Messages from the Other Side featuring the Pages of Shustah cards.

Messages from the Other Side layout featuring the Pages of Shustah (c) by Ann Manser and Cecil North, 1974. This layout can be used with any deck of cards. Ask your guides if this layout is suitable for you or your client. It is not a casual layout.

This is one of my all time favourite decks. The cards you see in the image are very old and it was created as my working deck. Many Cartomancers have two decks – one working and one to work with. 🙂

Please note that the second image below is the expanded version. Position 4 (red arrow) has 3 cards in total (a+b+c)

For my reading I only placed one card into position 4 (first image) because I know the circumstances around the death – I was there through the entire journey.

I would strongly suggest you use 3 cards in position 4 if you had any questions at all involving the circumstances of the death. Sometimes the cards can reveal information that will bring some closure or answer those questions.

Image #1. Messages from the Other Side layout.

Image #2. Messages from the Other Side layout -expanded version

Does my father have a message for me?

  1. I chose the Card of Self to represent my father. There are no specific Significators in the POF deck per say.
  2. Are you at Peace? This card tells me dad is not at peace. He is never at peace even in the dreams I have of him. Even in Spirit he is worried, well, that is the way I want to interpret the red Whip in this position. Is there such a thing as not being happy in Spirit? He continues to struggle with the fact that he has passed from this Earthly plane. This saddens me very much because he should be at peace.
  3. Do you have a Message? The red Weeping Woman is another on of those troubled cards as most of the red suit is in this system. In a simple word yes or no I think dad is discouraging me from asking this question. My gut feeling is that he is telling me to wipe the tears from my heart, lift my head and to move forward.
  4. Circumstance around Death: I know very well what the circumstances around his death were as I have already stated. The red Separating Fence confirms the separating process of the ‘body’. He was beyond my reach as he was crossing over.
  5. 6. and 7. Message or other Information. Libra + blue Angel of summer + yellow Gnomes.

The black Astrology cards represent Astrological signs, characteristics of that sign and time frames of that sign. Balance. Fairness. Partnerships. Libra rules Sept 20-Oct 20. Dad died Oct 9th in the sign of Libra. The blue Angel is a season card as well ruling summer. She talks about success via a group effort. The yellow Gnomes card comes up frequently for me when asking other questions. It is about working behind the scenes. It is about making headway through work at something or even someone. This is a slow energy card.

When you blend all three cards my dad it telling me to stop sitting on the fence (Libra) in many areas of my life and to embrace the support (blue Angel) that is around me so that I can work (Gnomes) through the intense pain (Weeping Woman) I am still experiencing. He is telling me he will not give me any messages (Weeping Woman) until I am totally ok. Then, and only then will he stop worrying (Whip) and be at peace and find the balance he is seeking (Libra).

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