Block of 9 layout featuring the Sibilla Della Zingara cards. Part 1/2 – how to read the Rows.

The Sibilla Della Zingara cards by Lo Scarebeo are known by several names such as Gypsy Oracle cards, Oraculo de la Gitana, Sibylle de la Bohemienne and Zigeuner Orakelkarten. The deck consists of 52 cards. The card stock is strong unlike some of the newer flimsy decks. I only have one beef and maybe that’s because my vision up close is not as sharp as it used to be. 🙂 The gold writing in the upper black horizontal rectangle is nice but not so nice if you are trying to see the name (s). I know the cards just from looking at the images but a big white name nestled in the black rectangle would be ideal. There are 3 additional languages written on the bottom. The English is repeated so that makes 4. My deck has a red floral back.

Today’s post is concerning a man in his late 20’s. There is some concern for him by his family and rightfully so. There were tragic circumstances that befell his fiancé. A few weeks ago she died suddenly and unexpectedly. It truly is a sad sad story.

In the block of 9 reading as I like to call it we have the young man T in the center of the layout. He is represented by the Lover card (flanked by Haughtiness, Love). Yes, I pre-selected him prior to shuffle. There are various ways to read the block of 9 cards. I chose the first column of 3 cards to denote the past (Money, Haughtiness. Young Woman). We are not talking about the distant past like years we are talking about weeks or months. The same time frame applies to the last column of 3 cards which denotes the future (Young Woman, Thought, Widower). The middle column is the now time (at the time of the shuffle Aug 25, 2021)

As I indicated you can assign whatever meanings you want. You can custom design what each column and row will mean. You can also read the block of 9 without specified meanings.

The Horizontal Rows

Top – Money/Sighs/Pleasure-Seekers. The top horizontal row of 3 cards is above him represents what is on his shoulders. This can be what is weighing him down or what he is thinking about.

Blend the card meanings for each row.

Middle – Haughtiness/Lover/Love. The middle horizontal row of 3 cards represents what is the circumstances surrounding him.

Bottom – Young woman /Thought/ Widower. The bottom row is below him representing what state of mind he is stepping into. In other words how will he deal with what is on his shoulders.

I do want to mention that you can read the diagonals if you wish.

Before you do anything scan the cards. This means start with the client card in this case the Lover card. Look to the left of him and look to the right of him. Look what card is on his head and look at the card below his feet. Any insights come to mind?

Ok. Let us begin with the TOP row. As a rule, I read left to right but in this row I will begin with the card sitting above him which is SIGHS. To me this is a card of pulling back from things. T received news and is searching for answers. The MONEY card in this case is not about finances but it is about value. He is pining over something valuable to him. The rose is on the ground in Sighs hinting at the loss of love. The PLEASURE-SEEKERS look like a bunch of harmless party guys, lol. I wrote about this card in more depth here ➡ —->blog post. In T’s case and in combination with the other two cards it could mean he is covering up his pain by partying (any light addictions) or pretending he is happier than he really is.

MIDDLE row. HAUGHTINESS is just a fancy name for pride. No matter which way you look at this card is has traces of negativity because those who think highly of themselves are crying out for help inside. They don’t want people to see deep into the origin of their pain. Mind you in some cases someone is just plain conceited but this is not true in this case. Yes, the whole situation around the fiancé is very sad. Another way to look at it is T may have gone so deeply into himself that he appears detached. This behaviour is often misunderstood as an over abundance of self-worth. This card has many layers of understanding to it. With the LOVE card ending this row he is surrounded by much support but he has his back facing the card. He has not quite embraced this card.

BOTTOM row. We already know what is weighing down on T. In this row, I begin with the center card THOUGHT and then blend YOUNG WOMAN and WIDOWER into the mix. T will continue to be lost in his thoughts about what happened to the love of his life. This card is a bit different than the Sighs card. Here we have some very serious reflections going through his head. He is in deep thought about the next steps in his life. He could be on verge of a decision as well. With the Young Woman card this to me represents inexperienced thoughts when coupled with the center card. More time is needed to reach the next step towards healing.

Actually, Young woman could represent a friend of his trying to help him. It could be a family member. Any significant progress now might be premature because with the Widower closing the row we can see a more profound grieving. T needs more time. Well meaning friends and family members need to give him space to come to terms. One cannot rush this process.

So how is he dealing with the weight on his shoulders which is what the bottom row is all about. We can see him stepping into a deeper stage of grieving so that he can pick himself up again.

continued in a few days or so in Part 2/2 – how to read the Columns

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