Reading a Lenormand 3-card layout

My passion for blogging has been on simmer. Shame on me. My Macbook Air and I have recollection of when I created my blog back in 2006. I am now on my 3rd Macbook Air (M2). My time on Facebook is also somewhat quieter lately as well. If we stop blogging altogether or writing posts people’s reading skills could weaken. I, for one, love watching vids, ha–ha.

This time of year I am busy with repeat clients plus I am preparing for several arts n craft shows. It has been almost 3 years since I participated and I did do two events already with three more coming up. Now, there is talk of a teachers’ strike so that will cancel one of the shows. The school fundraiser is the one my 10 year old granddaughter and I were doing together. She has created tree ornaments and has some more to do. I do not want to disappoint her in the event there is a cancellation so I will buy all her stuff. Such good granny I am, lol.

I pulled 3 Thelema Lenormand Oracles Cards by Renata Lechner. Interestingly, my partner has been waiting for a letter from Australia which he received unbeknownst  to me at the time of the shuffle. I was studying the cards so I could make some notes in my Notes app, 🙂 on my Macbook.


I already had a feeling something official would come in written form. I thought perhaps it was the policy and renewal for the house insurance. I mean that certainly would fit these 3 cards. So, my partner get home with a letter from Australia and sees me doing the cards. I told him that probably the cards were talking about his letter. The Tower card does represent distance. This did not sit comfortably with me 100%. In my view, if he brought the official letter to the house, the House card should have been the last card. For example: the letter from afar came to the house instead of ‘to the house a letter from afar comes’.

The House card is the opening card telling me the home was highlighted first. About an hour later he went for an errand and I proceeded with other tasks on my list. When he entered the house he said there was a delivery notification sticking out of the mailbox (we have community mailboxes here & I dislike them). I did not hear anyone knocking on the door because I was in the kitchen.

Long story short the delivery notification informed him to pick up package at the post office. That was a better fit for the 3 cards. What a waste of effort. It was a new bank card. When did they start doing that? I am pretty sure the they were sent by regular post in the past. I guess the Tower card closing the layout is simply stating, ‘it is for your own protection’.

Excuse any typos. I still have not figured out where the heck spellchecker is on this new platform, well, not so new anymore. As always, I do not have control over the ads below the post, I hope they are in good taste. The Hallowe’en chocolates are definitely tasty. Yum Yum.

Until next we meet.

November 2022

8 thoughts on “Reading a Lenormand 3-card layout

      • I don’t yet have a shusta card deck. They are hard to find. I very recently bought a Tarot deck and I am practicing with 3 cards there. I am still curious about Shasta and the similarities and differences between the two decks.

      • Forgot to mention that, yes, if you were to do a 3 card reading, I would be happy for you to share with others. That’s how I would learn, too!

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