Deck review. Thelema Lenormand Oracle by Renata Lechner, Jaymi Elford. Lo Scarabeo.

It wasn’t too long ago (fall of 2019) that I asked in my Lenormand Cards Community page if anyone knew of a larger sized Lenormand deck. Renata must have been reading my mind, lol. Squeeeeee. Yesterday, my Thelema Lenormand Oracles cards were delivered. Yes, they are larger and probably almost the size of 2 bridge cards turned sideways. In other words, the cards are 3.5 x almost 5 inches. I love the size. They have a pretty good glide when shuffling. For those with smaller hands you may find the cards a challenge to shuffle but you will find a way like slowly mixing the cards in groups. I prefer a matt finish but there is a little shine to this deck but it is not overpowering. (edit: forgot to mention there are 36 cards only without additional lady/gentleman cards)

The artwork is gorgeous. The main essence of each card comes through perfectly. You don’t have to hunt through the image to find the topic of the card. The cards come in a well constructed box. There is a ribbon on the bottom of the box which when you pull it lifts the cards out. The 126 page LWB is written in 5 languages. English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. There is a short blurb on the meaning of the playing card inserts which are on the card in the upper right hand corner. There’s mention of a 2 card reading and a bit of information on the 8×4+4 GT layout.

Take a look at a few more cards.

In the next post I will do a 3-card reading using a 4th card as the clarification. In this real life situation the client wants to know if a misplaced diamond ring will be located and hopefully the cards will show the circumstances around the ring.


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