Rainring study series has been resumed

The Rainring study series is now available at the Centre for Creative Cartomancy blog. The next two cards in the series are #51 Vision and #52 Need. Two lessons will be uploaded every couple of weeks. This gives you ample time to study the cards. Do set aside 10-15 minutes to read the lessons. If you have a deck pull out the corresponding card and look at it as you read the lessons. Keeping some sort of record of your own personal insights on the cards will definitely help you with your studies.

It’s not too late to begin this series because all the lessons are available at CCC blog. You could also go to the Rainring page under the header of this blog and choose which lesson you want to read. All the links are there. Decks can be purchased from Peter ➡ Rainring

Edit: Sorry folks I stated #51 Visitation but it should have been Vision which is corrected.

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