How will the Hierophant & Minor 5’s energy influence us? Think back to 2012.

If you look back to 2012 what situations stand out the most in your lives that you experienced? How was the world around you? Does history repeat itself with modifications. 2012= 5

2021=5: Hierophant’s advice is to “listen so you can hear”.

When you meditate on the Hierophant card you may get mixed feelings. Do you identify with the Hierophant or one of the adepts kneeling in the foreground? I see all the characters in this card as aspects of myself and depending on what my needs are at the time of my consulting the Tarot I will resonate with either of the 3.

The Hierophant will provide you with the tools to help you to hear the lessons of the Minor 5’s.

For example, your experience with the 5 of pentacles in connection to the Hierophant card may not be something you would even want to consider. Most of our problems stem from our belief systems or the false interpretations of situations in the past. By transmuting our feelings and thoughts we can truly open gates to hear our true Inner intuition. Once that is done the message of the 5 of pentacles will become clear. It is not a card that should cause concern about “lack” as some practitioners of the Tarot tend to believe.

When we come from a “lack consciousness” then the teachings of the Hierophant has not been learned through the world of the 5 of Pentacles. Letting go of the “lack of” belief system will allow the gifts of the 5 of Pentacles to manifest.

The gifts of the 5 of Pentacles are as great as your understanding of the Hierophant card.

Numerology teaches us that #5’s presents challenges. Sometimes everything goes well and then all of a sudden there is an issue or thorn in your side which you need to yank out to move on. Take a look at the 5 of spades.


One of the spades in right in the middle. To get beyond it you must remove it. If you go around it on either side it will still be in the middle and so challenge was not overcome it was averted. You could go straight through the center spade and come out the other side perhaps a little ruffled. 🙂

Credits: Aquatic Tarot. Created by Andreas Schröter





FIVES:  The Hierophant is associated with the number 5.  I’d like to write about my views on the Minor Arcana cards laced with a bit of traditional undertones and how they might influence us all.

5 OF PENTACLES:  this card often represents financial setbacks or finding comfort in a situation with people coping with similar setbacks. Many people will be confronted with financial barriers which will be imposed on them by people in positions of power. The HIEROPHANT has that kind of power. The power to teach us we must accept what he says. I believe this is sometimes called DOGMA. Dogma is in most ‘organized’ thought and structured belief systems.

5 OF SWORDS: this card talks about either winning a situation because there is no further opposition or walking away from a provoking situation. You either challenge the HIEROPHANT by refusing to stay with the same ol’ same ol’ or you accept it and empower the Hierophant even more. When an organized system gains that much power what chance do those people have who wish to walk away?

5 OF CUPS: this card reflects out regret and loss. Many people will lose some of their positive emotions over the events that will come to pass. There will be feelings of regret. Life patterns will change. Many of these changes will occur directly through the HIEROPHANT’S power. It could be almost a feeling of “there’s nothing we can do about it”.  In some parts of the world when disaster hits it not only brings loss but loss of faith in leaders.

5 OF WANDS: this card shows playful fight. It could be a game or it could actually be some sort of training to prepare for an event or situation. The HIEROPHANT trains the initiatives (monks in the foreground) to adopt teachings of yesteryear. We will certainly be thinking that one over. The monks don’t own their own beliefs because they did not choose them. Since Wands represent fire and action I think some groups of people will be itching to fight back. If the HIEROPHANT says, “fight” then the characters in this image will take the playfulness out of this training.

I think the external events of 2021 will challenge us on every single level. We will be faced with much. Efforts will be made to  remove the obstacles that organizations and institutions place before us.

On the flip side if we do nothing and open our arms to the HIEROPHANT & his subsidiaries we will not overcome the challenges.  We are not sitting ducks.

 What lessons of the HIEROPHANT  will we learn?

2021 could see those monks in the image of the HIEROPHANT card will rise up!

Do your part to stay safe and to keep others safe.

(portions of today’s post are from Jan 2012)

2 thoughts on “How will the Hierophant & Minor 5’s energy influence us? Think back to 2012.

  1. just came across this post. as far as I am concerned , the cards give accurate picture of this year, and my number 12 for this year doesn’t help it much either.

    I would also add a card 15 The Devil , which , with those chains, goes nicely with the Hierophant 🙂

    Like your blog, thanks


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