Images on a card mirror the creator’s vision of the card meaning. What’s your vision on the same image?

We are all busy at this time of year. Please stay well!

I have worked with the Pages of Shustah for many, many years. I find this system one of the most intriguing of all cartomancy systems. I use this deck just about every day. I have two working decks. One has scribbles all along the sides and the other cropped deck has little room for scribbles so I hid them in the images. 🙂 I add meanings in the accompanying handbook from time to time when I discover a new way that the card played out. Trust me on that!

I see different things in the cards mainly from practical experience. Also, I see different levels when I meditate on them. Don’t forget, Ann Manser/Cecil North assigned 7 different levels of understanding to each card with the exception of the black suit. The black suit speaks Astrological volumes as well.

Please go to search below and type in Pages of Shustah and many posts should appear spanning over 16 (gasp) years.

Although, this does takes years of practice but the Page. Horse, Angel and Lord cards can represent people as well much like in the Tarot. Today, I want to discuss the blue Lord of Benevolence.

Ask and ye shall receive.

The blue Lord carries within it a soothing energy. He is sitting in a relaxed pose. His offering of food to the bird clearly illustrates his giving nature and of course, the bird in this case is the taker. The lucky bird does not need to hunt for food this one time but I suppose it still hand to find the outstretched hand. I see many faces in the background. Can you see them?

The Lord has his eye on the bird as it takes a dive for the food. The Lord is intentionally helping. Since we do not see the Lord’s other hand we do not know what’s in it. A lot can be left to the imagination on that thought.

Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

Premise: When this card falls in the first position it tells you that the situation is alright so why would your rock the boat. There is a giver and a taker. However, if you are seeking change in the situation the result card will reveal additional information. No matter what the last card shows the scenario will be similar. Just another box with the same content but a different bow.

What’s the best that can happen with this situation? Needs are being fulfilled.

Situation/Problem: The second card often reveals a hindrance and if it does not then it will show the surface of the situation. When the Lord falls here the situation could be the problem. Not much action. Same ol’ same. Let’s suppose the Lord represented a person. It could be a teacher. It could be the person at the food bank. I would not jump to conclusions. I would study the card for a long time to see if someone comes to mind. You might be surprised at your own insights.

What’s the situation at hand? Unlikely to change.

Result: The last card tends to provide the answer. For how long, though? A lot depends of the question. The Lord in this spot of the layout is not an overly promising card because the energy of the blue suit tends to be neither here or there. The energy is not too active. If you want fast results you will not get them with this card.

What’s the best result? You will get what you need.

The Lord of Mercy and Blessings. So, what does the word ‘mercy’ mean. Well, you may find out that the person you feared for one reason or another will not fulfill your fears. That is a good thing!

Be mindful especially this time of year.

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