Lenormand Fox map as a work card

Today, I would like to talk about the Fox map as the work card in layouts. The majority of the time I do not use this meaning but I know many of you do.

Using the Fox map as a work card has various degrees of meanings as well. You can work for pay as in a job. You can work at something which means applying energy to the situation. You can also work as a volunteer with no remuneration. You can work at a relationship.

In my examples below I will talk about various combinations which will be illustrated a 2 or 3-card draw. For simplicity sake the last card is the final card in a layout or a GT.

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I think you should decide before you shuffle the cards which meaning you will use for the Fox card. There are more traditional ( I use that word loosely 🙂 ) meanings such as something is wrong, red-haired individual, selfishness, out of need, survival, sneaky and even a prankster. If you do decide to use the Fox card as work then by all means please read on.


Bouquet + Fox + Whip. You probably like your job already or at the very least work in a pleasant environment, however, things are about to get very tense due to differences of opinions. Someone new on the job might be causing troubles (Jack of Clubs).

Fox + Stork + Clouds. Changes coming at work. They are coming because the Stork follows the work card. You may not like these changes. They are not permanent and should be settled in a short time (dark of clouds facing Stork). Looks like the changes will be around for quite some time (dark of clouds facing away from Stork). If you are thinking of returning to a former job now is not the time.

Fox + Child. This duo could predict an entry position at work. The person may be entering the workforce for the first time. A project may be in the beginning stages.

Fox + Ship + Money. A business trip ends up being profitable. These 3 cards could also predict increased travel connected to work. There could be multiple locations visited.

Fox + Garden. A promotion. You could rise up the ladder and become well known. If Scythe followed you would have an fall from power.

Fox + Cross. Deep unhappiness in the workplace. Over burdened with work.

Fox + Tower. Often this combination depicts working in a medical facility like a hospital. Also, with the Scythe it can be a surgeon.

Fox + Birds. You guessed it. A lawyer. Followed by the Mouse card a lawyer that does not have a good winning track record.

There are many combinations you can come up with using 2 or 3 cards. The larger your layout the more cards you need to factor in so why not just learn combination with a few cards.

Which meanings do you use for the Fox map?

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