Looking at the Lenormand #12 Birds card.

Some of the Lenormand decks sport an owl or both birds & an owl in the Birds card. Would that affect your interpretation during the reading? The owl image gives me a different feeling than a couple of birds. My mom always said when you hear an owl hoot 3x times it is a sign of death. My mother was very much into symbolisms rooted in Eastern European folklore. 

I keep the core meanings in mind but every once in awhile other keywords come to mind if the deck’s Birds card displays an owl. 

Mystical Lenormand by Urban Trosch . U.S. Games Systems (Jan 2006)

Caitlin Matthews Enchanted Lenormand Oracle

Piatnik Lenormand Birds card

Keywords for cards are merely a springboard for your own insights. Some of the interpretations I use is restlessness, gossip, ‘girl’ talk, an older couple and minor problems. It is a card of verbal communication but the conversation could be going all over the place. 

Often with the Child card (if the question is about pregnancy) it can predict twins. Whether the card has a couple or birds on it or owls the meaning is the same. The only time it may differ is because of your own perspective of what an owl means to you. It is similar to the Snake card. Many readers associate it with mostly negative meanings but within it is also an individual’s ‘smart’ approach to the situation.

The owl can advise you to tap into a deeper understanding of a situation that presents itself as hectic or stressful.

In the image above with Caitlin’s Birds card coupled with the Gentleman you can deduce that he is a communicative type of individual. He could be having a discussion with two other people. He could also be anxious at the time of the shuffle. The Gentleman looks away from the Birds card so he could be turning his back on what is being said as well. I doubt this guy can keep a secret. 🙂

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