Rest in Peace Rev Ken Foor. Thank you for your spiritual teachings.

Today, I discovered something which deeply saddened me.

I was cross referencing some material on a fellow blogger’s website knowing he would have some additional insights. Over the years we had various discussions on card divination. I admired his wise words of wisdom.

When I noticed Rev Foor’s last post was on May 2, 2022 I had a real bad feeling. He never missed a day that I know of since he began blogging. I immediately began google searching with the hopes of finding him …and I did. I found his obituary 😦 . I was very sad to learn of his death almost 7 months ago. What is even more sad I never saw it mentioned in any of my cartomancy groups, online or via PM’s.

Here is the summary of Rev. Foor’s final 3 card draw and I quote,

Can we  be One with All and ask for oneness for all beings.  Lord of Benevolence is asking you to surrender to God and allow it to happen.  God may have some of His Spirits do the work or even meditations.  Victory Horse says you are already a winner, be grateful.

You are loved and blessed. “

5 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Rev Ken Foor. Thank you for your spiritual teachings.

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. At our age (well me being 65 ) it is happening and I look back on my cards and I’ll find it,see it. I keep daily tarot journal I write down . Not all the time does it make sense . I’m so sorry. That feeling at the pit of your stomach. The prayer is beautiful.

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