Mother’s day weekend during the lockdown 2020. Situation/Don’t Do/Do Layout

It is hard to believe that yesterday there were a few snowflakes cascading throughout the day. This morning the snowflakes continue on this Mother’s day weekend. Brrr it’s cold.

Many will be doing a drive by and waving to their moms or even chatting but from six plus foot distance. What about the kisses and hugs for grandma or any other special woman who cared for you that you consider mom?  What a bunch of BS!  We should do our part to protect / prevent the further spread of whatever this is that is screwing up our world right now.

Sure, I love getting an online gift card but I do miss the potted plants and flowers which I looked forward to receiving on Mother’s day. Well, at least I can go to the cemetery and visit my mom without any restrictions. I won’t be bringing any flowers though because it is way too cold for them to survive. Mom didn’t like flowers anyway 🙂 . 

I was not sure if I wanted to ask my cards anything today. Perhaps a simple question about guidance on what we should focus on from a general point of view. I thought I would use the Don’t Do/Do Layout. On page 270 of the The New Tarot Handbook by Rachel Pollack she mentions a 3 card layout by Tarotist Zoe Matoff. We have two Major Arcana and one Minor Arcana. What does this tell you?

  • Card 1 (top) represents the Situation. The card falling here will reveal what energy surrounding the question. THE HERMIT: How appropriate. This current situation is all about introspection. Many people are looking within since they have more time on their hands and because of external rules of behaviour are placed on them. We are all spending more time alone and trying to do the right thing. Deep lessons are associated with this card. Also, it is a card suggesting a more conservative approach to things. We are in the process of clearing our minds for more personal empowerment.

  • Card 2 (bottom left) represents the Don’t Do advice. This card will show what we should not do even if we want to. HIGH PRIESTESS: So, what is the High Priestess telling us not to do? She is telling us not to listen to messages coming from all over the place. She is telling us not to drown our problems. She is telling us not to close our minds off to other perspectives. Interestingly, she is telling us not to be fooled by what is going on around us.

  • Card 3 (bottom right) represents the Do spot. This position will hold important guidance in relation to the question. 10 of PENTACLES:  Do appreciate your family. Do find ways to enhance family relationships. Do find prosperity in all you have and be thankful. Do strength your security. Do take care of your pets.   


  •   I Heart You

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