Part 2/2 Celtic cross featuring Morgan Greer Tarot

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We left off with the Major Arcana Devil card in position 6 ruling the ‘what is before you’ position. How the client interacts with the Devil card’s influence will determine how much opposition will present itself in the 7 of Wands. This card looks more intimidating than it really is because it is all about perception. It is also a temptation to give in which means the client better have some internal fortitude with this path. There is no point in a subtle approach, however, a sneaky approach by others should be expected. The legal issue needs to met head on. If you look at the 7 of Wands it shows a person above the remainder 6 Wands – there is an advantage. The legal position needs to be defended in the face of the ugliness which may be dug up from the Devil card.

Note: remember card 5 the Ace of Pentacles. That is another path that can be considered – offer of money. Then the Devil and 7 of Wands are likely not to play out unless there is a heavy Karmic energy working. With the Major Arcana I tend to think it is Karmic. Time will tell. Ok, moving on to the next card

7. Negative feelings. This position will show how negative feelings or doubts are being played out. The 6 of Swords suggests the client may wish for better days ahead and that the whole thing is completed. If there is a negative approach to this card it can mean the client wants to take off and not deal with the situation.

8. Others. How are other people seeing this situation. The 7 of Pentacles clearly indicated that a wait and see approach will be used. This spot probably represents the ‘other’ party in the legal issue. Yup, there is a smell of money. Their attitude is you reap as you sow so maybe they sowed something and expect financial compensation.

9. Positive feelings. The 3 of Pentacles shows a person working. The client is working hard at coming to a reasonable settlement. The individual in the card is facing the Devil card but continues to hammer at his creation. If this position was Fears/Hopes how would we read this card? From a fear mentality or negative approach this could mean not even focus is done on all the work needed to achieve a reasonable settlement. From a hope perspective the client would hope what is being done is enough. In this example I have labelled the position as positive feelings which is slightly different from a hope perspective because hope sounds less constructive.

You can work on a project with a positive attitude. Somewhere in that attitude lies the belief of a ‘good’ outcome. If you work on a project with a hope perspective there is a slight element of doubt.

I want to point something out. For position 7, I tend to use this to reveal what the client’s true attitude is about the question he is asking and position 9 for hopes/fears. The 6 of Swords as the overall attitude of the client clearly points to internal conflict about the entire situation. The client sees with smooth waters ahead while being caught in the waves of the current time. You can assign your own meanings.

10. Outcome. Will there be a reasonable settlement? The 7 of Wands suggests that the client must hold his ground and not give in. With the 4 of Wands following there is some success and possibly a celebration. The question is, ‘who is celebrating’? Followed by the 3 of Wands the suggestion is that there is a plan for the future. Now put that altogether and you can see it is not a clear yes to the question, well, not just yet.

I had to pull a card and place it over the Devil card to see what came up. I do not do this often because the sacred Tarot cards are 78 individual books of knowledge. Leaving the Devil influence without addressing it in the near future position spreads some hopelessness. Each Major Arcana has a solution within the card whether it is good or bad. The Devil card teaches us that much of our woes are self-induced and that we at times empower others instead of ourselves. It is all about how we perceive things that come on our path. With the Sun as a clarification card this strongly suggests the client needs to take the high road by absorbing the sun’s rays but at the same time to be aware of the heat.

Please excuse any typos and as usual I hope the ads following this article are in good taste.

Embrace the energy of the Sun as you embark on this path!

Shadows eventually vanish in the face of light.

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