Asking the Die Zauberkarten der Mademoiselle Le Normand for Messages from the Other Side.

In today’s post I will be featuring Caitlin Matthew’s Die Zauberkarten (Magical cards) der Mademoiselle Le Normand. This deck comes with an accompanying 57 page booklet which includes Helen Riding’s translation. There are 2 Significator cards representing a man and woman. This deck is similar to the traditional Lenormand, however, it does differ in that there are 44 (+2 Significators) cards including additional cards which are non Lenormand . If you like this deck/booklet please contact Caitlin ➡ Hallowquest

I have created a new 7-card layout called Messages from the Other Side. I was inspired to do this because recently I received a request from a client with some questions about a certain loved one that passed away several years ago. The client has been dreaming about this person lately and felt there may be a message for her. I will provide a brief reading below using Helen Riding’s meanings which can be found at the back of the booklet. If I get any other ‘feelings’ during the reading I will put them in caps.

One of the most common questions family/friends ask is if the person is at peace.

Before I did the reading below, I cleared the deck of cards using the laying of hands. As I shuffled I asked my cards if A (the deceased person) had a message for my client. Card #3 will reveal the answer to this. If you find a blockage card here you can just fold the cards and try the reading on another day. You can continue to obtain other information from Cards 5, 6 and 7 despite the blockage cards in position #3.

It is entirely up to you (gut feeling) how you approach this layout.


Card #1- choose a card to represent the deceased person. To keep things simple use one of the Significator cards. I chose the Gentleman card to represent the deceased male ‘A’.

Card #2: Are you at peace?

The card that falls here will give you an answer. The more negative cards suggest a no answer and the more positive cards represent a yes answer.

Ace of Diamonds. The Letter card – news, communication, email, writing, document.

INTERPRETATION: The card appearing here does not indicate a yes or no answer, however, it does suggest some additional information can be obtained which could expand on the meaning of the Letter card.

Card #3: Do you have a message?

8 of Hearts. The Cross card – hard won victory, loss of a friend, inheritance.

INTERPRETATION: I want to read this as a yes answer because to ‘inherit’ means to give or leave something.

Card #4: Circumstance around death.

4 of Spades. The Collapsing Tower – trials, disloyalty, undermining, plans come to nothing.

INTERPRETATION: I feel strongly that there was something really troubling on A’s mind. Card #3 points to a loss as well. Did this contribute to the circumstances surrounding the death in any way?

Cards #5 #6 and #7 are read together: Message or other information.

10 of Hearts. The Girl & Bouquet – teenager, gifts, qualities, potential

5 of Clubs. The Old Coffee Sitter – divining, guessing, trusting without warrant, elderly woman

Queen of Clubs. The Food and Drink – party, provisions, over-indulgence, excess drunk, luxury

INTERPRETATION: I had to study these cards very carefully and factor in Card #2 – The Letter. I get the sense that peace will come when an older woman stops harming herself with drink and other over-indulging perhaps over-eating due to depression.

It is important, especially with such a layout that the cards are not only read in their positions but that the meanings are blended to tell a story.

I want to mention that on page 21 there are further explanations and meaning of the individual cards. Here you will find meanings for left and right of the Significator card. If I take that information and add it to the above you can see the Collapsing Tower (card #4) is to the left of the man card. This card can indicate a strong emotional state directed at someone A knew.

The cards to the right of the man card are The Girl & Bouquet (young woman, possible marriage proposal or offer of serious relationship), The Old Coffee Sitter (abuse of trust, 2 guilty people struck down by fate), The Food and Drink (flirtatious & extravagant female)

INTERPRETATION: These 3 cards left me with the feeling that A may have experienced some sort of break-up in a relationship. I did get the feeling A was younger as well.

MESSAGES FROM OTHER SIDE: I felt A was coming through in the dreams as a gentle warning to the client to release any unhealthy emotions and to stop doing things which were affecting her health. The other thing is replace ‘blame’ with ‘understanding’.

The above interpretation is very brief. This can be a very detailed reading especially when you dialogue with your client.

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4 thoughts on “Asking the Die Zauberkarten der Mademoiselle Le Normand for Messages from the Other Side.

  1. This layout I will do it to know some mesage from my father, he pass away in 2003.I
    follow your post to many years and I learned many new information on this blog 💗💗💗💗💗

    • Thank you Laura. I hope you find the Messages from the Other Side layout helpful. Any deck of cards can be used. I will create a blog post with the Tarot cards using this layout in a few weeks. Madame Seaqueen (Jozefa)

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