Success Oracle cards review. Creator Orna Ben-Shoshan. Plus 3-card reading.

What a great idea to offer digital files of cards especially these days with all the delays in shipping. I downloaded the 60 cards onto 6 sheets and affixed the sheets to the business cards template I had on hand. This is a perfect fit. If you want thicker cards just use a blank deck of cards. (The images for the 3-card reading are enlarged so that you can see the colour printing version and art.) Mind you I would love to have the actual cards but for now I am content playing with the Success Oracle in this format.  If you go to the website you can download various deck systems created by Orna Ben-Shoshan. I love her work! I have several of her decks and have done posts on them (see links below).

Digital files:  ➡ SUCCESS ORACLE.

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About the SUCCESS ORACLE cards

Taken from the Kabbalah Insights website,

  • “Each answer consists of 3 messages that join together for a clear story.

    Through the three messages you will receive, you will gain insights into the various aspects relating to the subject in question.

    This way, you will get you all the information you need in full detail.”   

For me info on the cards please visit the website  ➡ details on the Success Cards

Take advantage of the introductory price only $19.50 until August 16, 2020 plus shipping. 

I was wondering about the future of my friend’s marriage. She has been having issues with her husband’s huge ego which leaves little room for her. “Remember that the cards reflect knowledge that floats in your subconscious, issues you are not aware of, and their appearance in a reading may sometimes seem odd and unrelated to the question you asked.” In the reading below the cards were related to the question.

3-card Success Oracle reading (btw I was amused at the advice of the cards) 

Summary:  #12. Yes, my friend sure is feeling insecure right about now.  #38. Yes, she has a passive approach to his ‘it is all about me’ attitude. #57. Yes, it definitely is his problem. My friend is very sensitive and it is getting to her. The messages of the cards point to her not taking ownership of his ego issues. In other words to stop being a ‘patsy’. A patsy is a person that is on the receiving end of another person’s hang-ups. It is a continuous dance in the relationship. My friend needs to express how she is feeling that is if she can even get through to him. The last card is clearly advising my friend to set her boundaries and feel good about those boundaries. Once these changes are implemented by her small changes will occur. Ego-centered individuals think the sun shines only on them and they forget that people close to them get hurt. My friend does not have to take it and when she understands that half the problem is solved. 

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