A few more points. Addendum: My WDA virtual conference ‘talk’

Much thanks to Toni and Björn plus Lisa, Joanne and the rest of the helpers for organizing this spectacular virtual conference (World Divination Association). I was in the company with some of the brightest stars of our community.  I am still watching some of the replays as are some of you. It is good to keep an open mind  to other perspectives and well-schooled individuals.

In the excitement of the moment, I forgot to mention a few things during my talk which I did have in my notes.  The monkey 🙂 must have pushed the paper off the table. 

The question by one of the attendees Maria M., “Can you talk about the Art Deco cards that differ from Gypsies?”

The Gypsies that Maria M. is referring to are the ones I was featuring in my daily card draw examples. I chose the Art Deco fortune-telling cards, Aufshlagkarten (Biedermeier) and Zigeuner Wahrsagekartn (Gipsy or Gypsy depends on the deck). I also featured three different Lenormand decks.

In the pdf handout I listed a few keywords for the 52 Art Deco fortune-telling cards. Within that list I included the 32 Biedermeier and 36 Gipsy card meanings which are pretty much the same. There are some differences though when you factor in the images on the cards. I have talked about this in other posts.   

The 32 Biedermeier cards do not include 4 cards which are found in the other two decks. 

  1. Love = happiness, affection, love, positive

  2. Visit = company, meetings, errands, teamwork

  3. Some money = raise, bonus, a purchase, small win, refund

  4. Loss= risky, decline, decrease, losing 

The 52 Art Deco fortune-telling cards have 16 additional cards which are not part of the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten and 20 of them are not included in the Beidermeier deck. These common 16 cards are found in other 52 Sibille style decks. 

  1. Rival – competition, comparison, the other side of the fence

  2. Pride = arrogance, conceit, overly ambitious, a showing

  3. Maid = single female, unchartered territory, obedient

  4. Lord = home owner, boss, teacher, obligations

  5. Party = social event, reception, wedding/baby shower, celebration

  6. Old Man = senior, retirement, longevity, the ex-

  7. Inconstance = undecided, irregular, fickle, changing

  8. Young man = son, brother, college, best friend

  9. Misunderstanding = wrong, irreconcilable, conflict

  10. Treason = doubt, breach of confidentiality, trickery

  11. Prison = limitations, rules, entrapment, loneliness

  12. Good news = YES, positive results, announcement, passing the test

  13. Profit = gain, advantage, increase, freebie

  14. Servants = submission, hobbies, crew, serving

  15. Physician = medicine man or woman, to care, advisor

  16. Foreign woman = a blind date, masquerade, something odd & strange




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