Part 2/2 – how to read the Columns. Block of 9 layout featuring the Sibilla Della Zingara cards.

In continuation of the previous post on how to read the Block of 9 cards layout. Part 1/2 click here. Correction: There are 4 different languages on the bottom of the card. It was only a few that had the English name as well. I knew that, lol. My bad. 🙂

As a reminder of the reading below is the image of the layout.

The Columns.

  1. PAST – MONEY. HAUGHTINESS. YOUNG WOMAN. The recent events
  2. NOW – SIGHS. LOVER (client). THOUGHT. The current situation
  3. FUTURE – PLEASURE-SEEKERS. LOVE. WIDOWER. The near future. You can set this to a time frame during the shuffle. It should be weeks – months and not years.

I assigned 1-2 months from the time of the shuffle. As you know time frames are approximate so there is always a give (+) or take (-).

PAST. Column 1 is read top to bottom as are all the columns. I do not start with the center card as I did with the rows. The past is usually the same time frame as the Future column or very close. That way you have a balance.

In the analysis of the Rows I ruled out that the MONEY card represented a financial situation. I did feel this card represented something of value. In T’s case it is someone of great value his beloved fiancé. I want to point out that each card can be read on various levels and this is true about any sibilla style decks. The meanings are in the eyes of the beholder. The Haughtiness card indicates T was very proud of their established financial position in the recent past and yes, I did use the Money card to represent this meaning. The Young Woman would be his fiancé. The tragedy did not show up in this column. One has to wonder why not? Let’s look at these 3 cards a little closer.

The Money cards also talks about security. The Haughtiness cards can indicate passion about a situation and person. The Young woman does represent a creative energy which is often associated with youth. It is a card of a young female. With this level of meaning there is still no indication that T’s fiancé passed away so suddenly.

➡ We need to remember the intention of the reading is geared towards T’s state of awareness at the current and the probable near future of a few months. Sometimes, the cards do not reveal the past events which makes it a bit more challenging for the reader to get the over all gist of the reading. Many times the client does not share what situation happened he/she just wants to know where to go from the ‘now’ time frame.

I happen to know the details of the circumstances but am not reading those circumstances into the cards by force. The cards need to tell me to confirm what I already know. In this case, the 3 cards are not addressing the recent past tragedy. Why? Most likely it is because it is not the primary concern. What is of concern is where T is headed from this point on. I hope I made this point understandable …

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced a similar thing whereby a situation was not ‘picked up’ by the cards?

NOW. Column 2. The SIGHS card sits on T’s shoulder. He is remembering a situation. He appears to be withdrawn. Note: just read the card meanings initially and then add your insights if you get any. T is in a state of reflection. If you look closely at the card you can derive several meanings. I read images as well depending on the symbolism of the deck. Some decks are full of symbols that expand on the name of the card. Breathing a sigh of relief for a brief moment clears your head for a minute.

Sighs card – on client’s shoulders

Thought card – below client’s feet

In the image the woman is holding a note/letter in her left hand. She has already read it and is contemplating the contents of the message. The rose on the ground by her feet suggest the message is connected to a love matter. In the background you can see a ship which is more commonly associated with travel. It can also suggest the loss of personal direction since she is not on it.

There are a lot of things going through T’s mind. One thing I will share is that his fiancé was away on a trip. As stated in the previous post the bottom row is below him representing what state of mind he is stepping into. In other words how will he deal with what is on his shoulders. Here we have the THOUGHT card. The image show a mature man in deep contemplation. I want to read this as T progressing from the SIGHS card. From a young woman to an wise old man clearly shows this development. This means he will continue to think about what occurred but from a deeper level. On the table we see a skull, sands of time and several papers. The old man is holding an opened scroll. This means he is contemplating what he just read. There is the feeling of time is running out with this image. Maybe he has a deadline to come up with an answer.

In summary of this column I think T will withdraw further into himself. He could blame himself to some degree. I think the Thought card is a bit more grounded than the Sighs card. Let’s see what the next couple of months will bring into T’s life.

FUTURE. Column 3. Here we start off with the PLEASURE-SEEKERS card. I do get a strong feeling T will try to bury his pain by having a good time or at least pretending to. There is a concern of addictions, however, there is a strong indication that it is all about the bonding of like-minded individuals. Sometimes, friends or family try to help by keeping the pining/grieving individual busy. The LOVE card shows a tremendous amount of support around him but since the card representing T is looking away he either wants to go through this alone or has not embraced all the kindness of those around him. Maybe he just doesn’t know how to deal with the caring and nurturing. The WIDOWER card often represents a man that is a ‘father’ figure that wants to help T.

The Widower card also represents T and this means he is in a grieving state of mind. With this comes the feeling of being abandoned or left. T will work through this but it will take many months. This card’s season is the winter months.

The Widower

.older male

.loss and sadness

.duty and loyalty


.unable to let go

.feeling alone

There are many keywords to describe this card. The meanings of this card can be overcome but it will take time. They say time heals but I think time puts things in a different more tolerable perspective. It still hurts when you think relive the situation. One must move on and not get stuck in the grieving process. Each person is different.

Healing energy sent to those that are experiencing the Widower card whether you are male or female or both.

Excuse any typos. did not choose the ads that follow this post. I hope they are in good taste.

2 thoughts on “Part 2/2 – how to read the Columns. Block of 9 layout featuring the Sibilla Della Zingara cards.

  1. Seaqueen, I really like the “down to earth” way you intererpret the cards, and also how you manage to connect all the cards and meaning into one cohesive story!

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