Asking the Enchanted Spell Oracle about 2022

Today, I was drawn to the lovely ➡ Enchanted Spell Oracle by the ➡ Priestess Moon

I did not do the past, present and future 3-card draw. I did the future, future and future 3 card draw. I am not interested in the past and present. You can put your intention into the cards prior to shuffle.

My question to the cards is as follows:

What will 2022 bring on a global scale? My hope is that the cards will offer some guidance which will be helpful in the face of the current ‘variant’ situation.

Card 1 – Rebirth: Transformation, Victory, Completion

The priestess of Rebirth promises that on a global level we are about to enter a brand new phase in life. (thank goodness for that) There is an ending, beginning and letting go within this card.

The elder leaves bring victory over challenges. Traditionally, the Elder tree contains magic when used in rituals/potions. It symbolizes good health and prosperity! That certainly sounds like exciting guidance.

Card 2 – Magick: Powerful, Magical, Sorcerer

Now is the time to stand in our power! By tapping into our confidence, skill and creative talents we can manifest what it is that we need. Here we have the elder flower which is used in various rituals and potions. Maybe discoveries will be made in herbal treatments.

The Elder fairies are everywhere.

Card 3 – Innocence: Sweet, Gentle, Worthy

By releasing any guilt or shaming brings us closer to our power. These feelings can weigh us down in our sacral chakra (below the belly button) thus we are functioning on lower levels of energy. By raising these levels on a global level we can unblock suppressed emotions, creativity, well-being and expression. We will be on a higher energy level. We all know that Illness is attracted to lower levels. Daisies are associated with this card. They are uplifting flowers.

So, putting all that together, on a global level work needs to be done on each and every person to overcome the crap that is told us via various media channels. When people tap into their own power miracles can happen. I have said this before and many of you know it as well by raising your consciousness we can change the frequencies which are currently pulling us down.

There is a 7 daisy ritual to aid in the release of guilt. ➡ PriestessMoon It is in the accompanying booklet with the cards. It is not our fault all this bs is going on so do not take it on.

Of course, I am wondering about the variant situation. Judging by the way the cards fell we are within reach to attain our personal power or should I say regain our personal power. We need to tweak a few things like replacing fear with hope, replacing unhappiness with joy, replacing certain news notifications with blocks.

The Tarot Lovers card represents 2022. It is about decisions, choices and selecting relationships which are in our Highest Good. Think back to 2013….cycles do repeat.

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