What kind of card reader are you?

It is hard to believe that SIXTEEN years ago I began blogging. I blogged my heart out for about 12 years. I found it very healing. Back then not much was written about cartomancy as in how to read cards. Now, we have some talented folks sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Everyone has a pretty good idea on how to read cards in a general kind of way. It is a developed skill. Are you a psychic card reader? They say everyone is psychic, however, not everyone is in touch with their psychic ability. It is like 2 people have a piano one person plays exceptionally well with little practice and the other person has to practice over and over. Cards are a tool we use because people like to see something on the table. 🙂 In my case, I had the piano (symbolically) but my piano teacher was that ‘inner voice’ and not information on the Internet, countless number of books or lessons. I learned at a very young age to listen to ‘spirit’s’ voice. I dunno if I even want to call it spirit. I think that is just a common term. I learned more about Clairaudience when the information became available via correspondence courses via snail mail. Do you remember that? Many of you cannot relate to that because you are too young. 🙂

So, is there a difference between intuitive and psychic readings? Yes, we all have intuition but some are more intuitive than others. My understanding is that psychic information comes from an unknown source which is hard to explain. My understanding of intuitive information is that it is a right-brain function and somehow our digestive system is involved. You know when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. That is intuition it is not psychic IMHO. This entire topic is huge because psychic branches out in categories.

Just remember to pay attention to all this when you are reading the cards. Avoid being spoon fed into other people’s intuitive information. That is not yours and you need to trust your own self. Learn the basics, take the time to practice and to critique your own readings. I study my readings all the time and even though I am a seasoned reader I do miss subtle clues. My clairaudience does not always kick in during readings, ha-ha. That means I am blocking that channel to information. So, that would also be true about the intuition. If you ignore that gut feeling you are blocking additional information.

You can get plenty of information from the cards and when I say cards I mean whatever system you are using be it Tarot, Lenormand or poker deck. One other important thing is that when you are looking at the cards in front of you – initially just read the cards because the rest will follow. If nothing follows do not force it. I cannot snap my finger and do a psychic card reading. It is not that simple. 🙂

Enjoy your journey. I may come up with a few new layouts to try but first I need to complete a huge project I am working on for my granddaughter. I am creating a 2 foot Persian style cat.


5 thoughts on “What kind of card reader are you?

  1. Hello there! I have had a Shustah book/Deck since about 1988. It was a gift of a student of Ann Manser’s. I’ve felt called to come back to them, and to use them now. Do you not run the FB group any more? I’d love to be able to discuss with others this great deck/system. Thank you!

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