Lady

In the French cartomancy Lenormand deck the lady faces to the right, and in the Gypsy Lenormand that I used for the Simple layout reading she faces to the left. This should be always factored to some degree if there are negative cards around the lady. In this case since I am only reviewing 3 cards it doesn’t matter. We don’t have a card beside her to the left or right for the purpose of this analysis.

34-fish.jpg 34 Fish / King of Diamonds

The Fish is a very positive card. Taken as a fair haired man, several hours after the reading I did talk to a fair haired man on the telephone. Our conversation had a slight financial edge. We discussed how expensive it was these days for entertainment.

The dog card dog-fish.jpgwas beside the fish to the left actually, this confirmed it was a male friend that I would either see or talk to the same day -which is what happened.

Now if you had all 36 cards in front of you -it would be dazzling and the mind could go all over the place until you train yourself to focus on one card at a time to determine the theme. Sometimes the interpretation is just that -simple.

Explanation on ‘Should’ questions versus ‘Will’ questions.

Grand Tableau Lenormand Oracle Cards by Lo Scarabeo

There are several detailed reviews (including mine) about this deck at Amazon.

QUESTION: Male client wants to know if he should go out for lunch with his X boyfriend?

I really am not that fond of ‘should’ questions even though I use them. The ‘should’ type of questions are not a simple yes or no answer. Think about what ‘should’ implies. The way the question is phrased suggests that the X boyfriend has perhaps extended an invitation already and the client is uncertain whether to accept & go. The client is seeking guidance to see if there are consequences to going out for lunch with his X boyfriend. In other words, the client wants to know if the lunch will be a positive or negative experience. Otherwise why would the client be asking this question. He doesn’t need permission from a card practitioner.

If I said, ‘Male client wants to know if he will go out for lunch with his X boyfriend? ‘ that would be a simple yes or no. There is no underlying uncertainty in the way this question is phrased. Basically, the clients for whatever reason for the lunch wants to know if he will go. Actually, why bother pulling 3 cards just pull one card. If you pick what they call a neutral card then the answer is maybe. 🙂

Can you see the difference in the question by just substituting one word?

Observations of the cards: These cards never cease to amaze me. (This is a real life reading)

The opening TREE card tells us this could be health related. It could also be a past deep-rooted issue which is not a prominent health related problem, however, could still affect the health on some level.

The Queen of Spades BOUQUET is a pleasant energy. It talks about invitations, gifts and even charity work. Here we find out that yes, the invitation was offered to the male client. If the client did the inviting then why would he ask if he ‘should’ go. Stranger things have happened, ha-ha.

The closing King of Diamonds FISH card does have some ‘movement’ energy. It often speaks of financial situations. It can depict issues with consumption as well. If the client goes to lunch he will most likely be picking up the tab for dinner. The one eyed diamond King in the poker deck holds onto his money if he can. Notice how the King is looking at the Queen (client) more on the sly (still has fondness for client) but the Queen is looking at the 7 of Hearts/Tree (past problems).

With the Bouquet card not being surrounded by those, you know, negative cards a relatively pleasant time could be had. Sure, the male client ‘should’ go out for lunch but he better be prepared to pay the bill. Also, he could get the opportunity to resolve some past problems which lead up to the break-up. That would be a healing for both of them. Now the question is, ‘Will he go?’

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How to read a 3-card layout when only a yes or no answer is requested . Featuring the Rana George Lenormand.

I have always read the cards left to right when they are laid out in a straight line. Some readers use the middle card as a ‘theme’ especially in the Lenormand system. Whatever works for you is the right way.

Today, I am featuring the lovely Rana George Lenormand, artwork by Callie L. French. I find this deck of cards superb insofar as shuffling. I am not fond of cards that seem to get stuck during the shuffle.

I do have a very specific question in mind which can be answered yes or no. I place more importance on the last card to give me the answer. The other two cards can should reveal the circumstances around the specific question I asked. It really isn’t that complicated if you use a few keywords or if you follow your own feelings about the cards.

If you know the core concepts or essence of each card in the Lenormand system you will be able to answer the question without knowing it. It is straightforward. Yes or No.

Ok let’s begin this investigative process.

Tree. Bouquet. Coffin.

 © Rana George Lenormand

  1. The first card, the Tree, will tell you that the ‘health’ of a situation is the probable theme. There are various meanings for the Tree card like networking, roots, the past, slower energy and medical situation.
  2. The second card, the Bouquet, further reveals an invitation is involved and quite possibly the Queen of Spades. I do use the Court cards to see if the direction is left or right within the layout. Generally speaking, the Bouquet card is a pleasant atmosphere as a standalone. Other meanings such as gift, fondness, visitors, pleasantries or a favour.

Ok, at this point you should have at least one or two things as the background to the question. For example: a situation involving the well-being of an invitation; a situation from the past involving a gift; a situation involving a favour or request. Now, some of you may think this is a question about someone’s health because of the Tree card. In that case, it could involve an older woman (Queen of Spades). No matter what theme you have determined the last card gives you the probable answer.

3. The last card is the outcome or answer. The Coffin card stops the further development of the Bouquet card’s positive energy. Here we have a ‘no’ answer. This will not be a pleasant outcome. It is an ending or conclusion of a project or situation.

As I mentioned in a previous post, years ago the client did not pose a question. The other thing is I would probably not do a 3-card question if a client came for a reading. Most likely I would do the GT Houses with focus on the person’s significator card and the obvious ‘theme’ cards that represent love, work, money, travel, etc. Sometimes you read 3-4 cards to come up with part of a prediction. I do ask if the client has something specific on their mind in which case I would pull out my Tarot deck and do a 10-card Celtic cross.

A client does not want to see only 3 cards they like to see an abundance of cards on the table. More cards is not always better but the client does not know that so in some cases you need to satisfy their needs. The client usually wants to see something on the table. Ok, back to the topic of today’s post. 🙂

I asked for a yes or no answer and I got one …NO. I do not need to pull any more cards. I suppose you might be curious as to what my question was and I can tell you now. My question was whether or not I should take the free piano that my neighbour offered me and yes, she is a dark-haired older lady.

Lenormand Fox map as a work card

Today, I would like to talk about the Fox map as the work card in layouts. The majority of the time I do not use this meaning but I know many of you do.

Using the Fox map as a work card has various degrees of meanings as well. You can work for pay as in a job. You can work at something which means applying energy to the situation. You can also work as a volunteer with no remuneration. You can work at a relationship.

In my examples below I will talk about various combinations which will be illustrated a 2 or 3-card draw. For simplicity sake the last card is the final card in a layout or a GT.

To purchase this deck ➡

I think you should decide before you shuffle the cards which meaning you will use for the Fox card. There are more traditional ( I use that word loosely 🙂 ) meanings such as something is wrong, red-haired individual, selfishness, out of need, survival, sneaky and even a prankster. If you do decide to use the Fox card as work then by all means please read on.


Bouquet + Fox + Whip. You probably like your job already or at the very least work in a pleasant environment, however, things are about to get very tense due to differences of opinions. Someone new on the job might be causing troubles (Jack of Clubs).

Fox + Stork + Clouds. Changes coming at work. They are coming because the Stork follows the work card. You may not like these changes. They are not permanent and should be settled in a short time (dark of clouds facing Stork). Looks like the changes will be around for quite some time (dark of clouds facing away from Stork). If you are thinking of returning to a former job now is not the time.

Fox + Child. This duo could predict an entry position at work. The person may be entering the workforce for the first time. A project may be in the beginning stages.

Fox + Ship + Money. A business trip ends up being profitable. These 3 cards could also predict increased travel connected to work. There could be multiple locations visited.

Fox + Garden. A promotion. You could rise up the ladder and become well known. If Scythe followed you would have an fall from power.

Fox + Cross. Deep unhappiness in the workplace. Over burdened with work.

Fox + Tower. Often this combination depicts working in a medical facility like a hospital. Also, with the Scythe it can be a surgeon.

Fox + Birds. You guessed it. A lawyer. Followed by the Mouse card a lawyer that does not have a good winning track record.

There are many combinations you can come up with using 2 or 3 cards. The larger your layout the more cards you need to factor in so why not just learn combination with a few cards.

Which meanings do you use for the Fox map?

Messages from the Other Side layout featuring the Lenormand cards

The Messages from the Other Side layout can be used with most cartomancy systems. You do not need to ask a question but you do need to focus on the deceased individual while you shuffle. Questions that clients have are often not asked but do exist at the time of shuffle.

➡ Card # 3 Do you have a message? will reveal whether or not your question will be answered. Keep that in mind. Also, cards 5, 6 and 7 will either be the answer or provide you with other information you may find helpful. If no question is asked the same applies.

Here is the layout. You can probably click on the image and copy it. Well, that was the way it was in the former WP template. You can always private message me for a copy of pdf. ➡ Seaqueen

The deck I have on hand right now is the Magisches Lenormand by Sandy Pfutsch & Gabriele Buttner.

I have had many questions surrounding my mom’s sudden and definitely unexpected death. We were so busy helping my dad as he took gravely ill that her death shocked everyone. I have never gotten over the fact that my mom did not look like my mom. (Honestly, I thought they had the wrong person.) She has no disfigurement to her face from any accident. It was an open coffin. I only recognized her by her hands. I could not get any kind of closure on the day of the funeral. My dad could barely walk and yet, he mustered up enough strength to bury his wife. He died 4.5 months later. 😦

I plummeted into darkness. I leaned on my cards as a tool to help me in my grieving process. The only ray of sunshine I had was the birth of my 1st grandchild a mere 6 weeks after dad died. You know even now when I write about this a decade or so later I feel the pain all over again.

When you do this layout take into consideration if there is a surviving Significant other who is alive because the Lenormand cards have 2 Significator cards. In my example I will pull out the Gentleman card because dad died shortly after mom did. In the previous post I left the Lady card in the shuffle because A had a surviving girlfriend.

My mom was pronounced dead about 6 hours or so after surgery. I often wondered if she died in surgery. I asked the cards if mom had a message for me about that.

When reading the Lenormand cards in this type of layout it is important to select the most appropriate meaning in keeping with the over all theme – messages from the other side.

NOTE: If you find this type of post controversial in any way please do not read it. As always, the WP ads following my post are not chosen by me.

My mom is represented the the Lady card in position 1 (refer to the above template).

Card #2 Are you at Peace? Like I said in the previous post this is one of the more common questions. The PATH card is one of choice. I feel that mom is somewhere in the middle. I always felt she did not have an easy transition. Dad used to call to her to come and get him when he was in his final weeks. He told me she did not answer and he felt she was lost.

Card #3 Do you have a Message? The BOUQUET card tends to give an affirmative answer. Mom is saying it was peaceful for her. She wants me to know she did not suffer (she never woke up).

Card #4 Circumstance around Death. It does not surprise me to see the FOX card show up in this reading. When I was told she died I had a strong feeling I was not told everything leading up to her death. The LADY card is looking at the FOX card. This is telling me a wrong decision was made around the circumstances around her surgery.

Card #5, #6. #7. Message or Other Information. TOWER + LETTER + KEY

Is this a message from mom? The LADY card is facing away from these 3 cards. I want to read this as other information. To me, the TOWER is the hospital and coupled with LETTER it clearly points to information the hospital gave regarding her death. The final card KEY hints at issues around a solution. I say issues because the Tower card can indicate a separation. This brings me back to the FOX card because this card represents the circumstance around her death. I keep hearing ‘it was wrong for her to die’ in the way she did.

Is mom trying to tell me there was a blunder during surgery or that not enough was done to save her? RIP mom. I miss you terribly. If you see dad tell him I love him.

Asking the Die Zauberkarten der Mademoiselle Le Normand for Messages from the Other Side.

In today’s post I will be featuring Caitlin Matthew’s Die Zauberkarten (Magical cards) der Mademoiselle Le Normand. This deck comes with an accompanying 57 page booklet which includes Helen Riding’s translation. There are 2 Significator cards representing a man and woman. This deck is similar to the traditional Lenormand, however, it does differ in that there are 44 (+2 Significators) cards including additional cards which are non Lenormand . If you like this deck/booklet please contact Caitlin ➡ Hallowquest

I have created a new 7-card layout called Messages from the Other Side. I was inspired to do this because recently I received a request from a client with some questions about a certain loved one that passed away several years ago. The client has been dreaming about this person lately and felt there may be a message for her. I will provide a brief reading below using Helen Riding’s meanings which can be found at the back of the booklet. If I get any other ‘feelings’ during the reading I will put them in caps.

One of the most common questions family/friends ask is if the person is at peace.

Before I did the reading below, I cleared the deck of cards using the laying of hands. As I shuffled I asked my cards if A (the deceased person) had a message for my client. Card #3 will reveal the answer to this. If you find a blockage card here you can just fold the cards and try the reading on another day. You can continue to obtain other information from Cards 5, 6 and 7 despite the blockage cards in position #3.

It is entirely up to you (gut feeling) how you approach this layout.


Card #1- choose a card to represent the deceased person. To keep things simple use one of the Significator cards. I chose the Gentleman card to represent the deceased male ‘A’.

Card #2: Are you at peace?

The card that falls here will give you an answer. The more negative cards suggest a no answer and the more positive cards represent a yes answer.

Ace of Diamonds. The Letter card – news, communication, email, writing, document.

INTERPRETATION: The card appearing here does not indicate a yes or no answer, however, it does suggest some additional information can be obtained which could expand on the meaning of the Letter card.

Card #3: Do you have a message?

8 of Hearts. The Cross card – hard won victory, loss of a friend, inheritance.

INTERPRETATION: I want to read this as a yes answer because to ‘inherit’ means to give or leave something.

Card #4: Circumstance around death.

4 of Spades. The Collapsing Tower – trials, disloyalty, undermining, plans come to nothing.

INTERPRETATION: I feel strongly that there was something really troubling on A’s mind. Card #3 points to a loss as well. Did this contribute to the circumstances surrounding the death in any way?

Cards #5 #6 and #7 are read together: Message or other information.

10 of Hearts. The Girl & Bouquet – teenager, gifts, qualities, potential

5 of Clubs. The Old Coffee Sitter – divining, guessing, trusting without warrant, elderly woman

Queen of Clubs. The Food and Drink – party, provisions, over-indulgence, excess drunk, luxury

INTERPRETATION: I had to study these cards very carefully and factor in Card #2 – The Letter. I get the sense that peace will come when an older woman stops harming herself with drink and other over-indulging perhaps over-eating due to depression.

It is important, especially with such a layout that the cards are not only read in their positions but that the meanings are blended to tell a story.

I want to mention that on page 21 there are further explanations and meaning of the individual cards. Here you will find meanings for left and right of the Significator card. If I take that information and add it to the above you can see the Collapsing Tower (card #4) is to the left of the man card. This card can indicate a strong emotional state directed at someone A knew.

The cards to the right of the man card are The Girl & Bouquet (young woman, possible marriage proposal or offer of serious relationship), The Old Coffee Sitter (abuse of trust, 2 guilty people struck down by fate), The Food and Drink (flirtatious & extravagant female)

INTERPRETATION: These 3 cards left me with the feeling that A may have experienced some sort of break-up in a relationship. I did get the feeling A was younger as well.

MESSAGES FROM OTHER SIDE: I felt A was coming through in the dreams as a gentle warning to the client to release any unhealthy emotions and to stop doing things which were affecting her health. The other thing is replace ‘blame’ with ‘understanding’.

The above interpretation is very brief. This can be a very detailed reading especially when you dialogue with your client.

WP ads following this post are not of my choosing and I hope are done in good taste given the delicate nature of the topic.

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Reading the GT Houses. Part 1/2 and 2/2. Should you read the reversed cards?

Today, I am featuring the GT using the Old Style Lenormand by Alexander Ray. There are three cards that fell reversed.

I will briefly detail each card in the Houses. Yes, I know that traditionally you do not reversals but I do factor them into the reading. This is entirely up to you. I would suggest if you are a beginner to stay the course as in read the cards upright. 🙂

The GT is for a middle-aged man represented by the Gentleman card (Man) facing some recent health related developments. The Man card is reversed as well as the Cross and Rider cards in the bottom row. I have done the 9×4 GT layout as I use this format for most of the readings.

Ok, we will begin with the first House and continue through to the 18th House. I will continue with Houses 19-36 within a few days. I will add part 2/2 to the title of the post when it is done.

Also, I will post a link on ➡ Twitter.

Rider 1: The RING card speaks about an agreement. Some sort of news which is expected may involve a commitment to keep the flow of continuity in the situation. It could be a group effort.

Clover 2: The STORK brings changes. Since it falls in the little luck house there could be an element of sheer luck or the change will short-lived.

Ship 3: The TREE does represent health but it also signifies ties to the past. There is a suggestion of developments in the man’s health situation.

House 4: Short term luck (CLOVER) blesses over the family/home circumstances but it may not last.

Tree 5: We all know what the MOUSE is capable of doing. I see this as a worry or fretting over a health situation. Worry is often reserved for the Birds card but if something is eating away at you there is a good chance you are worrying about it. On the more negative side, something is depleting the health of the man.

Clouds 6: MAN REVERSED. How appropriate. Yes, there is uncertainty around the man of the reading. The fact the Man card fell reversed shows just how messed up he is during this time. Lack of clarity is emphasized. Note: the Clouds sit the House of the Gentleman.

Snake 7: The SHIP signifies a strong urge to get away from a potentially treacherous situation.

Coffin 8: The MOUNTAIN indicates challenges in overcoming a situation to the end. It could take a long time (Mountain in Tower house)

Bouquet 9: The SCYTHE puts a sudden halt to a forthcoming invitation or plan of action. It can also indicate that an opportunity that will come just in the knick of time.

Scythe 10: The CHILD is about baby steps in a situation. It can be about something new but it may not be able to continue. On the other hand it could be quite painful.

Whip 11: The DOG is about friendship and all those other attributes like loyalty and obedience. Falling in this house there is the suggestion of an argument or at the very least a heated discussion. (Whip falls in the Anchor house -work related)

Birds 12: The LILY bring some harmony in communications. A moral issue will be discussed.

Child 13: The powerful BEAR bring strength to a new situation facing the man.

Fox 14: The BIRDS could be suggesting there is an error in information. A busy time ahead but is it is the wrong direction?

Bear 15: The STARS reinforce the man’s stamina. It also indicates putting hope into a person that will play a powerful role in the man’s life.

Stars 16: The BOUQUET is about friendly and helpful energy around the man’s wishes. There could be a woman involved (Queen of Spades).

Stork 17: The ANCHOR often represents a work situation. There are changes going on with this regard and this is something the man will have to deal with soon.

Dog 18: The HEART bring an emotional reaction to a situation involving a friend.

Part 2/2 continued November 30, 2020.

Tower 19: The COFFIN brings some sort of ending to a legal matter.

Park 20: The MOON brings awareness to a public situation. It could take 28 days for a situation to materialize involving social networking.

Mountain 21: The SUN brings into focus just how big the challenge really is and will light the way.

Path 22: The LADY will be faced with some decisions which will affect the man. She has a reservoir of strength. (Bear sits above her)

Mouse 23: The FOX card is often misunderstood when coupled with a Significator card. In this case the energy of the Fox is pointing to something that is definitely wrong.

Heart 24: The HOUSE suggests there is much love within the family and concern as well.

Ring 25: The LETTER with information will go round in circles with no clear direction.

Book 26: The SNAKE will rear its head soon enough. Something will be discovered that needs further investigation.

Letter 27: The FISH brings messages about a financial situation. It can also mean there will be plans set in motion.

Gentleman 28: The CLOUDS confirm the confusion around the man as he sits reversed in the Clouds house. He does not know what to think at this time. He is not getting accurate information or follow-ups.

Lady 29: The PARK brings things out into the open for his partner. This can indicate connections with a network of people.

Lily 30: Ok, the CROSS fell ( quite innocently) reversed. I want to read this one step closer to more peace. Upright it does signify suffering or a test. To me, and only to me because most of you do not read reversals, it looks like the burden may be lessened.

Sun 31: I did not plan this 🙂 because my cards are always upright during shuffle. The RIDER reversed will be bringing unexpected news/information. This card falls in one of the best Houses of the entire GT. I want to read this in a positive way.

Moon 32: The LETTER will bring much awareness to a situation. I want to read this as a timing card – within one month.

Key 33: The TOWER could be a hospital and that is where the solutions lie for the man. The MOUSE was in the Tree house suggesting a health issue.

Fish 34: The PATH is showing opportunities or options in a financial matter. Most likely it involves the woman in some way as she sits in the Path House.

Anchor 35: The WHIP often talks about arguments about work related things. I heard that the man will have to ‘beat’ a situation that looks fairly solid. Not sure what that means because clairaudient messages do not always name names.

Cross 36: The KEY is welcome here. Solutions or at the very least improvements are coming and he will pass the Karmic test.

I will update this GT when vital information materializes around this man.

Next post, the Lenormand in the Zodiac wheel….probably after this weekend as I am planning to participate in the WDA Manifestation Big Bang Conference. It is not too late to register and take advantage of the discounts.

More info about the conference —> ➡ WORLD DIVINATION ASSOCIATION

12-card Trigger layout. Lisa Hunt’s Fairy Tale Lenormand

Today’s post is a brief analysis of the 12-card Trigger layout. Below is a brief review on how to lay out the cards. This layout is optional for choosing a Significator. 

  • WITH SIGNIFICATOR: remove the card representing “you” from the deck and set aside. 
    shuffle your deck in the usual manner that is most comfortable for you.  It does not matter which deck you use.
     insert  the first row containing cards 1-4.  Place card 5 beneath #1 and add “your” card, continue laying the cards.
  • Past – Cards 1,5,8 – describes the recent past-the last few days or the recent circumstance around your question.
    Now-Cards 2, YOU (#29), 9 -describes the now-what is going on with you – your thoughts and feelings.
    Immediate- Cards 3,6,10 – describes the immediate future, a day or so. These cards will tell you what to anticipate.[you can change the time frame prior to the shuffle, for example you can designate this spot to mean within 2 weeks
    Soon- Cards 4,7,11 – describes soon, less than a week. It’ll give you an answer to your question. [you can change this spot to mean within 1+ month but it is important to keep that in mind before selecting the cards for the layout] NOTE: You can choose any time frame for the Immediate and Soon columns and put that intention into the cards while you are shuffing.
    TRIGGER CARDS – 5, YOU, 6, 7
    This row is the essence of the reading, the rest of the cards will describe or explain to you what surrounds them. When you read these cards you will get a good glimpse at the entire layout.  The remaining cards are the details surrounding the TRIGGER cards.
    Collectively: even though cards 6 & 7 lie in the future, they are the “now” of the future.  Cards 1, 2, 3, 4 are the past cards leading to the TRIGGER cards.  Cards 8, 9, 10, 11 are the “future” or “as the result of the TRIGGER cards.  It is important to remember this when doing this layout.

I did not choose a Significator card. 


All about the Lenormand #15 Bear card

According to the time stamp on this post I wrote the majority of it back in 2007. My feelings on this card have not changed much some 12 years later. Gosh, time flies. 🙂 Excuse any typos as I don’t have the spelling and grammar option for some reason.

The Lenormand Bear card traditionally represents a male who holds an important position in the life of the person seeking the card reading. This card can  represent a father, grandfather, leader of an organization, etc. The energy of Bear is powerful and can be intimidating if abused. There is a hint of fear within this card as well when taken to suggest strength & power in that an insecure individual will feel threatened.

To determine whether the energy is positive which it usually is look toward the adjoining cards for clarification. When cards of struggle and confusion  are nearby the person represented by the Bear card will be tapping into the negative aspect of power & strength from this card.

Many Lenormand readers associate money matters with this card. I tend not to use this meaning too often unless coupled with the Fish card. One shouldn’t forget the traditional reference to jealousy with the Bear card. It is advised not to flaunt your successes or the green-eyed monster could appear. Also, the Bear card represents a situation in ‘need’ or ‘out of necessity’. 

10 of Clubs – the associated meanings of the playing card will fall under the business related category which includes any type of correspondence through the written word or other more modern methods of communication. Being a “10” the last number prior to the court cards the summation of the Clubs suit is contained within. 10’s are about completions similar to taking the final exam in a course of study. It can be compared to the Death card of transformation in the Tarot as well because Key 13 deals with endings and beginnings of cycles. And on some levels so does Key #10 The Wheel of Fortune and all the 10’s of the Tarot suit. A type of settlement is indicated. But, most Lenormand reader do not use the playing card pip meanings only the Court cards.

How does the 10 of Clubs tie in with the suggested meanings of the Bear? The only real connection that I see is the strength & power aspect of it. How? Since Aces are the beginnings, seeds or starting points then the 10’s are the empowerment or totality of the entire suit whether it is hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades. The regular playing cards do not always follow in the tradition of the symbolic meaning of numbers (numerology) but the Tarot does. What I mean by this is certain assigned meanings to the standard playing cards will vary depending due to the card readers’ assigning the meanings. It doesn’t mean those meanings are wrong. They are just different.  If we all read the cards the same old way with the same old meanings, as the Tarot once was, there would not be much excitement in readings. 🙂

  • Some suggestions for combinations of the Bear card in a reading:

  • Bear + Book = you will meet a man of importance who will assist you in a situation or matter that is significant in your life

  • Bear + Cross = the strength & power is minimized or lessened. A male will no longer exert his aggressive influence on you

  • Bear + Whip = can suggest a lawyer or officer of the court. Some person will bully or coerce you into cooperation

  • Bear + Coffin = can indicate a serious illness around a father, grandfather or other male that hold an important role in your life

  • Bear + Bouquet = could suggest a married couple or partnership between 2 people that is based on mutual respect and admiration

  • Bear + Child = possibly a difficult or defiant child. Starting a project with too much aggression

  • Bear + Gentleman = he could be a husky build. He is your protector. Has underlying power struggle issues. He will do only what is necessary 

12-card Trigger layout featuring Lenormand cards

I use the 12-card Trigger layout quite often with various decks of cards.  Sometimes, I choose the YOU card (2nd card 2nd column) which represents the topic of the reading. If I don’t select it then the card which falls there is the focus of the reading. I created this layout back in 2006 and if you click the link after the arrow you will be taken to the original post which includes detailed instructions ➡ trigger layout. As a brief reminder, the last two columns (Immediate, Soon) are pre-selected timeframes of your choosing. 

This reading is for a man client which is represented by the Gentleman card in the YOU spot. Before you begin this reading study the cards in the Trigger Row.

Bouquet + Gentleman + Mouse + Clouds

These four cards will enable you to zoom into the situation or question at hand. Since the timeframe for this reading is one month the last card will be more or less the outcome of what’s going on around the Gentleman.

➡ Also, given the one month timeframe, the Passing column mirrors that so those cards were experienced within the last (previous) month. For example, if you selected three months for the Soon column (4th and last column) the Passing column will be within the last (previous) three months.

Alrighty, moving along to a brief summary of the Trigger row we can see the Bouquet card is behind the Gentleman. This card can describe him or it can describe a situation which has already happened. The Bouquet’s influence is all about gifts and fondness. It has a pleasant and soothing energy. It can bring a nice aroma after a sour experience. Listen carefully to the voice of the Bouquet flower. Keep a stiff upper lip like the Queen ♠ when situations call for strength. Also, I see this card as a blessing. The Gentleman faces the Mouse card with one week of this shuffle. This card eats away or depletes the Gentleman’s energy for some reason. We have not established this at this point of the analysis. Whatever pleasant energy the Bouquet bestowed to the Gentleman the Mouse has taken a lot of that away. Ending with the Clouds card the Gentleman is entering an uncertain time within one month. Things will not be so obvious or clear. In this deck the dark side of the clouds is a little difficult to ascertain. I usually do factor the shading and since the King ♠ is looking to the left I want to read this the darker side is facing to the right (behind his back). 

Column 1: Passing. Fish + Bouquet + Ship 

This situation has already happened.  Many times it is an incomplete situation which is carried into the Now experience. Since the Ship ends this column there is still movement. If it were the Coffin card that influence would have run its course. If it were the Scythe card it would have have to an abrupt end. If it were the Sun card the situation would have promising results. The Fish card does rule finances and things we value. It is also about fluids. The Ship card can be the flow of energy. It is not absolutely clear what these three cards are talking about but if I give you a little background then the cards can ‘fit’ the situation surrounding the man. As many of you know, lately I have a concern for someone that is hospitalized. Therefore, I can go ahead and read the King is a medical person that ‘blessed’ the man’s situation by creating a continued ‘flow’ of life. 

Column 2: Now. House + Gentleman + Rider.

The top card is the concern the man insofar as the environment he is experiencing as ‘home’ in the hospital. He is also thinking about his real home. At the time of the shuffle, the Gentleman was waiting for news about his everyday circumstances. The Rider card also represents a new encounter. I can say with certainty it is all about people popping in and out of the hospital to see the man.

Column 3: Immediate. One week. Clover + Mouse + Whip.

I want to read the Clover card as a quick turn of events for a not so lucky situation. The Mouse card eats any ‘good’ energy out of the Clover card and turning a promising pleasant interlude into turmoil. I can personally vouch for this because it has been a physical struggle for the man to hold his own. The influence of these cards is in effect until tomorrow April 30th give or take a day. 

Column 4: Soon. One month. Letter + Clouds + Stork.

Let’s suppose the last card in this column was the Sun card. Even though the Sun card’s energy is wonderful the main strength of the Clouds card prevails. This means there will be more uncertainty as to the man’s situation for the duration of this timeframe. There will definitely be changes coming via news and announcements. This news will be refers to complications. In a nutshell, progress and healing could be set back because of the original situation involving the man’s hospitalization. There is an element of risk. The letter is sealed which could mean something might develop which had not been planned on. The Clouds card above the Stork card is an indicator of what to expect. Here lies the situation as seen through shadows since the clouds obscure the sunshine (hope/promise/fulfillment/success). It is the unknown which arose through the Letter card. Unsettling changes will come. I usually do not do combine cards in other columns but like I have said before if a duo sticks out then go ahead and factor that combination as well. 


More winter or early spring?

The weather has been mild over the last few days. Actually, it is quite sunny today and much of the snow has melted. Could it really be an early spring 2019 or does Mother Nature have some surprises yet to come? 

The Groundhog did not see his shadow on Feb 2nd. This suggests an early spring. My mom always said that if Good Friday (GF) is early like in late March then spring comes early. I checked the calendar and GF is mid April after my dad’s birthday so this is a strong indicator that winter could last much longer.  Not everyone has the belief system around GF so I’ll leave it at that.

I pulled three cards asking if we will experience an early spring as predicted by the groundhog. Those silly mice always sneak in there somehow.  🙂 🙂 🙂 

FISH + MOUSE + BOUQUET = 34+23+09=66/12 = Birds (hidden energy)

Keeping the question in mind how does the Fish card reflect the weather. This card is about accumulation in the general sense of the meaning. We are not talking about money in this particular case. The Mouse card minimizes that accumulation. This could be saying that there is a loss in the value regarding the prediction. The Mouse card is ruining what could be a pleasant (Bouquet) outcome. It spoils the overall prediction.

The hidden energy Birds card indicates more worries to come over the weather. Since this card is associated with the number 2, I think we can expect a repeat of winter-like weather as in heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.  As I write this post, I can hear the birds chirping outside. They are happy the sun is out and that it is much milder. Last week I heard some birds which sounded like a squeaky gate. Mom always said that the squeaky bird sounds was a warning of cold weather to come. I always suspected she was a natural psychic but she would get annoyed with me when I told her that. I think it frightened her. 

The three card reading does not support the prediction of the groundhog. 🙂

You don’t need a GT layout to ask 1 single question but it helps…

You can probably tell I’m breaking in the Rana George Lenormand by doing readings with them. As with many decks I own they sit pretty on the shelf waiting for me to pick them. The GT below is from my last client. She is aware I am using the image of her reading.

When the session was over she had one question which wasn’t answered directly by the cards in the reading. She wanted to know if her art exhibition would be financially successful.

The Lady has a red square around her. She sits in the Heart House. This suggests that she is very passionate about her art. The Heart card is situated above the Lady in the Bear house. This indicates she is very sure of herself and proud of her work. One should not forget that the Scythe card touches the Heart card. I want to read this as a subconscious fear (Clouds house) that her work will not sell.  In the Fish House lies the Gentleman card. This would be her husband. It shows he is very supportive of her work and could actually make a purchase himself.  The Gentleman could also mean another man that is as passionate about her art. The Significators face each other so they will work together at this event. The Fish card lies in the Sun house. What a wonderful placement. This indicates a very successful event. The Park house (public events) has the Lily card. Again, this could be a man of darker colouring that is attracted to the Lady. Since the Path card lies in the Lily house there might be a difficult choice ahead for the man as he likes more than one piece. The Lady will embrace the Sun card ahead of her for it will last but a short time (Cross card). The Gentleman is very optimistic (Sun card above him) on the day of the art show but he could be a little jealous (Bouquet card in Snake house) of the attention the Lady is receiving at the event.

The main points have been studied in relation to her question and perhaps a little too involved. The GT reading is about many other things in her life. Most of the time I would just select the card to represent the question and find it in the GT. Then I would read the block of 9 cards around it or as many cards as available. Today, I strayed a little. 🙂 The Lady should have a good financial outcome to her show.

Asking Lenormand about renovations

Today’s shuffle was for a girlfriend. 

Question: She wanted to know if she would have any problems with her roof after the men came and installed a new one.

With the opening card being the Fox I have to wonder if my girlfriend made a wrong decision on some level. Let’s look further….

Fox and Ring could imply that something not quite right with the contract she signed. It was also signed out of need. I’ll explain below.

As the layout continues we get to the Heart card which deals with her feelings. It could also indicate the relationship she has with the contractors. 

The Fish card speaks about the outlay of money. And finally, she sits as the closing card depicted by the Lady card.

If we stop and think about her question the Lady card suggests it’s all up to her if she wants to make a problem out of it. There is no evidence in the cards excluding the Fox that something would go wrong.

The Fox card does mirror the Lady card so maybe she is prone to suspicion. Let’s add the cards up to see if there is a secret message. 126=9 The Bouquet. This energy is uplifting. It could even indicate a bonus (gift) in the form of a discount. And that’s stretching it a bit. 🙂

I always get annoyed when I see the Fox card but it does only what is necessary to survive. Of course, the roofing company is self-serving. It’s all about business. With the Heart card not too far away it’s a mutual relationship – my girlfriend needs a new roof and the company will provide one. Ring and Heart speaks of being bound together. 

I want to read Fish and Lady as my girlfriend experiencing fulfillment. I think if the last two cards were troublesome like the Scythe, Mountain, Coffin or Snake then problems could arise. The company may have enticed (Bouquet) her with something.  I think all will be ok.


12- card Trigger layout asking about the future of a relationship

I have had several questions about the Trigger layout so I decided to feature another post using the Gilded Reverie Lenormand cards created by Ciro Marchetti. I hope you will find the post helpful.  🙂 

For today’s tutorial it is about a real life situation of a woman (Darlene) asking about the future of her relationship with her current man, Jeff. They have been seeing each other exclusively for six months. I did not pre-select the ‘YOU’ card. I shuffled, thought of the question on her behalf and laid the cards 4 across, second row 4 across and bottom row 4 across.

Her boyfriend fell into the YOU spot naturally. From this we know he is very much on her mind in fact she may be obsessing about him.

Trigger Row cards Bouquet+Man+Clouds+Tower

Jeff is looking back at the Bouquet card. It looks like he is thinking of another woman (Queen of Spades) and her influence will confuse (Clouds) him for several weeks. It could be he is thinking of an invitation as well. Maybe he received a gift recently. We will look at the details of this in the column cards. The ending Trigger card is the Tower suggesting it could take some time before this particular situation (Queen of Spades) is resolved. The solution is down the road. The question is how will this affect his relationship with Darlene if in fact it is another woman. This all could be quite innocent as well.  🙂

Tip: The initial Trigger row interpretation can be modified once you start reading the columns. Keep that in mind so you, as the reader, remains flexible in your analysis. And, at the same time everything can be applied because the cards have multi-level meanings alone and combined. 

Tip #2: As a rule I do not combine cards horizontally other than the Trigger row. If you get a real strong feeling about a combination side by side consider it. It stands out for a reason. If you get a vision or hear something follow through on that as well because each reader has their own ‘gifts’ of reading cards.  

Tip #3: The way a card faces should be considered as well, however, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t read directions then follow your own techniques. 

Past: Just how long into the past are these cards? Good question. I tend to use the same time frame as the Immediate column. If I assign one month then the Past column is one month. If it is days then the same is true. In our example, it is one month as seen in the image above. I was going to assign one year to the Soon column (last one) but given the feedback I have gotten over the years people want to know the near future like 3-6 months.


Here we have the strong suggestion that an invitation to travel had occurred in the recent past but it is not clear if it manifested since the Book card is concealing the outcome. (that’s one way to read this trio)

Now: Fox+Man+Birds

You can read the above and below cards as personality traits if you want. Jeff could be up to something and displaying signs of anxiety. The Birds card indicates conversations as well or something being brought out into the open.

Immediate: Sun+Clouds+Anchor   

There is happiness and security shown around the initial question. The passing influence of the Clouds will become more clear in the last column. At the very least the next 4-6 weeks should be without complications.  Issue’s around his job could arise as well but during this timeframe all should be ok.

Soon: Stork+Tower+Scythe

Trouble ahead. Changes are coming and some legal dilemmas. Anchor+Scythe really stands out and in my experience it means getting fired. We need to keep in mind what Darlene’s is asking because that is the intention of the reading. As far as the future of the relationship it will undergo some brutal changes. The Heart or Ring cards have not appeared in the layout. The Lady card is missing as well so Darlene will be in the background for sure like maybe way in the background. One thing to note also is the Stork can signify return of a lover as well.

Of course, I have not gone deeply into the interpretation but it should give you a pretty good idea how the Trigger layout ‘can’ be read.

So, what isn’t clear now and for several weeks will become crystal clear within 6 months. Not the most promising reading for a relationship. 😦

Will I locate my original Robin Wood Tarot deck?

I asked Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Expanded Edition cards if I will locate my original Robin Wood Tarot deck. I decided on the mini Celtic Cross layout for this question.

The energy card around my question: The Birds (owls in the image). This could reflect the anxiety I’m feeling about misplacing one of my favourite Tarot decks. I do have a second deck but the original means more to me as I used it during a grieving process I went through when my parents died. This particular deck was my ‘grieving counsellor’.

The crossing card is the Bouquet which adds some hope. This card is a positive influence. Also, it tells me to look for gift wrapping. I like storing decks in fancy gift bags which I create or have on hand from other things.

The Anchor card sits in the foundation position of the layout. At first glance this tells me the deck is safe and secure. It could be near some paperwork like my journals.

The Bear card is transiting passing influence position. Does this card indicate money or things of value? Well, my collection is of great value to me. This card is telling me to lighten up and use less energy in worrying about the location of the deck. 

The crown position holds the Clouds card. This card is telling me I will encounter some mixed feelings about finding the deck. It is not a permanent influence – it will pass soon. The bright side of clouds in this particular Lenormand deck faces to the right reading it as the future. It could also mean the Robin Wood deck is in a dark place possibly covered by heaps of other stuff. 🙂 That wouldn’t surprise me because I was in the process a cataloguing everything into Home Library. 

The Tower card sit in the what is before me position or in another words pending future. This card should contain the answer to my question.  😦 It can be read as a card of separation. It can be read as finding the deck but not in the too near future.  It can suggest looking up high on shelving. It can be advising me to stop focusing on finding the deck and to maintain and indifferent approach. The Tower card has many things.

But, my question is direct. I want a yes or no answer. The Bouquet card is a strong positive influence so I will not give up hope on finding the deck. I think the deck is in a stand-alone location all by itself.  I don’t get a big fat YES 🙂 answer to my question but I do see a positive outcome. 

Revisiting the Lenormand Grand Tableau from 2008.

Has ten years already passed since I did this Grand Tableau reading for my son?  I was truly amazed at the way I interpreted this layout a decade ago. Little did I know what I was writing. Now, I am able to share and provide feedback on my findings. Actually, I will copy and paste the entire reading below with my comments in red. I don’t have an image of the layout. I probably didn’t have a cell with a good camera in 2008, lol. I didn’t always carry my camera around with me either.

I must warn you today’s post is lengthy given it is a 36-card Grand Tableau with my thoughts on the cards ten years ago plus today’s additional feedback.

BTW just ignore the letter ‘i’ in front the cards not sure why that is there. Interestingly, I used the Fox card to indicate work situations. 

In the 1st column we have the recent past, perhaps within a week or so. In the 3rd column we have the imminent future, as in the next few days or weeks because the gentleman is in column 2 which represents the current time. Taking the first column of cards we have the stork (changes), whip (tensions), mouse (minor loses), bouquet (a dark haired female or general well being). These are only keywords.

  • iWHIP
  • iSTORK
  • iMOUSE

There was a situation in the past that induced changes whereby there were many discussions (whip). The fact that there is a card of loss (mouse) one must remember this is a slow process. It could be something as simple as “garbage talk”, what I mean by that is useless discussions over something that has brought about a change. Despite all that there will be a gradual happy outcome (bouquet). The bouquet suggests using charm and politeness in the face of adversity.

This was a personal relationship situation.

Column 2. The key points to a solution to the previous column’s theme. It will happen quickly (clover). The spats or arguments (whip) are short lived. While these spats may not be significant in nature, they are because of a recent change. In the 2nd column above the gentleman card are the key, clover and ship cards. Because these 3 cards are above his card the meanings of these cards are on his mind or weighing him down to some degree. All three cards indicate a positive theme.

The ship card above the gentleman can suggest someone going on a trip or being involved with the travel of a friend (dog in column 3). The ship card is also of escape (in one’s mind). There is a sense of longing for the gentleman in question, maybe for everything to just be back to the way it was.

  • ïKEY
  • ïSHIP

That year my son took a couple of long trips.

In column 3 the fox & fish cards indicate a situation about work that involves money. When the clover & fish are side by side it often suggests an increase in monies. It can be a raise in pay. The dog & fish can also be a friend or even a co-worker who is financially stable. The last card is the stars, a wonderful card in itself. The young may have one of his wishes fulfilled within a short time.

  • ïFOX
  • ïFISH
  • ïdog
  • ïstars

From what I remember there would have been an increase in pay from a job reclassification.

The gentleman is facing the stars card. What is ahead of him will be connected to a wish or something he really wants. The word reconciliation comes to mind or to reconcile something that can involve a friend. It’s a type of compensation. Compensation can come on an emotional level as well.

The ship & dog point to a friend at a distance or one that is away at the time of the actual shuffling of the cards which was 2 days ago. Clarity (star) is awaiting this young man. This means a more settled mind about something or a situation which could have been on his mind at the time of shuffling the cards. It’s definitely an advantageous outcome.

That is the core summary of those cards.

Looking for other combinations I see that the key & fish are touching. This means that there will be an improvement professionally. The stork & key indicate that some resolution will formulate. There is a solution (key) but not without some tension or conflict (whip). On a work level (fox) there could be a reward of some type (fish).  Additional duties with renumeration.

The bouquet & ship suggest a trip for this young man, something pleasing. If this is decided, it will cost more than it is worth (mouse), in other words more expensive than anticipated. There’s visitor (friend/family) from a distance (ship) and it looks like it could be an older man (fish-King of Diamonds). There is an element of luck or surprise (clover). A good time is shown (star). His father comes for a visit from another province. 

The mouse & bouquet also mean the young man is happy but it is a tired happy. Perhaps he is worried about trivial things. Don’t forget the mouse card expels what it eats away at in the preceding card.

Stork & key indicates that through change comes a solution or resolution. And luck (clover) is with the young man.

There is an excellent opportunity coming (clover & fox) through a job or career. There is a contract involved (key). A business trip (ship & fish) with a friend (dog) is likely. Probably connected to a technology conference in the States.

The other thing too is that because of a trip/travel (ship) the young man of the reading will gain more understanding (star) about a situation that was depleting him (mouse) on an emotional level.

Initially I scan the cards and do keywords. Then I go over the same cards and read them in different ways. The same 2 cards can have different meanings. This does not mean either combination is right or wrong – just different.

I will start with the bottom card, the ring. The reason for this is because the ring card lies in the horizontal row of the gentleman card in column 2- this is the young man’s probable future line. The cards above this row are contributing cards. AND because they are all above, that means that all the themes/influences have already been set in motion.

The ring card is about cycles, commitments, contracts etc. It is the very next card to the stars (clarity) card. This would have been a contractual project.

In column 4 we have the snake, rider, bear and ring card. The rider card brings messages, news or information. The snake card can represent a med-dark haired female, usually a family member but the colouring doesn’t matter that much. On one level the snake card is less positive in nature. The news could be disturbing. When you combine the fox & snake, it suggests a co-worker could be the source of some problem.

  • iSNAKE
  • ïRIDER
  • ïBEAR
  • ïRING

We live on multi-levels in our life. A sister, co-worker or person down the street can all be the snake card Queen of Clubs. The news (rider) seems to be about an older man (bear), a fatherly type of person. Because the dog & bear are side by side, it may be the “father”. Where does the ring card fit into all this? Good question.

This Snake card represented my mother. She became increasingly worried about my father. I was not aware of this situation at the time as to the true nature of what was going on.

One of the other meanings for the bear card is money or finances. When the bear & ring are together it strongly suggests a financial contract or commitment.

Ok back to the snake card. Delays and caution. Fox & snake has been known to represent some incident in the workplace that came out of the blue and was not anticipated. The news (rider) comes about this. It will be brought out into the open. Not sure of the timing of this but 4-6 weeks is reasonable. The suggestion to the young man is to THINK TWICE before reacting or responding to any news or information that will come about a situation that may or may not be related. I don’t think it is. There was stuff at work all the time given he dealt with established views about technology.

The card beside the ring card is the tower in the bottom horizontal row. These 2 cards have a meaning entirely different when in a combination. Something is hidden about a commitment or ‘verdict’. Could be anything at this point, and when the reading progresses it will unfold.

When a reading is done in the way I am doing it by explaining the techniques of reading the cards- the CONTINUITY or FLOW is lost- In a face to face reading, the cards merge and intuition plays a big role in the entire process. What I am doing is tearing the reading apart, card by card to demonstrate all the probabilities and possibilities.

The snake & rider can suggest an unexpected visitor or connection where caution should be used. When you don’t know someone , who is a friend of a friend- who knows who they are or their motives (if they have any or not). His sister came for a visit. The Snake’s other meanings did not apply to this prediction.

The rider & bear can indicate money coming in as well.

Someone definitely has an attitude problem (fox & snake & birds). 

Column 5 we have the birds, heart, lily and tower. There is romantic news coming (birds & heart). A matter close to the heart is discussed (rider & heart). I must say that in all my experience when I see the snake & heart cards close together my eyes widen. There is something that is not totally right. Sometimes people tell white lies to protect themselves or others. The snake & birds gives me the feeling of “sweet talk” filled with too much “sweet”. Hmm need to think about this combination in reference to the remaining cards.

  • ïBIRDS
  • ïHEART
  • ïLILY
  • ïTOWER

The rider & birds suggests a deep conversation about things relating to a relationship (heart). The rider & snake strongly suggest inaccuracy of something that is relayed. It is not the truth. The other cards surrounding the heart card are strong and whatever this is, it is a superficial and not to be taken seriously. The garden card is beside the heart card pointing to a smoothing out of everything. Actually this might be healthy in its own way (garden & tree).

This would have been a personal relationship.

The lily card, King of spades is usually an older man- maybe middle aged. A type of confidant, family member or a person that is a good listener, helpful for sure. It would be a major friendship (heart & lily) or one of importance for whatever the reason. Another connotation of lily & tower is a legal issue under discussion. The tower can represent a school, hospital, building, hotel, high rise apt. etc. In some cases it can depict  “loneliness” for this older man. The tree card does touch it and maybe he is sick or dealing with a health issue.

My father, his grandfather, suddenly took ill. 

In column 6 we have the garden, tree, lady and moon cards. The lady in question might very well be ill (tree) and depressed (moon) to some degree. A painful situation (heart & tree) causing temporary withdrawal (tower) and emotional instability (moon). The lily card is beside her – the man described in the above paragraph is linked to her.

This was my mother suffering over the fact my dad was ill.

  • ïTREE
  • ïLADY
  • ïMOON

The tree card is a time card and usually depicts 9-12 months. Some readers say that if the tree card is beside you that you are grounded and well balanced. Because I know what cards are in the next column I would have to say this does not apply for this young lady, as the scythe card touches her (more about that later). She may have a virus or infection (tree & scythe) or even a toothache. There is an ache of some sort.

The lady, was my mother, she died suddenly 6 months after this reading.

The birds & garden can suggest a party in the offing. A cocktail party or invitation to social gathering for the young man of the reading. The birds represent the number 2. Two functions within 2 weeks or 2 months. News about the mother (lady & moon) or affecting her emotionally.

This was my mom’s funeral. Not really party more like a ‘wake’.

NOTE: it is highly recommended not to analyze any health related matters to any great detail. There can be a mention and usually the person getting the reading is already aware to some degree.

The cards below point to strong evidence of a situation affecting a household. Different card combination confirm and say the same thing. As with anything – it could be something entirely different.

The reading is by no means is complete- it is only the nuts and bolts.

Like with an engine of a vehicle certain bolts fit certain parts perfectly, others will grind or squeak. Keeping in mind that the traditional meanings of the Madame Lenormand series of cards/meanings are dated from almost 200 years ago. However, we are still humans with similar experiences.

In those days, an incurable disease was any illness without proper medical treatments and attention that we are “lucky” to have in modern day. Like chicken pox or measles or high grade fever.

These columns contain some powerful cards suggesting ups & downs during the duration of the remainder of the reading.

I will try and pin point the timing. Just because the cards are at the end DOES NOT mean it is further into the probable future, it could happen next week or next month.

For example, typically the cross cards is 2-3 weeks and that card lies in the 2nd last row. The theme around the cross card will come to the foreground of the probable future. I say probable because most things can be controlled by how we think. Law of Attraction. Now if you have serious psychological baggage or old tapes playing over and over in your mind, you will get what you think. You cannot snap your finger and change how you think. BUT you have to really believe it and not fake it with positive affirmations that you do not feel in the PIT of your STOMACH!

Column 7 has the sun, scythe, house and clouds cards. Because the clouds card is in the bottom row it shows that there will be some minor disturbances of an emotional nature (moon in previous column) about a new (child) developing situation that will require a decision (path) to be made.

  • ïSUN
  • ïSCYHE
  • ïHOUSE

The house card is surrounded by the clouds & scythe and in column 8 the cross. Not the best cards in that they point to upheaval for “someone”.

The upheaval was the unexpected passing of my mom.

The house card is also the King of Hearts, a significant male in the family who is ill (tree) or will become suddenly (scythe) ill. I did mention before that the lady & moon cards also represents the mother. The mother of the male- there is a link here. There will be a loss of stability (scythe & anchor) around the home (house) of the mother. Something will occur to really upset the home front. In the next column we have mountain, anchor, cross and child. The anchor & cross suggests a great sadness or news of this , the letter is in column 9.

Yes, it was a profound sadness for the entire family. My dad became increasingly worse.

column 8

  • mountain
  • anchor
  • cross
  • child

In the last column (9) we have the book, coffin, letter and path cards. The anchor & coffin points to an incurable disease if one is to read it like that. The only thing that bothers me about this is that the book card is beside the coffin suggesting it is either a well kept secret or it is unknown at this point.

It was discovered why dad was ill. No-one picked up on his serious condition before this. He had an incurable disease.

  • ï COFFIN
  • ï BOOK
  • ïPATH

If I look at the top vertical row containing tree, scythe, anchor & coffin, I get shivers down my spine. All these cards indicated a serious health problem. There is definitely a huge obstacle (mountain) coming in relation to someone’s well being. The book and coffin actually suggest that some news is coming or will be revealed that points to an ending (coffin).

My father died 4 months after my mom did. All this showed up in my son’s reading.

The sun & scythe indicate a radical change in the young man’s life but towards a better situation. His happiness might be pierced.

The scythe & house suggest an abrupt change for the King of hearts (a family man). Confirmed as my dad but it could have been my son’s father having heart surgery. 

News of an inevitable end. (book & coffin).

A vital decision is confirmed. (path & letter)

A decision will have to be made because of a new development (path & child).

I find reading these last few columns unsettling because there is a very strong indication of some sudden incident that will upset the family about this King of hearts (family man). Already mentioned above.

The house & scythe is an upheaval in the family or an abrupt situation around a family man. Confirmed above.

The house & cross is definitely some sorrow within the family or about a family man. Confirmed above.

The house & clouds is major tension within a household.

The house & anchor is a place of rest. Most likely the funeral parlour. 

The clouds & cross suggests mourning. Confirmed above.

There are strong indicators that there will be a problem of paramount importance affecting a family situation. There just is no other way to read these cards that would shed any more promising meanings. Confirmed above.

The problem when using all 36 cards is that the cross, scythe, coffin, clouds, mountain etc show up somewhere in the reading. One observation of this layout is that they are bunched together which intensifies the possibility to a strong probability.

I foresaw the serious illness around an older woman I knew back in the fall of 2006- never ever thinking it would turn out to be a close female acquaintance who was an older woman. Honestly, I thought it was someone else. I really did not know or have any clue of who it was, I just knew I would be involved in some way and the information came through for me to know.

Sometimes you stare at the cards and they are trying to tell you something but you just don’t see it at the time of the reading. It is always good practice to review past readings. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, to study the cards after a situation materialized and secondly, to study the cards from a different perspective.

I would give this Grand Tableau an 90% accuracy.

It played out within one year from the time of the shuffle.


Asking the Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck about the success of a trip.

I tend to read cards left to right each card expanding on the meaning preceding it.  I know many of you read the 5-card layout beginning with the central card as the focus or theme. The overall summaries should be similar either way.

A client will leave on a family vacation soon.  She wants to know if the trip will be successful as in no major problems during travel.


Where to begin? Ok, lets start with the Path card (middle card). Here we have choices and decisions. Of course there are choices in sightseeing etc.  There could be decisions involving many other things too.  Whatever preparation is needed it has already been done (key). The Book cards shows us that some things are yet to be revealed or unknown prior to actually arriving at the destination.  It’s always nice to see the Bouquet card ending a layout because it indicates an uplifting and pleasing energy.

The opening card Bear could be about money/finances. It is also a take charge kind of energy as well. It can represent a person in an authoritative position that holds the answers (key). It can suggest significant (bear) solutions (key)  to the choices (path) available.  I’ve always read the Bear card as strength or power but it is also about jealousy to some degree. Some of the older meanings indicate that one should not flaunt what they have achieved to avoid envy.  This could fit but it’s hard to say because they won’t know anyone at the destination. There are always envious people no matter where you go. The vacation in itself could have created envy. It’s like a person has always wanted to go to a particular destination and for whatever reason they can’t go, when their friends go it could cause a twinge of envy.

Something might come up at the beginning of the trip that will cause some powerful emotions (bear). It will lead to a satisfactory outcome (key). There could be situation that will cost more money than anticipated so it is paid.  Keep in mind the Key card could actually mean physical keys but the Mouse card should be near for it to mean lost keys.  

The Path card could involve issue with roads but I don’t get that feeling from the image on the card.  There will be discovery (book) of some sort not known at this time. 

The Bouquet card is all about things that make you smile unless of course if the Scythe card is beside it  that smile is wiped off your face pretty fast.  

There are no major situations revealing hardships. It looks like this trip will be successful but one should always be aware of the Book card. This doesn’t have to be bad. It can even mean things turn out better than anticipated.

HOW to read the Lenormand 12-card Trigger layout when no Significator cards appears…

There are several shorter layouts you can use with the Lenormand cards. I happen to like the one I created. 🙂

Below is a demonstration on how to read the 12-card Trigger layout.  For an archive of posts on this topic click the following link ➡     HERE.   and    the original creation    ➡  HERE   

The first thing you should notice in the reading below is that no Significator cards showed up. Also, I did not pre-select a YOU card. My reason for this was to see what the cards decided to reveal insofar as a category or issue to consider. The cards can’t make you do anything. They can only suggest, indicate or provide clues. Prior to shuffle I set the time frame of one month for the SOON column whIch means that the IMMEDIATE column will probably be up to a few weeks maybe even days.

The only row that you read is the TRIGGER ROW.  The rest of the reading is read in COLUMNS. If your intuition tells you to combine cards side by side or diagonally then by all means follow your intuition. 

Question or No question: This reading did not have a question and if it did the YOU card should disclose the circumstances around it. 

YOU card- represents the theme of the reading. The cards used in this layout is a cropped version of the French Cartomancy deck.  This provides a small square deck of cards with no numbers or playing cards.  Many of you will know the Court cards associated with the cards and not so much the pips. If you get a strong feeling about a Court card during the process of reading this layout do include them in your findings. 

Here sits the PARK/GARDEN card and from the card we can determine that the focus is a social situation. It can involve public circumstances. There are several meanings to this card. It can mean networking or other artistic activities. Lots of times it suggests bringing something out into the open and dealing with it. 

TRIGGER ROW- these 4 cards provide you with an extended view of how the PARK/GARDEN card will play out. Read this row first but remember to scan or study all the columns prior to this analysis.

FISH+PARK+BOUQUET+KEY. We can deduct that a financial situation of the recent past is involved with the PARK card.  Many times the first two cards actually indicate a banking situation. It can be something simple as buying tickets or paying for an event. Whatever it is it will be a pleasant experience and in fact, come as an invitation.  The entire row ends with a problem solving card with a happy result. 

PASSING- These 3 cards are read top, middle and bottom.  The TRIGGER CARD is the most potent energy.

COFFIN+FISH+LETTER. What seemed to be a deadline situation around money or finances is revealed through some correspondence.  There may have been some loss or shortage. It can be something simple as looking at a bank statement.

NOW- I forgot to label the now column in the image. 🙂   These 3 cards tell what’s going on currently. The top card leads you to the YOU card which is followed by the bottom card suggesting a mini development.

SUN+PARK+LILY. As we open this column we are experiencing a card of success despite the news. Interestingly, the bottom card can suggest a retirement facility or perks related to retirement. Another way to look at this trio is if we stick to the theme of retirement then the situation of the past may have notified the client of a decrease in monies coming in.  If we are talking about some sort of high priced event a family member could help out. I’ve always read the bottom card are harmony prevails to some degree if it is the last card in an analysis.

IMMEDIATE- As a rule this column’s time frame is affected by the time frame of the SOON column. It can be tweaked. If the SOON column is 6 months then it is reasonable to say the IMMEDIATE column is up to around 3 months. In the reading about I chose a short time frame thus giving this column an even shorter one. The 3 cards here shows the development of the preceding cards.

Not all situations are totally clear from the past 6 cards. This column adds more information about the development of a certain issue at hand. MOON+BOUQUET+MOUNTAIN.   This can be quite an emotional situation ending with some obstacles which can be overcome as there are no following cards in the next column to say otherwise. The first card is one of those cards which takes on a variety of meanings. I use it as the ‘mother’ energy in many cases. Also, I use it as a card of recognition or awareness.  The first two cards strongly point to an artistic situation. In this case the bottom card can suggest something outdoors. 

SOON- As stated above the time frame is one month. One important thing to remember is that the TRIGGER CARD rules in this last column.  The energy contained in it is active. The last card in the bottom row is also a mini result but of the two cards the TRIGGER CARD is the strongest.

CHILD+KEY+CLOVER. A new development will lead to the success of a situation. It can occur like a lightbulb going off in the client’s head. This is a small step in the right direction producing short-term results.  Let’s suppose the bottom card was one of those you consider negative or bad. It should be considered but not dwelled on. Let’s say it is the Mouse card. There will still be improvements but they may cause some frustration.  This does not mean the new development will fail within the one month time frame. It could lead to failure down the road as the bottom card keeps munching away, however, if you eliminate that which it is gnawing it loses its power. 

There are other probabilities with this reading. Usually clients are eager to participate in the reading and this will help you to narrow down what the YOU card means to the client. Keep talking and keep asking questions. If this is your reading you should not have any problems figuring it out.  

There are no Significator cards. This means the reading revolves around an external situation which still affects the client and/or the significant other indirectly. In this case, it is a random shuffle of the cards to see what they advise. 

Questions- please comment below

Lenormand Cross and Mouse duo in Zodiac House 1 layout

For those of you that have some familiarity with the Zodiac layout you will know that House 1 rules the person’s outer personality. Cards falling in this spot will reveal can reveal early childhood since it does rule beginnings.  I usually read this House as an indicator of what energy is surrounding the person at the time of shuffle. It tells me a lot about the person’s physical condition which is affected by their state of mind and emotions.  I don’t diagnose the physical condition I study the energy surrounding them.

Many times a client is worried about someone or some situation. This will show up in House 1. In some cases the Significator card will fall here. If it is the client’s Significator then this will tell you they are very focused or experiencing the other card falling with it.  If it the other person’s Significator then that person is a preoccupation for some reason and you would look to House 5 and 7 for more details.

In today’s post I will talk about House 1.  The two cards in the image are part of the full  “real life” Zodiac layout. I may write about the cards falling in the other Houses in further posts as the totality of the layout is vital to a complete reading. 

CROSS + MOUSE. Featuring Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand. BTW Ciro is offering many mini decks (wish list 🙂 ). How cool is that!

I knew right away the woman was coping (cross) with some situation that was eating away at her (mouse). Her current life was certainly a burden and not to her liking. She wanted to make major changes but was not in a good financial position to do so.  Basically, she had settled for her current lifestyle.

What I saw within the Mouse card was the lessening effect of the Cross card’s meanings.  I felt her burden would be lifted or minimized.  The Mouse card eats away at the card to the left of it. That means all the meanings of the Cross card are less intense.  I only drew 2 cards for each House instead of 3 cards. Since I had a central card (Bouquet) I tied it in with that. I did the same process with all the other Houses because the Bouquet card was the ruling energy for the duration of the reading. The time frame was set at the time of shuffle for 6-8 months.

Also, I viewed the Cross card as a testing period which emphasized what was bugging her.  If you take the meaning of beginnings then you could read this as her past foundation in her current lifestyle was out of hardships. This makes perfect sense as well because many times people try to keep a depleted situation together because change is not an option for one or the other person.  

The remainder of the Zodiac layout was very interesting and showed much improvements coming her way.  Always leave the client on a high filled with hope no matter how challenging things appear.


Reading the GT houses

When reading the Lenormand cards in the Houses you gain additional information. Generally, I do not mix too many techniques with the GT. Most of the time I will commence the reading with the Significator that represents the client or person wanting the reading. In the reading below I did the 8×4+4 GT. The yellow squares above, below and ahead of the Lady can give you a starting point. The Gentleman (blue square) is right behind her.

When you study the two Significators check to see if they are looking at each other or which card they are facing. Many Lenormand readers take all the cards behind the lady to represent her past and all the cards ahead of her to indicate the future. In other words, if she faces to the left, all cards to the left of her are the future possibilities and all the cards to the right of her card suggest the past experiences.

I tend to read left as past and right as future no matter which way the Significator faces, however, I do keep in mind their direction when assessing other cards. There is no rule set in stone you have to stick to one method because your intuition will guide you as you proceed.

In the stringing method you read CARD in HOUSE and continue along until you come back to the LADY card. At times this will involve only half a dozen cards and other times all the cards are strung together. One thing to notice is which cards are shared by both Significators because this will share a common issue, problem or situation that involve both of them. Everyone has situations that do not involve the Significant other directly.

Below is an example of how to read some of the cards in the houses. At the time of shuffle the female client was wondering about a new man that she was dating. 

The lady card falls in the park/garden house. There will be opportunities in the community or public venues where you will be able to get known for the services you provide. One major invitation is extended to you that will require require some travel.

The park/garden card falls in the heart house. This opportunity can be a mix of business and pleasure. It is something you love to do and are quite passionate about it.

The heart card falls in the bouquet house. You will receive the gift that you will be very fond of. It comes from the person that has taken a liking to you.

The bouquet card falls in the child house. With this gift new beginning’s are possible. Further developments are shown because it is just the start of something bigger.

The child card falls in the letter house. More news about this will come to you. At the time you were receive the gift you may not be aware of the far-reaching opportunity for it is still to be discovered as time goes on. (up to about six months)

The letter card falls in the book house you will learn of some information which has been concealed from you for one reason or another. There is more than meets the eye and you should be totally aware that you do not know everything about one particular person.

The book card falls in the fox house at first the news or information you received will feel all wrong to you. You know something isn’t quite right but you just can’t put your finger on it at the current time. Someone may have motives but it’s not a personal thing it’s more like they are protecting someone else.

The fox card falls in the bear house. This someone mentioned above is a very powerful personality and very good at what they do.

The bear card falls in the doghouse at the same time there is a friendship involved because this person is quite loyal to friends and family. Other commitments are shown for this person which you will come to know.

So far we can see that this MAN may not be as honest as he pretends to be.

Let’s look at the gentleman house. The stork card falls in here. This man is changeable. What this means is there is a hot and cold energy around him. Other things are on his mind, things he has not shared with the lady yet.

Let’s skip over to the gentleman card. He falls in the tire house. There is a concern around this man. It could be about an older male or a relative of some kind. Possibility of a health scare around this older male they could pull the man into past drama. He is at times distant and unapproachable displaying in aloofness which can be misleading.

Let’s see what’s going on in the ring house. Here we have the clouds card. Commitment is difficult for this man that the lady is asking about. He has some deep-rooted confusion about bonding as many people do. Part of this could be an excuse so he doesn’t have to move forward.

Of course, you are going to jump all over the place like I just did. We will string curtain house in sequence. We can get some more information from the centre cards.

OK the past row. Here we have the rider, bear and gentlemen card. These cards are behind the lady. The rider card shows that this lady had a previous connection with this man (that’s pretty obvious). He is enter her life in the recent past. This man has powerful energy around him. He is very strong and emotionally solid to the point of being stuck at times.

The now column. At the top we have dog and sun. These two cards are above the lady. She is thinking about a good friend. The sun beside the lady card suggest she is of a sunny disposition. Beneath her card lies the stork card and mountain card. This indicate that there could be some changes in her life style or about some goal setting. She can expect a few minor delays and obstacles but nothing that she cannot overcome with her optimistic outlook.

The future row. We begin with the lady card. Next is the house card ship fish and park or garden cards. She is thinking about where she is living or her current environment. This might lead to a relocation with ample opportunities. The move is suggested which will benefit her both personally and in business. The fish card suggest there’s an increase after these changes are implemented. With the park/garden card ending the road she will get recognition and become popular with the services she provides if she were to go more public and expand her business.

If you look at the bottom cards which are stars, mountain, path and lily you can see that what was awaiting her did require a significant decision. These cards showed that her wishes would be fulfilled but it wouldn’t be that easy at first. The lily card promised that emotional harmony would prevail.

As it turned out, the lady did relocate and was successful in starting her own business. She did discover that the man that she was interested in that time shuffle was not the man for her. She has since met someone else and is very happy with this individual.

Proofreader doesn’t always catch typos so I hope there aren’t too many.  🙂








Let’s try the Inquiry layout with the Lenormand cards

For instructions on the Inquiry layout please click the following link. ➡  HERE.

The reading is for a man (#28) that I will call Mr. Baxter. The intention of the Inquiry layout is not to ask a question but for the cards to tell what is important for you to know at the time of shuffle. You can ask the cards to provide an area of focus in different areas of your life. This card  can be a situation you are involved in or it can be an area that you should address. Background: Mr. Baxter is on the verge of selling his company. He had a very good offer recently but remains undecided. He is a highly creative and intuitive man as many self-made business men are. He has a woman partner and is very happy.

When I shuffled the cards I did not ask a specific question. I just concentrated on him (his name). Since I know his current situation the cards will probably pick up on that. 


Card #2: Topic of Focus. THE SNAKE.

The Snake card’s energy is both positive and negative. As a focus card this card points to caution – a potentially deceitful situation. It suggests a tightness in the belly. It can be a warning that Mr. Baxter is experiencing a meandering situation. He needs to tap into the higher level of this card’s meaning. He is to utilize his skills to outwit or outmaneuver a situation around him. He tends to be suspicious but has been clever enough to maintain a very successful company so far. 

The Snake card is definitely a temptation to sell the company.


The Mouse card shows that something is eating away at him. A situation that monopolized his emotions will be lose its momentum. There is a lessening effect because he will regain his optimism and happiness (Sun). In fact, he may gain even more popularity (Bouquet) but is it the affections of another woman (Queen of Spades). 

Something is unfolding to his benefit (Bouquet) which will be much better. He ‘could’ have suffered a big loss (Mouse) but since two very positive cards follow this shows he has recuperated his standing/position. He’ll feel good about his decision.


Another opportunity (Clover) is coming towards him (Rider). It could be a short-term situation but in that there is every chance of growth (Tree). The last card shows expansion. It won’t happen fast but it will occur at a steady pace by applying his own smarts (Snake-focus card). Mr. Baxter will branch out, no doubt, in business because a ‘lucky break’ (Clover) is just around the corner. I doubt he will sell his business. The Tree card can also suggest he will no longer feel all wound up (Snake). He will regain his inner strength especially since the Clover card is coupled with it.

Mr. Baxter has a meeting later today (fri). I will update the post once I hear of his decision.

Asking Lenormand a This or That question

Today’s topic is about multiple choice questions.  I selected the Gentleman card because the question involves a man. He is not a husband, significant other or mate. He is a man of importance to the question. The 3 card rows have a defined meaning.

Lenormand. This or That question. Aug 31.16 - 1

Question: Man wants to know whether to go on vacation to Mexico or Jamaica?

The top 3 cards involve the first possible outcome. Mexico


These three cards indicate a brief desire to go to Mexico. The horse faces (Rider) away from the decision card (Path). This might be a clue to say that this destination may not be one. 

The bottom 3 cards involve the other possible outcome. Jamaica


These three card looks more favourable. The Anchor suggests a more solid choice. The Stork card shows the change to this destination because the following card indicates (Bouquet) the man is attracted to Jamaica more so. 

Kipperkarten cards 1- 6 with Lenormand/Ziguener similarities

The information below has been in a draft post for quite some time so today I thought I would share the first six cards. The similarities between the Lenormand deck or any one of the other Sibilla style decks like the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten show their common language. Each system varies depending on location in Europe/year of creation. The bottom line is you read them as a family unit to arrive at an answer. Some have more people cards, some have more love cards and some have more betrayal cards.

Please note that my image descriptions below are based on the original deck. The beautiful Mystical Kipper by Regula Elizabeth Fiechter and Urban Trosch will vary in imagery but doesn’t stray from the original idea of what the card means.

No 1 “main male” is equated to No 28 Gentleman in Lenormand. Both of these cards represent the male person getting the reading or your significant other. The Zigeuner Lover card joins this group.

When you look at this card you see a long-haired bearded man facing to the left. He has a rounded build and appears quite content. He sports a greenish suit. 

No 2 “main female” is the same as No 29 Lady in Lenormand. It is the woman getting the reading or the significant other. The Sweetheart in the Zigeuner joins this group as well.

She is nicely seated in the image and faces to the right of the card. It appears the little table is holding her up. She doesn’t appear as content as her main man. She holds a flower in her left hand and is dressed in conservative style clothing. 

No # 3 card’s meaning translates to “earliest and map” or “conditions of marriage”. This card is about relationships and friendships. This card can signify family. When you see this card in a reading it lends a bridge to a problem. It reveals conditions or the state of something or someone.  I don’t see any Lenormand or Zigeuner cards that are close in meaning as stand alone but if you combine with other cards you could come up with the meaning of this card.

The image shows a couple standing together engaged in conversation. She appears to be with child or she’s pleasantly plump although I think given the name of this card it could be the couple is expecting a child. They are in love. 

Card No 4- “the meeting”. The meaning of this card is involvements, meetings and appointments. It reflects both romance and business. There may be many people involved – a group conference, family get together or an outing at a theater. The Lenormand Garden #20 is close in comparison. The Zigeuner Merriment card is loosely connected to this group.

The image shows a man and woman seated on a couch. It appears as though he is wooing her as he holds her hand. He appears to be a bit of a rascal, :), and she is very shy about the whole thing. Cupid in the painting above them is trying to do his magic. 

Card No 5 “good gentleman” The suggested meaning of this card is experience. It can represent a trusting male member of the family. In some cases, it is a supervisor who is fond of the person getting the reading. He would be attached or married. The Lenormand Lily #30 is similar to this card. The Zigeuner Widower insofar as loyalty and trust, however, he is without a living partner (for now).

In the image there is a well dressed mature looking man. He appears to be very kind and will have your best interests at heart. Trust.

Card No 6 ” property lady”. The traditional suggestion of this card is wise older woman, someone who has lived life. It can represent a female member of the family. She can also be a manager or leader in her field. She too would be attached and most certainly the boss lady. There is a link with certain combinations of the Lenormand Moon #32. Also, with #9 Bouquet’s Queen of Spades. As far as the Zigeuner association I think this card reminds me of the experienced home owner female in the Visit card.

In the image you can see a full-grown woman holding a rose in her right hand. She looks as though she is pondering something as her left elbow rests on the table. She doesn’t appear to be older in years, however, she is very smart which gives her a very mature aura. 

I will add the remainder of my original post on the Kipper cards  in upcoming posts.

Kelly has a 49:36 minute YouTube video on the Kipperkarten. I would recommend that you watch it whether you are a beginner or experienced reader. The information she shares is some history on the deck as well as meaning for the individual cards.

Telling a story with playing card insets and Lenormand

Comparing playing cards n Lenormand cards - 1
A few years back I wrote a basic how-to Lenormand handbook with plans of expanding it with additional interesting information (which I did). Did I publish it? Not yet. As they say you snooze you lose. Since then a number of great books have come on the market. In today’s post I’ve included parts of a chapter I wrote on the playing cards. The meanings for the playing cards are not elaborate. I assigned a phrase or a word to each of the 36 playing cards.

Below is some fun reading.

Queen ♠ Widow

  1. Bouquet will always be liked by a widow or woman without a partner. The Bouquet brings you gifts and admiration. The Queen ♠ would be selective doling out her affections. 

King ♦ Man in uniform

  1. Fish needs to be very upfront around the man in uniform. The Fish oversees that which is abundant. The King  possesses financial responsibility.

8 ♣ Good Friends 

  1. Mountain needs good friends during times of delays and obstacles. The Mountain is high and mighty often preventing an easy path to your goals. The 8♣ friend has knowledge on how to overcome these hurdles.

Putting the three cards together to tell a story is a fun exercise.

  • The Widow is not interested in the Man in Uniform who has way too many friends.
  • The Widow is hiding her fondness from the Man in Uniform until the path is clear.
  • You will receive a very nice gift of money that will cause you nothing but trouble.
  • The King ♦ feels great admiration for the Q♠ but she looks away and is not interested. He will not succeed at gaining her affection.
  • The King is a good friend of the Q♠s.
  • You may receive a lump sum of money from a female but you won’t get it all.


Note: the password was emailed to everyone who subscribed to the Parapath a tad late. The next issue is scheduled for  Feb 1 2016 but I may have it ready by Jan 15th depending on a variety of things. If you’d like to contribute please contact me.

When Love questions do not play out as the cards have predicted.

I receive some really good questions. 🙂 Many times I have wondered about the same questions at different stages of my own development as a cartomancer.

The original question from part of M’s email is as follows:

“…Doing readings i found myself wondering why spreads or predictions about the love area have a tendency not to come out as seen.

Writing on different forums i notice i am not the only one struggling in this part. Are there some pointers to get better insight in this part of questions? Or is it just because love has to do almost only with changing emotions?

I hope you want to share your insights with me….”

I did provide some insights to M and part of my view is below. 

“Thank you for your email.
You have raised a very good question and one that I receive often.  
I have found when doing one’s own reading the cards reflect the energy around how one feels at the time of shuffle. The future is fluid (changeable) as is love. 
For a specific love/relationship question, I like to recommend shorter layouts with pre-determined positions. 
I agree that when one is in a loving relationship the cards will be more clear but that is only because there is clarity in the mind about the loving relationship. When uncertainties enter our psyche the cards will pick up on that as well. 
Specific questions that you think at the time of shuffle must be genuine and resonate with what you really want to know. Many people do not ask the cards what they really want to know. Often these people will have fears/doubts which they cover by asking a positive question. It’s like asking does he love me but deep down inside little doubts are floating through the mind of suspicion or mistrust.”

Two specific questions as per my request where emailed which included M’s interpretations. My thoughts on the cards and a few other things about posing questions at the time of shuffle are below. I do not which version of Lenormand was used which could have added a bit more information as I read directions as well.

1:Will I be in a committed relation in the upcoming 6 to 12 months?

Spread question 1:

“I see garden as me being a single person or just not settled at this moment. Together with birds I see dating or activities in my (love)life. The ship can have the meaning of someone in the distance but in this case I think its is more about movement. So I am leaning towards movement in my love so maybe there is going to come someone in my life that makes everything starts to move. Bouquet-Lily can be a secure relationship (bouquet happiness and luck something good is going to happen and lily is about support) So maybe a happy relation that starts to grow?”




LILY ALSO MIRRORS THE PARK (garden) suggesting he is already known to M. in some capacity as PARK can mean out in the open. To me, THE BIRDS CARD AS A CONTRIBUTING ENERGY POINTS TO some concerns/worry on how to go with the flow (ship) of things at the current time. In simpler terms,THE FLOW will take its own destination if M is willing to accept invitations (bouquet) that provide the opportunities for a harmonious (lily) affirmative reply.

➡ Let’s suppose that 12 or so months have passed and M is not in a committed relationship. Does that mean the above prediction is wrong? I don’t think so because at the time of shuffle, this is what was asked and most likely desired. If M, changes her mind about commitment then the reading will not come to pass but guaranteed that opportunities would have been there.

THE ENERGIES ARE SET UP WHEN YOU HAVE A GENUINE DESIRE with the intention of  SOME SORT OF follow up APPLIED ACTIONS to reach your goal. You need to be clear about what you want and why you want it and how it will be in the highest good of all which is sometimes a karmic lesson (topic for another post for sure). You cannot just sit at home wishing. THE UNIVERSE (general term) SETS UP OPPORTUNITIES via SYNCHRONICITY. We may think we made it happen and up to a certain point we did by having that thought energy.

If M, has doubts and fears about this commitment coming to pass, the Universe will also set that up to reinforce her thought energy. There is a lot of different and strong views on this way of looking at things (to be covered in another post).

Since the post has become lengthy I will continue with some more thoughts on the first question only. 

If you covet the desired outcome (want it really bad) it could slip through your fingers. To covet something or someone has some negative connotations. You can yearn for a person or an outcome to a question but it has to come from a pure heart. When you come from a pure heart you do not want to hurt anyone in the process.

➡ Most importantly, you need to release the desired outcome and not hold on to it too tightly.

Wanting to be in a committed relationship within a year is a rather normal goal for many who perhaps are sick and tired of not having some sort of security with a relationship connection. But would you really want the other person to commit just to make you happy and they are not. A lot of people do this. They commit to a relationship but are not into it wholeheartedly. In my view, there needs to be freedom of individuality and a common ground of understanding.

The cards in the above reading show opportunities which will lead to the desired outcome. If the question was just in passing (out of curiosity) with little emotional attachment to it the cards are suggesting a positive answer. Positive meaning yes.

Your thoughts and feelings are important at the time of shuffle and asking questions. Like I said, by being genuine and true to yourself during the shuffle and the cards will answer that question.

Chakra questions layout featuring Magisches Lenormand

Sometimes you are just wondering where you are at the present time. You don’t have any specific questions and you are open to whatever the cards want to tell you. Of course, you could ask a specific question and you should apply the chakra questions directly to that specific question. Any deck of cards can be used for this layout.

I’ll illustrate how to use this layout with the Lenormand. I chose this deck because I receive many questions about these cards with the Gipsy deck following in a close second. Before I begin, I am more interested in explaining the Chakra questions layout than explaining the actual meanings (traditional /modern) of the Lenormand system. You have your own understanding of the individual cards.  🙂

Since many of you are interested in love/relationship questions I will address this topic below. In the image, you will see 7 Lenormand cards in the 7 Chakra positions. It doesn’t have to be these exact cards but they resonated with me at the time of creating this layout. I have pulled them from the deck.

Next, I shuffled the deck and took the top card from the deck and placed it in #1 spot, the next card in #2 spot and so on. The cards that I actually drew for the question below are from the Magisches Lenormand deck (last image). I really like these cards. One thing I like about them is the Gentleman and Lady face opposite directions. I read directions most of the time in various layouts.

Ok. Here is the question. Where is A’s (woman) relationship with B (man) headed (progress, stagnation, ending) over the next six months? Assign your significator cards prior to shuffle. 

Chakra questions layout reading


FYI: For those of you that object to reading Lenormand reversals do hang around to the end of the post.  It just happened. It could happen to you. You can just as easily turn the card right side up but I won’t do that because I get insights about reversals.

Moving right along…… 

I turned the corresponding chakra questions cards side ways so I could capture them in a smaller file.

Chakra questions layout featuring Magisches Lenormand

Some of these questions for the chakra positions are general and simple.

1. Are you grounded? Gentleman REVERSED.

A (woman getting reading) is not grounded because of the current influence of B (man she is in relationship with at time of shuffle). Gentleman is reversed thus throwing her off her center. There may be a lot going on with him insofar as where this relationship is headed. His influence is not making her feel very secure within herself.

2. Where is your passion? The Rider often represents a lover or love object. Her passion may lie elsewhere. Also, she is always waiting for something or someone better to come along.

3. Are you empowered? The Coffin card suggests the future of this relationship is definitely in jeopardy. A doesn’t feel confident it is heading anywhere. She sees it as a dead end. Until the relationship is clarified she will not gain her own power back.

4. What do you love? The Ship card indicates she desires more movement with this relationship. She would love to move forward or even go on a trip with B.

5. Do you speak the truth? The Bouquet card is actually quite positive. Maybe she doesn’t let on to her friends her relationship is struggling. She is saying all the things she should say. I don’t see her bad mouthing B.

6. What do you know? The Whip card suggests she knows there is discord with this relationship.  She is aware of the tension. She has gained knowledge through experience…through disagreements.

7. Are you open? The Tower is a card of isolation. Even though A wants to know the future of the relationship she is closed off from receiving higher guidance


Have you ever tried the Tarot in the Lenormand Houses GT? Part 2/2

In continuation of the previous post  Tarot card in the Lenormand Houses GT.

As a reminder, male D’s Tarot Signicator card is King of Pentacles and female A’s is Queen of Cups. So far, the Strength card situated in the Rider House was discussed in the last post.  The next House is the Clover.

Tarot cards in Lenormand Houses 1-9
Clover HOUSE 2 – King of Wands

The King of Wands can represent a male known to female A. He could be a business person offering some financial advice. Kings are at the top of their suit. Given this House represents matters which often come and go this King may have a temporary influence. It won’t be long-lasting. He could also bring an opportunity for marriage.

Ship HOUSE 3 – Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords situated in the Ship card usually representing some sort of travel can suggest a strong decision about a trip. Swords belong to the air element reflecting thoughts.  As an Ace it would be the beginning of an idea. It doesn’t have to involve travel it could also indicate ordering something from a ‘foreign’ country.

House HOUSE 4 – Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands falling into the house representing one’s home can signify some good news approaching. It could be the beginning of a project and quite possibly renovations. Wands are associated with the fire element and this would suggest some action around the home would be forthcoming. It’ll be a new situation. Note the two Aces side by side. Often this means changes.

Tree HOUSE 5 – 9 of Wands

As a rule this House represents one’s well-being. Here we have a challenging card and yet the person in the image is not giving up … yet. Female A might not be feeling the best for one reason or another. She will have to hold her own position and make sure her health isn’t going to be affected because of situations which will come up (Strength in Rider House).


This major arcana often represents one’s mother. Falling in the Clouds House there is a very good chance there is some concern for a mother/mother-in-law or someone’s mother. There is some confusing energy around this woman.

On the other hand, issues involving care giving may arise since the Empress is all about nurturing. It could be just some confusion around child-rearing.

Snake HOUSE 7 – Queen of Swords

Female A needs to be aware of an untrustworthy female acquaintance. When you blend the Snake’s House meaning with the Queen’s personality this can be quite a nasty combination.

Coffin HOUSE 8 – Knight of Pentacles

The Coffin House is about endings. The Knight’s energy is slow. As a rule the pentacles represent financial matters.  A situation could be nearing completion. The other thing which is possible is that a financial matter may not get off the ground. Maybe the money won’t be available. If female A is involved in some sort of home improvements (Ace of Wands in the House house) the funding might run out or not forthcoming.

This combination could indicate an inheritance.


Keeping up with appearances. This house is about gift giving, invitations, donations or pleasant opportunities. The Hierophant is one of those cards which suggests doing the right thing not so much because it is the right thing but because everyone expects you to do it.

Additional observations:

  • Looking at the King of Pentacles (male D’s Significator) he is situated in the Book House. There’s more to him than meets the eye. Female A may soon discover things about him she didn’t know. This is quite common in relationships. How can you possibly tell your partner every single thing about your life … this takes time and trust. He could also be taking a upgrading course for his job. 🙂
  • The 9 of Cups, usually depicting one’s wishes falls in the Scythe House. Ouch! Looks like some of great importance to female A will suddenly end. Her heartfelt wish will not materialize within the timeframe of this reading. Timeframes can vary even if you set one.
  • The World card in the Cross house indicates the fulfillment of some karmic situation. There is a release coming. Female A has paid her dues on some matter. 
  • The Hanged Man situated in the Path house suggest a real dilemma in a decision. Female A may have to take a totally different perspective in some options which will lie ahead of her.

And so on …

I really have a lot of fun studying the Tarot cards in the Lenormand Houses when I have ample time. There is a vast amount of information which can be discovered if you take the time to study the cards in the houses. The linking technique can be done but you will have to really think about which keyword meanings you are using for the Tarot cards.

➡ You’ll be surprised at the commonality between the two systems.

Don’t be shy try this cartomancy method on yourself. You may like it.  🙂

Asking question using astrology house layout – featuring Derivative houses plus Lenormand cards

I have written about the Astrology wheel (Zodiac) layout many times. Also, I have used a variety of card systems to demonstrate the linking process of card – in – house. Today’s topic is about Derivative houses and how to gain additional insights into your question. Grab a coffee or cup of tea, lol, this will be a longer post.

Most Lenormand cartomancers prefer to read the cards in groups. Let me explain my view on this in relation to the 12 houses of the Astrology wheel (Zodiac) layout.  You can gain ample information using one card in each house because every house of the Astrology wheel layout means a number of things in one’s life. You can link the houses by various techniques (ie. today’s topic derivative houses) when asking a question. The center card should you choose to have one is similar to the crossing card of the 10 card Celtic cross. It is either going to help or hinder the theme (question) of the reading. Often this card will reveal an important issue at hand perhaps not connected to the question. 

I like placing the cards on a “lazy susan” type of rotating tray (turntable) but you can just as easily draw lines on a piece of thicker cardboard. Make sure you place the house numbers on the outside of the wheel. It would also help if you had another slightly bigger circle underneath with just the house numbers on the outer edge. When you turn the inner circle around the cards will be upside down or sideways. Just reposition them upright. It takes a little longer but you do need a good visual. You can always pick up an expensive cake tray on a pedestal 🙂 at the dollar or two store and mark the houses in permanent marker. This way you have it for future use. I’m pretty sure they have “lazy susan” types of trays. Maybe you can come up with another idea of your own.

The image below features the attractive mini Mystic Mauve Lenormand by Tarotlyn,©2014.  Tarotlyn (click name to see cards on Youtube) Notice the Clover card  in the center (card 13). What should female J know about her relationship with male B? They have been hanging out (dating) for about 6 months. J really wants to know if this romantic connection will lead to a more serious relationship. Note: If I were doing this layout for a client I would scan (read) all the cards and give a brief overview and then focus on the question at hand. mystic mauve lenormand tarotlyn 2014 The image below with the names of the cards except card 13 (I forgot to add it, lol) is written on a sheet found in Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit,©1994. Russell Grant’s Astrology Kit (click name for Russell’s website) russell grant's astrology kit 1994 Lenormand cards in wheel It is much easier for me to demonstrate today’s topic using variations of the above image with one of my image editing programs. In order to answer J’s question you would look at house 5 which represents romance. Here we have the Birds card. In some ways this card reflects some of J’s worries about this romantic connection. Also, Birds can indicate “2” of something. Does she have a rival? The Birds card also suggests communication between these two people is probably really good.

Ok, now we turn the wheel to see which card lies in which house. In the image below you will see the Birds card in House 1 (left side). We do this so we can find out more about this situation. If you are versed in Astrology you can do this visually just by counting the houses until you come to the house you want to read. Many of you are not that experienced in this technique and this is why I am offering this process step by step using diagrams.   🙂 


staying open to Fox as a work card



I usually reserve the Anchor card for topics related to work. Over the last few years I have been seeing the Fox card time and time again coupled with Significator cards. It is obvious they are not all rotten apples, lol. I read for a certain regular male and 9/10 times the Fox card is next to the Gentleman card (his Significator).


15 card layout reveals alternate choices

In Marthy Jones’ book called, “It’s in the Cards” there is an image of the 15 card layout on Page 8 which I will be using today. I am featuring the Magisches Lenormand since I have it on hand. Plus, I really like the defined imagery.

In the image below I have numbered the order of the cards which you lay after you have shuffled your deck. You can concentrate on a specific question or just see what the cards will show.  After I shuffled I randomly pulled a card from my deck and put the cards in the order face down. Then I turned over the center 3 cards first to study them.  You can also just count off 15 cards from your shuffled deck. Do whatever feels right to you.

The reading is for an unattached 41-year-old female who is wondering if she will meet a new man with possibility of steady relationship.

Magisches Lenormand

Magisches Lenormand

 Center Cards 1, 2, 3 

Card 1: The Anchor card in this spot represents the 41-year-old female. This card tells you she is stuck. It could also mean she is grounded in herself. If you take the work meaning for this card perhaps all she does is work. It’s important to keep the original question in mind and not get carried away with all kinds of different meanings on the cards.  Cards 2 and 3 (Path/Fox) will reveal her current situation. The female is at cross roads and carefully reviewing her options. Perhaps she is not very trusting because of something that happens at or through a work situation.

Cards 4, 8, 12 in the upper ring wing show the natural flow into the future if all remains as is with no effort on the female’s part to change things. We know she is thinking about making changes.  If this wing ends well, then the female should just continue doing what she is doing. If the wing does not end well, she has options in the upper left-wing on what she could do, provided that wing is positive in nature.

Clouds/Ring/Bouquet. The Fox card links to the Clouds card. This indicates her attitude is very cloudy about relationships. She doesn’t want to make a mistake. The dark side of the clouds face the Ring. This is never a good sign for commitments. She could get involved for the wrong reasons. The Bouquet card tells me the female will come of it smelling like a rose.

The Fox card also links to the Fish card in the lower right-wing (cards 7, 11, 15). This wing is all about external influences. Things which may not be in her control or things she does not want.  If you will notice the Lady card ends this wing. The Lady card is the female getting the reading.  Circumstances have put her in a very isolated situation. Part of this is because of (King of Diamond/Fox) a man who was really self-centered and hard to reach emotionally.  This man will continue to be an influence in her life during the span of this reading (probably 3-6 months) and most likely a separation of ways will follow. 

The Path card links to the House card in the upper left-wing. This wing of cards (5, 9, 13) looks very promising and offers the female some advice on other options. A very warm-hearted man (King of Hearts/Sun) awaits her. She will receive news from him (Letter) which will cheer her up quite a bit.

The female may know this already and maybe that is why the Path card appeared as she is contemplating a decision.

In the lower left-wing, cards 6, 10, 14 are more contributing cards. Here you will find out how other people or factors play into helping the female make a decision. Looks like there are some meddlesome (Birds/Owls) individuals who would rather see her at their low-level (Mouse) than to move forward. These individuals are more interested in the break down of her happiness. Not very nice friends at all. She needs to be wary of these influences and do some damage control (Key) before it happens. Path card links to the Key card.

Did the 15 card layout answer her question?  I think she will meet a man (upper left wing) but she needs to finish up with an existing male shown in the lower right wing. Since she ends the wing and the cards here do represent something she might not want to experience it is clear that she will face these problems head on. Lady looks at Tower card and the separation will be to her benefit (Fish).

Grand Tableau – counting 7’s

When I first learned the Grand Tableau or full board layout ages ago I started with the counting 7’s technique. This method is quite common in Eastern Europe where I was born. This technique was used on the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards and many others decks in the “Sibilla style” family.

This is a quick way to zoom into the main happenings around the Significators. Also, a main theme card can be selected if the person where to ask about love, work, travel, etc.

In today’s example, I chose the ever popular Heart card to represent the relationship between these two people (Gentleman/Lady). In the image below I have drawn rectangles around the starting cards and every 7th one in the corresponding different colour. There is a large X on the Lady, Gentleman and Heart cards including a black rectangle as these are the beginning cards.

When you count it would be to the right of these cards. There are a few variations in counting style but as long as you end on with the card you started you are doing it correctly.

  • Heart- Clover- Stars- Stork- Fox- Child– back to Heart.
  • Let’s look at the Heart card (green colour).
  • Next, the Lady card (red colour). I do want to mention that some cartomancers read the past as being behind the Lady’s back and the future is the direction she is looking at. You may not do it this way. I used the right direction to continue the count.
  • Lady- Mouse- Whip- Lily- Coffin- Anchor- and back to Lady
  • For the Gentleman (yellow colour).
  • He happens to be facing to the right which is the direction I am counting.
  • Gentleman- Tower- Birds/Owls- Bouquet- Path- Mountain– and back to Gentleman.

Counting 7's. Magisches Lenormand.

Counting 7’s. Magisches Lenormand.

This GT is not a make believe layout for the purpose of study. It is for a real person. He is a married, middle aged man (no children) contemplating a job change. Lately, he has been neglecting his marriage in the pursuit of just having fun with his buddies. The reason I chose the Heart card was because I felt it was important to study the circumstances of his marriage given in recent attitude. The Ring card would be more in keeping with marriage but it’s the feeling we are looking at between these two people. Also, any significant job change would need the support of an understanding partner or that could cause additional pressure on the marriage.

What are the circumstances around his marriage?

  • Heart- Clover– Stars- Stork- Fox- Child– back to Heart.

The feelings/love department is supported by the Clover card. Currently, there is a mutual fondness but it comes and goes. Couples aren’t always into each other because there are other areas of life which need tending or attention. There are changes ahead (Stork) which is being picked up intuitively (Stars) by one or both of these people. The changes could head into the wrong direction (Fox). Adjustments will be made at a faster pace possibly paving the way to a new direction (Child) which could be a little more light-hearted. 

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Example of reading Lenormand Houses 1 -12 of the 6 x 6 GT

There are a couple of ways to read the Lenormand Houses. Some cartomancers begin with the Significator card. The House in which the Lady/Gentleman falls in will determine what you will link. This is not always the quickest method especially if you have a client sitting in front of you. Most clients prefer little gaps in the reading. If you can keep talking while looking for the card-to-house, house-to-card process then you should be able to achieve some sort of continuity.

Another way to read the Houses is to locate the Significator which represents the person getting the reading. Place something on the card so you have a reference point. Talk about the House in which this card passes through. In the image below I have drawn arrows for the Lady (consultant) and the Gentleman ( her significant other partner). 

I will do a brief interpretation of the first twelve Houses only to keep this post at a reasonable length. The bottom cards represent the Houses in order. The Magisches Lenormand is the deck which was shuffled and placed on the Houses beginning with House #1 The Rider (top left). Had the Lady card fallen in another House past the twelve shown I would have included that row as well. I could have done the 9 x 4 or 8 x 4+4 just as easily but six cards across is captured nicely for an image. You can click the image for a larger view.

Lenormand Houses 1-12 of the 6 x 6 GT layout

Lenormand Houses 1-12 of the 6 x6 GT layout

9 LADY IN BOUQUET HOUSE – Our consultant is a very giving individual. Most likely she is involved in some charity work. She might also be thinking about a special gift. If you read the playing card inset, the client has the Queen of Spades on her mind as well. This Queen would play a role in her life (hint: snake card in snake house) at the time of the reading.  Lots of other possibilities as well.

1 Let’s go to the very first house. Here we find the GENTLEMAN IN THE RIDER HOUSE. By the looks of it our client will be receiving a guest. A special man will visit her. He could be her lover.

2 ANCHOR IN THE CLOVER HOUSE. There seems to be some minor happenings at her workplace. There are some minor issues which are going on. If your client cannot relate to that statement then this influence is coming up rather soon. Sometimes the client just cannot makes sense of what you are saying at the time of the reading for a number of reasons. This is common. Maybe the client is not employed and you can tell her there is a work opportunity coming up within days.

3 SCYTHE IN THE SHIP HOUSE. Looks like there will not be any travel coming up. In fact a trip may have been completely cancelled. Is it the lover bailing out at the last minute? Or is it a family member changing her mind (stork).

4 STORK IN THE HOUSE HOUSE (lol, I always get a chuckle on this one). Yes, changes are coming which affect her home environment. This card is also about reunions. It can involve a member of the family (Queen of Cups playing card inset).

5 SUN IN THE TREE HOUSE. Our client is most fortunate to have the warmth of the sun shining on her health at the time of the reading. If she was waiting for any results from health related testing the outcome would be good.

6 RIDER IN THE CLOUDS HOUSE. We should look back at the Rider House to see what or who is there. As mentioned it is the Gentleman card. There’s definitely some confusion around the Significant other partner. Plans are not really clear on what he is doing or why he is doing it.

7 SNAKE IN THE SNAKE HOUSE. Whenever a card falls into its own House you should keep that in mind as you go through the reading. It doesn’t mean it is any stronger, however, if it is a strong card to begin with then yes, it is strong without external influences. Our client has an adversary. There is another woman’s influence which she needs to be warned of this influence. Who is the rival? Do it nicely. No need to be over dramatic about it. The client probably already knows who it is.

8 MOUNTAIN IN THE COFFIN HOUSE. Any obstacles or challenges approaching in the near future won’t amount to much. They will fizzle out and not create any great concern. There is another interpretation as well – a huge ending.

10 SHIP IN THE SCYTHE HOUSE. This theme has already appeared. A trip will not materialize. In fact, there probably was no intention ever to travel. There is little movement towards travel plans.

11 HEART IN THE WHIP HOUSE. This is probably the last thing our client want to hear. Her love life is not going to be very smooth during the time frame of the reading. She could already be arguing with a man in her life. It looks like the Gentleman might not follow through on visiting her.

12 LETTER IN THE BIRDS HOUSE. Conversations via modern-day media. Discussions will certainly be on edge. Our client will receive some news which will set her off. It’s important to tell the client not to believe everything she hears as a good part of it could be hearsay.

The next 12 Houses will give you more information to tell the client. You can still link card-to-house and house-to-card after completing the reading by just reading the card in the house. Since, the Snake card fell into its own natural Snake House the linking will stop there. Also, another card might fall into its own House as well in the 13-36 Houses. I would go ahead and link what I could.

If you find that at least three cards fall into their own Houses combine those three cards if you can. They are giving the client a very important “hidden” message. It could be a warning or it could be a blessing.

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Investigative Cartomancy

You were pretty sure all the cards were upright before you started to shuffle. After you laid out the cards in the layout of your choice you noticed one reversed card. Have you ever been tempted to read it? Most Lenormand cartomancers will not read reversals namely because they are “intended” to be read upright.

In my view, if you turn the card upright you are changing the energy which was established at the time of your shuffle. I suppose many do this with the Tarot deck as well. You might be surprised to discover valuable information from that card. Yes, it is a personal decision to follow the “teachings” that Lenormand cards are not read reversed. Exploring reversals is a good exercise. It’s all part of reading cards. Upright. Reversed. Side ways. Standing on your head 😆 . This post isn’t all about reversals it is about investigative cartomancy.

I did a three card layout earlier today to ask a specific question. It was a request from a professional man. Here is the question: “Who is undercutting my business by charging a lower fee for the same service?”  He does have a pretty good idea who it is but is not certain. This is a “who” question so we are looking for a person or quite possibly people (company or organization).

Featuring Marcia McCord’s Dust Bunny Lenormand in a 3 card layout.

BIRDS + TOWER + reversed FOX

BIRDS + TOWER + reversed FOX

Is it an older couple (birds)? Is it a tall person (tall)? Is it a person or group affiliated within the same legal organization as the professional man (tower)? What about the reversed Fox? Who is it?

A person who is worried (birds) about the legal ramifications (tower) if he or she is caught (reversed fox).  Could be?

I tend to read the three card layout as the past, present and future. 

The past shows this professional man is highly nervous (birds) because of this situation. He could be thinking about taking legal action (tower) against the person or people. The reversed Fox as the future card suggests the “who” will not be caught and the “who” will change his motives. 

Neither of these interpretations answer the question. OK, let’s look at the center card as the theme which is the more common way in a 5 card layout. The Tower should represent the “who”. The Birds and reversed Fox should describe the “who”.

Investigative Cartomancy

The “who” is a person who is hard to reach. Maybe he or she thinks they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. A lot of professionals in highly competitive fields feel they are #1 and should be #1 no matter how they conduct business. So far, we have established this person is most likely at the top of his field. He might run two businesses (birds). He might deal with stressed out (birds) people in his line of work. He may have incorporated good strategies (fox) in his line of work but doesn’t any more (reversed fox). Something has gone terribly wrong (fox) in his life and he is unable to regain control of his professional terrain (reversed fox). That would certainly narrow it down to a close colleague who feels threatened that the professional man will steal (fox) his business. And no, I can’t give a name. 😉

If you add the cards up they equal #9 The Bouquet – my guess is it is a woman with dark hair (Q♠) who is very good at what she does. Her outer personality is charming. She might even manage a beautification company which goes hand in hand with what the professional man is offering. 

(blowing imaginary trumpet) and here she is. The Culprit.  Wasn’t that fun?    🙂

9 The Bouquet

9 The Bouquet

4 x 4 + 2 mini GT layout

I really enjoy reading the cards in the full board or grand tableau layout which consists of the entire Lenormand deck. There is the  9 x 4 &  8 x 4 + 4 &  6 x 6. I’m not always in the mood to read a large landscape of cards, 😆 .  I find that I receive just as much information using the 4 x 4 + 2 layout which is exactly half the cards = 18.

You may want to try this mini GT layout. Today I am featuring Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand. This deck really brings the images up close. When you look at the cards you see the symbol of the card without much else going on. I really like Rootweaver’s approach.

One thing you will notice if you do try the 4 x 4 + 2 layout is that your Significator may not appear in the first 18 cards. This means much of the activity around you will center around other people’s issues and external circumstances.

You can

A. go ahead and read the cards

B. take the remaining deck and lay out another spread

C. reshuffle and try again. If you reshuffle, it is best to only do it once more

D. not read the cards on the day of shuffle

What I do is B.

Let’s suppose the other Significator card is missing from the layout and yours is there. Go ahead and read the cards for yourself. This means the person represented by the other Significator card will be more in the background and not play an important role in the next few weeks/months.

I would say based on my practical experience with this layout the time frame is roughly 3-6 months if no time frame is requested of the cards. Even if you do request a reading within a certain time frame the cards might and might not listen to you. 😉

In the image below, luckily both Significator cards appeared within the 18 cards. Also, they lie in the very first column suggesting the reading is focused more on the development of future situations. They can be new circumstances or they can be a continuation of things which these two people have already experienced in the past.

How to read the bottom two cards.

These two card can 

  • reveal a vital concern
  • reveal a situation which is on the mind of the consultant
  • over all energy involved in the layout
  • result of column 2 and 3’s theme or topic or life category
  • sometimes it is the surprise or unexpected situation

I have drawn several lines in the layout image 🙂 to give you an indication of how I scan the cards initially. If you click on the image it should enlarge. Of course, you have your own methods which might differ from mine. Bottom line we should arrive at the same predictions/interpretations or pretty close to it. 

I’m not going to read all the card but I will detail some observations I have made in relation to the recent background between this couple.

Background: The reading is for a female – Lady Significator. Her male partner is represented by the Gentleman card (above her). This couple has been experiencing a drifting in their relationship. He is unhappy at his workplace. She is unhappy with him and probably herself as well. He has been a jerk lately. She has been a b*tch. She is starting not to trust him. He thinks she is lazy. And so on. Need I say more. You know the typical stuff which goes on when a relationship when it is seriously strained.

Rootweaver's Vintage Lenormand. 4 x 4 x 2 mini GT.

Rootweaver’s Vintage Lenormand. 4 x 4 x 2 mini GT.

  • Coffin card above Gentleman suggests he has had it with this relationship. He feels it is ending.
  • Gentleman card above Lady indicates he is very much on her mind. She is also experiencing the Coffin influence because if it affects him it affects her.
  • Anchor card as a summary of the first column. Looks like this couple will have to “work” very hard at this relationship.
  • Coffin + Child + Birds + Tower = some new situation is in the near future which will create much worry for this couple.
  • Lady + Whip – she is one nasty fighter. She could confrontational. She could be in physical /emotional pain. She is a b*tch.
  • Lady + Whip + Lily + Scythe – she is heading into a situation which will deplete her of peaceful energy
  • Lady + Garden + Clover – she will experience some brief joy from an outing very soon.
  • Gentleman + Bouquet – he doesn’t like fighting. He doesn’t think there is anything seriously wrong.
  • Gentleman + Bouquet + House + Ring – he is planning to buy something for the house thus the cycle begins again.
  • Gentleman + Whip + Letter – he might receive some news or information which will provoke him.

The very last column TOWER + RING + SCYTHE + RIDER strongly suggests a break up could very well happen within the next 3-6 months. The Rider is definitely bringing some challenging news. 

Bottom two cards: SUN + CLOVER – This couple will be happy again in the relationship but it is not a “staying” happiness.

My interpretation is a brief scan of potential predictions. I can see much more information as well but I do want to move on to the tasks at hand.

Overview of ForTheSeekers Lenormand + 3 card Reading.

It’s hard to believe we are in mid August already. Today I am featuring the ForTheSeekers Lenormand by Jennifer Kast. This project was originally on Kickstarter earlier this year and funding was unsuccessful at that time. Jennifer continued to work hard on this deck and is now offering it at her Etsy shop.  If you click ➡  LINK you will be able to see the entire deck as well as her other cartomancy/fortune telling related items. Jennifer does ship to USA and Canada. To the international readers of my blog do send her an email if you are interested in some of her decks and I’m sure she will try to accommodate you.

ForTheSeekers Lenormand by Jennifer Kast.

ForTheSeekers Lenormand by Jennifer Kast

The Lenormand pouch featured in the image was designed and hand crocheted by me. It is available at my Etsy shop ➡ LINK. as well as a few other unique card bags. is free to join. Many people sign up just to buy the myriad of items offered on this wonderful site.

The ForTheSeekers Lenormand has very soft imagery which can trigger flow of intuitive insights. All the playing card insets are have black backgrounds and white suit glyphs which as a bit of mystery to them. That is a perfect touch since there is no real consensus for card/suit meanings. The deck is very easy to shuffle and measures 5 1/2 cm x 8 3/4 cm (2.2 x 3.5 inches). I can’t find my ruler but I have a metric measuring tape (I am so not metric, lol) so the above is approximate.  Included in the very creative box is the 36 page spiral LWB with brief meanings, history & layouts. The box has ample room in it so you don’t have to struggle getting the cards and LWB back into it. 

Thank you Jen for the mention of the ASK my CARDS website as a useful link.

Plus, there is the Black Sheep card (seen in image below). This card is an “outcast”. You may or may not include it in your shuffle but it would be fun to experiment with it.

ForTheSeekers LWB. The Black Sheep.
Go figure, lol, I shuffled the deck and selected 3 cards randomly just to offer a very quick interpretation. No, I am not turning the Clouds card upright (last card) and will read it as it came up —reversed.

Bouquet. Path. Clouds reversed.

Bouquet. Path. Clouds reversed

Interestingly, the cards are reflecting something which is on my mind right now. I didn’t really ask a specific question it was more like, “what’s coming up”? That is a very general train of thought.

Notice the 3 court cards. Queen ♠ Queen King ♣  (this looks like a partnership or some sort of agreement with a male and two females.) The middle card show two paths (22. PATH). It involved a decision in some matter and it could be anything right now and it could be everything ;). The first card (9. BOUQUET) can represent an invitation or some generous act of kindness.

The final card (6. CLOUDS – reversed) would have indicated that one of these decisions would lead to more confusion or an unclear direction. With the card being reversed there will be a lessening influence of the meaning of the upright card. All clouds pass eventually. Sometimes your ideas/situations get rained on. Other times you get lucky and escape potential downpours of confusion. The Clouds card is all about lack of total understanding involving a person or situation. The cat in the image is looking up at the clouds in the upright position. It seems the lighter side of the clouds face to the right the direction the cat is looking at. 

In the reversed image the cat is looking back at the path card hinting that the path on the right side of the card is the way to go. I see this as moving forward and looking ahead in some decision. I also see removal of doubts when the card is reversed especially if you re-visit your options before deciding on a direction.

Note: I read reversals in “special cases” which is not mainstream Lenormand cartomancy. 

Trigger layout featuring Lenormand de Marseilles

Today I am featuring Edmund Zebrowski’s Lenormand de Marseilles, © 2011 in the 12 card Trigger Layout. There are many detailed posts on this layout at the following which include the simple instructions —–CLICK LINK.

Trigger Layout

3 options: You- Significator Lady or Gentleman. You- topic of your choice card. You- no preselected cards.

Today’s example is a “real life” situation with partial feedback. The complete feedback is only possible after the Immediate and Soon columns come to pass. The Immediate column can be anywhere between a couple of days up to a few weeks. The Soon column is generally one month or three months if you decide on the time frame prior to shuffle.

lenormand de marseilles 2011 Edmund Zebrowski Trigger Layout

I am going to demonstrate how to read the cards in relation to this “real life” situation. The seeker of the cards is the Lady significator card (female A) in the YOU spot (second card in 2nd row/column). Before I begin I always scan the Trigger Row which are the activation cards. Activation cards will reveal the energy of the Reading.

Scan the Trigger Row first.

Scan the Trigger Row first.

*SHIP* LADY A* MOON* MOUNTAIN*. Here we can see that in the recent past Lady A was about to embark on a trip. The Moon is about slow energy. It also represents a variety of topics such as one’s feelings. The Trigger row ends in the Mountain card showing a huge challenge. There is a big problem ahead.

Lady A is thinking about her sister (SNAKE). She received a telephone call (BIRDS) from her sister who said she was experiencing severe back pain which went all the way around her rib cage. Lady A wanted to go and assist her sister (SHIP) but the sister was reluctant to seek medical attention hoping this condition would pass. Thus the trip to the sister’s house did not happen (COFFIN).

Lady A wants to donate her time and energy to her sister. She wants to do something nice (BOUQUET) for her. One very interesting thing is that we have two Queens, one above and one below the Lady card. Yes, she has two sisters in “real life”.

Even though the woman in the image is looking to the left her future is to the right of her as this is a layout with pre-defined columns suggesting the future. The fact she is looking at the Ship card tells me she is wondering if she made a mistake in not going to help her sister. Lady A is followed by the Trigger Moon card suggesting there is some sort of distortion connected to the anxiety and worry (BIRDS) about the (CLOUDS) situation. The Moon and Fish combined represents over the counter pain relief drugs which has been confirmed despite the fact these cards lie in the Immediate spot. This situation is several days old so the Immediate spot can be up to one week into the future as well.

Note: Some clients experience card forecasts faster than others.

Since this is Lady A’s reading Snake plus Clouds combined strongly suggests her sister’s condition won’t go away that fast (Mountain ends Trigger row). The dark side of Clouds faces to the right –>future. The Fish card can be connected to someone in the medical profession (King of Diamonds). Someone that you pay out-of-pocket as this card is linked to money. Chiropractor?

The very last card is the CLOVER. Is the energy of this card strong enough to deal with the Mountain card?  Not really, but there will be some easing up of the situation. I have discovered that the Mountain card often refers to one’s back. The Gentleman card should represent Lady A’s significant other but in this case it probably doesn’t. The Gentleman card is most likely the sister’s partner. The reason I am saying this is because Lady A’s male partner would bend over backwards to help the sister. The fact that the dark side of the Clouds faces the Gentleman tells me it would be the sister’s husband – he lacks clarity on how to help. Some men just don’t know how to handle a “sick” spouse or partner.

The Fish and Clover combination represents unexpected lucky energy. I really hope the sister will feel better soon but the process could take a long time (MOUNTAIN) as back issues don’t go away that quickly. The Immediate column will still unfold over the next few weeks. I’m not liking the Clouds card combined with the Snake card (represents the sister). She is facing some emotional issues (Clouds & Moon) directly connected to her significant other (Gentleman). 

One more thing Moon combined with Mountain suggests the obstacle might be larger than anticipated or it will be smaller. Clear observation is not possible looking through shadows (moon). The Clover card is coming to help if but for a short time.

Gypsy relationship Layout for LADY C.

Every once in a while I stumble on a video which I think would be of interest to you. This particular video is short and features “a gypsy relationship spread”. I would like to credit the voice behind the video but so far I only know him as Chris379000. If this is your video Chris please leave a link in the comments section if you have a website or blog that you wish to share with other like minded people.  —->VIDEO LINK*

I usually do the Heart Layout which is a brief snapshot of a relationship with or without a question. The layout in the video is a little longer and would work with just about any deck of cards. I am featuring Titania’s Fortune cards. Creator Titania Hardie © 2000. 

The Gypsy Relationship Spread from Chris379000 video in above link*.

Click on the Image for a Larger view.



LADY C is the female seeker of the cards (left side). GENTLEMAN J is on the right side. Lady C is wondering about the future development of this relationship. 

Card 1 is at the very top. SNAKE. This position reveals what’ going on between these two people at the current time. The Snake card brings intrigue and a certain amount of “games” between the couple. Games which people play when they are dating. Most of the time honesty is an issue. Is he married? Is he faithful? Is she seeing someone else? Why won’t he call? How does he feel about me? Is she cheating? Most of the questions are rooted in fear and insecurity.

I would caution Lady C at the current time. All is not as it seems just a bit of the Snake card’s energy I would advise her go slow and be patient. There is a good chance another influence “might” be involved. Who doesn’t have “another influence” to contend with. We all have a past. Often, someone is left hanging on who is quite innocent or has serious intentions about the potential of the relationship developing. It is not very honest but it’s not evil or anything.

The SNAKE card is also about a physical s*e*x*u*a*l attraction as well. Of course, we entertain the thought of what it would be like in the sack with someone. It’s a natural curiosity. Usually this is all as part of the process in dating. In this case, there is definitely an attraction.

Card 2 and Card 3: Her and His thoughts and plans about the relationship.

Card 2: WHIP: She is experiencing some tough emotions right now and is being confrontational. She might even be experiencing headaches. Lady C wants to discuss the future of this relationship and is experiencing anxiety because of it.

Card 3: SCYTHE: He is being cool and reserved. Basically, this card shows he is cut off from his emotions and isn’t applying very much energy thinking about further plans. Gentleman J doesn’t want to deal with this relationship in the same way as Lady C. His actions appear very abrupt to Lady C leaving her with no explanations at all.

Card 4 and Card 5: Her and His hopes for the relationship.

Card 4: RING: Lady C would like a commitment. At the very least she wants to know where she stands in his life.

Card 5: FOX: Gentleman J “might” be thinking this relationship is all wrong. He could be seeing it as more work than he’d care to deal with.  The Fox card can be read as working at something as well if you use “work” as one of it’s meanings.

Card 6 and Card 7. What Lady C and Gentleman are offering to this relationship.

Card 6: MOUNTAIN: She seems to be making a mountain out of a molehill. Many things about this relationship appears to be met with obstacles and challenges.

Card 7: BOUQUET: He seems to be nice enough. Gentleman J appears to be fond of Lady C.

Card 8: Lady C’s true feelings.

Card 8: BEAR: Her feelings are very powerful. Lady C “might” be overwhelmed with her feeling. The energy of the Bear card shows she is quite capable of bold and more forward feelings and isn’t shy about showing them.

Card 9: Gentleman J’s true feelings.

Card 9: STAR: His feelings are in the process of exploration. Gentleman J’s feelings are on another level. A lot of his attention is for other things he wants and wishes for.

Card 10: What Lady C wants from this relationship.

Card 10: SHIP: She definitely longs for this relationship. Lady C wants movement. She wants it to move ahead.

Card 11: What Gentleman J wants from this relationship.

Card 11: CLOUDS: He doesn’t know what he wants. Gentleman J is not as clear as Lady C. He has mixed feelings and is unable to put things into perspective.

and last but not least Card 12: The future – where is relationship going?

Card 12: CHILD: Not a bad card at all. The Child card shows that more tending is needed to cultivate this relationship. There is a carefree energy within the Child card. I think there is hope for this relationship to continue but it needs to remain more playful if it has any chance at all. There is the potential of still more relationship growth still ahead. Lots more to discover.

The above is an interpretation based on the identification of the positions in the layout only.