Gypsy Witch cards Celtic cross reading minus the staff cards.

I hope everyone is doing ok. There are certain restrictions being lifted to allow more freedom of choice. Let’s have a wonderful summer and for you folks down under a gentle winter.

The Gypsy Witch cards are fun to play with especially if you can focus on its system. There are many similarities to Lenormand /Sibillas and yet the numbering is different and some meanings as well. Now, if you are able to change gears with various systems you will be fine with the deck. It is the changing gears that can be the challenge. So, clear your mind of the Lenormand and other Sibilla systems and grab your Gypsy Witch cards and get to it.

Below is part of the traditional Celtic cross layout minus the staff of 4 cards. I use these 6 cards in this manner quite often. Your way of laying the cards might be different than mine but the general technique is the same.

I shuffled the cards asking my guides/Spirit to share some advice on any topic it (he/she) wanted to. This probably was not the best way and we shall soon find out. 🙂 Position 3 Beneath You should reveal what is in my subconscious at the time of shuffle (I think, ha ha).

Speak to me Guides 🙂

The positions are labeled in the image. I think if you click the picture another window opens with a larger image. Also, the meanings are right on the card which I may or may not include in my analysis.

  1. Theme: 5 of diamonds No. 28. The card has a picture of an anchor. This card could be suggesting security is on my mind. These days with the market fluctuating many people are worried about their investments and things of value. This card tends to lend positive vibes to the surrounding cards. It strengthens work /relationship cards unless of course there are some ‘nasty’ cards looming around.
  2. For or Against: Queen of Spades No. 42. This card has picture of cupid shooting his arrows into a heart. I would not associate love with this Queen but the meaning does point to that. If the Scythe or Snake were close by then a break-up or character assassination is likely. The Clouds card would cast a shadow on cupid. That influence is similar to the Lenormand system. No. 42 is a positive influence suggesting one (moi) will be thought of in a loving way when the situation develops.
  3. Beneath You: 3 of hearts No.1. The sun shines on this card. On a subconscious level I might be thinking about the degree of happiness at the current time. This would be tied into the first card indicating security or things I value. Once again, if the ‘nasty’ cards including the Mice card are hanging around the influence will be modified accordingly.
  4. Behind You: 2 of spades No. 34. A nice big star sits on this card. This falls in the past or passing influence. It would be considered as being in the distance so that means there were some disappointments which affected my happiness. There are no challenging cards nearby so the hiccups in the past were not monumental. I use a 2-3 month timeframe for this position and for position 6.
  5. Above You: King of Diamonds No. 15. Here we have a letter. I like calling the position as the take it or leave it advice. In the traditional Celtic cross this position offers a choice or alternate route to the outcome card. The meaning states there will be good news. It is up to me how I embrace this card. How I react is my choice. There are no clouds around so it probably will be something I will like to hear.
  6. Before You: Queen of Diamonds No. 12. There are a couple of kids playing in the image. The boy child is gifting the girl child a box. She is holding flowers. As much as this is a gentle card there is an element of caution. If you tie this card in with all the rest, as you should, there will be a situation that will challenge my maturity. There could be some news that will test my partner (that is nothing new, lol) and as a result spill over onto me.

All the cards were positive in the reading. This suggests to me that I am more grounded today. Part of this could be because I went for a long walk shortly after sunrise. I do not mind the Gypsy Witch cards even though the Lenormand system is tattooed into my brain. It just take a few minutes to clear the slate and stay open to the system.

Excuse any typos because I cannot locate the spell checker in this template. Any ads following my article are out of my control. I hope they are in good taste.

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