Line of 5. Hungarian Gypsy cards. Read blog to the end …. Rainring

I have a pending event in the process of be scheduled later this month. This requires pre-registration by those individuals who wish to attend a workshop I intend to teach.

I did not advertise much for this workshop except a small blurb on the store owner’s website page. In order for this event to occur I need a certain amount of people to cover the cost of renting a facility for several hours. I asked the cards to tell me the circumstances around the manifestation of securing enough interest to teach the workshop. I suppose I could pay up front and hope for the best but the idea of attracting individuals through mental telepathy is a bit off the wall. 🙂


I used the Hungarian trimmed gypsy cards which I have in my purse at all times. They don’t take up much room since I cut off all the writing and rounded the corners. You just never know when a person wants a reading. 🙂

Ok, let’s begin with the LOVE card in the middle of the layout. This card represents my love of teaching what I love. The first two cards (JOURNEY+ ANGER) show there is interest but it also shows a conflict (ANGER).  Maybe the timing is too close after the Christmas holidays. Some people experience seasonal depression around this time of year as well. I’ve had five people interested and two of them just bailed out because of some birthday party that was planned on the same day. The other two showed interest and may still be interested. One person is sitting on the fence because she just feels insecure about learning something new. 

I think this is a perfect time of year to learn a new craft or skill.  The BABY card tells me it is a little premature to make judgements as to why or why not people aren’t waiting in line beating the door down, ha-ha. Also, it is something new being taught that might intimidate people. The HOUSE card is one of security. Cupid is shooting the arrow over the baby to the house. I heard the message, “Stick to your intention.” I don’t see too many people in the cards suggesting a few may commit. I do have a back up workshop as plan B in case plan A is a bit more advanced than people care to study. It’s all about timing, networking and a little bit of luck.

I do not teach as Seaqueen but in actuality it is Seaqueen that teaches. 🙂

Will update post. 

BTW: The Rainring study series is in the process of resuming…….

I will announce the date on Twitter (follow me —> ) and Facebook ( ).

One thought on “Line of 5. Hungarian Gypsy cards. Read blog to the end …. Rainring

  1. Can someone suffer from – Stress ( anger ) and causes a left side, of eye, brow, and lips to go numb ? ( Bells Palsy / Stroke ) This is my impression – if consulting Gypsy Deck for a Session. *This already happend – but trying to guess how many weeks / months it will take for recover is another SHUFFLE.

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