Heart layout – is he cheating?

  • card 1 On Her Mind above the Lady. What is this woman thinking about at the present time. The card should reveal her attitude towards your question or something that is important to her.
  • card 2 On His Mind above the Gentleman. The same applies to this Significator. If you are a male getting the reading this card will reveal your thoughts in connection to the question. Often other things show up as well. 
  • card 3 What she Faces beneath the Lady. This spot is similar to the near future or pending influence/situation. If the card is unclear draw a Clarification card after all the cards have been laid out. You will find with the Lenormand an additional card may be necessary.
  • card 4 What he Faces beneath the Gentleman. The same applies to this Significator. What are you about to step into? Where will this situation lead you (or your client). (This reading is for a woman asking about a man)  
  • card 5 Outcome between the Lady and Gentleman. The very last card finishing off the “H” of the Heart layout is the answer, outcome and/or result. Is it positive? Is it negative? Do you need to pick another card to gain more information? Remember that card 5 holds the information connected to your question.

Not sure how to do the Heart layout click the link below for a 1 page pdf. –>https://www.scribd.com/document/550080749/Heart-relationship-Layout

Seeker of cards: Candy -female. Partner: Bob -male.

Question: What is the current problem in the relationship?

The cards show that Candy is feeling very weighed down right now to the point of emotional or even physical suffering. This isn’t the first time this situation has arisen. In the past, she either ignored it or made the best of it. The CROSS card above her card on the left side is a challenging energy. It is a heavy burden as well she has taken on more responsibility for the relationship than her partner has. This is exhausting Candy as she is a dutiful personality. She is smart (FOX) and should not doubt her worth.

Candy needs to be careful that she is not being conned in some way by her partner. The FOX card in the center definitely points to something being wrong between them. 

What is ahead of her is some sort of invitation or helping hand by an darker haired woman. She should accept the help or invitation. It may help lift the cross off her back. This could be as simple as visiting the person.  

The cards indicate that Bob is thinking about a friend (platonic for now). This is very much on his mind. Since the FOX card is on the left side of him and his card is looking in that direction this signifies Bob is more interested in what he needs rather than what Candy needs. He could be in quite a defensive mood and be overly suspicious.  (Those who are suspicious tend to be the ones hiding something)

There is some news or a message he is waiting for which could explain part of his behaviour lately. Unfortunately, he will not be honest with Candy once the news arrives.This is not a good time to jump to conclusions or make any significant decisions about the relationship.

Candy is being ‘tricked’ into believing she has done something wrong…which she has not.

Is he cheating? More than likely he is although he may not have crossed the ‘line’ yet. Thinking about bedding someone while in a relationship could be viewed as cheating. However, these days it is probably viewed as normal. 🙂 Also, the cards do show a big fat lie about something or someone ….and that my friends is a problem.

We, as a human race need to raise our consciousness to a higher vibration especially now.
Lower vibrations attract just that ..

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