How to read the Persian Prophecies mystic cards.

Here I am blogging when I should be preparing my Palmistry workshop materials for the WDA virtual event Nov 20-21. When I am inspired to write I tend to drop everything and get my thoughts down on paper or I go online to various social medias. Quite often this happens in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping. 🙂

I was going through several storage totes looking for one particular deck of cards. I found many unique decks but not the one I was seeking. I thought I would write about The Persian Prophecies Mystic cards. I am still trying to date this deck. The fact the cards have rounded corners and are published in Toronto, Canada should narrow it down. The fact they have a mild vintage odour that has not come out no matter what I tried will not deter me. NP: I wore a cotton glove. 🙂

In the 2015 post I did not do the 3 cut reading prior to the 5×5 layout. This step should be done. Follow this link to the original post on this unique system of fortune-telling. ➡ Feb15/15

When you shuffle the cards make a wish. Actually, you could do this 3x cut step prior to your Lenormand GT or any other full board layout. I did make a wish.

Some cards in this system are horizontal some are vertical.

  1. Shuffle the deck
  2. Cut in 3 piles towards you
  3. Turn over top cards over
  4. Make sure they are all facing properly
  5. Read them in relation to your wish or question
  6. Turn cards over so the backs face up
  7. Re-assemble piles to the original deck prior to the cuts
  8. Cut once. Place 5 cards down in top row
  9. Continue with row 2 – 5 more cards
  10. Same for rows 3-5. Total 25 cards
  11. Begin reading row 1 left to right
  12. Continues reading rows 2- 5 left to right
  13. Remember the themes as you read the rows
  14. The 25 cards are a story

5 x 5 layout

My 3-card cut is #28, #31, #32. There are no names on the cards. I am tempted to pencil in a keyword but that would take away from the mystique of the cards.

My wish is actually a well phrased question. Now, we know that there is a very good chance the cards will answer it. So, let us begin with the interpretation.

#28 image: Looks like a display table with a pile of coins.

Meaning from the accompanying sheet. The HOME. The other two cards will provide information about it.

#31 image: Peacock – very majestic

Meaning. PRIDE. At this point it is unclear how this card ties into the HOME or the last card.

#32 image: Bird pulling something out of a box. I zoomed in to see if it was a worm but I don’t think it is, ha-ha. Could be a ribbon

Meaning. HAPPINESS. So here we have it. I will take pride in a project which will result in happiness involving the home. Sounds good so far.

I will read the last row of the 5 x 5 layout. This row is the culmination of all the preceding cards. It is more or less the ending of the story or theme.

Last row – 5 cards

18. 14. 9. 2. 3.


Looks like there could be a celebration involving some legal issue. Given there are no negative cards around #14 the energy appears to be positive. Not so sure about the card #9 and how arts would fit in. A dark haired man will offer a gift. Now, I am really curious so I will read row 1.

37. 39. 29. 11. 28.

Chaotic excitement opens the reading (37) followed by jealousy (39). News of a joyous occasion such as a wedding (29). Not liking this card because it is in the first row meaning it could happen soon. Unexpected accident or injury (11). This is weird because the horoscope for Pisces today holds a warning against accidents. The home ends the row. This row looks like it is talking about two different themes. I better be careful moving stuff around in the craft/reading room as that is my plan for the day.

Rows 1 and 2

Now, I really need to peek into row 2 which has 26, 4, 15, 25, 27. 🙂 Sorrow opens this row (26) involving a dark woman (4) and a fair man (15). An underhanded (25) situation arises which could come quickly (27). The last card is also a stranger or visitor.

We shall see how these predictions play out. I will edit this post should there be a significant accuracy. Excuse any typos or inappropriate ads following my blog (computer generated)

2 thoughts on “How to read the Persian Prophecies mystic cards.

  1. Hi, I also have a set of these cards but the instruction key is missing 😦 I also do not have any idea where they came from or how old they are. I just found them in stuff I was sorting. Is there any way you would share/send me a photo of your instruction key? It would be so appreciated 🙂 Great that you are sharing this info on how to use the cards! Thank you

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