3-card layout can provide a sufficient answer

I tend not to be a fan of elaborate layouts when asking a specific question. I have used variations of the 3-card layout for decades. I like doing the GT to answer more than one question about different areas of life. I do not know about the rest of you WP bloggers but I am slowly learning the new format. 🙂

Below is the 3-card reading for an Email question that was sent to me a few days ago. If you do not see an image that means I probably did not upload it properly. So, I will mention the cards just in case. (I copied the image to the clipboard option and then pasted it into the post. I could not figure out how to select the uploaded photo without being linked back to my media library over & over.)


Question: Email request asking me to tell them a little about the lawyer they chose randomly to take care of a small business matter.

The Man card represents the lawyer in this case because he is the significant other in the question. Some of you may disagree with this approach but I find it works well.

The Man faces the Lily card. To me, this means the lawyer probably has good morals standard. He would be honest. The Man turns his back on the Birds card. This reinforces that he prefers a more peaceful negotiation.

That is a little about directions. The lawyer would update the Email ‘inquirer’ on a regular basis despite his busy schedule. He would be up on the latest technology as well. Normally, with a Significator card + Birds duo I would say the person likes to talk a lot and is probably all over the place. In this case, I did not get that feeling because the Man card looks straight at the Lily card (King of Spades – more serious controlled approach).

I went ahead and added the three cards for the hidden message. 30+28+12 = 70= 7

Oh great, that works out to the Snake card. He either has a woman assistant that will do most of the background work, or he is super smart or he may turn out to be a snake in the grass.

PS: WP where is the edit image button 🙂

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