Messages from the Other Side layout featuring the Lenormand cards

The Messages from the Other Side layout can be used with most cartomancy systems. You do not need to ask a question but you do need to focus on the deceased individual while you shuffle. Questions that clients have are often not asked but do exist at the time of shuffle.

➡ Card # 3 Do you have a message? will reveal whether or not your question will be answered. Keep that in mind. Also, cards 5, 6 and 7 will either be the answer or provide you with other information you may find helpful. If no question is asked the same applies.

Here is the layout. You can probably click on the image and copy it. Well, that was the way it was in the former WP template. You can always private message me for a copy of pdf. ➡ Seaqueen

The deck I have on hand right now is the Magisches Lenormand by Sandy Pfutsch & Gabriele Buttner.

I have had many questions surrounding my mom’s sudden and definitely unexpected death. We were so busy helping my dad as he took gravely ill that her death shocked everyone. I have never gotten over the fact that my mom did not look like my mom. (Honestly, I thought they had the wrong person.) She has no disfigurement to her face from any accident. It was an open coffin. I only recognized her by her hands. I could not get any kind of closure on the day of the funeral. My dad could barely walk and yet, he mustered up enough strength to bury his wife. He died 4.5 months later. 😦

I plummeted into darkness. I leaned on my cards as a tool to help me in my grieving process. The only ray of sunshine I had was the birth of my 1st grandchild a mere 6 weeks after dad died. You know even now when I write about this a decade or so later I feel the pain all over again.

When you do this layout take into consideration if there is a surviving Significant other who is alive because the Lenormand cards have 2 Significator cards. In my example I will pull out the Gentleman card because dad died shortly after mom did. In the previous post I left the Lady card in the shuffle because A had a surviving girlfriend.

My mom was pronounced dead about 6 hours or so after surgery. I often wondered if she died in surgery. I asked the cards if mom had a message for me about that.

When reading the Lenormand cards in this type of layout it is important to select the most appropriate meaning in keeping with the over all theme – messages from the other side.

NOTE: If you find this type of post controversial in any way please do not read it. As always, the WP ads following my post are not chosen by me.

My mom is represented the the Lady card in position 1 (refer to the above template).

Card #2 Are you at Peace? Like I said in the previous post this is one of the more common questions. The PATH card is one of choice. I feel that mom is somewhere in the middle. I always felt she did not have an easy transition. Dad used to call to her to come and get him when he was in his final weeks. He told me she did not answer and he felt she was lost.

Card #3 Do you have a Message? The BOUQUET card tends to give an affirmative answer. Mom is saying it was peaceful for her. She wants me to know she did not suffer (she never woke up).

Card #4 Circumstance around Death. It does not surprise me to see the FOX card show up in this reading. When I was told she died I had a strong feeling I was not told everything leading up to her death. The LADY card is looking at the FOX card. This is telling me a wrong decision was made around the circumstances around her surgery.

Card #5, #6. #7. Message or Other Information. TOWER + LETTER + KEY

Is this a message from mom? The LADY card is facing away from these 3 cards. I want to read this as other information. To me, the TOWER is the hospital and coupled with LETTER it clearly points to information the hospital gave regarding her death. The final card KEY hints at issues around a solution. I say issues because the Tower card can indicate a separation. This brings me back to the FOX card because this card represents the circumstance around her death. I keep hearing ‘it was wrong for her to die’ in the way she did.

Is mom trying to tell me there was a blunder during surgery or that not enough was done to save her? RIP mom. I miss you terribly. If you see dad tell him I love him.

4 thoughts on “Messages from the Other Side layout featuring the Lenormand cards

  1. Miss Seaqueen, thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing this spread with us. I lost both my grandmother and mother unexpectedly, so I know the feelings of shock and loss. Sending you lots of love and healing.

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