8 card Outcome layout featuring the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (known as Gipsy cards)

I created this layout last fall and found it quite helpful. I will be sharing a former reading involving a divorce. Sam will be the #1 situation card. We want to know the #8 answer to the question. #7 In your Hands would be what is helping S’s case. #6 In their Hands would be the Linda’s side.

QUESTION: Will the divorce settlement be in favour of Linda

  • #2. Over You: This position talks about the consequences of the past (4. What Was).
  • #3. Over You: This position is the same and you study both cards to determine what exactly is weighing down on the person getting the reading.

Note: this is a tutorial lesson in how to read the cards in this layout.

Person significator not chosen.

4. What Was: This position reveals the recent past.

For a few more examples using the Gypsy Witch cards and Gypsy Oracle deck (Sibilla Della Zingara) follow the link ➡ LINK

Below are the actual cards in the layout.

People are sent to us so we can help or guide them. Know your cards really well! The above example is a real life situation which happened last winter … well the final chapter. I have a habit of recording the cards in my cartomancy journal or in my database when it is an E-mail reading. I review most readings after the fact to see how accurate I was in the interpretation and to see if I missed vital information. Most of the time you will never get feedback so you will not know if you screwed up or if you provided a ‘good’ reading as they say.

I want to show you the simple process of card interpretation in named positions plus some tips. I did NOT chose a Significator card for Sam. I wanted to see what card showed up as the situation.

QUESTION: Will the divorce be settled in favour of Linda?

First of all, Sam did not ask if the case will be in his favour he asked if it will be settled in LInda’s favour. His choice of wording not mine. I think the reason for this is because he feared he would be ‘shafted’.

1 Situation LETTER This is the divorce paperwork involved in this case. Obviously, Sam had to go over all the allegations and demands with his lawyer.

2. Over you JOURNEY This card would confirm he moved out – the consequences of the past. He wanted to still live at the matrimonial residence until the divorce was final. Many couples do this these days for financial reasons and of course, if they can figure out a way not to get in each other’s way.

3. Over you HOPE Consequences of the past involves a great deal amount of hope as well. He was really wishes they could patch things up or go for counselling. No such luck.

4. What was ANGER Harsh feelings between the two people involved. Looks like they argued plenty. Linda could actually have kicked him out. This card hints at no point of return in a situation.

5 What will be THIEF Caution is needed so Sam gets his fair share of everything. This is a warning card. He was prepared to sign over the house to her so he can keep what little investments/business he has. This card also a bag of valuable in the thief’s hand. So, that means he will lose something. Even though it is a settlement one person always loses something.

6 In their hands JUDGE The decision will be reached. Linda is not going for the jugular vein. She just wants out and is fair minded. There were no children involved. She has a good paying job and newer vehicle. She wants it over and done.

7 In your hands ECCESIASTIC Looks like the Ecclesiastic is suggesting a fair and proper decision. I did think there was more to this story. Clients do not tell you everything and rightfully so.

8 Outcome MARRIAGE Take your time studying this card because there are many hidden messages within it. This card shows the priest (Ecclesiastic) appears to be playing fair between the two people, however, his back is towards the person doing the reading namely Sam. The focus is usually on the bride on a wedding so I went with that feeling.

The priest in the Ecclesiastic card is marrying both bride and groom. This shows a merging or union. I did not get the overwhelming feeling either party were winners. I chose to pull another card to see what the guidance on the Marriage was and up came the Money card. No surprise there.

Clarification card MONEY The settlement did end up being a certain amount of money. Looks like it is a buy out. If the House card was here then Linda would settle for the property.

In answer to Sam’s question, “Will the divorce settlement be in Linda’s favour?”

The answer is ➡ no.

Clarification card MONEY on Outcome card MARRIAGE.

Excuse any typos. I write in a passive tone and not necessarily in proper grammatical order either. 🙂

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