10 more days. Sign up now! World Divination Association (WDA) virtual event 2021. Nov 20 – 21.

I was invited to be speaker along with 30+ other fabulous experts at the WDA virtual conference. Thank you Toni Savory (Puhl) for the invite. I decided to offer a 2-hour Experiential Palmistry workshop. It is experiential because participants will be studying their own hands. A fun filled couple of hours as you learn.

At first I was going to do a one hour talk and then I realized I would not have enough time to cover all the topics for the workshop. Palmistry can be a complex system which includes not only the study of the lines on the hand but also special markings and Dermatoglyphics  (fingerprint ridges). My workshop will cover some main topics such as hand shapes and the characteristics of those shapes. We will look at the finger meanings, thumb assessment, the mounts under the fingers and much more like the major lines. Also, there will be some interesting information on ring placements on the fingers/thumb and more. Saturday, November 20th, 4-5 and 5-6PM EST.

Please note: (rescheduled to MON. NOV. 22 @ 4PM – 5:30PM EST)

If you have not registered there is still time. Follow this link —-> More Info on WDA virtual conference. Other topics offered include Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper, etc. Check out the link.

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