Reading the GT Houses. Part 1/2 and 2/2. Should you read the reversed cards?

Today, I am featuring the GT using the Old Style Lenormand by Alexander Ray. There are three cards that fell reversed.

I will briefly detail each card in the Houses. Yes, I know that traditionally you do not reversals but I do factor them into the reading. This is entirely up to you. I would suggest if you are a beginner to stay the course as in read the cards upright. 🙂

The GT is for a middle-aged man represented by the Gentleman card (Man) facing some recent health related developments. The Man card is reversed as well as the Cross and Rider cards in the bottom row. I have done the 9×4 GT layout as I use this format for most of the readings.

Ok, we will begin with the first House and continue through to the 18th House. I will continue with Houses 19-36 within a few days. I will add part 2/2 to the title of the post when it is done.

Also, I will post a link on ➡ Twitter.

Rider 1: The RING card speaks about an agreement. Some sort of news which is expected may involve a commitment to keep the flow of continuity in the situation. It could be a group effort.

Clover 2: The STORK brings changes. Since it falls in the little luck house there could be an element of sheer luck or the change will short-lived.

Ship 3: The TREE does represent health but it also signifies ties to the past. There is a suggestion of developments in the man’s health situation.

House 4: Short term luck (CLOVER) blesses over the family/home circumstances but it may not last.

Tree 5: We all know what the MOUSE is capable of doing. I see this as a worry or fretting over a health situation. Worry is often reserved for the Birds card but if something is eating away at you there is a good chance you are worrying about it. On the more negative side, something is depleting the health of the man.

Clouds 6: MAN REVERSED. How appropriate. Yes, there is uncertainty around the man of the reading. The fact the Man card fell reversed shows just how messed up he is during this time. Lack of clarity is emphasized. Note: the Clouds sit the House of the Gentleman.

Snake 7: The SHIP signifies a strong urge to get away from a potentially treacherous situation.

Coffin 8: The MOUNTAIN indicates challenges in overcoming a situation to the end. It could take a long time (Mountain in Tower house)

Bouquet 9: The SCYTHE puts a sudden halt to a forthcoming invitation or plan of action. It can also indicate that an opportunity that will come just in the knick of time.

Scythe 10: The CHILD is about baby steps in a situation. It can be about something new but it may not be able to continue. On the other hand it could be quite painful.

Whip 11: The DOG is about friendship and all those other attributes like loyalty and obedience. Falling in this house there is the suggestion of an argument or at the very least a heated discussion. (Whip falls in the Anchor house -work related)

Birds 12: The LILY bring some harmony in communications. A moral issue will be discussed.

Child 13: The powerful BEAR bring strength to a new situation facing the man.

Fox 14: The BIRDS could be suggesting there is an error in information. A busy time ahead but is it is the wrong direction?

Bear 15: The STARS reinforce the man’s stamina. It also indicates putting hope into a person that will play a powerful role in the man’s life.

Stars 16: The BOUQUET is about friendly and helpful energy around the man’s wishes. There could be a woman involved (Queen of Spades).

Stork 17: The ANCHOR often represents a work situation. There are changes going on with this regard and this is something the man will have to deal with soon.

Dog 18: The HEART bring an emotional reaction to a situation involving a friend.

Part 2/2 continued November 30, 2020.

Tower 19: The COFFIN brings some sort of ending to a legal matter.

Park 20: The MOON brings awareness to a public situation. It could take 28 days for a situation to materialize involving social networking.

Mountain 21: The SUN brings into focus just how big the challenge really is and will light the way.

Path 22: The LADY will be faced with some decisions which will affect the man. She has a reservoir of strength. (Bear sits above her)

Mouse 23: The FOX card is often misunderstood when coupled with a Significator card. In this case the energy of the Fox is pointing to something that is definitely wrong.

Heart 24: The HOUSE suggests there is much love within the family and concern as well.

Ring 25: The LETTER with information will go round in circles with no clear direction.

Book 26: The SNAKE will rear its head soon enough. Something will be discovered that needs further investigation.

Letter 27: The FISH brings messages about a financial situation. It can also mean there will be plans set in motion.

Gentleman 28: The CLOUDS confirm the confusion around the man as he sits reversed in the Clouds house. He does not know what to think at this time. He is not getting accurate information or follow-ups.

Lady 29: The PARK brings things out into the open for his partner. This can indicate connections with a network of people.

Lily 30: Ok, the CROSS fell ( quite innocently) reversed. I want to read this one step closer to more peace. Upright it does signify suffering or a test. To me, and only to me because most of you do not read reversals, it looks like the burden may be lessened.

Sun 31: I did not plan this 🙂 because my cards are always upright during shuffle. The RIDER reversed will be bringing unexpected news/information. This card falls in one of the best Houses of the entire GT. I want to read this in a positive way.

Moon 32: The LETTER will bring much awareness to a situation. I want to read this as a timing card – within one month.

Key 33: The TOWER could be a hospital and that is where the solutions lie for the man. The MOUSE was in the Tree house suggesting a health issue.

Fish 34: The PATH is showing opportunities or options in a financial matter. Most likely it involves the woman in some way as she sits in the Path House.

Anchor 35: The WHIP often talks about arguments about work related things. I heard that the man will have to ‘beat’ a situation that looks fairly solid. Not sure what that means because clairaudient messages do not always name names.

Cross 36: The KEY is welcome here. Solutions or at the very least improvements are coming and he will pass the Karmic test.

I will update this GT when vital information materializes around this man.

Next post, the Lenormand in the Zodiac wheel….probably after this weekend as I am planning to participate in the WDA Manifestation Big Bang Conference. It is not too late to register and take advantage of the discounts.

More info about the conference —> ➡ WORLD DIVINATION ASSOCIATION

2 thoughts on “Reading the GT Houses. Part 1/2 and 2/2. Should you read the reversed cards?

  1. Hello Jozefa, you are asking if we should read Lenormand reversed cards. My answer is absolutely not. I’ve been following you for many years and learned a lot through your blog but this is a line I’m not crossing 🙄

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. My question about reversals was more of a curiosity rather than a fact. As stated in the post I do recommend not using reversed cards. I do explore possibilities. 🙂 Thanks for following the blog. xox

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