Line of 5 layout. How to interpret the Gentleman reversed.

Happy New Year 2020!

Today we will look at the line of 5 layout. These cards are read in various ways depending on which system of interpretation you learned. I tend to read left to right but that doesn’t mean it is the right way for you. You can use the middle card as the focus of the reading. If you do that you will see that the DOG represents a situation surrounding the client. He is represented by the Gentleman card (MAN). Prior to shuffling I checked to make sure all the cards were upright. I thought it a bid odd the Gentleman fell reversed. If you know me through my writings you know I will explore the reversal. It is not common practice to read Lenormand reversals but I do offer possibilities reversals.

Cards: Birds+ Man reversed+ Dog+ Rider+ Snake.

This man has been in a same gender relationship for about 8 months. He wants to know how his relationship will continue to develop in 2020.

The fact his Significator card fell reversed tells me he is off balance. At this current time he is having a tough time viewing his direction from a grounded perspective. In the reversed position the man looks at the DOG card indicating this could be the other man. The BIRDS card reinforces he is worried and fretting about the other man. The friendly DOG seems to really stand out in this layout. It can also describe his overall personality pointed to blind faith. If indeed it were to represents the other man then he probably doesn’t want to hurt the man getting the reading.

The RIDER indicates that a situation is coming into his life that will tempt him (SNAKE) or it could even taunt him. His stomach could be in knots over this as well.  If the RIDER card brings the situation depicted by the card preceding it then the person represented by the DOG definitely create an uncomfortable situation. 

In answering the question I think the actual relationship will be tested many times throughout 2020. There will be trust issues.

Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck credits: Ciro Marchetti

U.S. Games Systems (Aug. 20 2017) 

3 thoughts on “Line of 5 layout. How to interpret the Gentleman reversed.

  1. I just randomly came here … and you. just. read. me…. thanks, its been a test already. I do love him and i’m a reader as well so i kinda sense there’s a lot more coming. he aint a easy nut to crack … he’s a runner. but like that dog, he keeps coming back with them puppy dog eyes. thanks … the universe is speaking

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