WOWZER!!! 35+ International speakers. Just a reminder to join the 1st WDA virtual conference.

I spent a good part of the day practicing Lives in the World Divination Association (WDA) virtual conference group. Also, I did several private Lives and a few I shared with my son. I can count on him for honest feedback. 🙂

I had to laugh because I had a brief blurb prepared to introduce myself and I must have talked for 12 minutes on the major points. I wanted to share a bit about my background and how I got into cards/divination/astrology, etc. So, I will definitely have to condense that part because those watching my Live will want to hear what tips I have for daily draws. Mainly, I will feature the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards) and good ol’ Lenormand 😀 …maybe something else. 

The devices I have on hand will have to do this time. Hopefully, I will create a great vid..(laughing to self)  I am both excited and freaking stressed out. 😮

If you would like to meet Seaqueen 😎 and the other outstanding speakers here is the link to register for the weekend conference. 

➡  WDA virtual conference.

Begins Sat. May 30th through the 31st, 2020.  See you Sunday @ 6PM EDT 😉

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