Explanation on ‘Should’ questions versus ‘Will’ questions.

Grand Tableau Lenormand Oracle Cards by Lo Scarabeo

There are several detailed reviews (including mine) about this deck at Amazon.

QUESTION: Male client wants to know if he should go out for lunch with his X boyfriend?

I really am not that fond of ‘should’ questions even though I use them. The ‘should’ type of questions are not a simple yes or no answer. Think about what ‘should’ implies. The way the question is phrased suggests that the X boyfriend has perhaps extended an invitation already and the client is uncertain whether to accept & go. The client is seeking guidance to see if there are consequences to going out for lunch with his X boyfriend. In other words, the client wants to know if the lunch will be a positive or negative experience. Otherwise why would the client be asking this question. He doesn’t need permission from a card practitioner.

If I said, ‘Male client wants to know if he will go out for lunch with his X boyfriend? ‘ that would be a simple yes or no. There is no underlying uncertainty in the way this question is phrased. Basically, the clients for whatever reason for the lunch wants to know if he will go. Actually, why bother pulling 3 cards just pull one card. If you pick what they call a neutral card then the answer is maybe. 🙂

Can you see the difference in the question by just substituting one word?

Observations of the cards: These cards never cease to amaze me. (This is a real life reading)

The opening TREE card tells us this could be health related. It could also be a past deep-rooted issue which is not a prominent health related problem, however, could still affect the health on some level.

The Queen of Spades BOUQUET is a pleasant energy. It talks about invitations, gifts and even charity work. Here we find out that yes, the invitation was offered to the male client. If the client did the inviting then why would he ask if he ‘should’ go. Stranger things have happened, ha-ha.

The closing King of Diamonds FISH card does have some ‘movement’ energy. It often speaks of financial situations. It can depict issues with consumption as well. If the client goes to lunch he will most likely be picking up the tab for dinner. The one eyed diamond King in the poker deck holds onto his money if he can. Notice how the King is looking at the Queen (client) more on the sly (still has fondness for client) but the Queen is looking at the 7 of Hearts/Tree (past problems).

With the Bouquet card not being surrounded by those, you know, negative cards a relatively pleasant time could be had. Sure, the male client ‘should’ go out for lunch but he better be prepared to pay the bill. Also, he could get the opportunity to resolve some past problems which lead up to the break-up. That would be a healing for both of them. Now the question is, ‘Will he go?’

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2 thoughts on “Explanation on ‘Should’ questions versus ‘Will’ questions.

  1. Ok this is how I read this, without going to deep, just answering the question. To me the Bouquet as well as an invitation can also signifie a gift, a present, so in this case Yes he should go to the lunch to which he has been invited (obviously otherwise why ask as you said) but with bouquet/fish I believe that the person who invited your client will pay for the lunch. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. Could be..time will tell. Since the Fish was the last card in client’s reading I felt it was the client forking out the money but you could be right it could be the X boyfriend paying.

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