Let’s look at the cards to see what information is shown regarding the Cvirus.

I will be using the Romany layout as seen in the image below. There are various versions of this layout using 21 cards but I think I want to use only 7 cards for this particular question.

Question: What should we know about the C-virus?

This will be a challenging reading. I wasn’t sure what question to pose to the cards. I thought a positional layout could provide guidance in a more understandable manner. Not sure if that will work but I’ll give it a go. 🙂

Actually, I hesitated doing this reading for many weeks because I had to make sure I cleared my views which were influenced by the enormous media coverage. I decided to use the Robin Wood Tarot. IMHO this type of question is not suitable for the Lenormand and other sibille style decks in this particular layout mainly because the latter cards function better in groups. 

Position 1: Describes you and what surrounds you at the time of the reading. So, the ‘you’ would be the general public and not me personally as I am asking on behalf of all. No surprise here the virus is a global concern. It affects all of us to some degree. The World card also indicates the end of a cycle or a completion. The ‘punch’ impact will run its course. Let’s not forget that Saturn rules the World card. He brings tough lessons. Once these lessons are understood they do not return and celebration is attained. Saturn will reward you if you follow his rules.

I think the major clue within the World card is that the C virus is cyclical. 

Position 2: The environment. More info on the circumstances around the question. The 5 of Pentacles is reminding us that we need to have faith. The virus brings insecurity and a feeling of disconnection. Instead of focusing on being in a state of disadvantage the message is to rise from this feeling of helplessness. 

Position 3: Opportunities or Challenges. The 9 of Cups tends to be favourable insofar as emotional reactions. Is this card an opportunity or a challenge? Now is not the time to be too smug. It is important to help others and connect on an emotional level. Another way to look at this card is that wishes can be fulfilled.

Position 4: The Now. Expected. This card expands on fears and hopes. Here we have the Major Arcana Moon card. As most of us know this card tells us to face our fears. The C virus is creating uncertainty and anxiety right now. It is an illusion in the sense that it may not be totally understood. We cannot fully trust what we are told because not many know the truth. Are we accepting a false picture on the situation? Is the virus the dog or wolf? Either way the moon casts a shadow and that is the problem. Another way to look at this card is that illusion plays a major role which could take months to uncover.

The Moon card is ruled by Pisces representing the 12th house of the unknown among other things like hospitals, large institutions and things behind the scenes. 

Position 5: Surprise. Unexpected influences, events or people. The 5 of Wands falls in a reversed position. The energy is out of whack. In an upright position it depicts healthy bantering. In a reversed position it tends to be more serious because it actually indicates arguments or group fighting. In relation to the C virus this card points to an escalation of energy leading to major conflicts. So, this mean there could be differing opinions on the who, what, where and why with this virus. It’s like everyone is blaming everyone else. It’ll be a very unsettling time. 


Position 6: Near future. Up to 3 months. 2 of Wands speaks of progress but also necessary decisions. Discoveries will be made about C virus. Further exploration is needed. It’s a card of partnering and coming to solutions together. So, where do you go once you have dominated the world? With further investigation an alarming truth is discovered and shared. 

Position 7: Distant future. 6-9 months. The 10 of Swords is a card of betrayal. It represents endings, suffering and loss. A painful truth will be revealed. Note that the sun is rising in the background – there is hope. Some readers claim the sun is setting. The sword suit doesn’t end with this card but the suffering does.

I always felt this card meant things aren’t as bad as they look. You can see that in dramatization of the daggers in the individual’s back. However, sometimes IT IS as bad as depicted by the 10 of Swords and mostly ego pain.  

When you hit rock bottom the only place to go is UP! That means during the 6 -9 month period lives may be sacrificed, people will continue to feel victimized BUT also there will be a turn for the better. If the timing on this reading is accurate then Aug. – Nov. will bring a major global change. 

I think I will pose the same question to the Lenormand cards in another post. It is a good idea to read a few different systems because each system looks at the question from another perspective.  (Excuse the typos and the ads following this post)

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