Asking Morgan-Greer Tarot in a tin a question.

I really like the size of the Morgan-Greer Tarot in a tin and the fact the cards are borderless.

I was waiting for a phone call this morning on an update to yesterday’s incident. Without getting into the nitty gritty details about that incident all I will say is that there was a theft.

I asked the cards if the items will be located and the Page of Wands (Morgan Greer Rods) fell out of the deck so I put it on the table. I continued shuffling and cut the deck in 3 and reassembled them to one pile. I proceeded to deal off 3 cards left to right.

I will be talking about the Page of Wands first because it is the hidden or more prominent message from ‘Spirit’. This card can be about positive communication or good news. In real life, this was correct because when the phone call finally came there was some promising news. One item was located.

Here we have 2 Major Arcana surrounding the 9 of Swords. Two high powered cards suggest there are higher forces at work in this question. Even though the middle card is one of intellectual pain the blinding energy of the other two cards keep that all in check.

The opening Sun card is promising good results. Coincidentally or maybe not there are two young people in the card above. The situation does involved two young people. The closing Magician card is promising results through the sheer power of will, emotion, planning and action. All those thing were done by an adult in this situation. Interestingly, this person was up all night (9 of Swords) unable to sleep. During that awake state a plan was created and then put into motion.

There was partial success but the day is not over yet……

4 thoughts on “Asking Morgan-Greer Tarot in a tin a question.

  1. I’m very sorry that a theft happened to you. Makes you feel violated,hurt angry..
    I had this happen recently. I don’t know when it happened. Or if the person feels
    Some sort of entitlement. Im not sure if other things were taken also
    I live with this person and feel I need a lockable trunk. Awful!

    • Thank you Rosanne. This incident involved someone I know. You hear about these things all the time and never think it will happen to you or someone you know…but it does. Stay safe! Jseaqueen

  2. Your reading is very positive the magician in the end is a promise card with power to change anything .Not evetything is lost (9 of swords for me is indicate the worryof your person)Stay positive .

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