Gypsy Witch cards in newly created 8-card Outcome layout. Deck 1/2.

I decided to create a new 8-card layout today. It will be used to gain a more rounded view of a situation or question. You do not pre-select any cards, however, if you want to place the Significator card in position 1 that works as well. One thing I do want to mention is that I deliberately numbered the bottom 3 positions the way I did. Yes, it may be a little awkward to turn card 7 after 6. It slows you down a bit so you do not rush into the reading. Makes sense? Probably not, ha-ha.

I did two layouts. One layout features the Gypsy Witch cards and the other layout has the Sibilla Della Zingara (Gypsy Oracle cards). I will show you both but only write about the Gypsy Witch cards today. I plan to do a part 2 to cover the other deck.

This post is a tutorial with detailed information on how to use this layout. As well, I will describe the cards which fall in each of the positions. I hope you enjoy it.

The Outcome Layout

Sibilla Della Zingara/ Gypsy Oracle cards

Gypsy Witch fortune telling cards

Before I begin I want to address a few points. The GW cards have meanings written on them. They work well with the near – far technique. In the Outcome layout you have 2 cards side by side called OVER YOU. Check the meanings on the cards to see if any of them apply. The same goes for the other cards in the layout. In the Gypsy Oracle deck you can blend meanings as well.

The primary way to use this layout is study the card in the named position. Side by side combos can be considered.

The situation: Bill wants to know if he will be working at his current job until Christmas as in December 24th since Christmas is a holiday in his workplace.

  1. The Situation: We are asking about Bill’s job. Card 25 is the Clouds and we all know this situation lacks clarity at the time of the shuffle. Even though this is not stated on the card that is what it means. This deck has a good number of Lenormand cards in it. So, if you understand Lenormand you will understand a good portion of the 52 cards. (Note: if you placed a Significator card here then you have nothing else to read)
  2. Over You: This position talks about the consequences of the past (4. What Was).
  3. Over You: This position is the same and you study both cards to determine what exactly is weighing down on the person getting the reading. No 12 Child and No 28 Anchor – According to the meaning on the card this is pleasant energy. According to Lenormand it signifies something premature, new or inexperienced among many other adjectives. The second card denotes successful ventures. This is one thing I don’t like about this deck I wish it had names of cards instead of numbers in the combination write up. I suppose you could memorize the card numbers and titles. That would be way too confusing especially if you already know the Lenormand numbering sequence. 🙂 I will come back to this when the core reading is completed. Hope I do not forget. 🙂
  4. What Was: This position reveals the recent past. 32 Mountain. Well, the mountain is nearby as it touches the situation card. The card meaning is an enemy. In Lenormand it means delays, obstacles, in some cases enemy or blocks. In the past Bill had issues connected to this job which he had to overcome. I would not say it was smooth sailing for him. Next, we move to a non Lenormand card Flames.
  5. What Will Be: This position reveals what will unfold insofar as the question. It is a situation that will lead to the answer (card 8). It holds the non Lenormand #38 Flames. The influence of the Clouds (card 1) will be neutralized by this very positive card. It will ‘looks’ like Bill will be employed until Christmas.
  6. In Their Hands: This position talks about other people’s control pertaining to this question. #39 Heart suggested that people at his job want him to stay. This card lends emotional energy to the situation. Bill is liked at work by his ‘boss’ and coworkers.
  7. In Your Hands: This spot reveals what type of control Bill has in relation to his question. #17 Fish suggests gain and not necessarily in stocks as the cards indicates. In Lenormand, the Fish card is about increase in finances. Bill’s earning power is positive. He will work hard for his pay. Maybe he even makes the company money.
  8. Answer: This is the most important card of all. #40 Wine is a non Lenormand card. It shows a celebration. The energy is one of gaiety and cheerfulness suggesting yes he will be employed until Christmas.

Additional information:

If the Answer card differs from the trend of 5. What Will Be then Bill needs to address card 6 and card 7 to determine why the answer is not affirmative. You need to help Bill to reassess his role at the workplace to see if he stepped on any toes lately. Position 5: What Will Be position is positive so obviously there is a screw up somewhere if the Answer card is contradictory. There may even be a control issues. If you remember the Mountain card is in the past so this could be a recurring issue.

When position 5 and position 8 are both negative then the answer is a flat no.

If positions 5 and 8 are positive the answer is a rounded yes. If one or the other differ there are clues in position 6 and 7 to resolve this.

Over the next few days I will feature the Gypsy Oracle deck in the same layout with the same question. The layout image is above.

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    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. I think all the sibilla style cards are fairly accurate as long as a person has a good understanding of the core meanings and knows how to blend cards.. My next post will feature the Sibilla de Zingara and we will see if a similar answer comes up.

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