Celtic Lenormand. The Fox card.

Ahhh, WP has a brand new format so I will have to play around to find what I need to create this post. 🙂

Today, I will be featuring the Celtic Lenormand deck. Artwork: Will Worthington LWB: Chloe McCracken. This is a 45 card deck instead of the traditional 36 cards. I tend to riffle my cards but found the cards were more on the stiff side but perhaps with various shuffles they will bend more.

The image below shows the 9 additional cards in the deck. The size is comparable to a bridge deck. I like the fact that the cards are shrink wrapped and placed into the box with a thumb cut out. This makes it easier to remove the deck. I hate struggling to get a deck out of the box. 🙂 There is a 187 page b/w booklet included.

Ok, onto the Fox card. I really want to talk about this card. The image below shows the Fox showing up in the Gentleman House of the GT. All kinds of things might be going through your mind if you are a woman doing this reading for yourself and you do have a Significant other represented by the Gentleman card/House. Most of these ideas you have are probably leaning towards negative meanings.

In the image below, you can see that the Gentleman card falls in the Dog house, lol, and the Fox falls in the Gentleman House. The woman getting the reading falls in the Path House while the Path card falls in the Tree House. That is all we need to know right now as this is not a full GT House reading analysis.

The Fox card has your traditional meanings which you all probably know by now. What I want to talk about is other possibilities. You may have already thought of these and perhaps you have not even considered them.

I know for a fact that 99% of the traditional meanings do not fit this Gentleman. In the GT he visits the Dog House (I have to laugh at this) so he that means he is loyal, dependable and a good friend within this relationship. So, why is the Fox covering the Gentleman House??

Well, it could mean that he will fend for this relationship unlike the fox fending for himself from a traditional perspective. It is not all about him. It is about his woman, too. The Fox card likes to play around but in a teasing way. This man is by no means a cheater in the normal sense. He is smart and uses his ‘smarts’ to bring more knowledge to the woman about various thing that she is not that interested in. This man does not follow the pack so to speak and he walks his own walk. He is very curious about everything. His curiosity can lead him into predicaments with the woman that need a lot of explaining.

The Fox card is known as a sly trickster. When it comes to the relationship with the woman he often taunts her about things. He is not trying to manipulate her although he may appear that way.

In the above image, the Fox joins the Gentleman card which suggests all of the above observations that are less traditional.

So, if you see the Fox card beside the man you love you do not have to panic. Study the rest of the cards and if you find evidence of some ‘monkey business’ then many of traditional meanings will apply.

Hopefully, you do not find any typos I am still looking for spell checker. 🙂

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