Rest in Peace Nikola Stojanovic

I was shocked to learn the news that Nikola Stojanovic (Astrology Degrees technique) had passed away unexpectedly. I follow Astrolada’s (YT videos and when I read the first part of the post, my heart sank, even before I saw Nikola’s name. Needless to say I was stunned as were thousands of other followers. Rest in Peace Feb 28 1957- April 5 2021

I was in the middle of making arrangements for the hard copy of the Degrees book to be mailed to me. I decided to wait a few weeks when I learned Nikola was unwell (according to his FB status). My deepest condolences to Lea Milic and family/friends. I already had the e-book pdf which I printed, hole punched and put in a special binder. I am one of these people that likes to hold a ‘real’ book in my hands as I do research, etc.

Thanks to Bulgarian Astrologer Trifon Nikolov to mention Nikola’s passing in his latest video. You can find Trifon’s vids on Lada Duncheva’s YT channel (see above link). I am a great fan of his as well.

Horary Astrology has become an ignited passion of mine over the last year or so. My Astrology library has expanded on the topic. Who needs 125 books on Astrology when most things are on the Internet? 🙂 Well, I started collecting back in the late 1960’s and throughout the decades held on to them. I will be writing more on this topic over the next few weeks.

Take care of yourselves until then. Madame Seaqueen

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