How to read the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten in a daily 3-card draw

When we do a daily draw the cards are watered down in their meanings. This is especially good if the so called bad or challenging cards appear. When highly positive cards appear the meanings are still good in a diluted kind of way. Good is still good. 🙂 The typical daily draw consists of 3 cards. If I used the Tarot I would most likely only do a 1-card draw since each card is a stand alone in the meaning. In the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten system some cards do need another card or two to provide additional information.

In today’s 3-card daily draw we will be looking at Merriment, Fortune and the Constancy cards.

3-card Daily Draw

The opening card Merriment can rule the first part of the day which would be a pleasant time in whatever you chose to do. Maybe you woke up in a good mood. The fun events of the previous evening are still on your mind. That is always nice!

The middle card Fortune can rule the afternoon and it is filled with abundant energy. Maybe you will actually finish projects, do your banking, pay bills or you just feel plain ol’ lucky. The uplifting mood continues.

The closing card Constancy can rule the evening. This card is often misunderstood. Many cartomancers see it as a negative card, some read it as a work card and others like myself read it as a stable energy. In other words do not expect anything to change. If that be the case the energy of the first two cards carries well into the evening.

In a nutshell, these 3 cards predict a relatively good day with no hidden surprises or unexpected challenges. Embrace the positivity of the day!

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