Do not blame your client if the reading does not answer the question! Maybe blame lies with the reader?

Have you ever wondered why the cards gave you ‘false’ information as in the result or outcome of a situation when your question was crystal clear?

I remember years ago and I am talking about the ’70 – 80’s when you went for a reading the reader did not even ask you if you had a question. I know I did not ask my clients. I just read the cards and told the person what I saw. Even doing the 10-card Celtic cross I was able to determine the reason why they came for the reading. Back then a person went for a reading to see what was in their cards. I am sure they were hoping some of their questions were answered by the reader. In my experience, I would always ask if their questions were answered after I was done interpreting the cards. If the person said no then I proceeded with another shuffle and laid the cards out thinking of that question. This meant I had to extract the questions from the client, lol. You would be surprised at how many times the client would not forward the question. I do not know why these people thought we were mind-readers. But that was then and this is now.

Now-a-days, it seems some readers are adamant you give them a question. One thing to remember is that asking a question is not necessarily a guarantee you will get an answer. Most of the time you do but what about the times you don’t. Sure, it is easy to blame your client for not posing the question in a concise manner. I am not sure I agree with this because a card reading interpretation falls on the shoulders of the reader as well. It takes 2 to tango. However, if you are in an online study group that is a different story.

I have asked the cards many direct questions and gotten many BS answers. I have asked questions on behalf of other people with similar results. So, where is the problem? Some say that a reader should not do his or her own cards. I say you can. With experience comes skills and one of those skills is putting yourself into an ‘objective’ frame of mind. You read the cards in relation to the question keeping your personal emotions out of it. If you cannot do that then perhaps you should not attempt a self-reading. Obviously, in the example below I was emotionally too close to the question.

I study past readings to see why there were BS answers. You cannot force an answer even if you ask a specific question. Even though some answers seem like BS they really are not if you stop and think about it. Something was answered that was hidden within the client. The client was probably not aware that they had another question which was more pressing but they have not comprehended it on a conscious level.

So, do not blame your client when you get a reading that does not answer the question. Investigate further! You know sometimes the reader gets jammed up when there are multi-level meanings especially in the Lenormand system.

Many times in my own experience I ask myself why I even asked a certain question in the first place. Those BS answers are BS only at the time of the reading. I probably did not want to hear that answer and yet, it is the advice of the cards and that means something. I am sure you have experienced a similar thing. In the case below, I did want to hear that answer but it was not correct. Being both client and reader is one of us to blame? 🙂

You need to allow some breathing room in readings. I asked my cards whether or not my children’s father would be around for the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. The last card in the 3-card reading with the Lenormand Sun. This pointed to a positive outcome suggesting yes. Unfortunately, he did not survive.

The Sun

The first two card showed no indication that there would be a ‘no’ answer.

Deck credits: Judith Bärtschi Lenormand 

The Clover
The Tree

My question was specific. The answer was specific and yet, that is not what happened in real life.

4 thoughts on “Do not blame your client if the reading does not answer the question! Maybe blame lies with the reader?

  1. First of all, I am very sorry for your and your children’s loss.

    Thinking about what you said in your post, I believe there is a current “trend” in divination in which people want fast and immediate answers that make sense, otherwise they give up. In the past, people often got readings without any question… they wanted to see what was to come, even if at that moment in didn’t make perfect sense yet. Usually, after a certain time, it all fell into place and the cards then made sense. Also, there is this trend of pulling many “clarification” cards… for me, it denotes a lack of trust in the oracles. The cards that come usually are right for the situation/person… and many times the cards will tell you what you NEED to know, or speak of something that is more urgent than your “objective” question. You have to be open to the oracles and what they are bringing, even if it doesn’t make immediate sense.

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