3-card layout with Clarification card featuring the Thelema Lenormand Oracle

As promised in the last post an example of a real life situation about locating a ring. I waited this long to see how the cards played out. This way I can tell you what really happened, how it happened and how long it took. Luckily, the item was located which is a very good start!

I really like the large size of this deck especially for those 3, 5 and 9 card layouts. I did lay all 36 cards in the 9 x 4 GT and had to stand up to see all the cards. 🙂  I didn’t mind because quite often I just leave the GT reading on the table for days particularly if it is for me or a family member.  I like to study the cards several days because I have discovered I have a variance in perspective on different days. I find this is only true when people are emotionally close to me. So, I follow the moon transit cycle found in the online ephemeris. I still have my hard copy ephemeris with all the planetary positions of each day from a time when I became certified via correspondence courses. Yes, THAT LONG AGO, lol. Any whooo I’m off track so back to the intention of this post.

BIRDS + MOUNTAIN + SNAKE /clarification SHIP

This question was about the location of a special ring. Would the recent widower find his wife’s ring?  I think this layout was done around Jan 23rd and the ring was found on Feb 18th like a few days ago.  I was happy to hear the ring was located. 

From my recollection I told M. that her father-in-law would find the ring in the home. It was not stolen or lost. When I looked at the BIRDS card I felt communication and paperwork might be involved. All three cards gave me the feeling of height so I said the ring was high up on something. With the Snake I felt it was definitely hidden. Also, I told M. she came close once looking for it and just missed it. I pulled a Clarification card to get more clues about the Snake card. I knew there would be a woman involved. Studying the Ship card I felt movement in the right direction but also for some strange reason thought of a cup or bowl. I suppose a ship is called a vessel and a vessel can be interpreted as a cup or bowl.

In my summary, I told M. the ring was in a cup or bowl, hidden behind a book or some letters way up high like on top of a fridge or dresser. 

As it turned out M. was the one finding the ring and she by no means possesses the negative qualities of the Snake card. The ring was on top of the china cabinet and it was hidden in an Anniversary dish beside a photo album. M.’s father-in-law was happy to find the ring. M told me she looked in the china cabinet once before but not on top of it. 27 days from the original shuffle of the cards the ring was found. 

➡ I did not do a traditional reading with these cards. I mainly used my intuition while keeping the core meanings in mind. I recommend you do the same because you could miss a lot of vital information if you block your own intuition by sticking to the so called rules of book meanings. Traditional meanings are important so that you gain an understanding of the cards but keep an open mind and don’t be shy about exploring the images. Each deck has the artist’s stamp on it. Intuitively, you are drawn to certain decks because of the artwork. Most of the time, I prefer simple and clear images but other times I love working with the more flamboyant decks. 



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