How to read the Celtic cross featuring the Morgan Greer Tarot. Part 1/2

There are various ways to read the Celtic Cross as well as the actual placement of the cards. I have always used Eden Gray’s version from the ‘Mastering the Tarot‘ book which I believe was published in 1970 or 71. I know I was a very young when I purchased the book with my own money which I earned after school during the hippy era.

I decided to lay the 10 Card Celtic cross plus 2 extra cards in the last position thus making it a 12 card layout. 🙂 I was ok with the 7 of Wands but wanted to know more so I chose 2 more cards and laid them with the Outcome card. It is interesting a trio of Wands (Rods) fell together. I will get into that later.

Oooops there is a typo. The 2 card should be over the 1 card.

The question for this reading involves a middle-aged client involved in a legal matter. He was wondering if there will be a reasonable settlement by the fall of 2022.

I did cut the deck in 3 piles but forgot to look at the top cards. My bad. Eden used the Aces to determine possible yes or no answers to the questions. The cards in the layout would go into detail. If there are no Aces then the question should not be asked or cannot be answered. One upright Ace is yes or one reversed Ace is no. And so on…..

Eileen Connolly used the same layout in her book, ‘Tarot. A new handbook for the apprentice’. I would have bought that in the late 1970’s and still have it. I like the way she explains each position in the back of the book. I used the meanings religiously when I was younger but now that I am older I do what feels right once I sit with the cards (and person- pre pandemic).

These days I use less cards and create my own layouts with custom assigned positions. I find this works well. As I view the cards before me I make slight adjustments because I am affected by the artwork of the cards. Each deck affects me differently even though the core meaning of the card stays pretty much the same. There are lots of readers that stick to the core meanings no matter what the image is but I cannot do that. I am influenced by art – it moves my emotions.

I have a feeling I will not finish this reading today and may have to continue in part 2. I have a habit of leaving the cards on the table (if there is no actual person, lol) and study them again the next day.

If I really need more information in any of the positions of the Celtic cross I will pull a card from the deck. I think the cards will most likely be sufficient the way they are in the image. Actually, I did not need to add 2 additional cards at the end but I wanted the guides or ‘Spirit’ to tell me more. Luckily, they co operated because at times they toy with us humans. 🙂

For the purpose of this tutorial reading I will include the meanings of the positions (see first image for numbering). I did not choose a Significator card even though I have assigned the extra card with the logo as such. Some readers use the Court cards and other readers use theme cards. These days I like to use all 78 cards or just the 22 Major Arcana.

Cards 7 – 10 +11 +12 continues shortly. Thanks Serge for reminding me to upload the image of the reading 🙂

  1. This is what covers you. Here we have the Major Arcana World card. What are the vibes surrounding the question? The World card is all about completions which is what we are looking for in this situation. Let’s move on to see what hinders or helps the situation.
  2. This is what crosses you. The 5 of Pentacles, to me, is a card of faith. It is important the client does not take the ‘poor me’ attitude because that will hinder the situation. In order for this card to help the client needs to cannot have a ‘lack mentality’. The client may get half way to a completion given it is a #5. I may come back to this card once I study the rest. Do not forget the positions tie in to each other.
  3. This is the basis of the question. In other words, the 4 of Swords is the root or reason why the question is being asked in the first place. There is a standstill. There is little progress at the current time. It is like nothing is happening to achieve a conclusion or decision. Maybe the legal team has run out of ideas or need more time to think?
  4. This is behind your or in a passing stage. This does not mean this influence is completely gone but it is nearing a conclusion. The 2 of Pentacles is about weighing a ‘financial’ situation. Which way to go? There is a sailboat in the background suggesting the winds are minimal and the water is only slightly wavy. How will this continue?
  5. What crowns you. This could happen. It is a possibility and if it looks promising then you should encourage the client to consider this path if the ‘natural flow’ of events lead to a blockage or dead end. The Ace of Pentacles is the beginning of a financial situation. It is a seed that will grow into a completion is cultivated correctly.
  6. This is before you. This is an influence you are stepping into. How I determine the time is I consider the timing of position 4 to see how long it took for that influence to pass. As a rule it is about the same length of time. The big bad Devil is on this path… This card ties in with the Outcome card which is the 7 of Wands, well the 7-4-3 Wands. There is a trap ahead. This legal situation could get nasty. The client needs to take back their personal power. If there is any weakness at all the shadows will smell it………….
    1. I will continue with this reading tomorrow or within a few days. If you have any comments thus far about the cards please leave them in the comments section.

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