My first blog article stepping into my 17th year of blogging. Request for Trigger layout demonstration.

Deck featured: Old Royale Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Layout featured: 12-card Trigger layout

I had a request by a blog reader to demonstrate the process involved when reading the Trigger layout using ‘their’ choice of Tarot deck. Disclaimer: The example below is only a ‘how to’ and not the person’s reading. I will use simple keywords for the Tarot cards and interpret them in the various positions.

No significator card was chosen. The time frame is one to 3 months (see image below). We are probably one week into when the cards were shuffled. The Immediate column is approximately one month so another 3 weeks give or take. The Soon column is assigned the three month time frame.

Let me explain something here which I may have not mentioned in other examples of this layout. The 3 months is from the date of shuffle. Timing is always approximate.

2 Wands

3 Pentacles


3 Wands

STEP 1: After I place the (Tarot) cards in the layout, I look at each column to do a quick assessment. When the Major Arcana shows up I know there is a significant message. It really depends what collective meaning you choose from your own belief system.

STEP 2: I locate the YOU card. Is it the person’s significator card or is it a random shuffle? I do a quick study of the cards above and below the YOU card.

STEP 3: Next, I study the cards in the Trigger row. As a rule, I do not tell the client the summary of these cards right at the beginning of the reading but I keep it in the back of my mind.

This all goes on within seconds or minutes prior to even starting the reading ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, you start talking, to your client or jotting down notes if for yourself.

The PAST column is usually the same time frame as the Immediate column. In our example it is one month so that means 8 of Swords, 2 of Wands and 5 of Cups have pretty much been played out. The summary of those cards might also be on the verge of completion with the result being carried over to the NOW column. In this column we can see a situation that is connected to the YOU card as it is a random theme card or maybe the person has this on their mind at the time of shuffle.

If a significator card was chosen then the predictive statement of the Past column is very personal. The YOU card is the 3 of Pentacles which is commonly chosen as a work card.

In the past column we can see the person did not know how to handle a situation because the choices were quite limited. Most likely, a direction under those circumstance was chosen but it left some disappointment. It is one of the those situation when you are between a rock and hard place.

NOW: The 6 of Pentacles towers over the 3 of Pentacles and lands on the CHARIOT card. Things do not look that bad right about now because there was some support or help offered. It was not totally free, though, there was some work involved. Perhaps there was a barter of some sorts or a project with a pending commission. The NOW column ends with a Major Arcana. The Chariot is a card of finding a balance or grounding oneself in a situation. It can mean different things as well. This energy is carried forward to the Immediate column.

IMMEDIATE: Here sits the King of Swords in the one month spot followed by the Major Arcana DEATH card ending with the Ace of Swords. These are 3 very, very powerful cards suggesting a massive shift in the person’s life due to a situation involving an older man. This man has great influence. Aces tend to be new opportunities or beginnings. Whatever this is it will wrap up with a month or so, however, I read swords as air signs and this king is a Libra. Perhaps the month of Libra is significant for some reason. Maybe the person is born under the sign of Libra.

The Ace of Swords promises there will be a new way of looking at things by May if the one month time frame is on track. Quite often this Ace brings opportunities which are subtle at first. It is not an announcement with a bull horn. ๐Ÿ™‚


The Page of Wands is a ‘working’ energy which represents the business world. There is a good amount of activity going on in the pursuit of accomplishing some goals (3 of Wands). The intention has been sent out into the Universe and the Universe will provide the answer within the JUDGEMENT card. This card supports the new direction which will unfold within 3 months. Sometimes this card means a reunion or a reconnection with the past but on a different level.

Trigger Row: If we look at the 2 of Wands, 3 of Pentacles, DEATH and 3 of Wands we can see the baby steps towards a better future or because of a situation. The numbers are low so the energy is just developing within each suit with the exception of the Death card. It knocks down the two cards preceding it but leaves enough room for other opportunities.

…and so this is a brief summary on how to read the cards in the Trigger layout. Try it you might like it.

Excuse any typos. The ads following this blog are not of my choice.

5 thoughts on “My first blog article stepping into my 17th year of blogging. Request for Trigger layout demonstration.

    • Hi. Thanks for your question. Yes, the YOU/Theme card is in that position. Your significator card could show up anywhere in the layout if you do not pre-select it for the YOU spot. Should the significator show up in the NOW column above the YOU card that indicates the theme is in your control. If the significator sits under the YOU card which is under card 2 as well, that suggests those two influences weigh you down.

  1. Omgosh! First of all, thank you for that demonstration! How you explained or detailed the card positions made it so much easier for me to follow the โ€œstorylineโ€! Thank you for clarifying the significator position in more detail. But Mdm Seaqueen, if you say the energy of the preceding card on the bottom row carries over to the next column, does that mean then that the energy of the Chariot card influences the King of Swords? Also, do you ever consider the card above and the card right before the bottom row card when reading to further understand the meaning of it? For example, Judgement being the final card would be read along with the 3 of Wands and the Ace of Swords? I understood that the cards touching each other should be considered influential in the meanings of the suits. Thank you again!๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hello. The columns are read top to bottom. The Chariot card continues with King Swords. The cards are for the most part a continuous story based on the theme/question/significator. If you get a strong insight on merging cards follow your intuition…I know I do. Any layout is a guide. Intuition rules!

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