Meow – Guess which movie character?

Today’s blog is a tad off topic but as many of you know I have a passion for creating things as well.

I wanted to share the huge cat I crocheted for my granddaughter. Guess which movie character it is? I researched Persian cats to gain a better understanding of the body and face structure. I really enjoyed making this cat but I reeeeally doubt I would ever make another one. The fuzziness is achieved by brushing the yarn for hours upon hours using a pet brush. This can be seen in the first image. The cat sits at about 2 feet high and is about 2.5 feet long excluding the tail. After months of working on it I finished it a couple of weeks ago. One thing I did learn from this project was patience. 🙂

From Lucy Collins’ Harry Potter Crochet kit. This project was fun to do.

6 thoughts on “Meow – Guess which movie character?

  1. I just love the crochet kitty and Harry Potter. I go back and read and look at the crochet work you did. Love it. XO Rosanne

    • Thank you Rosanne. I crochet many things for the grandchildren. My 10 year old granddaughter wants a blanket with a Persian cat on it. Hard to find that kind of pattern. My 11 year old grandson has a blanket with all his favourite ‘game’ characters- it took me 8 months to crochet it working at least 2 rows a day. What kind of things to you make I would love to see them. Joz

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